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Low fT3

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Sherry, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Sherry

    Sherry Silver

    I have been doing the leptin Rx since Jan 2nd. I started CT on Feb 12 and was in cold tubs by Feb 24 so that is what, 8 weeks at the 50-55 temperatures for 30-50 minutes about 4 times per week. I still do not feel cold adapted and have nonlinear reactions to the cold water such as freezing the entire time, feeling warm the entire time, shivering the first 10 minutes or shivering the last 20 minutes. I also do spot icing at night – stomach and lower back. My detox symptoms have been quite varied and I feel as if they have mostly passed. I don’t have much weight to lose. It’s the extra fat around my middle, upper arms and inner thighs – maybe 10#. One naturopath told me “estrogen weightâ€.

    My labs are showing low fT3 and high TSH. Normal TPO and fT4. I did not have rT3 tested because this particular lab didn’t do that test. I am not on any thyroid meds or specific supplements as the doc took me off those two years ago with normal labs. My labs have continued to be in range until now. My doc is all freaked out that I am causing these skewed lab results by my low carb diet. Knowing that she is looking at warm adapted studies is there a way to convince her that this will change? Will it take me longer to get cold adapted with low fT3?

    I believe you when you say that hormones can get balanced from this protocol but I am feeling worse (not horrible, but weight gain, lower energy and lousy sleep) and this is what my doc has pinpointed as the reason even though some of the other hormones are out of range too. I’m not planning on changing my diet or stopping the CT but wondered if I should start taking some thyroid meds while going through this process. Not my first choice but my doc is no help with these questions because she won’t educate herself to CT and Paleo. Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It is either a conversion problem peripherally of T4 to T3. A high TSH points to a a true hypothyroidism.....so I'd say your gut is numero uno!! But you have given us very little here. Feb 12 til now is not that long......so I doubt your cold adapted yet. With shear numbers to see how out you are I cant say......and I think toxin dump will cause the conversion issue in the liver. I bet your HS CRP is up and your B 12 level low. CT adaptation will cause this. If youre inclined to use food over supplements( I would consider that) think broccoli and mushrooms........and proceed on and retest serially and follow how you feel.

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