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Low free T, high iron, High BUN/Cr

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by thomasdoud@gmail.com, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Cortisol,saliva low but preserved Circadian pattern
    Cortisol, serum low
    Estradiol low undetectable
    progesterone very low
    SHBG 89 veru high
    Testosterone Free very low
    Testosterone bioavailable very low
    Hgb low
    HCT low
    Iron saturation high
    I do not see it, but Josh reported that you have low IGF-1
    pre-emptively (instead of FolaPro) take 2-3/day Thorne Methyl-Guard Plus
    Check your Total Testosterone and DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), and PSA.
    If Testosterone is less Than 700ng/dL, you should supplement.
    If DHT is more or even to 75ng/dL use Testosterone Cypionate injections and HCG, on EOD schedule

    If DHT is less than 75ng/dL add 1 pump a day or EoD of Androgel 1% (to above T & HCG)
    Recheck IGF-1 & IGFBP3
    If IGF-1 is indeed low you may want to think about increasing your Growth Hormone.
    Rather than using GH injections, some people claim that induction of your Natural GH is better way.
    That can be done using variety of protocols.
    The easiest and most natural would be one injection before bed time of (GHRH & GHRP),
    to hopefully induce one largest squirt of your own GH.
    If one would believe the chart below, the other instances can easily be omitted (unless one is really greedy in that aspect, like BB are. Important is size of the area under the curve.

    Note, peptides are legal and without script. GH have bad name in some places, (undeserved).

    Note, peptides above are in same category as HCG, or MT2 or MT1 or Bremelanotide, used on daily basis.

    To raise my low pregnenolone, low progesterone and low Cortisol, serum(7:30AM)
    I use
    pregnenolone Micronized lipid Matrix 150mg tabs

    one stone three birds

    Most important last.

    check that, but close to 100% people over 25yo are always low

    Desirable DHEAs levels
    Men-350-490 μg/dL
    Women 275-400 μg/dL

    I use
    DHEA Micronized Lipid Matrix 50mg tabs from Allergy Research

    Last edited: Mar 18, 2014
  2. Cristi Vlad

    Cristi Vlad New Member

    I'm so grateful I found you guys...cant wait to do my blood tests next month and see the results after 6 months on high fat and 1+ years on CT...by the way, would free testosterone by itself be relevant? what else should I test for in terms of testosterone and hormones? the most basic please...I'm on a budget!
  3. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Cristi - if you're on a budget - here's the minimum: hsCRP, DHEA-S and Vitamin D 25-hydroxel.

    If you want to get a better picture:

    full lipid panel
    Thyroid panel (TSH, Free T4, Free T3, reverse T3)
    highly sensitive Estradiol
    Free Testosterone
    Total Testosterone
    Vitamin D 25-hyroxel

    the full gamut:
    Lipid Panel - VAP, NMR or Berkley or HDL Labs
    hsCRP Test Number: 120766 CPT Code: 86141
    HbA1C Test Number: 001453 CPT Code: 83036
    Fasting blood glucose Test # 001818, CPT Code 82947
    CBC Test # 005009, CPT Code 85025
    Comp Metabolic Panel Test # 322000, CPT code 80053
    TSH, Test # 004259, CPT Code 84443
    Free T4, Test # 001974, CPT code 84439
    Free T3, Test # 010389, CTP Code 84481
    RT3, Test # 070104, CPT 84482
    Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Antibodies Test Number: 006676 CPT Code: 86376
    Thyroglobulin, Comprehensive (With Anti-Tg Screen and Reflex to RIA) (Endocrine Sciences) Test Number: 500540 CPT Code: Call client services.

    Progesterone, Test # 004312, CPT Code 84144
    Estradiol, Sensitive, Test # 140244, CPT Code 82670
    Total Estrogens Test# 004549, CPT Code 82672
    SHGB Test #082016 CPT Code: 84270
    Testosterone Free Direct, & serum with Total Testosterone: Test # 140103, CPT Codes 84402, 84403
    Prolactin Test # 004465, CPT code 84146
    cortisol Test # 004051, CPT Code 82533
    DHEA-S Test # 004020, CPT Code 82627
    IGF-1 Test #010636, CPT Code 84305
    RBC magnesium Test # 080283, CPT Code 83735
    Vitamin D25 Hyrdoxy Test # 081950, CPT code 82306
    Serotonin Test# 120204, CPT Code 84260 (requires frozen specimens)
    Pregnenolone Test# 140707, CPT Code 84140 (requires Frozen Specime
  4. My total T is high (above range). I am wondering if just starting DHEA would be good for a start and work on redox potential Rx and environment. Will work with local doc on this but how is this dosed to start (DHEA)?
  5. caroline

    caroline New Member

    even wired in? I am screwed ....so to speak!
  6. Cristi Vlad

    Cristi Vlad New Member

    Thank you very much!
  7. 0.1 is for highly sensitive people. I think that is the level he has had people with problems go to to get better. Time and distance matter to. That meter in the picture is sitting directly on the laptop but reading drop fast as you move away. I still need to use my laptop but try not to type much with it.
  8. ATL_Paleo

    ATL_Paleo New Member

    I believe that photo reveals a reading of 100+ Thus, your laptop is way above 4.

    The Trifield has 2 magnetic scales. Your knob appears to be set on the 0-100 range.

    Best method to check magnetic EMF is using the 0-3 range first ... if is it pegged to the very right (by the HIGH word on meter), then the 0-100 setting must be used.
  9. ATL you are correct. Thanks for pointing that out.
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Total T cannot overcome SHBG 89 (super high).
    I was hoping to get some insights on SHBG from lattest Jack's blog.
    But my neurons are no mach for his clues.

    Managing DHEAs is straight forward,
    take a dose, month latter do test to verify.
    There is some prejudice around about DHEA supplementation.
    Most stop at 25-50mg/day (and wonder why they are low).
    That held me back at first.
    Turned up that I had to take 400mg/day to move the needle.
    Now I am on 200mg/day, but think I may have to up it again.

    I noted that dr Kruse reported 500mg/day during one of his bio-hacks.

  11. Any thoughts on why SHBG high? stress, EMF, usual players?
    Going to PhD at compounding lab my primary doc uses and get their take on how to get hormone panel better.

    Thanks for DHEA insight, I thought that would be the next step.
  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I am not a doctor, more like a fisherman.
    I was really hoping to get some actionable information on SHBG from dr Kruse's blog.
    Hopefully there will be next installment.

    As a fisherman, I try to play the odds.

    I assume that something is not right when you have something out of range.
    I use couple of sets of tests to find out other than SHBG items that also may be out of range.
    Then I hope that correcting them will make SHBG problem go away.

    For myself I use set of tests that basically provides me with about 200+ indicators about my health.

    So far SHBG is on the list of hardest to crack.

    There is some evidence that good thyroid panel helps.
    (But many thinking about thyroid hormone panel reach for thyroid hormone pills. That usually is not the right way to go.) Building background is the way to go in my opinion.

    If your doc is using services of compounding pharmacy that is a big plus in your doc's favor.

    Now all you have to do, is tell you doc what you want (specifically).

  13. Josh

    Josh New Member

    Good redox=SHBG behaves and hormones orchestrate proper handling of electrons and protons to optimize function and detoxification. Poor redox=SHBG binds the wrong stuff and is more sensitive to EMF. So it does things like bind up all of my testosterone instead of estrogen or just getting bound up itself in the tissues that are supposed to bind it and keep it out of the way.

    Best I can do, seems pretty clear what I need to work on=redox, redox, redox via sane life, proper diet, perhaps some moderate supplementation..no magic bullets in an insane world.....
  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Thank you Josh.
    Good summary. I really appreciate your help.
    Please post here, if you happen to have handy 20 - 80 different definitions about what constitute good redox potential.
    It would be best too line them in descending correlation to redox potential.

    I also need to distinguish between marginal and unacceptable.

    It would help me with my fishing.

    Jude and Josh like this.
  15. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Hey Josh... go for it!!! ;) 60 to 80 definitions, sequential line order and.... I don't mind if you just ignore the unessential!
    Am waiting with baited breath ...you're on fire since CPC8...you'll most probably nail it!:)

    Then ...Jan can take us all fishing.:D
  16. Josh

    Josh New Member

    My Wife comes home tonight, I may be slowing down a bit now. I had 2 weeks to go for it.......Broke through on some things that have puzzled me for 20 years....very satisfying and on we go.......:p
  17. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Cristi ....have you signed up for the free 90 day optimal reset?

    Gretchen will be doing a webinar about testing etc. She knows her stuff!
  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Enjoy your wife's company, oxytocin comes before all else.
    Sometimes even breathing seems less important.
    Hopefully latter on you will find time for redox potential.

    Last edited: Mar 24, 2014
  19. Josh

    Josh New Member

    Start with these, they are not bad for background, the dropdown links on the side of the page in the Cell textbook are cool..."Go To"


    I like powerpoints:

  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Depends upon where you live........NJ or Patagonia. Context is built by your environment.

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