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Low Folate, Normal b12, MTHFR?

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Amber Ament, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    I finally got some blood tests done and I might have an idea of what the hell is going on in my body.
    I think from here I need to be tested for the MTHFR gene mutations, but I was hoping anyone could give me any advice based on these results. Is there anything else I should be asking to get done besides the MTHFR test?

    I do have more results if they are necessary to look at. The only other abnormal thing was that I had slightly high cholesterol, but barely worth mentioning. My SHBG level was slightly above normal range too.

    Red Cell Folate: 343 nmol/L Normal range is (533-1786) pmol/L
    Vitamin B12: 438 Normal range is (138-800)
    Serum Folate: 15 Normal range is (16-71)

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