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Low DHEA-S = Bad environment

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Psyche, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Psyche

    Psyche New Member

    So I got my DHEA-S lab result back, and my DHEA level is 77.

    Normal is 65-380
    Optimal is 250-380

    I don't understand Tanner stages, but it seems related to age and sex- however, I don't get the table below.

    Anyway, I have heard Jack say he uses DHEA as a proxy for the person's redox potential, and especially sleep:

    I need a little more insight about the sleep part because my sleep is REALLY good. I get to sleep easily, stay asleep, and dream a lot. Sleep is actually the one thing I'm NOT worried about:)) Perhaps my context changes things- would "perimenopausal" indicate hormonal imbalance by nature...(??)

    It's funny, because I tend to want to dissect this, but another part of me knows it's really simple- hormone levels are the reflection of the environment your cells are subjected to. I already know I have too much nnEMF and blue light in my environment. I need to get busy fixing that instead of getting bogged down in my results. The results will change when my environment changes. I really do believe that...


    Table 1. Reference Ranges of DHEA Concentrations by Tanner Stage, Age, and Sex as Measured With LC-MS
    Tanner StageMaleFemale
    Stage I110-2370 ng/L140-2760 ng/L
    Stage II370-3660 ng/L830-4870 ng/L
    Stage III750-5240 ng/L1080-7560 ng/L
    Stage IV and V1216-67030 ng/L1240-7880 ng/L
    6-24 months< 2500 ng/L< 1990 ng/L
    2-3 years< 630 ng/L< 850 ng/L
    4-5 years< 950 ng/L< 1030 ng/L
    6-7 years60-1930 ng/L< 1790 ng/L
    7-9 years100-2080 ng/L140-2350 ng/L
    10-11 years320-3080 ng/L430-3780 ng/L
    12-13 years570-4100 ng/L890-6210 ng/L
    14-15 years930-6040 ng/L1220-7010 ng/L
    16-17 years1170-6520 ng/L1420-9000 ng/L
    18-40 years1330-7780 ng/L1330-7780 ng/L
    40-67 years630-4700 ng/L630-4700 ng/L
  2. Psyche

    Psyche New Member

    One other thing...I would prefer to not supplement but I would love to hear input from anyone on this issue.

    To me, it seems like if I remove the stress (i.e., nnEMF, physical/ emotional stress, etc) that will stop pregnenolone from being shunted to make cortisol. But until this is achieved...do you supplement?
  3. Penny

    Penny New Member

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  4. Psyche

    Psyche New Member


    To optimize the handling of these subatomic particles naturally from food requires proper circadian signals from cortisol and melatonin within the brain. Both of these rely deftly on the Vitamin A and D cycles in the brain and body, respectively. Cortisol in excess destroys the collagen triple helix everywhere in the body. When cortisol is raised in the stroma of tissues there is a loss of electric charge. This chronic charge loss leads to an alteration of the serotonin supply in the gut to convert to melatonin. This is due to the loss of charge or the redox potential in the gut. It is tied to a defect in water chemistry due to a smaller exclusion zone of water in the central nervous system. This is the link to CSF, I mentioned earlier in the blog. When this happens their is a lowered charge carried in the DC current within the system. When a person is more oxidized for any reason at all, there is a shift in our immune systems’ T helper cells, favoring the TH1 arm of the immune system over the TH2 system. This is a thermodynamic effect due to a loss of electrons.

    When the TH1 arm dominates, the protein structure of zonulin is ionized and is altered on a molecular basis. A new emergent protein is the result and it allows for a loss of gut barrier integrity. This exposes food in the gut lumen to the GALT. Eventually the proteins from gastric contents makes contact with cell mediated immune arms allowing for the formation of new emergent proteins that also can activate the same arms of the immune system, and the autoimmune battle begins. Eventually, this mismatch develops into most of the auto immune diseases you all have heard of. TH1-dominated responses are involved in the pathogenesis of organ-specific autoimmune disorders, Crohn’s disease, sarcoidosis, acute kidney allograft rejection, and some unexplained recurrent abortions.

    Where you see food as metabolic fuel, I see it as electrons and protons. The organs in our body take the thermodynamic energy and information in electrons and protons and turn it into a biologic signal called hormone information. This process itself is also a phase transition thermodynamically. The symmetry breaker in any organ is its water content. If you are dehydrated this organ will be under thermodynamic pressure. These electrons and protons allow the proper coordinated actions of our brain to work with the adaptive nature of our current environment to decipher the signals for our immune system to properly engage and yoke with the environment signals it receives. This is why we must stop thinking about food as fuel, and understand how subatomic particles determine the molecular gymnastics that the proteins of biology can organize around and sculpt our tissues and determine their function. We are all quantum beings whether we want to believe it or not.
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  5. Psyche

    Psyche New Member

  6. Psyche

    Psyche New Member

  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Hi Psyche

    I would really love to see you raising your DHEAs in natural way.
    If possible stay with that approach, hope that it will work.

    You would be the first that I would know of being successful at doing that.

    Yes I read dr Kruse reporting that doing his hacks he was using 500mg DHEA pills/day.
    I have not seen him reporting on his DHEA pills use during normal times.

    DHEAs=75 is very low.

    lef.org recommends supplementation with pills with a goal
    Women 275-400 μg/dL

    They are of opinion that DHEAs is low population wide, and use that to recommend supplementing with 50mg/day first, and then follow up with blood testing and further supplementation.

    I am 76yo man. Years ago I had DHEAs=90 without supplementation.
    I use 300-400mg/day supplementation, aiming for (520-640) μg/dL

    May want to look up my posts here:


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