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Low Cortisol Levels

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Eddie Garza, Apr 29, 2015.

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    Streamed live on Mar 4, 2019
    Dr. Que Collins discusses the health benefits of duterium depletion and how it impacts mitochondria, genes, disease prevention and anti aging.

    Dr. Que Collins & Anne Cooper
    - How Deuterium Might Be The Most Overlooked Substance That's Impacting Your Health!

    Streamed live on Mar 4, 2019

    Food is not about fat, protein or carbs
    it is about hydrogen

    keto is simply deuterium depleted diet

    matrix water is main reason
    matrix water is solid is almost like a metal (time 19:00)
    deuterium makes matrix water more liquid

    (time 22:30) It is about ability of body to deplete D,
    it is about aging process
    as you get older you have to lower the amount of deuterium you eat
    or keep life style, sleep, breathing correctly, light that you get,

    (time 26:20)Global warming. Deuterium is contained in glacial ice.
    If/whe glacial ice melts there will be more deuterium in water.
    GMO requires deuterium. Anything that grows fast have more deuterium.

    Not sleeping well, holds d depletion.


    Lower D level, fat goes away.

    (time 30:30) DNA is a road mapyou are not prisoner of your DNA

    DNA is held by H, if there is D it can't replicate
    diabetis change receptors

    high cholesterol is not bad
    high deuterated cholesterol is bad

    (time 47:50 ) deuterium depletion is not only for sick people, we got 6 olympic medals
    chemo works better with lower D

    D is depleted during D sleep

    (time 52:00) as people get sicker they cant use fat and protein.
    They use glucose
    unfortunately, cancer feeds only use glucose

    (time 52:20) tests, breath, saliva,
    test bio molecules
    they used to use blood but now they can use urine or saliva


    dr Q had deuterium tested in 90's (after 72 day fast).
    professional athletes have in 80's

    (time 59:30) wild camel was tested for deuterium (but did not said what it was)

    when over 150ppm we tell to go to doctor
    had 154 and 155ppm but those people died shortly after
    monkey, rats die when given D to get 155+ level
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    [QU OTE="Jack Kruse, post: 265200, member: 1031"]Sound is not light because it has mass and it this is why it moves slower. It also means acoutic phonons are organized and move with magnetic fields.

    Dave this one is a game changer here:This might the most interesting scientific development of our life because it would give us a totally new path to understand why quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity are seemingly incongruent. This result hints that gravity might be an emergent property of the electromagnetic force. This is an idea I have always thought was likely. I just never thought sound wave would carry mass. Sound waves are well known to be controlled by magnetic fields. Surprising discovery hints sonic waves carry mass, meaning sounds would be directly affected by gravity https://t.co/xWLt6ZU42H https://t.co/uPAyJzhfcm[/QUOTE]
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    I do not care about the reason for this video,
    which is due to a quarrel between dr xx and dr Oz.

    I would like to know more about two topics:

    1. which hormone imbalance affect which body part
    2. is it established that
    ketogenic diet promotes atrial fibrillation

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    Edamame is a preparation of immature soybeans.

    What other names does soy go by?
    Other Names That May Mean Soy Ingredients
    • Glycine max.
    • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP)
    • Mono-diglyceride.
    • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
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    On the subject of the thread image up there, I haven't checked my Emily Post Guide to Etiquette on this, but I think it may be consider gauche to point out a sleeve-to-sleeve heart transplant gone wrong.

    Keywords along the lines of morphogenesis... I posted fun concepts to roll around in your head here:

    Also I think maybe epigenetic inheritance may be another side of the same coin. Either way the wonders of DNA sure seemed to fall bit short since the IBM human genome project days.
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    Needless Fear of Estrogen Replacement Causes Suffering
    Posted on December 8 2016

    [​IMG]Needless Fear of Estrogen Replacement Causes Massive Suffering and Increased Mortality

    by Jeffrey Dach MD

    According to a new study, fifty thousand women died needlessly because of fear of estrogen replacement after hysterectomy.(3) Both Time Magazine and the LA Times declared 50,000 women’s lives could have been saved.(3,4) Hysterectomy causes estrogen deficiency, a heath risk associated with increased mortality. Above Left Image Actress Elizabeth Taylor underwent hysterectomy, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

    [​IMG] Left Image Arlington Cemetary courtesy of wikimedia commons.

    The Mortality Toll of Estrogen Avoidance Yale University-

    Published on Jul 18, 2013.
    Dr Phillip M. Sarrel says: “Estrogen therapy has been widely misunderstood, and may offer important benefits to women in their 50s who have had a hysterectomy.” Watch this video from Philip M. Sarrel, MD , professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Yale Medical School.(3)

    This information is old news. For many years, medical studies show HRT after hysterectomy reduces mortality and improves quality of life.

    Bioidentical Estrogen Hormones Reduce Mortality After Hysterectomy
    [​IMG]For example, Dr. Parker followed 30,000 women over 24 years after hysterectomy. Half the women had ovaries removed and half had ovaries preserved. The group with ovaries removed had estrogen deficiency, and higher all cause mortality rate. Therefore, Dr. Parker recommended ovarian preservation.

    Dr Parker also found that post-operative hormone replacement is very beneficial for reducing heart disease risk in women after hysterectomy. (1)

    In a second study, Dr Cathleen Rivera followed 1,000 Pre-Menopausal women, under age 45, after hysterectomy, and found that removal of the ovaries resulted in a disturbing 84% increase in death from heart disease. However, if these women were given estrogen replacement after ovarian removal, they were protected with a 35% decrease in mortality from heart disease.(2) I thought this was rather impressive.

    [​IMG]Second Arm of Women’s Health Initiative- Premarin Only for Women After Hysterectomy
    The Second Arm of the Women’s Health Initiative showed reduced mortality in the Estrogen users after hysterectomy. (11)

    For the Premearin treated post-menopausal women 50-59 years of age, the authors reported an impressive 27% reduction in mortality compared to placebo group. (11) The obvious take-home message is that estrogen replacement is beneficial for women after hysterectomy. Doctors who deny women estrogen replacement cause needless suffering and increased mortality. Left Image: Pregnant Horse source of Premarin courtesy of wikimedia commons
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    First Part


    Low Level Endotoxemia LPS Theory of Coronary Artery Disease
    Posted on January 11 2017

    SECOND Part


    Post navigation
    ← Previous
    Atherosclerotic Plaque Infection Electron Microscopy
    Posted on March 25 2019


    Atherosclerotic Plaque as Infected Biofilm on Electron Microscopy

    by Jeffrey Dach MD

    Highlights of the Matters from the Heart ICIM March 2019 Philadelphia Meeting.

    At the recent Integrative Medicine Meeting, Dr Thomas Levy gave a great talk on dental issues seeding infection in atherosclerotic plaque. He urged all practitioners to do 3-D dental xrays to find dental infection in patients with coronary artery disease. Indeed, modern imaging with scanning electron microscopy of vascular wall biopsies shows the typical rod shaped and spherical shaped micro-organisms entangled in a mesh like network compatible with infected biofilm. (see RED ARROW left image) More of this topic is available from Dr Levy’s 2017 book: Hidden Epidemic.

    Benefits of the Plant Based Diet

    Another speaker at the meeting, Dr Joel Kahn also spoke about the plant based diet. He also discussed metabolic endotoxemia, ie.”leaky gut” as another source of origin for seeding infection into the atherosclerotic plaque, thus causing heart disease. Both Joel Kahn and Kirk Hamilton mentioned the 2017 article by Esselstyn.(40) who conducted a Plant Based Diet study of almost 200 patients with significant coronary artery disease. Dr Esselstyn says:

    “During four years of follow up, 99.4% of the participants who adhered to WFPBN (plant based diet) avoided any major cardiac event including heart attack, stroke, and death, and angina improved or resolved in 93%. Of the 21 non-adherent participants, 13 (62%) experienced an adverse event.”(40)

    Kirk Hamilton and Steven Frye, both attending the meeting, speculate that efficacy of the plant based diet may be due to antimicrobial properties of plant roots such as Garlic. Dr Stephen Fry’s lab has identified soil fungi organisms in atherosclerotic plaque. Dr Frye mentions that plants root in the soil and are exposed to soil fungi, and over centuries, have developed resistance to soil fungi for their own survival. (Link to Kirk Hamilton podcast with Stephen Fry)

    Biological Evidence Supporting Infection-Based Model of Atherogenesis.
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