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Low Cortisol Levels

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Eddie Garza, Apr 29, 2015.

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    The Overlooked Compound That Saves Lives
    May 2010
    By Julius Goepp, MD

    N-acetyl Cysteine

    What You Need to Know: N-Acetyl Cysteine’s Broad-Spectrum Benefits

    Long relegated to infrequent use in unusual circumstances, the amino acid-derived compound N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) has drawn increased scientific attention.

    NAC replenishes levels of the intracellular antioxidant glutathione (GSH), which is often deficient with advancing age and in chronic illness.
    NAC also regulates expression of scores of genes in the pathways that link oxidative stress to inflammation.
    These dual effects give NAC a unique role in the prevention and treatment of many common diseases, both acute and chronic.
    NAC can protect against avian influenza and more common seasonal flu symptoms.
    NAC reduces the frequency and duration of attacks of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and may slow the clinical course of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).
    NAC protects tissues from the effects of exercise-induced oxidative stress, adding value and safety to your workout.
    NAC improves insulin sensitivity in people with some of the most difficult-to-treat metabolic disorders.
    NAC blocks cancer development at virtually every step in the process, and through multiple mechanisms, making it an important cancer chemopreventive agent.
    NAC fights the stomach infection Helicobacter pylori on two fronts, inhibiting the organism’s growth while reducing production of inflammatory cytokines that can lead to gastritis and cancer.
    Though most individuals gain benefits from 600-1,800 mg/day, clinical studies have found that doses of up to 2,000 mg/day are safe and effective. A recent study demonstrated the safety of 2,800 mg/day for 3 months in patients with COPD.23
    Lung Disease Defense
    Bring Glucose Levels Under Control
    Reduce Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress
    Cancer Prevention
    Gastritis, Ulcers, Cancer, and Helicobacter pylori

    Spectracell Micronutrient Analysis checks
    glutathione (GSH) and cysteine levels

    also other
    Antioxidants tested with this process:
    Glutathione, Cysteine, Coenzyme-Q10, Selenium, Vitamin E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Vitamin C.
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    I actively avoid Soybeans but they are high in Cysteine.

    I do Spectracell Micronutrient Analysis to figure out my cysteine and other.

  6. JanSz

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    When you understand the above fully you’ll see why I am no fan of exogenous supplements of anti-oxidants.
    This is why bio-physics is a N =1 game.

    Research confirms that taking excess antioxidants that are not needed (i.e. where no deficiency exists) can actually cause them to become pro-oxidants and decrease antioxidant function.

    Date of Collection: 07/19/2016

    Glutathione 50 >42%
    Cysteine 48 >41%
    Coenzyme Q-10 92 >86%
    Selenium 79 >74%
    Vitamin E (A-tocopherol) 90 >84%
    Alpha Lipoic Acid 86 >81%
    Vitamin C 56 >40%
    Total Antioxidant Function 57 Borderline >40%
    Proliferation Index
    Immunidex 58 Borderline >40%

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    [ quote="Jack Kruse, post: 201062, member: 1031"]Patients with diabetes may have their C-peptide levels measured as a means of distinguishing type 1 diabetes from type 2 diabetes or Maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY). Measuring C-peptide can help to determine how much of their own natural insulin a person is producing as C-peptide is secreted in equimolar amounts to insulin. C-peptide levels are measured instead of insulin levels because C-peptide can assess a person's own insulin secretion even if they receive insulin injections in clinical practice, and because the liver metabolizes a large and variable amount of insulin secreted into the portal vein but does not metabolize C-peptide, meaning blood C-peptide may be a better measure of portal insulin secretion than insulin itself. I don't think a lot physicians realize this either. I know I was not taught this in residency.

    A very low C-peptide can confirm Type 1 diabetes and insulin dependence if this is what the differential diagnosis is looking for. It is associated with high glucose variability during testing, hyperglycemia and increased complications. My belief is that this test can also be used to assess people's blue light toxicity too based upon some bio-hacks I did in the last 18 months but this is preliminary right now and I am looking for more confirmation from other bio-hacks I have been working on. The test may be less helpful close to diagnosis, or to those with serious blue light exposure particularly where a patient is overweight and insulin resistant apriori, as levels close to diagnosis in Type 1 diabetes may be high and overlap with those seen in type 2 diabetes. This is why this test really has limited clinical use outside of checking endogneous insulin production in known diabetics.[/quote]
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    The ŌURA ring can automatically tell when you are sleeping. When you go to sleep, the ŌURA ring analyzes the quality of your rest and recovery by measuring your heart rate (optically), respiration rate, body temperature, and movement. With its proprietary technology and algorithms, the ring identifies deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep, and periods of wakefulness. While you are awake, the ring counts your daily steps, activity level and the time you spend inactive. It also estimates your calories burned per day.

    The ŌURA app integrates and visualizes the data collected by the ring to identify patterns between your sleep quality and daily activities. By understanding how well you slept and recharged, it can determine your readiness to perform and help you adjust the intensity and duration of your day’s activities. It can also uncover actionable insights for changes to your daily activities that can help you sleep and perform better.
    //////////video is here---https://vimeo.com/139028529
    //////////video is here---https://vimeo.com/137937722
    //////////video is here---https://vimeo.com/137302745
    Support Community

    ŌURA Ring Mirror Black
    ŌURA Ring Stealth Black


    • USA: 7%-10%
    • Canada: 8%
    • EU: 10-15%

    I eat some seafood every day,
    O6:03 ratio = 2.5 to 1
    Trans Fat index - great

    Neurotransmitters - all low.
    Alex Fergus, Friday at 1:27 AM





    What are the features of the current ŌURA iOS app?


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    Laboratory Studies
    See the list below:

    • No single test is sufficient to diagnose all peroxisomal disorders. The selection of laboratory studies is based on the clinical presentation.
    • Four diagnostic groups have been described.
      • PBD and POD: These include ZWS, NALD, IRD as part of PBD, and pseudo-NALD and D-bifunctional protein deficiency as part of POD.
      • All 3 types of RCDP
      • All types of X-ALD
      • Refsum, AMACR, hyperoxaluria type I, glutaric aciduria type III, mevalonate kinase deficiency, acatalasemia, and mulibrey nanism
    • In group 1, VLCFA is abnormal in all patients, and normal VLCFA can rule out group 1 disorders. Elevation of C26:0 and C26:1 and the ratios C24/C22 and C26/C22 are consistent with a defect in peroxisomal fatty acid metabolism.
    • To further differentiate the disorders in this group, additional studies, including tests of erythrocyte plasmalogen, plasma bile-acid intermediates, pristanic acid, and phytanic acid, are recommended. If plasmalogen is deficient, the patient is likely to have PBD.
      • A normal plasmalogen confirms POD. However, plasmalogen may be normal in mild forms of PBD (eg, IRD).
      • Biochemical abnormalities detected in blood and/or urine should be confirmed in cultured fibroblasts.
    • In group 2, analysis of peroxisomal metabolites in plasma should not be used in the diagnostic work-up for RCDP. Instead, the first study should be an analysis of the plasmalogen level in erythrocytes, which is deficient in all cases of RCDP.
      • After RCDP is confirmed, phytanic acid levels should be checked. If these are abnormally elevated, RCDP I is the likely diagnosis because the level is normal in types II and III.
      • However, because phytanic acid is derived from dietary source, a normal level does not necessarily exclude type I and therefore does not distinguish the 3 types. In this case, enzymatic assay and DNA analysis are recommended to differentiate types II and III.
    • In group 3, elevated plasma VLCFA level is highly reliable in the diagnosis of ALD. Molecular studies are essential in determining a carrier state and especially in prenatal diagnosis, which can be performed in all peroxisomal disorders.
      • Hubbard et al have reported on the validation of combined liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometric method for detecting X-ALD in newborns.[8]
    • Group 4 is clinically heterogeneous. In Refsum disease, an elevated serum level of phytanic acid is reliable in diagnosis. However, enzymatic and molecular analyses are essential for confirmation.
      • In hyperoxaluria type I, liver biopsy is required for enzymatic assay. Urinary excretion of glyoxylic and glycolic acids is increased.
      • In glutaric aciduria type III, there is persistent elevation of glutaric acid excretion.
      • Mevalonate kinase deficiency results in increased urinary excretion of mevalonic acid. However, enzymatic and molecular results may be normal in patients with hyperimmunoglobulin D (IgD).
      • AMACR increases levels of pristanic acid, as detected on urine gas chromatography mass spectrometry, or levels of bile acid intermediates, as per tandem mass spectrometry. Further confirmation is obtained with enzymatic and molecular assays.
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    Alternative Treatment
    Patients with peroxisomal disorders, and particularly X-ALD, have been treated with a mixture of glycerol trioleate-glycerol trieucate (4:1 by volume), prepared from olive and rapeseed oils, and referred to as Lorenzo's oil (developed by the parents of a son, Lorenzo, who had X-ALD, whose story was documented in the 1992 movie, Lorenzo's Oil), to decrease the levels of VLCFA.

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    I do not want you to miss this post.


    Sinus issues like infection - possible MARCoNS. Get a swab kit from http://www.microbiologydx.com/ Find a Shoemaker Cert doc to treat the infection.


    Microbiology DX is a CLIA certified and Massachusetts licensed microbiology laboratory founded to provide testing for patients and healthcare providers who are concerned about fungal and bacterial exposure. We specialize in MARCoNS testing per Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker’s protocol.
    We identify bacteria, fungi including mold and yeast in diagnostic, environmental and industrial samples. We perform susceptibility testing on various bacterial organisms to assist clinicians with treatment regimens.
    We work with clinicians including MD, DO, NDNP, PA, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals nationwide and internationally to help identify biological hazards and exposure.

    Available Tests

      • MARCoNS – Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus
      • Biofilm Analysis
      • All pathogenic gram positive and gram negative bacteria
      • Fungus (mold & yeast) identification
      • Environmental Microbiology
      • Industrial Microbiology
      • General Diagnostic Microbiology
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    on Vitamin K2
    (Mk-4 (as menatetrenone) 500mcg
    MK-7 (as menaquinone-7) 100mcg)
    translated by me:

    1/day --Vitamin K2 --- Lef.org Super K with advanced complex (have menaquinone-7) 200mcg

    1/day CarlsonVitamin K2 Menatetrenone 5 mg
    Carlson Labs Vitamin K-2, 5mg, 180 Capsules

    Vitamin K2 up regulates testosterone and it helps both sexes remain somewhat hydrated.
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    My current understanding, may change any nanosecond.

    Artificial lighting management for a human locked in small room.

    Day length=24hrs
    Light--14 hrs
    sleep 8hrs
    Use minimum to no clothes 24/7
    Bed time-10PM
    At 6AM for 2-3 minutes look directly at one Solar Glow 160W
    Light 6AM-8PM using
    2-Exo Terra Solar Glow 160W
    2 of RubyLux ALL RED
    1 RubyLux Infrared Bulb NIR-A
    Light 8PM-10PM
    2 of RubyLux ALL RED
    1 RubyLux Infrared Bulb NIR-A
    No light at all, any windows blocked completely from the light
    Hand held red light similar to RubyLux ALL RED can be used on the way to the bathroom
    Use Sperti lamp daily
    5-15 min at first, gradual increase to desired daily exposure
    adjust time under Sperti by measuring vit D
    Vitamin D (25-Hydroxyvitamin D)(250nmol/L=100.16ng/mL)
    Minimum = 3/4 of the goal
    Maximum = 2x of the goal
    Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens (S1933X)
    2 of Exo Terra Solar-Glo High Intensity Self-Ballasted Uv/Heat Mercury Vapor Lamp
    https://www.amazon.com/Exo-Terra-Solar-Glo-Intensity-Self-Ballasted/dp/B00101JII8/ref=sr_1_sc_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1474548267&sr=1-1-spell&keywords=exo terrra 160W
    2 of RubyLux ALL RED High Intensity LED Bulb 640 to 660nm
    RubyLux Infrared Bulb NIR-A Near Infrared Individual Bulb
    Sperti Fiji SUN Table Top Tanning Lamp
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