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Low Cortisol Levels

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Eddie Garza, Apr 29, 2015.

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  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  3. JanSz

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  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Donald Scott: Modeling Birkeland Currents,

    (Time 42:00) Planets do not have to travel on orbits around the sun, they all may be in straight line like shish cabob.
    Part 1

    Part 2


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  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Jack says:
    Today is "doctors day" around USA and for 21 yrs I've gotten shit gifts from the hospital. But this this AM they shocked me.
    One of the best pictures:

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  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold



    The Electric Sun analogy with a hydro-electric power station. Drift currents of incoming electrons are very difficult to detect. The surface area of the heliopause is some 300 million times greater than the surface area of the Sun
  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    the sub-particles interact via the electrostatic force. A simple calculation shows that the sub-particles that form an electron must travel at a speed far in excess of the speed of light – some 2.5 million light-years per second, or from here to the far side of the Andromeda galaxy in one second! So the electrostatic force must act at a speed which is almost infinite on our scale for the electron to be stable.
    relativity reduces to classical physics in a universe where the electrostatic force has near-infinite speed.

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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold



    After over 25 years I have learned the name of the scary thing that happened to me in super quiet and flat part of ocean abut 1-2 miles from the raging storm. Anvil cloud and all.

    It was st. Elmo's fire.
    With the red flares coming out of the tips of antennas and all the hissing that comes with it,
    I was afraid that my small power boat was about to be hit by lightning.
    My two Lorans stopped working, (that was before GPS), I had only vague idea which way Point Pleasant NJ is.
    I knew there was electricity all around.
    Decided to go into storm and all the waves.
    At the moment I remember being scared that starting engines may tip the balance and start thunderbolt.
    It was unusual to go from super quiet flat water thru the wall of water pouring down and into boiling seas. Instruments started working again after I got into storm. Felt so much better just fighting the waves.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You know, I think maybe we're all just crazy and we're wasting our time and energy worrying about things that either don't exist or don't matter.
    I mean, chemtrails? Come on. Obviously they're nothing more than your run of the mill contrails.
    And weather modification technologies like ionospheric heaters? Geoengineering? Non-ionising radiation affecting living things?
    What a bunch of baloney.

    None of the evidence or countless research studies or observations, correlations or confirmations we gather have any real merit or foundation for further investigation.

    Besides, if there were anything to worry about, our political leaders would tell us, and do everything in their power to protect us and do everything in our best interests.

    So we should all just stop wasting our time researching anything, stop analysing our observations and basically just stop thinking altogether. Everything we need to know we're told on the nightly news.

    Just move along people... nothing to see here. Take your statins, eat your oatmeal and bread.

    Oh, and btw, happy April fool's day.
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  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    At first I thought that may be you eat to much of a high meat,
    then I read the last line.

    Posted 4/1/2016

  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Worlds in Collision: Immanuel Velikovsky

    number of magnetic field reversals scattered over number of millions years, may be explained by close encounters with other large magnetic body (recently Venus? Mars?)

    750BC, magnetic field reversal
    1500BC magnetic field reversal
    1500BC birth of Venus from Jupitor (time 21:00 of 45:21) Spot on Jupitor is likely a spot where Venus came out (lots of magnetic activities)
    10000 (out from Proto-Saturn) http://www.varchive.org/ce/sattot.htm
    deluge, proto-Jupiter, proto-Saturn (Earth and Mars were orbiting Saturn (within Saturn's glow, no seasons)

    it was Venus which, at an interval of fifty-two years, caused two
    cosmic catastrophes in the fifteenth century before the present era,
    Worlds in Collision: Immanuel Velikovsky

    Venus was born as a comet in the second millennium before the present era. In the middle
    of that millennium it twice made contact with the earth and changed its cometary orbit. In
    the tenth to eighth centuries of the first millennium, it was still a comet. What caused such
    further changes in the motion of Venus in the first millennium that it became a planet on a
    circular orbit?
    Worlds in Collision: Immanuel Velikovsky

    On Saturn And The Flood

    Benedictus benedicat.
    - May the Blessed One give a blessing.

    Time from (5:05 to 5:47 of 45:21), dr Archie Ride(?) (Roy(?)
    Before 1500BC only Sun, Mars, Earth, Moon, Jupiter (Mars orbit was closest to the sun, Jupiter on larger orbit
    Jupiter erupted, Venus was born, passed by Earth, disturbing Moon
    100'years latter made close pass by Mars disturbing its orbit.
    Mars made close pass by Earth.
    At 750BC Venus settled down on orbit closet to the sun,
    and Mars settled down on orbit larger than Earth's orbit.

    Before: Sun, Mars, Earth, Jupiter
    After: Sun, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter

    we compromised in presenting in the published volume two series of cataclysms—those that took place in the fifteenth century before the present era and were caused by the near-approaches of Venus, and those that occurred in the eighth century before this era and were caused by the near-approaches of Mars. The unused material was left for elaboration in a separate work on “Saturn and the Flood” and “Jupiter of the Thunderbolt.” The reception of Worlds in Collision, however, made me understand that I had already offered more than was palatable.
    Immanuel Velikovsky
    The Immanuel Velikovsky Archive.
    Immanuel Velikovsky

    Ages in Chaos (a reconstruction of ancient political and cultural history) and
    Worlds in Collision (a reconstruction of natural events).



    I present here some results of my research based upon inquiry in different material, historical, geological, physical, geophysical, pertaining to folklore and to history of religions. A full description of results of my research will appear in book form, and there the material will be presented in full.

    The results to which I arrived, appear to be of fundamental importance to science in all its branches.

    To begin with, our Earth collided (contacted) in the fifteenth century before this era with a comet. The head of the comet exchanged violent electrical discharges with our planet, and also with its own tail. The Earth changed the poles, south becoming north, changed axis, changed the orbit of revolution changed speed. As a result, the year that consisted previously of 260 became 36o days (our orbit was approximately that of Venus today). The moon changed its orbit, and the month of 20 days became of 36. Iron previously neared to the core of the Earth, appeared in upper layers. Neft poured from sky and built the present deposit. Meteorites fell in abundance. Harras in desert of Arabia are meteorites fields. Lava streamed on the surface of the Earth not only from volcanoes, but also from clefts. Continents and seas changed places. Rivers disappeared, others appeared, still others inversed their direction (f.e. Jordan, that flow previously to the Meditteraneum, Dead sea being not in existence). A major part of human kind perished. A double tide of immense high swept seas and continents. In general conflagration woods burned down, rivers boiled; magnetic storms reached degree hurtful to bioplasma; immense hurricane accompanied the change of rotation of the Earth. In places struck by electrical contact with the comet nitogren was converted into (deposits) of saltpeter. Air became filled with clouds of carbons or hydrocarbons, and Earth was enveloped in them during a number of years. These compounds of carbon precipitated slowly in the process of cooling.

    South pole which was approximately between Greenland and Northern America, or in North America, changed its place by approximately 159 degrees. Its former place might be found by locating the center of the later ice-age-cover; ice age did came to close at that moment. The magnetic pole previous to that contact, or still earlier was probably coinciding with the geographic pole,

    The comet changed its path too after the electrical contact with the Earth, its orbit became a stretched ellipse, and was semi-planet semi-comet. After 5o or 52 years it contacted for the second time with the Earth, and the Earth was brought out of rotation. This encounter in the fourteenth century before the present era, had similar effects as the previous contact. But there was no permanent change of direction of rotation, nor change of north and south. Since 34 centuries the sun rises in the East. After the second encounter the Earth was endangered every 50-52 years by this new planet of the solar system: this is the planet Venus. The above recorded calendar changes are effects of first a n d the second encounter.

    In the ninth century Venus moving on a stretched ellipse contacted with Mars, brought Mars out of its path, and repeated this contact for a number of times, and since then has Venus occupied approximately its present position in the solar system, and ceased to endanger the Earth. But Mars brought out of its orbit became the dangerous neighbour of the Earth. In -747 the Earth contacted with Mars. The peril of contact repeated itself every fifteen years. At midnight March 23, -687, Earth contacted again with Mars. The catastrophe was of lesser dimensions that that of 14th or 15th century. Still Earth was brought out of its rotation, changed its orbit from one of 360 days to 365 and a quarter somewhat different days; the moon changed its orbit from 36 days to 29 days. Poles were displaced, Europe moving to the South, but the north and south poles did not exchange direction. Mars took its present position in the solar system . In contacts with Venus and Earth, Mars lost most of its organic life; it acquired some of the atmosphere of Venus (carbohydrate) and lost some of its atmosphere to our planet (probably argon and neon). Mars should be examined as to the presence of these rare gases. As a result of these contacts Earth, but also Venus and Mars are warmer than the solar radiation can account for. Anomaly in movemnet of Mercury, as well as the precession of the earth can have their origin in these displacements of planets.

    Before contacts with Venus and Mars, our Earth suffered a number of cataclysmic contacts. One of the earliest was when the Earth attracted the Moon, still in memory of human kind. Thereafter passing in Saturn atmosphere the Earth was drowned in hydrogen, which drifting through oxygen of the Earth, became water. Thereafter Earth suffered heavily when Saturn and Jupiter collided, and the Earth passed dangerous close to Jupiter. Electrical contacts, change of calender (year, month, day) happened already at that times, in the fourth (?) and third millenia before the present era. Gigantic forms of life which existed at that time, only in few exemplars survived these catastrophes, but were still in existence 34 centuries ago, at the contact-cataclysm caused by Venus. The teaching of Darwin which supposes but slow changes in life-forms is wrong. Gigantic reptilia ceased to exist not tens of millions of years ago, but they lived still a few thousand years ago; they perished in catastrophes, and those that survived could not exist in new conditions, especially because of changed weight of all objects, and of their large bodies, not capable to move, esp. during gravity. Brontosaurus was not a reptile, as it is thought, but a mammal. Humankind survived in races of small kind. Gigants were exterminated. The buildings of cyclopic size-stones were possible chiefly because of different weight of all objects before the contacts. The theories of slowly development of mountains and valleys under causes like rain and wind, are wrong. The earthquakes are the post-effects of the contacts and are readjustments of displaced masses and twisted strata.

    This my research is based not upon speculations but primarily on historical data; its results, better to say the results of the cataclysms can be proven by many different ways, astronomical, geological, physical, historical. As to the last it should be taken in consideration that the world (political) history of the thousand years, starting with the catastrophe of Venus is entirely confused. This catastrophe caused the end of the Middle Kingdom in Egypt. The Reconstruction of the Millenium which closed with arrival of Alexander into Egypt is prepared for print under the name ‘A chimerical millenium’. The manuscript dealing with the here recounted cosmic revolutions is written and bears the name ‘Worlds in collision’ . The other research was conceived in its all main features April 1940; the present research in 0ctober 194o; Some results, (concerning Mars) and also the concrete formulating of the fallibility of Newton’s teaching of gravitation were brought to clarity in March 1942.

    As to this here mentioned fruit of my research I like to point out: the planetary bodies at contacts were not crushed ( this possibility is not excluded), but exchanged electrical discharges. The bipolarity is well balanced in the planets; bipolarity of comets is divided in tail and head. This is the cause of approach and retreat of comets to and from the sun.

    The behaviour of our earth, Mars, Venus, Moon, and othe r planets at contacts, shows clearly that there is no such phenomenon as gravitation. The mathematical proofs of Newton are completely erroneous. He admitted a primary push or pull that brought the moon into motion on a straight line; he admitted gravitation force of the Earththat tries to remove the Moon from the straight line motion. An object falls near the surface of the Earth with the initial mean speed of 16,1 feet in the first second. The moon is remote from the Earth’s centre sixty times the distance of an object on the Earth surface from Earth’s center (Earth’s radius). The initial velocity of fall at the distance of the moon should be 6o times slower, 16,1 feet in a minute. 15,43 feet in a minute is the ‘fall’ of the moon from the tangent of its orbit. The approximity of these two figures 16,1 and 15,4 is but accidental. The is no logical reason to count the velocity of fall by seconds, which are but human, not in nature preexisting time measure. Reckoning by two seconds the velocity of fall would be 48,3 feet here, and the same amount in the two minutes at the distance of the moon; and the fall from the tangent line is but 30,8 feet.

    The fallacity of Newton’s scheme is obvient also in terms of mechanics. The primarily force was not infinite in its strength as pull or push. It does not act anymore. The Earth on the other side pulls permanently. In many different elementar ways it is possible to show that under such conditions the permanently acting force of gravitation would let the Moon approach the Earth in a quick spiral.

    As the computation concerning the Moon caused Newton to postulate a general law concerning the whole solar system and the whole Universe, it, the law of gravitation is wrong in all its applications. Velocities and masses computed with its help are probably wrong in many instances.

    There exist attraction and repulsion. Electrical phenomena are responsible for attraction and for repulsion. To explain the fact that objects close to the surface of the Earth are more attracted than repulsed, we owe to admit that a high layer in the atmosphere repulses whatthe solid portion of the Earth attracts. The phenomenon of the the tail of the comets repulsed from the sun, of polar light, of zodiacal light will find here their explanation. The phenomenon (why not questioned at all?) that Nitrogen lighter than Oxygen does not move to the higher level in the atmosphere, though the air is a mixture and not a compound, is another fact of disobedience to the ‘law’ of gravitation. Also water, in small drops, is lifted then dropped by electrical charges and discharges. The radio-layer in the atmosphere is probably the attracting and repulsing medium acting contrary to the ground. The moving of negative electricity into the ground does is due to the charge of the Earth. At near distances special law acts in magnetism (also electrical phenomenon) and electricity. Levitation is conceivable. Perpetuum mobile theroretically possible. Discharge from upper layer might be exploited, also with destructive purposes. A flight to interplanetary space in defiance of gravitation is thinkable.

    Electrical charges in the Earth and its atmosphere are chiefly induced and sent by the Sun. Sun sends two kinds of charges, positive and negative. Heat and light are transformations; (transformation into heat is achieved by passing media [through?] coolness of summits, but the heating of Moon surface must be accounted for, before accepting the last hypothesis.) Cosmical rays which reach the Earth have probably their origin in the Sun (and also in other cosmical bodies). They arrive during the night or during sun-eclipse, because they are moving not in straight lines. (Their efficiency on malign tumors should be explored by sending sick persons to a mountanous sanatorium near the southern 0or northern) magnetic pole).

    Whether elements mutated under influence of electrical contacts of cosmic dimensions-(in cataclysms) is difficult ascertain or to deny and laboratory work will gave reply.

    The building of the solar system as revealed by grandious esperiments exhibited by the nature in sight of the historical man, is composed of a two fold process : distributing of (solar) energy and arrival of new members from interstellar space, collisions, violent discharges.If an atom is built as a microcosmical model of a solar system, elements arriving from interatomic space, also travelling from one atom to another must be in existence. Contacts between elements, increase in numbers of electrones, polarities, change of orbits, all must take place. Change of orbits and emitting of energy at these moments were supposed by Bohr.

    This statement I like to have guarded by an Academy of Sciences. I wrote it the night before leaving at an early hour for Washington where I shall try to leave it at the office of the Academy (there) As the largest part of this statement I wrote directly by the typewriter, I concede that a better shape might be given to the results of my research and to the physical conclusions deducted from those results. The few lines about heat had not to be written at all, at present. In the Mns the research is put in many hundreds of pages, and the physical deductions, meanwhile, are put on some tens of pages. There are problems esp. concerning ‘weight’ , ‘attraction and repulsion’ , magnetism, cosmic rays, heat, and I would like to experiment as to come to farther answers.

    November 23th, 42
    [signed] Dr. Im. Velikovsky


    Today I asked Shulamith, (I was encouraged by her yesterday’s answer) whether by reading Bible she will look to an allusion to sun rising from west. Few hours later I found in the legends of Jews–when I already was disappointed to find an allusion to what I looked for, that–the last week before the Deluge the Sun rose in the West. And it good that it is written–the deluge was combined with disurption of the run of the earth. I am under my finding done few minutes ago—and already announced to Elisheva, Shulamith & Ruth.


    37. Two kingdoms rose on the ruins of the Hyksos Empire:
    the kingdom of Israel under David,
    and the New Kingdom of Egypt under the Eighteenth Dynasty.
    The beginnings of these two dynasties
    are not separated by six centuries;
    they started simultaneously.


    The Reconstruction of
    Ancient History



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  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    Ages in Chaos covers largely the period dealt with in Worlds in Collision the eight
    hundred years from the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt to the invasion of Palestine
    by Sennacherib in 687 before the present era, and the additional three and a half
    centuries to Alexander of Macedonia, altogether twelve hundred years of the history
    of the ancient East.

    It is quite conceivable that historians will have even greater psychological
    difficulties in revising their views and in accepting the sequence of
    ancient history as established in Ages in Chaos than the astronomers
    had in accepting the story of cosmic catastrophes in the solar system
    in historical times.

    Immanuel Velikovsky - Challenging Truths (Camera Three - 1964)
    Published on Mar 12, 2013
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  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    First published in 1950
    220 pages



    by Immanuel Velikovsky
    extracted from The Velikovsky Affair - Scientism Versus Science


    Worlds in Collision describes two (last) series of cataclysmic events that occurred 34 and 27 centuries ago. Not only the Earth, but also Venus, Mars, and the Moon were involved in near encounters, when the Morning Star, then on a stretched elliptical orbit following its eruption from the giant planet Jupiter, caused turmoil among the members of the solar system before settling on its present orbit.

    Morning star, most commonly used as a name for the planet Venus (Wiki)

    In the section ‘The Gases of Venus’ in W. in C. (1950), I concluded that Venus must be rich in hydrocarbons. (oil)

    The experiment in which high molecular weight hydrocarbons were compounded from ammonia and methane with electrical discharges (Wilson, 1960) [22] supports the view that the planet Jupiter (rich in ammonia and methane) was the source of the hydrocarbons on Venus, on meteorites, and in some of the earth’s deposits (W. in C., ‘The Gases of Venus’).


    Alfred de Grazia, Editor
    With contributions by
    Ralph Juergens
    Livio C. Stecchini
    Alfred de Grazia
    Immanuel Velikovsky


    Books by Velikovsky:

    [Buy second hand copies through AddALL]

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  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Published on Jun 28, 2013
    Immanuel Velikovsky a brilliant man of his time, that includes data from hundreds of sources through out the world. Researcher that proves Earth has gone through mutable catastrophic events caused by a planetary body.

    In light of new findings, I respectfully disagree only in part with Velikovsky's conclusion, the point that Venus & Mars was the cause of Earth's upheaval. Instead,.. the data points to an inbound planet approximately seven times Earth's diameter (Planet-7X) that has a long but narrow elliptical orbit.

    Thank you for your interest, in Planet-7X (P-7X).
    You can download the latest from DropBox for FREE pdf & Videos of Planet-7X at this link below.


    Latest charts & documents updated: Aug 01, 2014
    Changes to chart #09 & #10 Timeline.
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  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Dr Morgentaler Clarifies Misperceptions of
    Replacement Therapy and Heart Disease Risk
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  17. JanSz

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  18. JanSz

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  19. msclman

    msclman New Member

  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    It is good that this kind of topic is discussed, raises public awareness on topic of light.
    Eventually they will figure something that works.
    In sunlight there are likely more and less important frequencies.
    UV and IR-A are the two most important.
    And those bulbs have hardly any of them.

    I think cycling (day/night)(and their relatively constant lengths) is more important than the frequency content.
    cortisol comes when melatonin is not suppressing it
    This days we try to shorten the nights.

    With help of Solar Glow 160W and heavy curtains in my bedroom
    I (on my own) decided to create 10hr nights and 14hr days.

    About 10-12 thousands years ago, (almost yesterday on evolutionary clock) when we prospered on Earth within constant light (glow) from Proto-Saturn, there was constant light, there were no nights.
    That is Circadian Rhythm did not existed at that time.
    Then in step change it, (the day/night), came about, and we were able to accept that.
    One example to think that evolution (as in Darwin) is doubtful.
    But it must have been highly stressful for our fore-fathers to make this conversion.

    How did we made melatonin?

    It would be a good idea to address that issue sometime.
    @Jack Kruse

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