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Low Cortisol Levels

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Eddie Garza, Apr 29, 2015.

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    Stuart Talbott: The Cosmic Fireball | Thunderbolts
    Oct 16, 2021
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  5. Isn’t it interesting the “superinformation medium” shall not be called Aether.

    Quantum physicist Dr Robert Laughlin holds multiple Nobel Prizes says in his book “A Different Universe – Reinventing Physics from the Bottom Down” suggest we investigate the emergent results and ask why may that had happen.
    • In chapter “The Fabric of Space-Time” he writes, Real light, like real quantum-mechanical sound, differs from it idealized Newtonian counterpart in containing energy even when it is stone cold.
    • According to the principle of relativity, this energy should have generated mass, and this, in turn, should have generated gravity.
    • We have no idea why it does not, so we deal with the problem the way a government might, namely simply declaring empty space not to gravitate.
    • The idea that space might contain a kind of material substance which interacts with electromagnetic waves such that we can measure its results -> is heresy within dogmatic quantum theory.
    • Dr Robert Laughlin argues this should be the direction of thought and experimentation.
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    What are worthwhile problems: Feynman's moving letter
    By thescian on March 11, 2008.
    The letter below is from Perfectly Reasonabe Deviations From The Beaten Track, a book of letters of Richard Feynman. It is one of the most moving letters that I have read. Tomonaga mentioned below shared the 1965 Nobel prize for physics along with Feynman and Schwinger.

    A former student, who was also once a student of Tomonaga's, wrote to extend his congratulations. Feynman responded, asking Mr. Mano what he was now doing. The response: "studying the Coherence theory with some applications to the propagation of electromagnetic waves through turbulent atmosphere... a humble and down-to-earth type of problem."

    Dear Koichi,

    I was very happy to hear from you, and that you have such a position in the Research Laboratories. Unfortunately your letter made me unhappy for you seem to be truly sad. It seems that the influence of your teacher has been to give you a false idea of what are worthwhile problems. The worthwhile problems are the ones you can really solve or help solve, the ones you can really contribute something to. A problem is grand in science if it lies before us unsolved and we see some way for us to make some headway into it. I would advise you to take even simpler, or as you say, humbler, problems until you find some you can really solve easily, no matter how trivial. You will get the pleasure of success, and of helping your fellow man, even if it is only to answer a question in the mind of a colleague less able than you. You must not take away from yourself these pleasures because you have some erroneous idea of what is worthwhile.

    You met me at the peak of my career when I seemed to you to be concerned with problems close to the gods. But at the same time I had another Ph.D. Student (Albert Hibbs) was on how it is that the winds build up waves blowing over water in the sea. I accepted him as a student because he came to me with the problem he wanted to solve. With you I made a mistake, I gave you the problem instead of letting you find your own; and left you with a wrong idea of what is interesting or pleasant or important to work on (namely those problems you see you may do something about). I am sorry, excuse me. I hope by this letter to correct it a little.

    I have worked on innumerable problems that you would call humble, but which I enjoyed and felt very good about because I sometimes could partially succeed. For example, experiments on the coefficient of friction on highly polished surfaces, to try to learn something about how friction worked (failure). Or, how elastic properties of crystals depends on the forces between the atoms in them, or how to make electroplated metal stick to plastic objects (like radio knobs). Or, how neutrons diffuse out of Uranium. Or, the reflection of electromagnetic waves from films coating glass. The development of shock waves in explosions. The design of a neutron counter. Why some elements capture electrons from the L-orbits, but not the K-orbits. General theory of how to fold paper to make a certain type of child's toy (called flexagons). The energy levels in the light nuclei. The theory of turbulence (I have spent several years on it without success). Plus all the "grander" problems of quantum theory.

    No problem is too small or too trivial if we can really do something about it.

    You say you are a nameless man. You are not to your wife and to your child. You will not long remain so to your immediate colleagues if you can answer their simple questions when they come into your office. You are not nameless to me. Do not remain nameless to yourself - it is too sad a way to be. now your place in the world and evaluate yourself fairly, not in terms of your naïve ideals of your own youth, nor in terms of what you erroneously imagine your teacher's ideals are.

    Best of luck and happiness.
    Richard P. Feynman.

    An accomplished father giving heartfelt advice to a son struggling to find his way, a teacher who immediately feels from a few gestures what a pupil is going through and reaches out due to his love for his student and due to his own humility, a man who recognizes his greatness and his defects in equal measure.
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    Why it is important to deplete heavy hydrogen in our body to maintain or restore health!
    Oct 24, 2021

    Time 11:18 2000gallons of water a day produced
    7.2 cubic meters a day said on video posted on Oct 24, 2021
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    Ecstasy - Maxfield Parrish | MAXFIELD PARRISH | Pinterest



    ... upload_2021-10-27_20-28-11.png


    Please keep it coming.
    I am blessed.
    My whole life I knew my parents lowed me to the max.
    Always look at the bright side.
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    Gluing your breasts to the street.

    Greenpeace's Ex-President - Is Climate Change Fake? - Patrick Moore | Modern Wisdom Podcast 373

    Sep 18, 2021

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  11. Beautiful
  12. https://optimalklubs.com/october-2021-quantum-biologic-powwow/ at 2:46 into the Q&A Dr. @Jack Kruse answer a question on hypoxic training. Jack said, “I have a good friend whose had it right for 15 years; Erwan Le Corre wth MovNat.com

    Thank you for the reference - Jack​

    Dr. @Jack Kruse - Please consider adding MovNat to your Parkinsons post:
    People are interested in actionable ideas you may have.​

    I have practiced these “MovNat skills” for fifty years.
    Grandpa John
  13. There are many, many "health practices" that are not on this site https://forum.jackkruse.com
    I was really looking for more meat on the bone, specially since Dr. @Jack Kruse is a board certified Neurosurgeon with 30 years experience including head doctor of urgent care.

    This is a paid for "fire walled" site and still there is so little. At least Jack is posting some of his ideas about BitCoin in 2021.
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  14. Thank you for sharing.

    I don't know about you, but 24 hours per day have never been long enough for me. Perhaps, my mind works too slow to get through the study material I had hoped I could complete per day. However, with that said, I will try to find an hour and half for this video.

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    Intelligence Without Brains
    time 1:12:00
    Philodendron walks the tree, from the seed on the ground, to the top of the tree.
    When it falls down to the ground, it starts its walk again.
    Orchid, when it drops, when it falls off the tree to the ground, it is dead.

    Time 1:16:15
    Networks, layers of networks, it is all about.
    C word
    I can't swear
    I cunt swear

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    Konstantin Batygin: Planet 9 and the Edge of Our Solar System | Lex Fridman Podcast #201
    Jul 19, 2021
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    New Results in Quantum Tunneling vs. The Speed of Light
    Oct 13, 2021



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