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Low Cortisol Levels

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Eddie Garza, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. JanSz

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  2. JanSz

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    AHS17 Lost Seasonality and Overconsumption of Plants:
    Risking Oxalate Toxicity - Sally Norton

    Nov 2, 2017

    In the context of a global food system and 24-hour retail groceries offering every imaginable food 365 days a year, the dictum to “eat more plants” may be dangerous to human health due to unaware excessive consumption of oxalates.
    Dramatic increases in calcium-oxalate kidney stones, and functional problems with digestive health, neurotoxicity (sleep, brain function), inflammation (pain, autoimmunity, cellular stress, fatigue), and connective tissue instability (osteoporosis, arthritis, vulnerability to injury) are all consistent with increased oxalate toxicity.
    Learn how modern food choices and meal patterns create the conditions for accumulation of oxalate in the body, and how oxalates create metabolic havoc.
    This session explains how modern foods and medicines increase susceptibility to oxalates; makes the case for careful attention to oxalate consumption; dispels the notion that all vegetables and seeds are healthy and safe to eat on a regular basis; and introduces the therapeutic benefits of a low-oxalate diet.

    To reduce oxalates in the body
    Lemon Juice
    Spinach out, remove from any salad
    #1 in the diet ---->>>Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Citrate



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    Phoebe refers to a moon and a bird, a witch and a Friend.

    In Greek, phoibos means bright. The original Phoibe was a moon goddess – grandmama to Artemis in some tellings.

    In one famous story, Phoibe falls for a handsome shepherd named Endymion. Zeus grants Endymion eternal youth, so that the lovers will never be separated.

    One of Saturn’s moons is named in honor of the goddess, making this a night sky name.

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  8. What is interesting to me is "all this" theoretical talk about physics; I prefer an evidence based approach. Ideas which can be disproven.
    Otherwise the gray line between a belief and objectionable experimentation is blurred into dogma. So when the data presents itself, the human may not see it due to blinding dogma.

    What if we had a theoretical view an Äthermodel having properties like water and we (humans) were the fish -> then what is water to us may not be easily measurable.

    Think about our perspective and realize some of our known limitations:
    • When on the earth, we are unable to measure many things for example:
      • The voltage of the earth at various altitudes. We can at best guess and put a potential value at it.
      • The magnetic inertial value of centripetal flux moving into the earth's crust from our magnetosphere
      • etc.
    Why is it difficult to do this? -> Objectivity

    Think about the three isotopes of hydrogen from "healthy" to bad to dangerous: "hydrogen", deuterium & tritium, (which is capable of alpha, beta and gamma radiation). Do we understand how hydrogen's neuron/photon pair can obtain an additional "set" to become a deuterium? Or how a third pair is capable of continuously emission of high/powerful waveform light?

    See: Particles of the UniverseMeets Electric Universe by Lori Gardi.pdf attached

    Gaining a "better" understanding of basic elements maybe a good place to start.

    Attached Files:

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    [QU OTE="DrEttinger, post: 304698, member: 22307"]How To, Why, and Where: Bitcoin Ownership

    Bitcoin Introduction (If needed): Why you shouldn't sell your Bitcoin for the next 100 years | Interview with Michael Saylor

    1. Open an account at Swan - https://www.swanbitcoin.com/DrMarcusEttinger (free gift - Yan Pritzker’s Inventing Bitcoin
    2. Buy Bitcoin
    3. Set-up Daily Cost Averaging (DCA) via your Swan account (weekly or monthly withdrawals from your bank account) for a set amount to buy Bitcoin every week or month
    4. Buy (2) Trezor Model T's - Not your keys, not your Bitcoin
    5. Open an account with Unchained Capital (UC) Concierge Onboarding - "Our White-glove Vault Concierge Service takes the stress out of sovereign bitcoin custody. Every package comes with a 1-hour video session from a vault concierge specialist, with step-by-step vault set-up instructions and best-practice operational security tips."
    $1,250 – what’s included?
    1. Onboarding call with a vault specialist
    2. Recover-from-seed-phrase training
    3. Exclusive continuing education webinars
    4. Ongoing support
    5. $1,000 of bitcoin
    6. Once you have a million or more Satochis accumulated in your Swan account transfer them to your vault at UC.
    7. HODL - Never sell your Bitcoin
    8. Watch - Mark Moss's, "Michael Saylor's Strategy to Retire Off of Bitcoin | Tax-Free Wealth" How to Borrow and live off your Bitcoin without ever selling your Bitcoin. This can be done through your Unchained Capital account.[/QUOTE]
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    Noam Chomsky, one of the most important intellectuals in life today, has drawn up the list of 10 media manipulation strategies.
    Give 5 minutes and you won't regret it.
    If only to expand your knowledge.
    1-The strategy of distraction
    The primordial element of social control is the distraction strategy which consists of diverting the public's attention from major problems and the changes decided by political and economic elites, through the flooding technique or flooding continuous distractions and insignificant information.
    Distraction strategy is also essential to prevent the public from becoming interested in essential knowledge in the area of science, economics, psychology, neurobiology and cybernetics. Keeping the audience's attention deviated from real social problems, imprisoned by themes without real importance.
    Keeping the public busy, busy, busy, with no time to think, back to the farm like other animals (quoted in the text ′′Silent weapons for quiet wars′′).
    2-Creating problems and then offering the solutions.
    This method is also called a ′′problem-reaction-solution". It creates a problem, a ′′situation′′ planned to cause a certain reaction from the public, with the aim that this is the source of the measures they want to accept. For example: letting urban violence intensify, or organize bloody attacks, with the aim of the public being those requiring security laws and policies to the detriment of freedom. Also: create an economic crisis to make social rights demotion and dismantle public services accept as a necessary evil.
    3-The Strategy of Graduation.
    To make an unacceptable measure accepted, you only need to apply it gradually, to dropper, for consecutive years. This is how radically new socioeconomic conditions (Neoliberalism) were imposed during the decades of the 80‘s and 90‘s: minimum state, privatisation, precariousness, flexibility, mass unemployment, wages that no longer guarantee dignified incomes. So many changes that would have brought about a revolution if they were implemented at once.
    4-The Strategy of Deferring.
    Another way to get an unpopular decision accepted is to present it as ′′painful and necessary,” gaining public acceptance, in the moment, for future application. It is easier to accept a future sacrifice than an immediate sacrifice. First, because effort isn't that taken immediately. Second, because the public, the mass, always tends to naively hope that ′′everything will be better tomorrow′′ and that the required sacrifice could be avoided. This gives the audience more time to get used to the idea of change and accept it resigned when the time comes.
    5-Reach to the public like children.
    Most advertisements directed at the large audience use speeches, arguments, characters and a particularly childish intonation, many times close to weakness, as if the viewer was a few years old creature or a mental moron. When you try to deceive the viewer the more you tend to use a childish tone. Why? Why? ′′If someone addresses a person as if they are 12 or under, then based on suggest ability, they will probably tend to a response or reaction even without a critical sense like that of a 12 year old person or less (see ′′ Silent Weapons for quiet wars ′′).
    6-Using emotional aspect much more than reflection.
    Take advantage of emotion, it's a classic technique to provoke a short circuit on rational analysis and finally the critical sense of the individual. Additionally, the use of emotional register allows the unconscious access door to implant or inject ideas, desires, fears and fears, compulsions, or induce behaviors.
    7-Keeping the public in ignorance and mediocrity.
    Making the public incapable of understanding the technologies and methods used for their control and slavery.
    ′′The quality of education given to lower social classes must be as poor and mediocre as possible, so that the distance of ignorance that spans between lower classes and upper classes is and remains impossible to fill from the lower classes ".
    8-Stimulating the public to be complacent with mediocrity.
    Pushing the audience to think it's fashionable to be stupid, vulgar and ignorant...
    9-Strengthening self-guilt.
    Making the individual believe that he is only the culprit of his disgrace, because of his insufficient intelligence, skills or efforts. So, instead of rebelling against the economic system, the individual devalues himself and blames himself, which in turn creates a depressive state, one of whose effects is the inhibition of his action. And without action there is no revolution!
    10-Knowing individuals better than they know themselves.
    Over the past 50 years, science's rapid progress has generated a growing gap between public knowledge and those possessed and used by dominant elites. Thanks to biology, neurobiology, and applied psychology, the ′′system′′ has enjoyed advanced knowledge of the human being, both in its physical and psychological form. The system has managed to learn better about the common individual than he knows himself. This means that, in most cases, the system exercises greater control and greater power over individuals, greater than that which the same individual exercises over himself.
    So this was an interesting exercise...
    ‘However there is a genuine interview of N. Chomsky with the journalist M. Nevradakis (Nevradakis, 2012). In this interview, M. Nevradakis asks the famous scientist a question regarding this particular text, “Noam Chomsky – “10 strategies of manipulation by the media” (Pseudo-Chomsky, 2010). In response, N. Chomsky states the following: "I should add a cautionary note here. You may be referring to something that circulates on the internet called, I think, "10 strategies of manipulation by the media ", which is attributed to me, but I didn't write it. There have been many efforts to correct it, to get it off, but once something's on the internet, it's hopeless. So if that's what you mean, it's not mine "(Chomsky, 2012).‘
    The paper examining the provenance and legitimacy of this ‘10 strategies’ piece including the PROMPT protocol can be found here:
    After more than 100 shares it is time to evaluate ... the message is good, the source is questionable.
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    Startling new information about the human race (Part 1)
    Mar 22, 2020


    The British are French, and the French are British! (Part 2)
    Mar 22, 2020

    Ancient Persians "Black"? (Part 3)
    Mar 30, 2020
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    Major Physics Discoveries of 2021 That Transformed Our Understanding - Video Compilation
    127,549 vie upload_2021-10-16_17-43-8.png ws
    Oct 9, 2021[​IMG]

    the solid state of water
    Crystalline types

    Around 40 to 50C (and higher water changes to two states(with different properties.
    @Jack Kruse
    Time 1:05:00 and down to 1:14:00
    life evolved under higher water temperatures (with water having this different properties.

    surface tension
    thermal conductivity
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    , upload_2021-10-17_17-26-28.png


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    What Happened to the Vikings? (Part 17)

  18. JanSz

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    Above a is a discount code.

    Black Friday Early

    Because of potential supply chain issues we wanted to offer our valued follwing 30%off store wide. Use code: 30%off (no-spaces) storewide for an.

    Sincerely Kris CEO EMR-TEK INC.

    See what else is in store







    Discover more
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    The hidden history of Americans (Part 10)
    Premiered Apr 26, 2020


    One of his basic assumptions is that after the Flood only Noah and his family survived.
    Also assumption that Flood happened about 6k years ago.
    If we could get over the biblical part,
    possibly there would be a another way to get idea of what our ideal location for the residence may be.

    Generations of Noah - Wikipedia
    [​IMG]https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Generations_of_Noah
    The Genesis flood narrative tells how Noah and his three sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth, together with their wives, were saved from the Deluge to repopulate the Earth.. Shem's descendants:
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