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Low Cortisol Levels

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Eddie Garza, Apr 29, 2015.

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    Viktor T. Toth

    January 27
    IT pro, part-time physicist
    If two photons are entangled, If the wavelength of one photon changes is the wavelength of the other affected?

    Allow me to respond to this question by first clarifying two common misconceptions.

    First, when we speak of entangled particles, what we really mean is that we created a set of particles that, at least temporarily, are not entangled with everything else. Because that is the normal state of things: everything is entangled with everything else almost all the time. In these laboratory experiments, we manage to isolate, e.g., a pair of photons from everything else in the world, so that we can study entanglement under such artificially created, “clean” circumstances without the unpredictable, random environment.

    Second, the wavelength of a photon is not an intrinsic property. It is observer-dependent. An observer that is running after the photon will see a longer wavelength. An observer that is running in the opposite direction will see a shorter wavelength.

    OK, with that in mind… if the photon’s wavelength changes because an observer changes reference frames (e.g., a previously stationary observer begins to move) than obviously, the other photon’s wavelength would change the same way. They do not even need to be entangled; what changed, after all, is not the photons but the observer’s reference frame.

    If the photon’s wavelength changes because it interacts with its environment (e.g., it enters a refractive medium) then it really is no longer entangled only with its counterpart. There is now a complex interaction between this photon and the environment that caused its wavelength to change. As such, the “pure” entanglement (involving only the two photons, with the environment excluded) is broken, so we would no longer describe the pair as entangled.
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    Quantum Field Theory: What is a particle?
    •Feb 7, 2021




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    The Physics of Rainbows
    •Jan 5, 2021


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    The scale of the utter sheepery I see from my fellow human beings these days is astounding.
    People who are intelligent and strong have become weak and frightened children who won’t be told that there isn’t a monster under the bed.

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  12. Attached Files:

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    What Ancient Egyptian Sounded Like - and how we know
    •Nov 27, 2020
    4000 years from now: Archaeologists are still struggling with reconstructing English from the mysterious logographs called "emoji."
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    Enemies of Freedom

    Children are cloned and bred in “hatcheries,” where they are conditioned for their role in society from an early age. There are no mothers and fathers as natural procreation is outlawed. There are no family units.

    Embryos are sorted and given hormonal treatments based on their destined societal classification, which from highest to lowest are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon. The Alphas are bred and conditioned to be leaders while the Epsilons are designed for menial labor, free of higher intellectual capacities.
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    Ev Cochrane: Anatomy of a Thunderbolt | Thunderbolts
    •Feb 20, 2021
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    Hacker Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty | WIRED
    •Jul 20, 2020

    time 19:40
    how to attack hard wallet

    @Jack Kruse


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