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Low Cortisol Levels

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Eddie Garza, Apr 29, 2015.

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    Is it possible to be both a judge and a feminist?
    Obviously it depends of judges skin color.
    I think according to this guy the answer is (YES if you are WHITE).
    Well, maybe no, if you are NYC major or Governor of NY.

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    Do not worry.
    I am not going to inform my girl about this danger.

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    Ivor Cummins

    107K subscribers

    The ultimate update on our viral issue, bar none - Sept 8th 2020 . Get educated guys and gals -
    or keep your head in the sand while your errant leaders destroy society around you... ;-)
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  12. JanSz

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    IT pro, part-time physicist

    Is the Wave Function real like an ocean wave or is it just a probability wave?
    Quantum physics describes physical systems in terms of their states.

    The state of a physical system in classical physics is well-defined. For instance, a point particle in classical physics has a well-defined position and well-defined momentum.

    In quantum physics, a system is usually found in a so-called “linear combination” of states: e.g., instead of having a well-defined, unique position, an electron may be a little bit here, a little bit there, and a little bit somewhere else, all at the same time. I know, this makes no sense (literally, it is not something that we can envision or intuit) but our observations consistently inform us that this is how Nature works. It is important to remind us that Nature has no obligation to appeal to our intuition. At least, we have the next best thing, namely mathematics, with which we can model physical systems even if we find it difficult to intuit or visualize what those models say.

    Anyhow, given that the quantum state of the system is essentially a weighted sum of potentially an infinite number of possible well-defined states, the next question is how best to describe such a system using the language of mathematics. This description comes in the form of the wavefunction, which basically assigns a value, or weight, to every possible state that the system can be in.

    Why is it called a wavefunction? Because the equation we discovered that characterizes this function is, in fact, a well-known wave equation (the Schrödinger equation). An equation that describes a wave pattern.

    This is neither an ocean wave, nor a probability wave, though it can in fact be used to infer the probability of the outcome of an experiment when we make the quantum system interact with a classical instrument (a camera, a laboratory instrument, a cat, an experimenter — doesn’t matter, so long as it is an entity that behaves, by and large, according to the rules of classical physics). It is a mathematical abstraction that characterizes the state of a quantum system.
  13. JanSz

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    Teachers union must go away.
    Money must be assigned to individual student. If teacher is bad, student must have a right and ability to pack his bags and look elsewhere for better school.
    Government workers union must go away.
    For killing cop, dead penalty (today).
    Obey cop now. Argue tomorrow in court.
    Rewriting history must go away.
    Teaching racial discrimination must go away.
    Restore patriotic education in American schools
    We the people does not need to be parsed into colors or any other differences (unless in medical schools).

    Life that is not able to procreate, dies, extinct, gone, (now, no future generations will follow).
    Procreate naturally only, have a mercy on those who can't procreate.

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  14. In the United Kingdom 300 million people in six weeks went to 47,600 pubs with no masks beginning June 29th 2020 -> Question: How many people died because of this?

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  16. The Atom
    · The neutral atom is made of charged particles – positive & negative, in equal numbers (Ground state)
    · All particles are real with real locations in space
    · Electrons in the nucleus occupy the space between the protons such that the attractive force(s) between the protons and electrons is ~4 times the repulsive force(s)
    · Neutrons exist only briefly outside the nucleus
    · Atomic nuclei have a resonant geometric structure.

    Atomic force
    · The magnetic flux both attractive and repulsive moves like wave (fields) as the electron & proton move through dielectric “space” (particles).
    · When the material (space) by which the magnetic flux passes is “less dense”, the material has the potential to move with the wave fields.

    For example: As the sun rises in the east, its first IR-A light stimulates the air molecules and land mass of the Eastern United States then the Great Plains then Western United States. The air molecular electrons transition -> positive electrons move up into the atmosphere, negative electrons are attracted to the earth’s surface. The kinetic movement is up as we perceive the thermal measurement of warmth. As the negative electron charge increases on land mass, the air molecule electrons move clockwise over the surface of the earth. This kinetic movement we call breeze, wind depending on the vector force. As the negative electrons move in the air molecule “space” or medium over a body of water, these electrons interact with water molecules’ electrons – pulling and repelling in magnetic flux waves as it moves over the water. Since liquid water can be “influenced” (because of its density) by these waves, we can observe and measure the results.

    The computation for Atomic wave forms involves Vector Calculus.


    Grandpa John
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