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Low Cortisol Levels

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Eddie Garza, Apr 29, 2015.

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  4. Anger and frustration among the "compliant" is building up. They can't believe "others" are willing to put them at risk of a suffocating death.
    They have been told, they have complied, they are the "good citizens". These "others" need to be punished.

    There are times to fear when our public citizens believe what they have been told how to think about others. Two million Jews (2/3rd of the world population at the time) WWRII in less than a few of years. Today citizens are told to stay in side, wear a mask, or ... else

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    Nobody is perfect.
    Except possibly for IG Farben that designed Auschwitz's machinery to process (efficiently) large amounts of humans.
    Now Facebook, Google, and Twitter are fighting to do better.

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    (24 September 2018)
    In the August 22 issue of Science Advances de Feyter et al. published an excellent paper about the cross deuteration of intermediary metabolites at steady-state (90-120 minutes) from orally consumed or infused [6,6′-2H2]glucose in models of glioblastoma multiforme (1). Two deuterated products of the tracer glucose, lactate formed via glycolysis as well as glutamate/glutamine (Glx) formed from deuterated citrate, are utilized for building 3D magnetic resonance images of brain tumors using respective radio frequencies for deuterated lactate and Glx during data acquisition. The method offers many advantages: 1) data acquisition sequences do not require additional radio frequency (RF) pulses for protonated water (1H2O) suppression; 2) there is no need for outer volume suppression to exclude potentially large signals from protonated lipids in adjacent brain tissues; and 3) deuterium metabolic imaging (DMI) is virtually unaffected by the known inhomogeneity of the magnetic field. The authors rightfully claim that deuterium metabolic imaging is well suited for widespread uses in research and the clinic.

    The quantification of deuterated lactate and glutamate are very strong advancements for the field, yet this step requires correction factors in order to account for losses of 2H from [6,6′-2H2]glucose during metabolism. Net losses occur during the transfer and/or exchanges of specific deuterons throughout intermediary metabolism. Tracer loss in the in vivo experiment is in good agreement with a previous report that attributed deuterium’s glycolytic loss to the mannose-6 phosphate isomerase (EC reaction (2) as an alternate pathway, as well as during the conversion of phosphoenolpyruvate to pyruvate by pyruvate kinase (EC, which occurs before the formation of lactate under Warburg’s metabolic phenotype that the authors demonstrate convincingly. They report an 8.1 (± 2.3% (SD)) average 2H label loss through this latter mechanism. In mitochondria, on the other hand, 2H label loss is anticipated to occur during citrate formation, facilitated by its synthase (EC, which condenses acetyl-CoA with oxaloacetate. The loss of deuterons during citrate formation affects labeling of products formed by the isomerization of citrate to isocitrate in the citric acid cycle as well as the subsequent formation of (alpha)ketoglutarate, glutamate and glutamine, respectively. The authors entertain the possibilities of both the exchange and loss of 2H via non-enzymatic dissociation reactions and by enzymatic cleavage.

    A closer look at panels B and C of Figure 1 of the paper (1) reveals higher deuterated water peaks at 1 minute signal averaging in the [6,6′-2H2]glucose treated samples in comparison with that of scanning deuterium at natural abundance in control samples (Figure 1). This indicates that there is a transfer of tracer deuterium to cellular and interstitial water compartments with widening relaxation, well described in the paper, besides that to lactate and glutamate. Integrating the deuterated water curve areas by counting the pixels in natural (Figure 1, D) and deuterated glucose treated animals above the inflection line between the water and [6,6′-2H2]glucose signals (please see red line in Figure 1, B panel) as a surrogate for the quantification of deuterated water herein, values of 1642, 2116 and 2265 pixels are observed, respectively. Calculating the percent increases in deuterated water peak areas at 11.7 Tesla and 1 minute averaging in panels B and C, to that of 2H enrichment at natural abundance water being 100% as shown in panel A, rat brain scans show increased deuterated water content to as high as 128.87% in vivo (B) and 137.94% postmortem (C) after the infusion of [6,6′-2H2]glucose. These observations provide further evidence of a robust cumulative transfer of deuterium from glucose to per-deuterated cellular and interstitial water pools. (Figure 1 for this letter was saved at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iVAWnydCN7o8KcLZTZFSfM_kNP2Hg7TB/view?u...)

    The deuteration of cellular water may include several physical and enzymatic mechanisms such as the above mentioned mannose (2) and pyruvate formation from [6,6′-2H2]glucose. Never the less, the paper of de Feyter et al. adds valuable data to a previous correspondence regarding deuterated water pools with regard of the lack of a therapeutic effect of deuterated, industrially processed ketogenic diets in the same glioblastoma model (3, 4). As partial deuteration of chemically bound interfacial mitochondrial water (5) breaks down collective proton tunneling (6), physical properties of cellular water affect the mitochondrial ATPase protein machinery (7) by damaging the FOF1 protein nanomotors (8,9) amongst inducing many other structural and functional abnormalities in proteins and DNA. Based on deuterium signal characteristics it is time to clinically position deuterium depletion via intramolecular and compartmentalized deuterium disequilibrium in tumor cells (3) with significant physiological, biochemical, diagnostic and therapeutic potentials to improve public health and medicine.

    Considering the dependence of cell growth on naturally occurring deuterium, deuterated glucose may hand this heavy stable isotope to cancer cells to grow. Published studies show that naturally occurring moderate increases of deuterium above 150 parts per million (ppm) stimulate cell growth (10). Therefore, the diagnostic benefits of DMI should further be explored to exclude possible stimulating effects on malignant cell growth by determining the proper dosing of [6,6′-2H2]glucose and frequency for its safe use in humans.
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    Stand with AMERICA
    fail with the new world order.

    Go to church
    but screw Pope Francis

    THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump
    •Premiered Aug 6, 2020

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2020
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  14. Thank you for sharing
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    We used to have two great members on this board.
    Gretchen did couple videos/interview with Kathy Towler.
    I have found one video (below) and can't locate the other.
    It was a lots about lots of drinking (as suggested by) @Jackkruse
    On the other video Kathy drinks from a gallon milk container.
    She drinks two gallons of water during that interview.
    Kathy was also posting frequently on this board.
    Eventually she had some extensive fat removal surgery.
    After that she disappeared.

    Till this day today, I am not able to accept excessive drinking as a way to improve ones health.





    Last edited: Aug 13, 2020
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    PLEASE do not FART that pollutes the air we all breathe.

    Last edited: Aug 16, 2020
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