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Low Cortisol Levels

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Eddie Garza, Apr 29, 2015.

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    BodyBio – Health at the Cellular Level

    Butyrate and Gut Health

    Why does cellular health matter?

    The importance of taking omega 6 and 3 at the 4:1 Ratio

    Phosphatidylcholine (PC): Why some brands work and others don’t

    What is Phosphatidylcholine (PC)?

    Elite Triathlete Renee Tomlin talks E-lyteSport Electrolyte

    Get Rid of Mercury the Only Healthy Way

    Part Two – Get Rid of Mercury The Only Healthy Way

    Part Three – Get Rid of Mercury The Only Healthy Way

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    Thank you @drezy
    Great series.
    Universe Without Dark Matter Simulated For the First Time

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    On 2/22/2020 6:26 PM, got from @drezy

    Thank you drezy.
    So Saturn and Earth have the same d/h, (contrary to major assumptions).
    Those assumptions may still be mostly correct.
    Next, they should measure d/h in Jupiter and then farther out places.
    It looks like 10000 years ago (or so) Earth was (indeed) located within the Proto-Saturn sphere.
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    Olive oil and pig's fat have a similar content of oleic acid.
    Test, find out your oleic acid status then attempt to optimize.
    Oleic acid is the preferred donor of H for the purpose of making matrix water.
    Our body runs on energy that comes from burning H with O from the breath.
    Matrix water runs in a cycle, eventually, it is broken by melanin.
    More melanin, easier to run that cycle. See the sunlight.
    Do not apply breaks to that cycle by flooding it with excessive drinking water.
    Drink water only when asked by your thirst.

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    Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Jan 15, 2019.
    May 17, 2016
    Researchers discover melanin could make for great batteries

    [QU OTE="Jack Kruse, post: 261340, member: 1031"]What am I implying?

    ZIP CODE essentially = the local electromagnetic fields in your environment that DETERMINE FULLY how light can or cannot operate.


    Animal photosynthesis requires it.

    Could melanin make photosynthesis likely in animals? Photosynthesis in plants is considered the most important chemical reaction in the world because is the first step in the food chain. The first clues of the process were detected by Lavoisier and others during the XVIII century, but the exact nature of the chemical reactions involved remain poorly understood. Moreover, dissociation of the water molecule constitutes the very first reaction of photosynthesis in plants, and was unsuspected, even unthinkable in human beings, until we found it in human retina in the 1990s. The discovery of the amazing capacity of our body to makes the dissociation of the water molecule breaks the paradigm: Plants and human beings have the same very first reaction as the origin of life. The impact in the field of molecular biology is huge; therefore the role of the water and glucose must be redefined, glucose is just a source of biomass, instead water is the real source of energy of the eukaryotic cell, and neuron cell is not an exception. The main source of energy of the CNS is the CSF Cerebrospinal fluid and therefore the ventricles and subarachnoid space. Blood vessels are merely source of biomass. By the analogy with the process in plants, our discovery was named human photosynthesis. Human being begin to lose the capacity to split the water molecule at 26 years old, ca. 10 % each decade, and after the fifties goes into free fall. Our research along these 23 years thought us that medical modulation of human photosynthesis has extraordinary therapeutic results in CNS´s diseases.
    Melanin is a human chlorophyll; Melanin is to animal kingdom as chlorophyll is to plant kingdom. Both molecules have the amazing capacity to split the water molecule at room temperature. Both of these chemical makes is possible to burn water to liberate electrons. Photosynthesis is the only known process that is capable of actually burning water. But the process in chlorophyll is irreversible and melanin makes the process work in two way. The first is the dissociation and reforming of water molecule with the consequential release of energy.

    The human body has a photosynthesis system composed by Light/ Melanin/ Water, arranged in order of abundance in nature. Melanin is able to absorb the full electromagnetic spectrum, from radio to gamma rays, in contrast, chlorophyll just absorbs blue and red light (400 to 600 nm). This is why plants are surface quantum machines and animals are full thickness solar machines. Secondly, melanin has the intrinsic property to split and reform the water molecule using hydrogen peroxide, and the reaction happens as follows:

    2H2O ↔ 2H2 + O2 + 4e
    Melanin has the astonishing capacity to split the water molecule at room temperature, for instance, in the laboratory, it is necessary to heat up water at 2000°C in order the reach the separation of hydrogen from the oxygen atoms. Melanin is a biogenic amine like dopamine, melatonin, serotonin, and histamine. Moreover, melanin supports the reunification of water molecule giving off liquid water and four high energy electrons. The reaction is not symmetrical in time or optically because, like any other chemical reaction, depends of the photochemistry of the microenvironment

    Human Photosynthesis and the eukaryotic cell breaks the ground of the cellular metabolism, the energy released symmetrically in all directions by melanin is a real source of photonic energy of the eukaryotic cell, and the neuron cell is not an exception. All melanocytes are from neuroectoderm. There is a misconception in photosynthesis that the creation of glucose as is the main source of energy. This bad idea comes from the observation that in plants glucose is the main product of energy absorption photosynthesis. The traditional diagram of photosynthesis must changes as follows:

    6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + 6O2 + Energy
    Thus, instead of energy, the word biomass should be used: In this way, light is turned into matter and mass by slowing down as the electromagnetic field changes to suit the form nature requires in the transmutation of energy from one form to another. Electromagnetic fields are the shape shifters and speed controllers of light waves. Mother Nature has optimized how to use them in life forms.

    6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + 6O2 + Biomass[/QUOTE]
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    @Jack Kruse
    Refer to the post above

    I would like to figure out how much energy the human body uses to support living.

    From dr Boros I got that we make water in our mitochondria at the daily volume about equal to the blood flow through the heart.
    That is about 7200 liters daily, but it can go up to 3x that flow during high exertion.
    I calculated that to be a burning 7200/9 lliters---->>>(kilograms) of hydrogen, and equal to 1358 kWh daily.
    And compared to (a total) energy coming from sunlight to Earth (before it touches Earth atmosphere).
    1.366 KwH/m2
    Energy from sunlight is smaller by a 1000x or more (assuming human skin surface is 1m2 and fully exposed to solar radiation).
    That is just beginning of energy balance.
    Energy from burning hydrogen with oxygen in the matrix of mitochondria is just one part.
    That matrix water eventually meets melatonin (I think that most of it happen within a matrix of mitochondria).

    Melatonin is able to burn water, see Jack' post here:

    I would like to figure out how much energy is released
    in mitochondria
    in CSF Cerebrospinal fluid
    due to melatonin's influence on water (all in kWh/day)

    Please help.

    Still looking for the chart indicating the location of melatonin in mitochondria.



    Why do we need assistance from melanin to join H with O? {{{reunification of water molecule}}}
    When Hindenburg blimp was exploding, was that because melanin was nearby?

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    Corona virus------->>minimize deuterium intake
    breathe air containing less deuterium
    drink less, only to satisfy thirst (easy on anything over 2.5 liter day)(carefull on anything below 1 liter/day)
    eat food containing less deuterium

    Deutenomics & Biologics - 2020


    In other words, deupleting nutritional strategies in biology may efficiently control bacterial, fungal and virus infected cell proliferation by implementing natural ketosis as a metabolic intervention that can now be offered in place of the use of biologics.

    Endemics and epidemics of human diseases match inherent increases in the consumption of deuterium by means of potable water (7), farmed livestock, genetically modified produce and consuming highly processed carbohydrates with additives.

    @Jack Kruse
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2020

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