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Low carb/ insulin resistance

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Dali Dula, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Dali Dula

    Dali Dula Moderator

    Jack -

    How does years of eating low carb cause high insulin resistance? Thought eating low carb was good.



    Nicole posted this in Ask Jack. Can we have a discussion on this subject?

    I may be experiencing this after 2+ years of vlc. Perhaps this doesn't apply to T2D because we are already super insulin resistant and not being vlc would be worse? I believe I have become one of the most healthy T2D alive today, but I am still diabetic with a creeping up a1c. I currently think I have hit a wall with diet meaning there is very little left to be gained as far as improved a1c from diet. I continue to bio hack on all aspects of environment without dramatic results. Don't take that to mean things aren't going well. I feel great, but am always striving for optimal.

    Any thoughts or references would be appreciated.
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Interesting topic Dali Dula.

    Doing a quick google gave me this;


    Weird, IDK if I have insulin resistance but I am pretty sensitive to carbs, I think I have been my whole life actually. Weird is, I can eat as much wild berries that grow here in summer as my heart desires, with zero issues. It is the cultivated foods that gets me. I tell myself, oh well.. I might be a wild girl, what to do. I am happy and healthy so who cares.

    And the weird thing is I have high LDL too but I have no from the symptoms associated with insulin resistance from above. I have high LDL, very low Triglycerides and perfect blood pressure and no belly fat either. And I feel great!
    Maybe... to be sensitive to carbs is not an illness at all?

    Maybe in summer we need to stuff ourselves with any wild carbs we find around...lol It has never hurt me. I gorge on wild raspberries all late summer long. If we never taste these wild treasures when they are in season maybe it is not good? Also the wild herbs and greens and mushrooms. Maybe we must not forget to use them. Chaga mushroom is said to be great for blood sugar issues. Maybe if we eat a too "sterile" diet with only cleaned meat and seafood (no fish eyes or brains etc) and forget the medicine in the wild it is not so good for us in the long run?
    So to always eat the same thing day out day season in season out in years after years is maybe not clever, as the season changes so changes the food to some degree.

    Jack always say, we need to eat in season. Maybe we also need to add some kind of exercise after we get better/well (said to be good for helping insulin resistance too). Because we are ment to move. IDK... I am rambling........
  3. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Thanks for making this a topic. I am curious to what others have to say. I wonder if staying on a ketogenic (high fat) would do the same thing?
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    depends what the fat was.......if it was rancid PUFA you can get IR too.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I am sure we will talk about this eventually......but anything that blocks or reverse quantum tunneling on the inner mitochondrial membrane can cause IR. By the way quantum tunnelling is how biology uses C2 in E=MC2 if you have not figured that out yet.
  6. Hemming

    Hemming New Member

    A low carb diet can cause physiological IR which is not the same as pathological IR. Peter at hyperlipid did a post about in 2007. Some low carb people will show up as insulin resistant if they haven't eaten around 150g of carbs for a couple of days prior to the test. He did that, took the test and everything was fine.

    So basically good fats sources to the rescue and we should be fine?
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Fats and proteins are the antidote to IR.............within the light cycle.
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  8. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Thanks Dali for starting this thread. I too think I'm having similar issues (Thanks PCOS) - enough so that my PCP wants to run a panel on the health of my pancreas, as well as looking at liver health as well...

    But if I understand what Jack's saying above - until we fix our mitochondria - and get our quantum tunneling back on line - were' not going to resolve the issue. But then there was a thread a couple of weeks back - where Jack mentioned that as we get cold adapted - High FBG levels don't matter in winter - b/c you're not using insulin in the same manner. (I will go back and search for that thread) it works like antifreeze.

    So my question is am I moving forward - to the point of using insulin as antifreeze? DH always complains how cold he is - when I'm comfortable or hot. we keep the house btwn 60-62 deg during winter and our crappy single pain windows makes for a drafty house. I can CT for longer - he can't. I definitely have a higher BF (Still working on getting rid of it - using Jack's protocols) and I have a higher FBG and HbA1C than DH.

    obviously bad fat can = problems. as can carbs out of season. I love cold. whats crazy is the past 3 wks (maybe more) I've been having AI flares, even with grounding/ct/ highfat low carb etc... my toes feel like they've got athletes foot - but its not constant like athletes foot - its painful, the toes get itchy, red blisters below the surface (the best description I have for this - is this is exactly like the heximer reaction I had back in 2004 - as far as pain itching from the inside out -not the inside in) I've got constant redness btwn the top two knuckles on both hands w/ blisters where I would normally wear my rings (not wearing them any more) and my cycstic acne is out of control. the only thing that quells the itching/painful toes is COLD. I've noticed that the pain on my toes occurs when I have any small amt of sugar/fructose/glucose from any carb (even 90-95% dark chocolate) or any dairy - raw cream/cheeses. I have found that FAT in general makes it better - I'm looking for any why to get additional fat.

    Obviously more is going on here - than just High FBG and an ok HbA1C. But I wonder if my body has reached a point to where its trying to actually cross permantly in the PPP but its not quite sure how to get and stay there... and I'm kicking out toxins
  9. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Don't you wish that we had could just plug something in and figure out how we were working like a mechanic plugs a diagnosis device into a car to see what is going on.

    Good questions Gretchen and hope you feel better soon. I too am dealing with some cyctic acne but right now it seems like it has just calmed down.

    I am waking up with the hands retaining water lately and I am trying to figure what is causing that. Trying to up the salt intake and see if that helps.
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Cold cause glucose to rise..........but insulin does not work below 62 degrees.......so cold is a form of IR in a weird way......but cold does not allow you to use glucose as a fuel to ruin your quantum tunneling.........but the same is not true for fructose. Fructose cause mass havoc independent of insulin.
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  11. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    So is fructose different b/c its mostly used in the LIVER? or is it different b/c it has only 3 H-OH bonds & 2x CH2OH, where as glucose has 4 -OH bonds & 1 CH2OH, with an extra H? fructose also increases ghrerin - which increases hunger, and lowers circulating Leptin and Insulin... hummmmm.....

    add all that to the fact Fructose readily dehydrates to give hydroxymethylfurfural ("HMF"). A major metabolite in humans is 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furoic acid (HMFA), which is excreted in urine. HMF can also be metabolized to 5-sulfoxymethylfurfural (SMF), which is highly reactive and can form adducts with DNA or proteins. In vitro tests and studies on rats suggest potential toxicity and carcinogenicity of HMF.[16] In humans, no correlation between intakes of HMF and disease is known. (from Wikipedia)

    If I'm reading this correctly - Fructose - provides another avenue to turn off methylation or make it appear as if methylation isn't activated.... why do transition metals come to mind???
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    PS: When you eat low carb but still eat the "wrong carbs" (Hi glycemic) out of season and simultaneously eat fat, (and the wrong kind of seasonal) it may be, no, it will be quite harmful to your mitochondria when you accompany it with even low amounts of these carbohydrates while you are completely inactive.............What binds all this context? Low light cycles and this directly effect the quantum couples at cytochrome 2 in the mitochondria.

    I told you in last nights Q & A something important.........that quantum tunneling is the way biology reverses C2 in Einstein's mass equivalence equation. Quantum tunneling at cytochrome 2 depends only on electrons........no protons. What did the Nov 2013 webinar say about electrons? They are raised in energy by photons!!! Can we raise these electrons power in winter? Nope. Can we in summer? yep? Why are we supposed to eat the right fats in winter? gives you more electrons when light can not excite them.....to properly tunnel them in the inner mitochondrial membrane. Any time you slow electron flow (current) along the ECT what happens?


    Complex two is the special "Maxwell demon's" in mitochondria. The CoQ pool is a mobile reservoir of redox shuttles (electron transporters known as quantum tunnelers on my site) which hands electrons to Complex III. I told you in the quantum electron blog post in the comments section that FADH2 gives us a huge advantage over complex one. Beta oxidation of fats occurs at cytochrome 2. Glucose happens to enter at Cytochrome one. Complex one pumps protons, but Complex 2 does not.

    Complex two is all about electrons......What did I say last night about negatively charged particles and the electromagnetic force? This is where control is dished out in biology. This is why seasons of light are yoked to food. Where else are the magical electrons found in a mitochondria? In a place called Electron-Transferring-Flavoprotein Dehydrogenase. This molecular Maxwell demon sits in the inner mitochondrial membrane and ALSO passes electrons to the CoQ couple, much as Complex II does, also without puming protons. ETFD gets its electrons from the FADH2 of an electron transfer flavoprotein which, thankfully, gets its electrons from the FADH2 of acyl-CoA dehydrogenase, the first enzyme of beta oxidation. Which brings us back to the key statistic of mitochondria:
    1 mole of a fat such as palmitate produces 8 Acetyl CoA, 31 NADH+, 15 FADH2, 16 CO2.

    Now compare this to 1 mole of glucose: 2 Acetyle CoA, 10 NADH+, 2 FADH2, and 6 CO2.........

    Now for those of you keep close score which has more electrons?

    Clearly it is 1 mole of palmitate, a FAT blows a CARB away. What did I say life pays attention to last night in the Q & A? The electron......why? Because it carries a negative charge, has energy to harvest and carries information we need. The electromagnetic force can control it because of the negative charge using the 4 keys we spoke about last night to limit its ability to move........

    what else did I say to Caroline when she asked me about C2 in E=MC2?
    I told you biology uses quantum tunneling to to exceed the speed of light........why?

    There are only two times in physics where the speed of light is known to be broken.....in quantum tunneling and in water that turns blue around a nuclear reactor...........

    This is why making sure you got a ton of electrons, or a decent amount that are highly energized by the sun's photons in summer can allow for the possibility of quantum tunneling. When electron flow is slowed for any reason.......quantum tunneling ability is reduced, and this causes inflammation, neolithic disease, aging, and shortened telomeres......it also causes insulin resistance and this is why IR is always seen to walk hand and hand with these other diseases. They are all tied to a loss of C2 from the CoQ cytochrome which is cytochrome number 2.

    If you are following at home, we have two non-Complex I feeders dropping subatomic particles called electrons with energy and information in to the CoQ couple forming a huge resevoir of electrons normally to protect us. It is where our bag of electrons is stored to allow for quantum tunneling in mitochondria.

    How do you drive ECT flow from this resevoir? The redox potential across the inner mitochondrial membrane. I have not said much about this yet, but I did talk about it in the What powers life and death blog. 30 million volts potential should be there. Go have a look see. Told ya it was complex in Ask Jack.....and this is just a small flavor of how complex it can get in a circadian mismatch. You can lose redox potential or your resevoir of electrons......these are the two major ways to get diabetes......or disease......The drive in the QED series is that reducing the CoQ couple does very interesting things to Complex I in mitochondria. So does running the ETC backwards with a reversal of current which happens in hypoxia and in sleep. This produces superoxide.

    Superoxide build up causes IR. If youre really bright.....you begin to see Superoxide is what determines how insulin and other hormones act in the context they find them selves in. If you are precise in your thinking, you begin to see a picture emerge where pathology is driven by "normal physiology" which when driven beyond any reasonable circadian cycle becomes something called a neolithic disease.

    This is what makes it so interesting and complex. Quantum tunneling works on quantum time scales.......and small changes in electrons leads to massive changes in timing for biochemical reactions. This is EMF 6 said another way. This is why I always tell you context matters.......many ways this pathway is 'stolen" to create problems.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2013
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So if your really paying attention to all that I have written you may begin to understand why I let you in on a secret long ago called PQQ. PQQ is an exceptional molecular Maxwell demon because it has supreme stability for electron transfers. The chemical structure of PQQ allows it to carry out zillions of electron transfers without undergoing molecular breakdown.
    PQQ is 30 to 5,000 times more efficient in sustaining redox cycling of electrons donation than vitamin C. Iodine is in between Vitamin C and PQQ.
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The more I show you about what I have learned about mitochondria the more you will see why I am taking a QED approach and not the biochemical one. The recent and modern discoveries about the true nature of mitochondria are mind blowing because they are so counter-intuitive, a paradox, and enigma. Sounds like some branch of science you know? Maybe like quantum mechanics? Once you fully grasp where I am headed you will see many nails in the coffin, of biologic "common sense". It is common, but it makes no sense until you see it thru QED eyes.
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I got a little to comfortable ...... now we really have to pick up our game.....
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2013
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    For the deep.......Superoxide is not only badd......but it can be good.....in fact real good. You need superoxide in excess in starvation or anorexia to protect your brain. this is why we make superoxide in excess in starvation. To every cell is given the key to the gates of heaven. The same key opens the gates of hell. And so it is with superoxide. Any you will find out that the electromagnetic forces controls the amount of superoxide. IR is caused by superoxide and it can both kill and save your ass depending upon the context.
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    And for the kicker........When we fast strve or sleep we also naturally build up superoxide.......why? To save the brain intracellular glucose for use. So in a cold environment what happens to glucose and insulin naturally? Glucose raises because insulin can not act.......it is saving glucose for the brain.....to use while acting as anti freeze for the peiphery......amazing magician this superoxide all under the control of what? The electromagnetic force that generates the flow of electrons.
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  19. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I just love how all this is so very easy! In the end all comes down to Eat seasonal, natural and fresh food (not the cultivated stuff), suck in the nature... and you will be greatly rewarded :D

    The issues with many nuts surely is their content of oxidized PUFAs too..... and also other oils easily have this issue.

    Wow! all this kind of makes me understand why there are so many studies out there that gives the opposite results/interpretation, and people use them in the wrong way to support their theory that in reality is far from respecting Nature's laws.. like they really are short sighted.
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  20. Hemming

    Hemming New Member

    I came to think of something. I was at my uncles farm picking apples still hanging at tree this weekend. Are they 'okay' to eat now as we're almost at the shortest light cycle but at the same time its a fruit which I've found naturally?

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