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Loving the sunshine!

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Laura K, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. Laura K

    Laura K New Member

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Laura and I came upon this site and Dr Kruse's protocols thanks to some suggestions from a Chiropractor colleague of mine.Since a vitiligo diagnosis 6 years ago, I've been through the whole gamut of elimination diets, including many months on the most joyless Autoimmune Protocol. On the dermo's advice, I avoided the sun completely and smothered myself in sunscreen when it couldn't be avoided.
    Rather than improving, the vitiligo spread like wildfire and at my last demo visit about 4 months ago, I was 90% depigmented and considering using MBEH to depigment the remaining areas.
    Thankfully instead, I was encouraged to change my relationship with light. Since August this year I've been walking the beach at sunrise every morning, wearing blue blockers after dark and taking steps to minimise nnEMF exposure.
    The repigmentation has been rapid and extensive. At this rate I'll be fully back to my old, olive skinned self by the end of the Aussie summer.
    It's quite remarkable having such an obvious indicator that you're moving in the right direction toward better health! I'm excited to learn more and to continue to move closer and closer toward optimal, hopefully inspiring those around me to do the same!
    Much gratitude to Dr Kruse and to the many people who contribute here. Thanks to this education, the course of my life and health has been dramatically altered for the better!
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Laura and welcome! Where in Oz are you located?
  4. Laura K

    Laura K New Member

    Thanks Caroline. I’m in Manly, Sydney,
    caroline likes this.
  5. Kelly Sato

    Kelly Sato New Member

    Hi Larua, how are you doing 6 months later?
  6. Laura K

    Laura K New Member

    Hi Kelly, Still going strong! After an initial rush of repigmentation the final 10% or so is taking time. Not helped by the fact that it's now winter and so not getting the same sun exposure I was initially. Interestingly, my hands, feet, throat and chest seem to be the most stubborn areas. But progress marches on! Do you also have vitiligo?
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  7. Kelly Sato

    Kelly Sato New Member

    No, but a client of mine does. She is on board with all the other things I teach, which includes knowledge learned from Dr. Kruse, but she is reluctant to get into the sun since her dermo has warned her not to! Your testimony is very encouraging and I will share it with her if you have no objections. :)
    Erik likes this.
  8. Laura K

    Laura K New Member

    Please do! I actually started to write a blog about what happened but got caught up with other stuff so haven't really done much. However if you go to https://www.vitiligohealing.com.au you can at least see my progress pics (up until Feb 2019). It may provide further encouragement to your client.
    Erik likes this.
  9. Kelly Sato

    Kelly Sato New Member

    Great blog!! I will share it with her and with any other client I get with vitiligo! :love: Thank you for sharing your story! :love:

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