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louise's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by louise, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Good morning Louise,
    Just a quick hello from a rainy almost British in weather Argentina.

    As far as the magnets go , Diy magnets under the bed are not really recommended. There are a few threads on the forum already. Can't find them for you as I am on a coffee break at work,no time :)
    Have a restful Sunday.
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Louise! xo
  3. louise

    louise New Member

    hi lah, thanks for that ....I thought the magnets might not be any use......ah well it was worth a try
    hi caroline
    im having a bit of a struggle with this at the mo......not sure why but im going to have to be careful that things don't go downhill...
    anyway if they do then it wont be for long and I can pick myself up and get back on it
    I have a feeling the weather isn't helping as I haven't been out to my usual places (yesterday only out for hour and Saturday I just wasn't feeling it down the river so I came home)

    actually im feeling a bit ashamed to admit I boarded the fkken oxycontin express yesterday and then last night had some anxiety when trying to go sleep...........stupid stupid stupid .......it hasn't happened for months so serves me right

    the trouble is that I LIKE opiates...I LIKE the feeling even when I feel ok...... well no I feel much better than just o.k most days now since changing certain things in my life but I still want to enhance that good feeling
    I suppose its cos my mito are screwed and I don't have dha in my cells
    writing it down has helped and its only me who can change my life.......wish that opiates didn't screw me up tho
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Good morning from Oz Louise! fkken oxy express?????? anxiety??? tell us more...................
  5. louise

    louise New Member

    omg caroline I think you mis read what I wrote !!!!!! I had a problem with the oxyCONtin painkillers and I think you thought I meant "oxy"---oh no I cant imagine what you must think I been getting up to !!!!!!!!
    I didn't realise how long since I been on here-----been busy with all the cooking epi paleo style, walking and c/t up forest etc.
    just reread my last post and it was a bit edgy for a while but back on it now
    going bed by 11.30 at least even if no sleep for a while but meditation helps that----this is my biggest problem as I cant sleep before 12-1am but im getting there slowly
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Louise .....so what exactly have you been up to????
    Are you wearing blue blockers? No fake lite after sunset?
  7. louise

    louise New Member

    woohoo.......I can report that my sugar/carby cravings are well and truly gone now.......its roughly day 25 monthly cycle and I don't want to eat the fridge....don't want to strangle everyone in sight either so pmt is definitely a thing of the past.........its unbelievable, I should be feeling more hormonal by this age
    also I walked for hours and hours the other day and my front calves were aching like crazy so I stopped by the lake and c/t the legs for 20mins and it went away
    caroline, I have some rose colour sunglasses I wear after dark or just my flux on here if im on it at night.......not good enough maybe????
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    The leptin reset really does work! Sounds like you are dong so well ...and getting lots of oxy too .... in one form or another......o_Oo_O

    rose coloured glasses????
  9. louise

    louise New Member

    I got the orange glasses instead......they do help but sleep issues are going to plague me for a while and im prepared for it
    another month has passed with absolutely NO pmt .......fab fab fab fabuloooooooooooooous!!!!!!
    also NO carb cravings except for green veg......how weird is that
    I have also lost a few pounds
    got a long way to go but there are some real definite improvements
    opiate use is on and off so that's going in the right direction.....
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Louise ...nice to see an update! The leptin RX does kick cravings to the curb pretty fast.

    Isn't it wonderful?! no cravings except for green veggies - perfect!
  11. louise

    louise New Member

    everyone I know is ill......I don't mean immediate family here ( oh, 2 sons and my aging parents are surprisingly not too bad for their age)
    no I mean everybody I cross paths with in life is ill with something or another.....everybody gets something, its true
    I keep hearing about so many people I know or they know who are suddenly having brain aneurysms, cancers, children with some kind of psychological disorder, people developing allergies etc.
    my husband and I recently bought a camper van ( a crazy whim and it was an eventful weekend which involved conking out on the motorway etc etc ...it was a trip down memory lane) well the man selling the van had bone marrow cancer--it was back for a 3rd time and I just went all out on the keto paleo diet advice and then I launched into a full scale war against mobiles ,wi fi etc......he was interested
    my husband told me I sounded like some mad crazy woman!!!!!! oh yes and apparently I look a bit mad wearing my orange glasses at night.......he eats the same diet and had many ice baths last year and wore the bloody glasses himself until he got sick of them......I got some new glasses from ebay cos I was using some old rose coloured ones. Now we have lived together for 31yrs and been thru lots of crap just like everyone else so he knows me well enough to know that I couldn't give a flyiny f..k as to what he thinks I look like etc etc as long as I feel ok doing what im doing
    the pity is that I have this stuff going round in my head but I don't want to sound MAD to anyone who is seriously ill......mind you as soon as I say I worked as a qualified nurse then people are definitely more receptive.......
    the few people I have directed to jack site have always come back and said they didn't think I was that brainy to understand that type of stuff !!!!!!!!!!! I appear as a dizzy blonde to many people but the reality is very different.
    why was I hooked on this site as soon as I read one blog.....why doesn't anyone I know get that excited feeling from it... that I have stumbled across the magic formula to a healthier life than I would have had if I hadn't seen this stuff
    im no epi paleo keto ice bath maiden saint either.....I still eat stuff I shouldn't really be eating but its getting less and less, and im still a night owl but im changing little bits every week or so.
    not sure where this post is going.....I suppose im finding it hard not having a partner in crime so to speak and im feeling a bit sick of eating animal protein........im only human and we live in a world where the choice is huge.
    baby steps as caroline says.......
    Jude, Graeme and Inger like this.
  12. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    ^^ I have felt that same thing before Louise.

    Then I remember that once in a while someone comes back to me and asks for more details on a subject (my sister, daughter, a co-worker), or asks can you send me the link to that blog again, and surprise of all surprises - my DH is building me a CT tank! That is really progress. Guess he figures she isn't going to give up on this stuff ;), I may as well support her in it.
    caroline likes this.
  13. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Cool :)
    I talked with the lady at the UVB solarium I visited the other day... she was so sick too... psoriasis, depression (medicated :(..) etc. I would never have thought if she had not told me - you just could not see it on the outside! I told her to start eating lots of seafood... and many other things I have learned.. we talked for quite a while and she was very interested and receptive... it was a great talk

    I keep my blue blockers at the boyfriends too... HA, I do not care either what he thinks...lol He does tease me a lot about them tho....hehehe....
    Good thing I am pretty good at laughing at myself too.... :D
    I just say... dear, if you wanna see my eyes, you need to shut off the lights! ;)
  14. louise

    louise New Member

    haha thank you ladies this cheered me up.......but sometimes I doubt my own beliefs especially when you keep reading the low fat mantra and then I can start to feel scared from eating so much animal fat...even when I feel so much better and can see the results in the mirror for myself!!!!!! I doubt myself so much sometimes.
    my really good friend who has numerous health issues eg diabetes, thyroid, back pain, no gall bladder etc etc and takes 11 different meds daily has watched me lose the weight easily and can see for herself how easy it is now for me to refuse cake with my black coffee (no latte for me anymore) and she finally decided to try losing weight again and she joined slimming world and is on super low fat now and all that's happened is she has lost 20lbs which is fab and been taken off her metformin but her middle is still huge (insulin injection weekly) and she seems to have more aches and pains with a sudden decline in her mobility with bad knees----- dr took her off her statin but she has not benefited healthwise for losing 20lbs ( better blood sugar stability tho)
    last week I realised she has started cutting carbs which is amazing for her but she still tells me I am going to have a heart attack when she hears how much fat I eat
    she is like a textbook for the diseases she has from her hysterectomy and cholesystectomy some years ago-----it sad cos I can see what may be on the cards for her and she just crosses her fingers and hopes for the best. She glazes over when I tell her about the cholesterol myth and just agrees with me because she knows im right but is too scared to go against the grain.
    I don't want to be "right" tho like that because my husband has said that he thinks I just want people to know im right and when they get ill I can say "told you so, if you had done what I told you then you would be ok"
    my mother in law cant handle me as im far too opinionated for her and as she always thinks she is right then we have clashed so much over the years-----her other daughter in laws just do everything she says and she thinks they are wonderful-----yes they are all wonderful and getting sicker with their hashimotos, obesity, asthma, depression, raging pmt, irritable bowel, gastric issues----omg that is just my in laws------but its me and paul who don't live our lives properly---there must be something wrong with us because we would rather go up the forest all day instead of spending money on the latest gadget which will make us the happiest people on the planet
    sometimes you just need a good old rant about other people-----It just tells me I have a long long way to go because I still get irritated too easily by others.
    fitness@home...thats great he is building you the ct tank---men do have their uses after all..lol
    inger--I know some people are interested and I wish I could put myself in their position and see how I would react to this type of info
    anyway I am looking for some new recipes especially for fish as im a bit bored with my meals at the moment. I bought some red snapper and am in the process of finding something different to do with it, and I got some lovely organic ghee along with other goodies from the health shop.
  15. Jude

    Jude Gold

    LOL Louise funnies

    im no epi paleo keto ice bath maiden saint either....:D:D Great line Louise

    Oh Louise...you should take up writing short stories:) Had the best morning laugh in a long time...so thankyou. Soooo true...actually we're all long distant partners in crime ...really:)
    caroline likes this.
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I love reading your posts Louise!

    Dr. K.always tells us the only person you can help is yourself. I sometimes feel like we turn people off ..... A little too enthusiastic sometimes. ..., at least that is my experience.

    Do you know the website. ..... Nom Nom paleo? I really like her recipes.

    More and more I am preferring my seafood raw .... Not much work or cleanup!
  17. louise

    louise New Member

    I have had a crap winter.....it all went tits up since xmas and its stopping NOW TONIGHT........the class A drug use started again probly not long after the last post and certain carby snacks have crept in.......too complacent really and blasé when "high" as opiates make me eat BUT I miraculously didn't put much weight on and haven't returned to p.m.t hell so its not all BAD
    I suppose its the winter and that mitochondria thingy struggling.....do you think its that......or am I just a loser!!!!
    or is it the redox and poor choices????
    am going to get stuck in again .....its only a lil ol blip anyway...... and will post everyday
    my health issue is the addiction to opiate drugs and sugar or carb addiction but that's not so hard to break.....its the opiates, they are truly killing me slowly and im scared of them and really need to STOP as of now and I don't know where else to go guys ....
  18. rgp888

    rgp888 New Member

    Hi Louise - I am new here and still finding wonderful new posts to read - I just read every word in every post in your journal - brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart at the same time - you are very inspirational, with the ups and downs, your honesty, your sense of humour, and ability to keep going through the tough times. I don't know you, but that's how I see you - as someone who can overcome anything! I'm pretty sure we all experience "two steps forward, one step back" on this journey! Your strength in what you are dealing with and the journey you must take is very inspirational to me - makes anything and everything possible!

    Thank you for writing, and now I will follow your journal, because its a very empowering one!
    caroline likes this.
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Good morning from Oz Louise! I have missed you and your posts.

    Please use us to lean on if you need too...stand on our shoulders and we will help you be strong and fly!

    Of course - we have all been there in one way or another ...

    huge hugs to you xoxo
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    BTW - I know nothing about these drugs ....please clue me in....

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