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louise's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by louise, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. BTA

    BTA New Member


    What form is best? There's powder & liquid form. This helps to raise MSH? I wonder what the dose would be?
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Louise .... I am thinking about you....hope everything is okay..
  3. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I can't fathom people who don't go outside and who would rather sit on a computer than do anything else - I've been walking the beach for an hour a day and it's been marvelous - as it is currently over 90 degrees in So. Cal, it has also been life giving:)
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  4. louise

    louise New Member

    now its autumn do we only eat green or vlc veg with the protein amd fat?
    are sunglasses ok to wear in the evenings even with red light bulbs and flux on laptop??
    are ordinary lightbulbs a source of blu light or is it only gadgets that emit blulite???
    why don't we have to rise at dawn to reset circadian cycle??? I get up about 9ish and think its too late
    sorry for all the questions guys but u are all really helpful
  5. louise

    louise New Member

    I have been making baby steps like caroline said and im sure this is the right path to be on.
    I spend as much time outside as possible and have a suntan which is unheard of for me as this summer is the first time in years I am able to sit and not burn at all.
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  6. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    sounds great louise
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Good morning from Oz Louise! x
  8. louise

    louise New Member

    today its raining....... we have had amazing sun here in uk for ages and I am going to think about my grounding in the winter........it wont be as easy im sure........cant imagine lying around in fields when the wind is whistling around me
    cant imagine sticking my legs in cold lake either in the grey days to come
    its a good thing I started this in the summer and then perhaps the transition into winter will be ok
    trying to eat more fat but im not eating butter anymore as im sure its not doing me any good.......never been big on dairy anyway so cant think why the hell I have started piling butter on my food. probably because I found some raw French butter in waitrose
    trying to keep laptop use down to maybe 40-50 minutes daily......I have no other gadgets so no mobile, ipad etc
    that's difficult when I want to read other journals and forum info and do stuff like shopping etc online.....don't use social media sites as I hate the whole idea of them and all that valuable time wasted reading so much drivel..... my sons spend hours on facebook but then so do my friends ( god I need some new friends badly as mine are boring the crap out of me now.....im just not interested in the new series of x factor, big brother etc.!!!!!
    I searched for info re; kratom and decided not to try it as some opiate addicts had just substituted this for their usual drug of choice so I have been having some dried papaver tea instead and can happily say I have not consumed any nasty man made pharma opiates now for over 2 weeks...hurray!!!!
  9. Jude

    Jude Gold

    I need some new friends badly as mine are boring the crap out of me now.....im just not interested in the new series of x factor, big brother etc.!!!!!

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  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    well, I am your friend Louise.. and you have plenty of others on this forum too :) :) :)

    Yay for no opiates :)

    I lost any interest for movies or the like after starting Jacks road to heaven.... it is so weird but true! haha.. but I love it :) who needs movies? The real life is SO MUCH better and more exciting :) :) :)
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  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Louise - I love how you are thinking things thru .... I need to go to bed ...I will write more tomorrow.

    I need help with cake! xo
  12. louise

    louise New Member

    hi jude, inger and caroline
    this stuff is going round and round my brain and im in shock as to what I believed I was learning when I trained as a nurse. I worked in coronary care and remember talking about low fat diets ....... Im totally shocked to the core that doctors are prescribing statins and deliberately causing alzheimers and cancer.........I just cant believe what im reading!!!!!!!
    also I have noticed how ill everyone is and have been really nosy about my friends health. i know so many people who would faint if they read biologic concrete ----it would be describing them!!!!!
    if my partner did not want to come on this journey with me then i would leave him------even after 31 years together because i can see whats ahead if we don't change asap.
    ordinary paleo has helped us both a lot but we still eat grains and sugar occasionally ( much much less than beforeand i use coconut flour but really this is just kidding myself at the end of the day)
    i wear my rose sunglasses in evenings and have flux on p.c but usually use laptop in a.m
    i have always eaten lots fish, made chicken bone broth-----traditional welsh broth is called cawl and is bone stock, scrag mutton and veg......mmmm its lovely, i was raised on this.
    also we have brewed kombucha for over 10 yrs but had a break from it up until a few months ago when i discovered Weston price site.
    i spend much of my day outside either in garden or in wild with dh and dog
    the stuff which is not so good is my night owl tendencies.........tried really hard to be in bed by 11 but now again its slipped back to past midnight
    this is partly to do with dropping the pharma opiates and starting the poppy tea but that makes me sleep like a log until gone 9am.........i need to work on this
    oh yes and i have worked out what "oxy" means after seeing it in some journals and i get a fair ration of this most weeks......dh usua
    lly wants oxy when he wakes up so i reckon for 54yrs he not doing too bad lol

    action plan for next few weeks.......
    have my coil removed
    ask doc for the usual tests and make some stories up about my parents so i can have vit d and b12 tests
    dig out magazines that had a monthly article about emf dangers and reread these properly
    wifi needs to be changed back to wired.....we keep laptop off unless using it and that is never more than an hour or 2 per day......no one has smart fone or any gadget.....we quite old fashioned so i been told as we have no microwave either.....haha who is having last laugh now
    be more tolerant towards others.......this will take a bit of work tho !!!!!! but will at least once a day try not to think derogatory remarks of others just because they have a different opinion to me. i hate sometimes how intolerant i am and how others can irritate me too easily...its not them but its me who has the problem
    oh yes and the usual things i need to do like start the leptin rules PROPERLY
    drink lots ro water as i only manage about 1 and half litres daily altho do drink herbal teas and about half litre kombucha and water kefir
    sit outside when i get up even if it is later than 10am !!!!!
    stick legs in lake or river for 20mins as much as i can
    GO TO BED BEFORE 11PM EVERY NIGHT even if i cant sleep at least im in the dark
    sort out black out blinds
    these will all keep me busy and now i can refer back to this list and see how im doing
    today my weight is 147lbs
    waist 32
    hips 37
    only thing i notice that is a nuisance is my cheeks can be flushed most days but cannot pin point any other complaints----maybe when i stop the medicinal papaver tea i might notice stuff. hmmmm not looking forward to that..........
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi louise ..... you are doing so well .... keep it up! Rome wasn't built in a day! xoxo
  14. louise

    louise New Member

    today may be the last day of sunshine so I have been outdoors all morning and now off with my dog up the forest to stick my legs in the lake and read some study guides...I have all 2011 printed off and am so excited ......its amazing to have a new passion in life for something......I look forward to every day now which has been a feeling that has been sorely missing in my life for such a long time.
    I had some raw salmon yesterday and it was fine----have some frozen fillet steak defrosting now which I may slice a little bit and try raw.
    what is difference between mct oil and coconut oil but more specifically the brain octane????????
    I haven't been doing so well with early bedtime and im gonna work on that this week
    also I need to structure my journal better as it seems "bitty" and neither here nor there at the moment.
    I prefer the old fashioned method of pen and book.......no nasty emf with this either
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  15. Inger

    Inger Silver

    My life increased in passion from the first day I found Jack, Louise............ and not just little......

    I eat frozen thawed raw wild salmon once in a while and it is just fine.. very cheap here :) I cannot get fresh wildcaught.. that is why. Sure fresh would taste even better :)
  16. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Think the ""old""night owls do have a hard time adjusting to early nights......certainly a problem in the summer mths down under..:rolleyes: but also in winter.
    I reread 2011 in one night here last week!....not a good bedtime start there;)...but these blogs are short and great ..really enjoyed the revision...happy reading.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Good morning from Oz Louise .... you are quite a remarkable woman ...
  18. louise

    louise New Member

    im off to buy some fish

    ihave realised im not eating anywhere near enough

    I feed my dog better than I feed myself and family as he has raw oily fish everyday and he is full of beans........now I know why, lucky old dog eh !!!! I have fed him this as its cheaper than meat little knowing the benefit to him

    I have a bit of a stuffy head now as have been on this forum reading stuff for over an hour.......I would not have noticed before or maybe not made the connection of the emf and my stuffed up head

    the sun has come out so im off to shop and then down by the river to eat my fish......yum

    oh yes and im trying my hardest to just have green veg as my only carbs as nasty stuff has been creeping into my diet (dark choc) and it screws my sleep -----but I just do not learn by my mistakes and keep bloody eating it.......it frustrates me as to why I would keep doing this

    im still drinking papaver tea everyday......not sure why im doing this either.......need to have a serious talk with myself
    I thought this may happen which is why I never bought the kratom-----dr k said that opiate addicts had to be careful with it...... I need more dha, more wifi free forest and lake and more early nights.........don't forget this
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  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Good morning Louise......keep thinking thru things like you are ... just fantastic! xo
  20. louise

    louise New Member

    have realised I cant afford a magnetico for quite a while ( I don't work and we live fairly frugally which suits us) so I was wondering if you can just place magnets under your bed???????
    I expect that question may raise a few laughs ..........
    I don't want to be going all out on the sun, grounding, dha food , r/o, and missing the most important part of the 3 legs-----grounding on a wet cold day is difficult but doable I suppose

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