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louise's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by louise, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Good morning!
  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I think the ECT was a typo. Should be ETC, electron transport chain. Movement of electrons over the mitochondria's inner membrane. Alteration of the ETC would be bad.
  3. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Welcome Louise. This community is great and I am sure that you will find the help that you are seeking here and be able to help others as well.
  4. louise

    louise New Member

    hello ,
    here are some of the things I was beginning to feel up until last summer---------
    overweight by at least 40lbs
    bad case of athletes foot- would scratch until they bled
    slightly dodgy knee
    long lost libido
    stiff lower back in morning
    itchy sensation all over me sometimes
    red flush on face
    nasty miserable mood most of the time unless "high"
    stay up til 2am and not want to get up til 11am when not in work
    thinning hair
    feet and hands so cold people remarked on them
    crazy carb cravings mostly for sweet stuff
    strange electric shock sensation when touching metal stuff-this could make me jump it was horrible
    not wanting to walk my dog and feeling like my legs were really heavy and tired
    taking ages to get going in morning (never drank coffee tho)
    swollen ankles before time of month ( this only happened once and was the final straw which made me look for answers to why I felt so bad
    tender breasts also
    poor sleep unless stoned
    craving opiates to feel energised and healthy again.
    I was really angry as I had stayed drug free for over 8yrs and now it was a big problem again. It was hard to tell if some of my problems were from opiate use or just me getting old.
    Last spring I decided to join weightwatchers as a last resort as I felt my excess 3stone was the main problem
    I couldn't do the diet so as a last resort again I read the atkins book.
    Thank goodness I did as it explained about inflammation.
    This was news to me. So I did some research and found marks daily apple.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sounds like you have a serious low alpha MSH. This tells me a lot. It explains the opiate issues you mentioned as well too. This directly ties to the CT 6 blog post when I discussed the Ancient pathway. It is the melanocortin pathway in the brain. It requires a metabolic trap door to enter it. That door is eNOS due to cold weather exposure. One can get in it with some plant alkaloids found in SE asia that act on mu and delta receptors. You have to be careful with it when you have opiate issues. Most people who smoke weed and who are fat seem to do well with the plant extract. The plant is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitragyna_speciosa

    CT would help you tremendously raising Sympathetic Nervous System function to change white fat to brain fat and alpha MSH. This will also increase pigmentation in spots so be aware of this. There is a supplement called "kratom" that can help some people with this issue you have as well. The plant contains numerous alkaloids, most interesting of which are a family of compounds which are mu and delta opiate receptor agonists. Kratom comes from mitragyna leafs.
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  6. louise

    louise New Member

    ishwhoa there dr k , that's very interesting stuff. I had a huge hit off plain old paleo. I feel it from the grain and dairy free. I dropped approx. 30 lbs within a few months and had a complete personality change. DH kept asking me what new drugs I had discovered because he hadn't seen me so energetic and happy for years!!!!
    I was afraid you might say CT for me as I have been a big baby over this the last few months. URGHHHH its horrible and I absolutely HATE it. Altho I must admit the after effects are pretty cool as I felt energy rushing thru my body and had some euphoria also. I will have to be very disciplined if I am going to do this.
    The list of symptoms I wrote above have mostly gone;
    about 10-12 lbs overweight now but im not sure what you consider too big- I am 5'4 and 143lbs . My waist has shrunk considerably but still large at 30" and hips 36". I feel great with this for now as I had been so big for so many years. Maybe my dopamine levels are not too bad as I cant stop looking in mirror sometimes.
    I still have a red flush on my cheeks which I have to hide with make up. It doent look like rosacea at all as my skin is smooth but there are spider veins that flush.
    My cycle is 28 days and no pmt either
    I have been doing epi paleo now for few weeks, leptin reset and really trying hard to keep circadian rhythms good. Since wearing blockers and f.lux my sleep improved but ONLY if I keep carbs really low during the day. Bed by 10.30pm but have to meditate before I can fall asleep and some nights I can sleep thru to 6 or 7am. These days are my best ever as I feel like 20 again.
    However I am still taking a really small amount opiate which I will be writing about here because it needs to be kicked out of my life.
    Igave up weed over 10 years ago after a truly scary hash cake incident. Thought I was losing my mind and it was never the same after so it just sort of faded out.
    I imagine that the opiates will just fade out aswell because im not sure how much they are physically needed anymore. So i guess CT is my only salvation.
    Iknow i will get lots of support here tho.
  7. louise

    louise New Member

    my dad had sudden onset type 1 diabetes at 65yrs, and colon cancer at 70yrs. he is 86 now and still fairly active but has omeprazole as well as his insulin x4 daily.
    My mam is 86yrs and still gardening, cooking etc and been on anti hypertensives for about 30yrs. they eat mostly carbs and always have. I was fed typical british diet growing up but was lucky to have butter and lard back in the 1960s and good meat but no fish really as my mother didn't like the smell in the house !!!!!!
  8. nicld

    nicld Gold

    CT ROCKS!!!! Just suck it up and do it but go at a pace that you can handle but still leaves you a bit uncomfortable. Nothing wrong with being a little comfortable in an effort to get better.
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Just saying "hi" .. How are you doing?

    Dr. K. Always tells us to get cold, dark and boring!
    And being uncomfortable is good!
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  10. louise

    louise New Member

    thank you nicld, I will try the slower approach this time . Too much too soon put me off last year and I gave up.
    thanks caroline, I like the sound of dark and boring but the cold will definitely make me more than a little uncomfortable.
    I was wondering how much r/o water should I be drinking and do herbal teas made with r/o count aswell?
    I have many questions but some of them seem a bit simple and I should be trying to find the answer myself I suppose......
  11. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I think that Jack has said that any CT is better then NO CT. Start with face dunks or cold washcloths on the face or spot CT then work the way up.

    I started last summer due to the feet getting so hot and then by winter I was taking 2 baths a day on the weekends with the second usually getting below 40F (lot of snow in the tub).

    Good luck
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Dr. K. has always told us ...there are no stupid questions! we all have been there ...believe me! There is a great thread that Dr. kruse started on Newbies ...have you seen it?

    baby steps ..... Rome wasn't built in a day......

    do you listen to Jack's podcasts? they are a great way to get a lot of info in a faster and easier manner.

    Please listen to the one with Cyndi O'Meara and his latest one with Ines from Budapest.

    How are you going today?
  13. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I agree. Face dunks are the easiest to do, and they still benefit you.
  14. louise

    louise New Member

    well I took it on board about any CT being better than none. I managed 10mins with my legs dangling in the lake I can walk to from my house. I guess that this slow approach may be better for me regarding CT.
    Honestly tho its not such a chore if I only look at it from a different angle....... why should I be grumpy about having to spend time in the forest with myself in the lake. I am extremely lucky that I don't work and can spend my days pleasing myself.
    we live in the welsh hills on the other side of the Usk valley and its incredibly beautiful.
    our cottage has large garden front and back with great view and best of all there is a large pine forest right behind us. We moved here from city only 4 yrs ago and I was made redundant from my job 2 yrs ago which now I am so happy about.
    In this forest I took my mobile the other day and checked the mobile signal and YIPPEE there was NONE. I have only just started on the emf stuff as I have tried to ignore it until I finally felt ready to confront stuff I am probably gonna feel pretty scared by.
    So without knowing I have been enjoying a wifi free leisure time ( I hardly ever take my mobile out with me) lazing around up the forest with my dh and gorgeous black retriever . Shadow is 10yrs old and comes everywhere with me.
    This lake might be ok to CT in but I may look for a bit more secluded stream type place. For now anyway my legs will be getting a daily CT and it was very cold so my legs felt really tingly and warm all the way home last night.
    The sun has just come out so now I am off to potter about my garden doing some jobs and probably laze around the forest later after my supper ( I eat at 10ish most mornings and 5ish in the afternoon only)
    I drink about 2litres RO water with herbal teas daily aswell. is that enough for now????
  15. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Louise this is GREAT!!! CT out in nature, in a natural body of water, some sunshine, pine trees, low EMF, with a grounded dog...
    Sounds like heaven.
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  16. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Good for you. I did have to buy a pair of scuba slippers for my feet since they used to get so cold. It makes being in cold water more bearable and walking afterwards not as painful.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Louise - that is so amazing where you live! just simply wonderful! make sure you have on as little clothes as possible when outside .... can you go naked?

    Have you read the leptin reset?

    you need to have a BAB within 30 minutes of rising ..... also go outside and look at the sun as soon as you get up.

    this is all about resetting the rolex in your brain ....

    Good morning!

    can you give us some pictures of this little slice of heaven? this is such a healing place for you .... now you just need to work on the details!
  18. louise

    louise New Member

    the scuba slippers sound good Nicole. It is very difficult to walk in the rivers around here and im scared of falling over and bashing my head. Also my dog thinks its some sort of new game and has been a bit over excited .
    im not sure about naked tho..... I think I might get arrested !!!!! hmmm I am up for any adventure so im not saying no to that yet!!!!
    caroline I will come back on here tmrw and list what I do most days and then I can see what else needs doing.
    I am trying to read some journals as there would be lots of tips
    what was the guest blog you wrote????
    is it essential that we rise at dawn??????? this is a biggie for me as I like to stay in bed til 8am but if its no good for my circadian rhythm then I will get up earlier.
  19. nicld

    nicld Gold

  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    No - you don't have to rise at dawn! The idea is to reset your internal clock. Please read the leptin Rx again to nail all the details ...and tell us your day...

    this is what your day should look like ....

    upon rising ...go outside and look at the sun ....little clothes on if possible

    Eat your BAB within 30 minutes of rising .... leave at least 4 hours between meals and before bed and absolutely no snacking

    drinks lots and lots of bottled spring water

    get as much grounding as possible

    control non native EMF and blue lite

    This really isn't about the food .... it is about resetting your internal clock

    Eat as much seafood as possible!

    This is all about the three legged stool ...... sun, water, magnetism

    Good morning from Oz!

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