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Loud speaker vs headphones

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Ben1983, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Ben1983

    Ben1983 New Member

    How much better is it to use headphones vs having the phone upto our ears when on a phone call? Also, how much better is loudspeaker vs headphones when on a phone call or listening to a webinar?
  2. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    I understand that using an earphone on a mobile phone is not actually a good idea. The way to go is to switch the phone to speakerphone. IIRC, this is what Devra Davis, pretty much the expert in this area, tells Sean Croxton in this interesting if alarming podcast:


    She certainly tells him not to carry his mobile in his trouser pocket while it's switched on, as he was doing, if he doesn't want to impact his chances of fatherhood. The advice is actually never to allow a cellphone that is switched on to touch your body. If you don't have a job where you're on-call or something, it's probably best simply to switch it off when you're carrying it, although in a backpack or a woman's handbag is better than in a pocket next to your gonads. Unfortunately, millions of people are doing the latter -- thanks, basically, to corporate greed. (I mean by this: the dangers of these devices are played down for reasons of gain, and they shouldn't be: it's playing with people's lives.) When you've got where you're going, it's best (if you need the phone on) to put it on a table away from you.

    As for landlines, use a hard-wired phone for preference. In fact, if you've got a rechargeable cordless phone, it's honestly probably best to get rid of it and replace it with a cheap wired handset. Cordless telephones are far worse than mobile phones for EMF, since they apparently talk to the base-station pretty much continuously.

    I've no idea whether using headphones/earphones for listening to music -- say from a hifi or an iPod -- is an issue. I suppose there must be an electro-magnetic field -- there are magnets in there, of course -- but it might not be a significant one. I hope not, since I do find listening to podcasts on an iPod Touch fun. Perhaps it would be better when using any electrical equipment to have your feet on a grounding mat.
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think if you are going to use a phone it should be on speaker. I am actually talking to engineers now to see if we can start up a company to reengineer manufactured phones with new antenna's and have them still work.
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  4. Andrea

    Andrea What is NOT on the menu?

    If, for some reason, the loudspeaker isn't an option, there are cordless headsets out there, transferring the sound from your phone with air tubes. This way you don't have an antenna wire going from your phone right into your ears.
    The example above is completely metal free from where the air tubes start (except for tiny magnets to hold the earphones together when you don't have them in your ears, which I suppose can be removed).
  5. av8r

    av8r New Member

    I’m curious what you’re working on Dr.K... Cell phones currently use a broadband fractal antenna design. I have an extensive RF background which I have now come to realize is the foundation of my health issues.
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  6. margor_j

    margor_j New Member

    oh i thought hands-free headsets (wired) were not so bad - iv heard interviews with emf people to.. mind you, i dont often talk on mine, and am known for ignoring it when it rings - its why god made text messaging, right? lol (and email)
  7. Phil Escott

    Phil Escott New Member

    I have become completely addicted to the amazing free Buddha at the Gas Pump podcasts on iTunes (highly recommended!) and I've got about another 150 of the 200 to get through, but got hit by a paranoia… Is it ok to listen to them on an iPhone with ordinary earpieces as long as it's on airplane mode? I spend so much time listening to them it's never even switched on any more, so everyone complains they can't phone me, but am I frying myself anyway? :)
  8. Phil Escott

    Phil Escott New Member

    Just found a reply to that on another thread... sorry. Apparently it's horrible, eh, Jack? Boo! :)

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