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Loss of Smell/Taste, Mucus daily, Breathing issues/Cholesterol/Dark circles

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Dawn Yaeger, Jan 5, 2023.

  1. Dawn Yaeger

    Dawn Yaeger Silver

    I am a new member. My name is Dawn. I love the rising sun!
    When I was in third grade I begged my Dad to stop smoking. He listened. I must have been very sensitive to the smoke. I grew up riding bikes, going camping, laying in the sun...until I began court reporting school. I began having allergies at 18, saw an ENT, began allergy and steroid injections just to function in a corporate world. This helped for a while, but I did not want to continue them so I stopped. I was in a very stressful career of being a court reporter and needing to take down every word without recording (thank God we have evolved today and do record), but I did not attribute any of my health issues to the job. Oh, I was naive. In 2002 when purchasing a new home, finding new schools for three kids, and a new church (lots of big decisions), I had a few panic attacks after having primed my walls for painting. I had never had one before. I was always sensitive to perfumes, exhaust, gasoline so I attributed the panic attacks to these factors. After years of suffering with daily sneezing, itchy eyes, dark circles under eyes, tinnitus, etc., upon waking and fast forwarding several years and three children in high school, on or about 2012 I decided to start juicing to help with the allergies and cut out a lot of sugar. Juicing seemed to help but did not cure. In 2010 when doing a spin class I could not keep up with the elderly people on the bikes because I was out of breath. My body could have taken it, but my breath could not. In approximately 2012 while on a phone call, I opened the chlorine bucket to put a couple of tablets in the pool and inhaled the chlorine. I could feel the burn all the way down. My health was downhill at that point. I had been on a journey and working with an herbalist friend of mine and naturopath and went to a Photon sauna periodically, but nothing seemed to help. I was wheezing and coughing terribly but determined to get to the root of my problem. My husband's patience was wearing. Lost sense of smell and taste. In 2015 I had a sinus surgery to remove polyps. This did not help. Only time smell would return was when I was on the steroids. This was not going to happen on a regular basis. Afterwards I went to an allergist and began getting injections for dust mites. My husband was distraught at how I sounded daily and wanted me better. I wanted me better but not at the expense of big pharma. I was being patient in my journey to get to the root of the problem, but I probably would have felt the same way if I was watching him go through what I was going through. He was mainly getting concerned about my lungs. He is still concerned about my lungs. While about to start my maintenance dose, I received the injection and broke out into an anaphylactic reaction. I immediately texted my husband and tried to stay calm, received two Benadryl injections, two breathing treatments, and two Epi pens. My blood pressure dropped substantially. Can you guess? Yes, that was the last day I took an allergy injection. Best part is I went to a Tulane physician for a second opinion. He wanted to put me in the hospital to be monitored while they got me back up to my maintenance dose!
    I finally saw a pulmonologist for a couple of years around 2018. I stopped going to him because I did not feel any better or worse, and he had no answers for me. Unfortunately, I had to begin to use a steroid inhaler (Symbicort) and still use it today, mostly at night, one puff as needed due to wheezing. This is the only medication I am currently on but want to get off of it. You understand! That means I want to feel better!
    May 2019 - started rebounding (not regularly).
    October 2021 - started Buteyko breathing exercises. Improved since then. Mouth taping helps me to keep my mouth shut at night. Found out about Buteyko from your forum.
    December 2020 - got covid. Got prescriptions for Ivermectin. Took Vitamin C, D, zinc, NAC, anti-inflammatories daily. Had a low grade fever for 10 days and a stomachache (not sure if from Ivermectin), but best part is my smell/taste came back during that time. It was shortlived. Currently, I do not have smell/taste.
    Discovered Dr. Jack Kruse early 2020. Also bought a pair of day lenses and night lenses from RA Optics. I wear them faithfully in front of screens and at night.
    I even purchased a Kiniki swimsuit:)
    Over the last several years my total cholesterol has increased. In June 2022 it was 285.
    Triglycerides - 86, HDL - 94, VLDL - 14, LDL - 177. My husband is concerned about my numbers.
    I get mammograms but do not want to get them. My husband does ultrasounds and thinks this is the best method.
    I work out lightly a few times a week whether it be walking or rebounding or a stretching class with planks.
    Been seeing a chiropractor periodically over the last several years. I take liquid magnesium nightly and Omegas daily. Sleep has gotten better especially recently. I also use sleep herbs and magnesium under my feet at night which helps.
    For about a year I had been trying a plant-based diet until about a couple months ago when I started focusing more on paleo. I wake up daily with an excessive amount of mucus. Some days are better than others but always mucus daily. I still have dark circles under my eyes. Finally seeing the light as I am sitting in the sun more and finished reading Epi-Paleo RX and know it is time to really get serious with my health. For the most part, if you look at me, I appear healthy. But I know something is missing. I can walk in the neighborhood but not jog. I cannot exert myself too much or will be out of breath.
    My neighbor read your book and ordered her own blood work. I can do the same but am wondering if you have specific bloodwork you prefer for me. Please advise. I am willing to meet you at the farm in Destin or over Zoom. I need guidance from one doctor for my whole body and would love that doctor to be you, Dr. Jack!
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Welcome. Please put up a human pic of yourself and then I'll reopen the thread.
    Dawn Yaeger likes this.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    That 285 TG is a real problem. It could be diet but I'd bet with your story here it has a lot more to do with a bad charge density in your environment. I cover a lot of this in the recent patreon blogs.
  5. Dawn Yaeger

    Dawn Yaeger Silver

    Thank you. I will try to search. In the meantime, I need to get bloodwork. Would you just recommend everything in your book? Is it possible to set up a consult thereafter?
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I do not think you need all of that. I think more than labs you need a work up. A consult might be better. I may offer thirty min consults for 2023.
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think hiring a building biologist and nnEMF engineer is wiser before you lab yourself up.
  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Since your birth,
    in how many different places you have been living for more than 3 months.
    Post them here, with the comment on how they affected you, in good way or bad way.



  9. Dawn Yaeger

    Dawn Yaeger Silver

    I would love to do a 30-minute consult.
    If you have a recommendation in your old neck of the woods (Madisonville, LA) for a building biologist, let me know. If not, I can ask my naturopathic doc (unless you're willing to do that consult:)
    Born and raised in the suburbs of New Orleans. For the last 20 years I live north of New Orleans on a one-acre lot amongst lots of trees.
    Thinking back on it, I am trying to figure out if more of my problems have occurred during times when I am having to work on computers. Although I do own my own business, I am working in a room with two computers and two printers but am mobile throughout the house at times. Periodically I go sit outside in the sun in between, which I believe is helping me tremendously. I just love basking in the sun! I do wear my RA Optics glasses when in front of devices, but feel I do need a house consult. I've been questioning myself about this for a while now. By the way, I have done one thermogram to date.

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