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Looking for Illustration of Arginine Pathways

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by persistence, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Melanie Procter

    Melanie Procter New Member

    Have you done a 23 and Me test to learn about your methylation?
  2. persistence

    persistence New Member

    I have the kit but keep postponing it.

    I am heterozygous for the 677T (from memory so that is probably wrong gene) which indicates I am a slow methylator. I take about 1 gram of TMG a day hoping to address that.

    When I do a 2.5 gm Methionine challenge, I do develop very high Homocysteine four hours later. Without dietary stimulus, my homocysteine hangs around 8. After large methionine challenge, that goes to 16.

    Which snips do you think need to be examined in detail (because I guess you can get lost in this there is so much information)? Is there a practitioner that you like best for analyzing the data? If you have a name you want to share privately you could send message through system.
  3. Melanie Procter

    Melanie Procter New Member

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  4. smartee

    smartee New Member

    hi persi, how much ala do you take daily? ala is great for keeping the body lean.
    Back in 2003, someone on an internet thread shareed his experience with the anarchy stack which consists of alcar, ala , egcg and cla, but you can get results only with the combo ala/alcar or simple ala (the best being Na-rala , correct me if i am wrong but this form of ala is not widely avalaible online than simple ala ) & indeed, it is used in alternative medicine as chelation therapy.
  5. persistence

    persistence New Member

    I am still mercury toxic at this point, so taking ALA would be extremely dangerous. Anyone still having dental mercury amalgams and taking ALA may be moving mercury into their brain, because ALA is a heavy metal chelator that has the unusual property of being able to pass through the blood brain barrier. I started having my health crisis around Dec 2013 / Jan 2014, and that was approximately one month after starting high dose ALA. It wasn't until summer 2014 that I finally got in labs that showed mercury above 95% percentile in blood, urine, and hair, and then I connected dots and realized the symptoms came on after my experiments with ALA. I stopped the ALA cold around that time and started to investigate protocols for mercury removal. It's a very tricky business. I'm still extremely sick, but I have at least stopped the most acute part of the crisis. Prior to June I literally woke each day feeling like I was going to be dead within a week. I had a combination of cardiac abnormalities, extreme dehydration, abnormal breathing, auditory disturbances, visual disturbances, energy collapse, and brain fog that seemed like end of the world.

    In Dr Andrew Cutler's chelation protocol, after about three months of clearing mercury from the blood and superficial tissues, then you begin an ALA chelation protocol. But he use ultra-low doses every three hours, to maintain a constant level of chelator for three straight days. Otherwise what happens is that each dose of ALA will mobilize the mercury without guaranteeing any trip out of the body. The mercury resettles as the ALA levels wear off, and you get more symptoms.

    I know Jack doesn't believe in mercury toxicity, or at least he feels if your systems are working well you are disposing of a non-acute load. But there is tremendous individual variability in these things. I am a slow methylator, and maybe I am just less tolerant to mercury in general. I also appear to have a lead toxicity (less pronounced than mercury), and lead and mercury have an interesting synergy together. In the research literature, when they give 5% of lethal dose of mercury and 5% of a lethal dose of lead together to mice, they die.
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Serving Size 4 capsules Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ® 120 capsules, Item# 01768 (lef.org)
    Servings Per Container 30
    Amount Per Serving
    Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal 5’-phosphate) 100 mg
    Calcium (as calcium carbonate) 230 mg
    Sodium 25 mg
    Carnosine 1000 mg
    ArginoCarn® Acetyl-L-carnitine arginate dihydrochloride 675 mg
    Benfotiamine 150 mg
    R-Lipoic Acid (as microencapsulated Bio-Enhanced® stabilized Na-RALA sodium R-lipoate) 150 mg
    BioPQQ® Pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt 10 mg
    Luteolin [from orange extract (fruit)] 8 mg
  7. persistence

    persistence New Member

    I am taking all of those except for lipoic acid and luteolin. The lipoic acid I do not take because it chelates heavy metals into the brain, if they are present in blood. The Luteolin I have no idea what that is or why I would want to take it.

    Not clear what your post was meant to convey....
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2014
  8. persistence

    persistence New Member

    What kinds of home tests would you like to know about? I think Metametrix ION Profile is an amazing test. Good luck finding any homeopath willing to actually read it all and make sense of it. But there is enough information in that one test to keep you occupied for six months. The GI Effects test is really great for gut issues. For mercury toxicity, nothing even comes close to the Quicksilver Mercury Tri-Test. There are probably 10 other tests I have had so far that gave me interesting data relevant to my case. I could go on for pages....

    If you could point us to a URL with your cliffs notes, that would be wonderful. And in fact I would pay money for someone who would distill Jack's blogs into a cliffs notes version. I just don't have time to read Jack's blogs, because so much of it is pure theory and idea generation, and it's right at the edge of my understanding. It is not the low hanging fruit.
  9. persistence

    persistence New Member

    So, just letting you know my current calibration points. I am finding that three cups of shredded celery in the morning (quite a lot of food) gets my nitric oxide levels to target ranges within a few hours, and it stays there about three to four hours. One cup did not have much impact. Two cups left me short of target range but measurable improvement was seen there.

    I'm mixing the celery in coconut cream and then mixing in hot mexican chili powders to flavor. It's not worse than eating a breakfast cereal, and to be honest it just makes you feel very good within 15 minutes of starting to eat it, and there is no crash from that feeling. I can only guess that the gut would be loving all of that indigestible fiber as well.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2014
  10. Melanie Procter

    Melanie Procter New Member

    I will just paste my notes here. I want to reiterate they are just personal notes I took as if I was in a college class. They are not meant for publication as I wouldn't want to misquote Jack. I also may have mistakes in my notes that should be accounted for. However, I am a very methodical note taker. With that caveat, I will paste the notes I have on the Mitochondria RX webinar and the Mitochondria RX blog. I also may have added a comment or two based on my own findings outside of this website. I did make a comment on aspartic acid and tryptophan, but it was not from Jack. I welcome anyone to correct any mistakes I have made or comment on additional notes I could add. So, here are my cliff notes. Hopefully, they will take a life of there on here and people will contribute.


    1. Apply Body Electric Protocol: Sunshine, Walking Barefoot, a raw/marine based low carb diet, high intensity interval training, yoga, and ice bathing.

    2. Perfect Day of Eating (low carb/marine sourced food diet).

    3. Rebuild the gut flora to be diverse in species and numbers. Take probiotics and follow a good gut building protocol.


    4. Improve your supply of oxygen such being in nature, especially pine forests. Oxygenate your blood i.e. Blood Building Protocol

    5. Reduce your exposure to EMF


    6. Ice bathing and even spot ice therapy with ice packs, bags of ice or ice fasts

    7. You can increase electron flow to a body part wearing an ice vest and sitting in a hot bath (fournier effect).


    8. Wear grounding shoes!

    9. Strong magnetic field under body as much as possible. Sit on ground or get Magnetico Sleep pad.

    10. Walk or sit on ground before bed at night.

    11. Camp on a regular basis to improve health.


    12. Improve your body’s ability to hold energy by far infrared therapy or being in the sunset or sunrise.

    13. Ozone treatments or TENS units improve body’s ability to hold energy.

    14. Transcranial magnetic stimulation or neurofeedback.

    Body Work and Collagen Protection

    15. Acupuncture, massage and rolfing improve tissues’ ability to hold energy.

    16. Improve collagen conductivity 1. reducing exposure to electronics 2. Eating foods high in copper, zinc, iron, iodine*



    grape leaves




    small seeds: sesame, pumpkin, cashew,flax


    Mind and Body

    16. Sexual activity. Face to face relations put you in an ideal situation to benefit from the magnetic field that comes from your partner’s heart.

    17. Meditation improves flow of electrons.

    18. Yoga, hot yoga and especially, acro yoga, helps tighten your collagen improving your ability to hold and flow energy.


    19. Use of compression shirts, socks, or gear to make you more energy efficient and clothes with magnet or far infrared fabric.

    Foods and Supplements

    20. Keep your blood sugar levels as low as possible by eating a low carb diet.

    21. Three plate fulls of leafy greens a day (a la Terry Wahls)

    22. organ meats or co Q 10/ ubiquinol

    23. PQQ

    23. Ketotic Diet to increase NAD to replace mitochondria.

    24. Acetyl l-carnitine 600 mg 4 times a day, delivers energy from food into mitochondria membrane, reduces pain after exercise, greatly improves athletic performance, aids in detoxification-high in lamb, pork, and seafood

    25. taurine

    25. D Ribose

    26. Magnesium

    27. Arginine

    29. Intermittent fasting

    30. B complex

    21. Tryptophan and aspartic acid (high in spirulina)
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  11. Melanie Procter

    Melanie Procter New Member

    If this is helpful at all, I have similar notes on improving Redox potential.
  12. persistence

    persistence New Member

    Can I suggest that you take that post with the summary and make that a new thread? You would get much more feedback from people if the subject of the thread was something like "Summary of Jack's Mitochondrial RX Blog". Include a URL back to the full blog at top.

    Do you happen to know if Jack tries to avoid other forms of Carnitine besides Acetyl-L-Carnitine? I have wanted to mix in L-Carnitine in the form of L-Carnitine Fumarate.
  13. Melanie Procter

    Melanie Procter New Member

    This is an amazing suggestion and an amazing question. I have wondered the same. I will follow your suggestion when I get back today. This will be fun having people chime in on the summary notes. I have a lot of personal notes like this that I have been taking since I have joined the forum. If people want to play with them, I can release one per week so we can all contribute. I hope it is OK with Jack.
  14. persistence

    persistence New Member

    What I would do over time is incorporate the feedback you get back into the original post, so it becomes a real reference.

    Jack should hire you to do all of his blogs that way. And what would extremely cool would be to have links after each bullet point that then take you into exactly the part of a podcast that discusses that point.
  15. Evgeni

    Evgeni New Member

    Hi @Melanie Procter did you posted those notes somewhere ?
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Persistence = persistently wearing sunglasses. Epic fail hence the results.
    The mind atrophies with sunglasses, like the muscles, because the eye can not use sunlight as it is designed to be used
  17. Sujoe123

    Sujoe123 New Member

  18. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray New Member

    Do you think Nitric Oxide Dump exercises would increase or deplete Nitric Oxide levels?
  19. persistence

    persistence New Member

    I do not know the science behind this. Do you have any studies you could link?

    The concept of doing a few short bursts of activity during the day, to force release of nitric oxide, seems like a fantastic idea. But I want to read the research.
  20. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray New Member

    Hi persistence,
    I have No NO science studies to link you to. (
    no pun intended, but No NO did make me laugh and laughter works good like a medicine!)

    This is the NO dump 4 min workout that works big muscle groups. It is the one do up to 3x a day usually at 10 am 2 pm and 4pm. It is easy and makes me feel good. Exercise demo and NO briefly explained in this You Tube

    If and when you find the research that backs this up please let me know.

    Thanks, Martha Ray


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