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Light vs Food

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Jackie Nelson, Jan 23, 2023.

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  1. Jackie Nelson

    Jackie Nelson New Member

    There is no question that the light issue is HUGE and all of Dr. Kruse's suggestions have made a big positive
    difference to my health. BUT my carb addiction remained and my cravings for junk food remained, after more
    than two years of living by natural light, grounding, and playing the sphinx almost every morning. And limiting EMF's
    and using blue blockers.

    The thing that pushed my health to a new level was - "STOP STIMULATING YOUR PALLETTE." Some of us just can't
    tolerate the excito toxins in sweet foods, toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, stevia and even fruit ... we just can't handle
    the brain pleasure hit, without CRAVING MORE. So, it is not one against the other for light vs food ... so many things matter.

    I am now at peace, after more than 60 years of trying to figure this out. I am FINALLY free of a powerful addiction that I've had all my life. In the end, it was my willingness to listen to so many and to experiment for myself and come to my own conclusions. I am deeply thankful to Dr. Jack Kruse, and to everyone who has helped.
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It is the only issue and you still need to go further in your understanding. Too much of your 60 years have been spent on food because of your healthcare training. I see it in every one of your posts.

    Enzymes speed up chemical reactions in organisms by a factor of 10^10 to 10^23, but they cannot do it without water. Most people do not realize that a lack of water or dehydration ruins enzyme kinetics in cells. That water is made in your mitochondria where all those enzymes of the metabolic pathways exist. They also fail to realize that the mitochondrial matrix creates a special "type of water" that works ideally with enzymes. The water is created by sunlight. Sunlight has a specific prescription to make the right type of water. Most other EMFs outside the visible spectrum do not allow mitochondria to create water, in fact, they stop water production and dehydrate cells.

    Sunlight controls the major metabolic pathways in all living substrates. Light controls metabolism, not food.

    Modern science now reports that the entire activity of the enzymatic machinery of the TCA cycle is known to be regulated by Sirtuin3 (SIRT3)-mediated de-acetylation (Yu et al., 2012), What centralized healthcare misses is that system is under circadian control as reported by Peek et al., 2013. This means that when we study metabolism light-mediated controls have to be included in the methodology. If it is not controlled for your study is WORTHLESS.

    Poor sunlight, darkness, and geoengineering will have a major effect on cellular hypoxia. Cell hypoxia is controlled by the hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF-1). Do you know the link of HIF 1 to the sun? Light- and oxygen-sensing pathways are linked on a cellular level in all mammals (Gu et al., 2000, Hogenesch et al.,1998, McIntosh et al., 2010). Hypoxia-inducible factor 1⍺ (HIF1A), is an evolutionarily conserved transcription factor enabling cellular adaptation to low oxygen availability (Semenza, 2011). Here is the kicker: It belongs to the same protein family as the light-inducible circadian core protein Period 2 (PER2)
    (Liu et al., 2012).

    What have my recent Patreon blogs said about periodicity and the flow of entropy?

    Biological clocks are built as flow meters for entropy inside cells.

    When you're a mitochondriac you must begin to investigate whether hypoxia- and HIF1A-PER2-dependent pathways would regulate SIRT3 expression to show why light trumps food in the controlling flux of the TCA cycle. When you do your due diligence you find out HMEC-1 transcriptional or translational analyses with a PER2 or HIF1AKD revealed PER2-HIF1A-dependent regulation of SIRT3 does occur in all mammals under hypoxic conditions. Then you should remember when mammals took over the world 65 million years ago when light from the sun was blocked. You are here today on this forum reading this because for every eutherian mammal light trumps food.

    Eutherian mammals exploded after the last global hypoxic event which was the KT event. The KT event interrupted photosynthesis and it decreased oxygen production as a result. Dinosaurs died out when photosynthesis was disrupted because sunlight went dark and things got really cold for an extended period of time.

    Mammals survived this hypoxia event because they have a system built into their mitochondrial capacity that favored the thermodynamics of the KT event. LIGHT TRUMPS FOOD and the last extinction event is proof of this idea.


    Biological clocks are built as flow meters for entropy inside cells. Potassium orders water molecules by hydrogen bonding network cooperation. Entropy is a measure of the disorder or chaos in a system, and the more ions present in a solution the more disorder there will be. In matter, solids have the most order and least entropy. They are held in a crystal lattice or network. Cells become liquid crystalline when K+ is added to a cell. The water molecule is quite small but the hydrogen bonds inside water are even smaller and most important to the creation of accurate biological clocks = they create an ideal periodicity = better timepieces. Damage to PER 2 genes by hypoxia ruins clock periodicity to drop NAD+ recycling in the matrix = less water created

    What is the stoichiometry of K+ to water in mitochondria in your SCN that is working fine in a healthy state of redox power between -300mV to -400Mv in your mitochondria?

    Experiments by Ling et al. have shown in healthy cells that each molecule of ATP in a cell controls 8,800 water molecule binding sites and 20 potassium ions to allow water to become structured inside every cell of your body. As redox varies in your matrix so does the K+ concentration and # of water molecules created by mitochondria. Melatonin, NAD+, and CO2 all vary in the same way as potassium does to redox power inside a cell. Environments change redox power by varying the charge density of the hydrogen bonds in water that mitochondria create. What changes charge density most in nature? PHOTONS

    For example, Every day before I die I want to do 5 key things each day to improve. Lead, grow, create, excel, and serve. I lead myself and my business to fulfill my purpose of leading to changes I want in medicine, so I begin with me. I find a theme of the day and I live it that day. I try to become the change I want to see in my world. I become radioactive to the old paradigms. I try to grow myself and my business in some small way to achieve my potential. Potential is worthless without the action of kinetic energy. Daily creation of world-class leadership ideas in some way: resources, experiences, ideas. Chase excellence in all I do. I may not always be successful but I won't allow stasis to hold my mission back. I want to serve my members, patients, clients, colleagues, and community. For too long I used to serve only myself. The obstacle to daily accomplishment is implementation. What every starts well ends well. Sharing knowledge is easy. Implementing said knowledge is power. Behavior precedes belief. Action precedes buy-in; it does not follow it. Are you ready?

    Check out my latest article: CELLS ARE AN AMO PHYSICS EXPERIMENT OF NATURE https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/cells-amo-physics-experiment-nature-jack-kruse

    Time is a critical issue for dissipative systems. While most current thermodynamical analyses used in biology completely ignore space-time structure, the “thermodynamics of organized complexity” applying to living systems depends WHOLLY on space-time heterogeneity, which allows a ‘free’ variation of microscopic states within macroscopic constraints. THIS DEFINES WHAT A MITOCHONDRIA WAS DESIGNED TO DO AND TO BE IN A VARYING EMF FIELD CREATED ON THIS PLANET by the sun.
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The Nobel Prize for physics in 2016 was given for the discovery of topologic insulators (TI’s).

    Topological insulators conduct electricity on their surfaces but do not conduct the current deep inside their cores. This limitation allows the cell to control Brownian motion in the cell to maintain the low entropy state I mention above.

    This helps explain why DNA’s surface is highly coiled and coated with histones, chromatin, and methyl groups when it is kept in its “quiet state” (non-dividing)

    It also explains how it can receive photo-electric instructions on its surface and transfer that information through the hydrogen bonding network (proton tunneling causing flickering) that surrounds nucleic acids to run the epigenetic programming it contains deep within. What happens on its surface can awaken the code of life buried deep below its double helix. This process is all possible because DNA AMO structure is capable of inducing a change in base pairs by altering the hydrogen bonds on its surface because of how Dirac fermions operate.

    In physics, a Dirac fermion is a spin-½ particle. Take a look here to see a video on it.

    In condensed matter physics, low-energy excitations in graphene and topological insulators, among others, are fermionic quasiparticles described by a pseudo-relativistic Dirac equation. I think DNA acts like a fermionic quasiparticle. Fermions include all quarks and leptons and all composite particles made of an odd number of these. Some fermions are elementary particles (such as electrons), and some are composite particles(such as protons). I think this is why mitochondria only deal with electrons and protons. I also believe this is why neutrinos might be a player in biology. I think fermions and light interactions are how starlight is transmitted to living cells.

    The Standard Model recognizes two types of elementary fermions: quarks and leptons. In all, the model distinguishes 24 different fermions. There are six quarks (up, down, strange, charm, bottom, and top), and six leptons (electron, electron neutrino, muon, muon neutrino, tauon and tauon neutrino), along with the corresponding antiparticle of each of these.

    Claude Shannon taught the world that information flows via entropy. All clocks should be thought of as flowmeters for entry. This includes the biological circadian clocks in cells. Wheeler taught physics that information and energy are one and the same thing. Shannon’s mathematics from his 1948 paper advanced the linkage of entropy and information. Shannon's paper also told us anything can be a message.
    I believe sunlight messages for mitochondrial DNA and nuclear are controlled by "fermion messaging". DNA is informed about what to do with optical information from the sun via mtDNA signaling (optical and free radical) and this message is transmitted over water's hydrogen bonds adjacent to proteins in a cell. DNA is a very complex topologic insulator that is an antenna for our star's information.

    Water makes up 99% of molecules in every cell. Water is a very small molecule that has more hydrogen bonds in it than any other compound. Liquid water contains the densest hydrogen bonding of any solvent, with almost as many hydrogen bonds as there are covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds in its structure found anywhere on Earth. These two bonding networks are the binary code in water. Just as a computer can use a 1 and 0 to create digital information on the internet, hydrogen bonds create the internet in your cells. Shannon taught us
    the information content of any kind of message could be measured in binary digits or just bits.

    Water's hydrogen bond network changes at a pico and femtosecond level in any environment. Inside a cell, its atomic arrangement is controlled by electrostatic forces in a cell created by the redox power of the mitochondria in that cell. These hydrogen bonds can rapidly rearrange in response to, light frequencies, charge density, and changing conditions and environments (for example, solutes like K+ in a cell).

    Shannon demonstrated, contrary to what was commonly believed in the 1940s, that engineers could beat their worst enemy ever: transmission errors-or in their technical jargon, "noise." Noise is anything that disturbs communication. It can be an electric signal in a telephone wire that causes crosstalk in an adjacent wire, a thunderstorm static that perturbs TV signals distorting the image on the screen, or a failure in network noise to increase the energy of the transmission signals or send the same message repeatedly-much as when, in a crowded pub, you have to shout for a beer several times. Shannon showed a better way to avoid errors without wasting so much energy and time: coding. Nature does the same thing.

    She takes the message in the hydrogen bonding network of water that surrounds every protein and encodes that information in fermionic code in mRNA, mtDNA, RNA, tRNA, and DNA.

    Coding is at the heart of information theory. All communication processes need some sort of coding to limit the noise and create a high-fidelity signal that doesn't degrade. Water preserves the information and transfers it to nucleic acids via hydrogen bonds. Just as the telephone system transforms the spoken voice into electrical signals. In Morse code, letters are transmitted with combinations of dots and dashes. The DNA molecule specifies a protein's structure with four types of genetic bases. Digital communication systems use bits to represent or encoded information. Each letter of the alphabet, for example, can be represented with a group of bits, a sequence of zeroes, and ones. You can assign any number of bits to each letter and arrange the bits in any way you want. In other words, you can create as many codes as desired. Cells have done this to run life's program.

    The interactions of electrons in a solid or liquid crystal change space in abstract ways. If you look at the picture below you can see odd shape and size changes and this leads to the different thermodynamics of what is possible on the surface. Many TI’s develop “holes” where electrons are absent and this allows them to act as P-type semiconductors then there are adjacent regions that are extremely electron rich that can act as an N-type semiconductor. Those positive and negative regions can act like “charges” and can lead to striking effects. For example, an insulating material (phosphorus) can become conductive at its surface when sunlight hits it. Phosphorus has ten atoms that stick directly out from the surface of DNA when you look at it from an axial view. See figure C below. Those ten atoms are surrounded by 447 water molecules to form part of the TI in DNA. The addition of phosphorus and iodine in the liquid crystalline water networks creates a “playground of charges and spins” in fermions to control how DNA should react to the electromagnetic signal from our star on its surface.


    Note the ten phosphorus groups sticking out to bind with coherent domains in water as DNA unwinds above

    Within the heavily condensed and coiled state DNA structure tightly holds atoms (lowering entropy), electrons, and photons in one “spin state”. When DNA is uncoiled by electromagnetic signals from our mitochondria on its surface, light is liberated from the double helix and the surface template of hydrogen bonds radically changes its “topology” by altering the spin states of fermions in the DNA crystal. This can turn on and off DNA replications
    The spins of electrons/protons (H+) are not only manipulated by magnetic fields (mitochondria) but also by electrical fields (proteins side chains) and can be used to collect and store information from electrons or the photons they carry. All magnetic drives use spintronics today to magnetically store data on hard drives. It appears DNA uses many of the same ideas but it does it on hydrated carbon-based semiconductors in cells.

    We already know a leaf can do it via photosynthesis and so can a European Robin using a light inclination magnetic compass in its eye. In my humble opinion, this process works in all animal tissues to create the many species of animals we all observe in the classical world we inhabit.

    Topology is a branch of mathematics focused on the fundamental shapes of things as they change. In cells, proteins can vary their size and shape based on the light energy that is added or subtracted from their bonds. In this way, life can be considered a quantum computer that is working in parallel with a quantum universe that also runs on light. The fermionic messages are information buried in terrestrial solar light wave frequencies in the sun that can be magnetically stored in a thin film of water surrounding nucleic acids, using non-linear aspects of light. DNA is the ultimate topologic insulator or superconductor suspended in a superfluid of coherent and noncoherent water that imprints information and conducts electrons, protons, and photons in different ways. This Nobel Prize may soon get biology away from its “solution-based ideas” in biochemistry books and push them toward quantum biology which uses a solid-state foundation. That is what this Nobel Prize means to me in 2016. The state of fluctuation of the hydrogen bonding network that light brings creates probabilities in a cell. Light adds charge density to the AMO structures in a cell.


    Knowing is just not enough. Understanding connections is critical. Stop being your own worse enemy. Stop looking outside for solutions when the wisdom you seek is buried within you in how you organize matter in your cells with sunlight.
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