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Light Diet for fall and winter for location Rising Sun Maryland

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Denise0918, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. Denise0918

    Denise0918 Gold

    I am looking for suggestions for a light diet ( got this term from John Otts's book ) for my current location taking me through the fall, winter and spring. Summer is easy. Do I have to eat a keto diet? I do not like extreme diets. I do eat sardines daily and eat from a local farm eggs, seasonal veggies. Summer in Maryland is Chesapeake crab season.
    This is my exact location:
    Rising Sun is located at 39°41′58″N 76°3′47″W
    I am using blue light blockers and cover up once in artificial light. Vitamin D winter begins November 21st according to my D minder app.
    I have ONLY incandescent light bulbs and switched mostly to amber hued lights. I have a Pilates reformer in my finished basement and have 2 amber spot lights per one black light down there and it feels pretty good. I do not use my pilates reformer in the summer, only in the colder months. All summer I have been doing yoga outside and when working remotely working outside on my patio barefoot.
    I have been seeing AM sunlight bare foot RELIGIOUSLY since joining. Getting mid day sun with LOTs of skin in my private back yard and spending 10-15 minutes in the sun set light. The most notable effect so far is that even so I have pretty good digestion it went from pretty good to perfection.
    Now that the light is diming for me here, what lighting can I use to augment the latitude I live at? I purchased a Sperti last fall and plan to use that. Any other suggestions?
    Will sunny days in the Winter outdoors still benefit me ? What is the benefit of mid day winter sun without d? I spent a winter in the Austrian Alps coaching figure skating outdoors 5 hours a day and never felt better so I feel from experience there must be some benefit. I know the AM will. Is my only concern the lack of D? I also bought leather soled moccasins for AM winter sun rise to ground through out the day and not get frosty feet. I am beginning to feel connected to the Native Americans who once lived here before we came and messed it all up. ( must be the hand made moccasins )
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Simple......as photosynthetic power changes the things that grow in your location do. Go to the local Farmer's market and ask them what grows locally and you know what you can eat. It is not that hard.

    LR = low melatonin because of melanopsin dysfunction. This story should not shock the older members in here but yet again you guys surprise me. Where was leptin found? Subcutaneous fat in 1994.

    Where does leptin have to go to tell the body about energy balance according to the old leptin blogs? The hypothalamus.

    What connects the two?

    The light you choose, and not the food you eat. Food out of season from the control of photosynthesis is a problem but nothing compared to the light your eye and skin observe and measures.

    A lack of full spectrum solar exposure during the day, or getting man's light at night is the most common reason for disease epidemics today, and in my opinion, the and most overlooked issue in all of medicine these days. When blue light, RF, or microwaves affects melanopsin adenosine biology is altered. This is how adenosine rises and it is when melanopsin receptors are being recycled. Proper ocular melatonin cycling requires that these two frequencies (UV/IR) be present in the AM to stimulate the regeneration processes in the eye during the daytime. This quantized process also requires ABSENCE of blue/green light between 400-560nm post-sunset!!!! When these things are off the result always = INFLAMMATION = too many protons (deuterium) and/or not enough electrons at the mitochondrial cellular level = lowered melatonin levels in the eye, brain, blood plasma. The same is now true in the skin and subcutaneous fat. That is how leptin resistance in a tissue occurs. Melanopsin dysfunction turns retinol into a bomb and that bomb ruins the aromatic rings in melanopsin, leptin, and melatonin to ruin their ability to communicate with the hypothalamus to give accurate information about energy balance because information quanta is LOST.
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  3. Denise0918

    Denise0918 Gold

    Yes. Do you suggest creating a heliotherapy opportunity by having a giant retractable sky light/ window put into my bedroom roof top? It gets sun most of the day. I remember using these in Austria. Then I can get direct sunlight in winter while not freezing. Or putting that on the roof of my shed , probably less expensive. Would it be worth ? Any specific light bulbs you suggest using besides candle light during the winter months ? I heard you speak of black lights in a interview combined with incandescent. What is the benefit of black lights you spoke of ?
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