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Let's talk canned fish

Discussion in 'The Epi-Paleo Diet' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. I think Inger, that your obvious and genuine happy levels are an inspiration - although I do not think everyone is built to have them the same way. Check what I posted over on the happy thread.

    There are two things for consideration in understanding happy and how it relates to meditation. (and the incorrect assumption that everyone can/has the ability to meditate and respond spiritually).

    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monoamine_oxidase_A This is ONE discovery, fairly recent, I'm sure there will be more.

    2. VMAT2 is a vesicular monoamine transporter that regulates the flow of mood-altering chemicals in the brain - commonly refered to as either the god gene or the meditation gene. See this interesting page and video: http://www.thoughtsinperspective.com...c-warfare.html

    So the expression of these genes that one has are a very large influence on if you are religious, spiritual, meditative etc and recieve the positive brain reactions to those things. Some get it more, some get it less. Meditation only works on those that have a high expression of these.

    In addition, It's likely many people have differing levels of damage to HC neurons.

    I observe that nature has not made us all the same, and this surely applies to how we think and how our brains work. I bet there is a steady mix of homosapiens with both the bliss capability as well as the ones who's brains are wired to analyze and walk down the analyzing path.

    Just like with an addict who goes over the edge to keep having their bliss, I'm sure there are some analyzers who go over the edge to their detriment. I think we've seen some of those on here, too.

    I am at a place where this analysis is NOT debilitating - it's more information that my mind needs to keep moving forward on my health path. It's energizing, not draining.
  2. Stavity

    Stavity New Member

    Cavemam, are you saying that moving forward with the best information is energizing? I agree to a degree (hehehe!!) I have been studying nutrition for 20 years now and most of the information is garbage and I hit many walls.. What amazes me is the information I have gotten from this blog in a short time has been exhilarating, but there comes a point I need to just "do" instead of analyzing everything. Now is the time to use my intuition and feel with all my senses in order to move on. Someone once told me to "keep it simple stupid." Wow how that fits me. But, no joke, in order for me to move on I will have to take the time to meditate so that not all is lost and I am able to develop what I have learned so far. I feel disease runs skin, organs, mind/spiritual and in order to heal it's the reverse. If my mind heals/clears then I can work on the rest when the time comes.

    I love your mind and read most of what you write with enthusiasm because of the person you are. I would take nothing away from your experience and only learn from having taken the time to read what you and others have to say. So personally, while information is power, I am kind of tired and just need to fully implement what I have learned thus far. I am probably way off base in my observation but I just wanted you to know you are appreciated here and I wish I had your mind at your age.
  3. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    I have to agree with this. I am the type that truly loves to learn. If I'm not learning new things all the time, I'm bored out of my gourd, which in turn leads me down the path to eventual depression. I can (and do) get a lot out of mindfulness meditation, observing silence, going with the flow, etc...but I also respect the part of my brain that is always saying "why? why? why?" It's who I am, and rather than try to shut it up for the sake of making life easier, I am learning to strike a good balance between "learning time" and "quiet time".

    Also, having said that, I REALLY wish I'd have come to this realization about 20 years ago...LOL
  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    This sounds just great Cavemam! Wow!

    I love to learn too.. I need to learn all the time... huh!

    About happiness.. IDK but for me it has HUGE impact what I put in my mouth. Very strange indeed. I think I must be very broken. But I feel depressed if I eat not a large part of my food raw, and then the hearts and high meats oysters and stuff. They makes me feel very happy?!

    IDK I feel very unspiritual when thinking about how important my food choises are to me.

    But then when I choose the right (yeah.. I know.. weird, extreme foods) food I feel so one with all. So light. So satisfied - just enjoying.. to be.

    Of course natural light and cold have huge impact on my moods too.

    Go figure...

  5. Do you think it's something in the foods making you feel happier alone, or is the process and control and deliberateness contributing to the happy? You have said before you think you are broken - what do you think is broken?

    I'm not picking, I'm trying to understand happyness and bliss! But do you think the reduced and specific diet that is conventionally "wierd" is giving you some major control and putting you firmly in charge and THAT is happy-making to you? I am not doubtin at all that the food is good for you, but I wonder if there is an added component that makes it super happy-making to INGER vs anybody else.

    Just thought exploring. . .
  6. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    I think its funny that the "canned fish "thread has evolved into the same thread as the "secret to happiness" thread,both of which have lead to the "god gene". Only on Jack's website. Good work people!

  7. God is a canned fish?
  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hmmm.. I need to think hard... I am not the one thinking too much about something that feels great.. why and so. I just enjoy it.

    But what I have recogniced is, if I eat just plain lamb roast and cooked vegetables with family.. yeah, it sounds very healthy, or? But for me, it makes my spirit a bit less light.. it is totally hard to describe but a certain heaviness appears that is not there had I had it raw. Lightness is like happiness for me too. The happier I feel the lighter I feel. IDK.. sometimes I feel like almost flying. When I feel real good and I have been strict with my food choises. Now.. I feel that way when in love too..lol But it also happends with right foods when not in love.

    When eating certain cooked seafood the difference is small, I can not really notice any, with one cooked seafood meal/day. Also, if drinking HWC, or too much coffee.. or anything else that is not optimal for me like many not good quality almonds with butter (I love this combination..). I just feel less happy/vibrant. I know it because I have tried it many times you see. But I am not so willing to "try" it often anymore because I prefer to feel better.

    Sometimes I think happiness feels like.. power too? It feels like, if the whole world fall into pieces around me it would not matter at all. It is kind of peace and power together. Hmm.

    Why I think I am broken.. to me as long as something is not optimal it is broken. Easy...that is how I think. Maybe it is weird? IDK.. I am far from optimal, I know many things that I can improve on. My mind, my body.

    There is so much to improve still! And I have the amazing days and I have the days when I feel a bit less good. The amazing days shows me where I am going. But not every day is like that yet.

    Now.. I am wondering if the "crazy healthy foods" in a raw state makes my body/mind open up in a certain way, and that is what makes the joyful feeling? I am thinking it could very well be so? This happiness do feels very much like openness.. like sucking in life and beeing a part of everything. I just enjoy the people around me immensely, the nature too.. it is weird.. lol

    Maybe it is all in my mind. Maybe I have made up my own rules about what makes me happy lol. But fact is, all raw stuff have lots of live viruses and bacterias in them still.. and more of certain vitamins.. and raw heart is the bomb for Q10. Q10 is sensible to heat...

    All this just confirms what I am feeling.

    Do it makes any sense what I try to describe here Cavemam? Just ask whatever you want if not! I'll try to describe it better then!
  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Sorry, I wanted to say something more but had to go and lit the fire in the sauna - I promised daddy.. but now it is done. :)

    I have been thinking too about what you say above Cavemam. If it is something else then the food. But so far I cannot see it.

    To feel well in my body is a big part of happiness to me. Of course it is not all. Our thoughts also means a lot. But it is hard for me to choose my thoughts freely if I feel.. depressed. If I feel not well in my body, but unwell and anxious.

    It is just like my freedom is cutted off.

    When I have a total wellbeeing-feeling it somehow comes just natural..? :) I mean.. the good thoughts too!

    And that is what I have learned in my life. My own Nr.1. And that is why I know, if I do the foods right, all the other follow! I just need to have the dicipline about my food. That is the most important thing. That is it for me. Others might differ. But to me personally nothing works if eating the wrong foods. Then comes anxiety.. depresson.. fear.. Oh no. So not worth it to me.

    I can have fears now too but I have the courage to face them and it turns out to something good! It is a big difference.

  10. This may be the a point that is important, if these foods cause such positive things for you - what does discipline have to do about it? Or is the outcome far enough removed from the action that it takes planning?
  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    What did you mean with this Cavemam? I do not understand? Can you explain further?
  12. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Believing something makes you feel good will make you in fact feel good. Placebo effect.

    Satisfaction is a very very nice feeling. You know how great I feel after cleaning the entire house spot-less? Accomplished. Satisfied. GOOD! Did the action of cleaning my house do anything particularly good for the health of my body? Probably not other than a bit of a workout maybe. And some sort of zen effect about having a spot-less environment.

    BUT - I feel terrific when it's done. I do it just for that purpose. In fact, I love cleaning house for the sole purpose of feeling great. After. A lot of the time, the more undesirable the task itself, the more satisfaction after it has been completed. In my experience. I feel even more terrific if others admire my accomplishment of my super-clean house.
  13. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    What's your hourly rate? Cleaning doesn't do a damn thing for me....LOL
  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hmmm.. that was actually a very good comparison.. that with cleaning your home and how good you feel from it, Souldancer!

    I guess it is about the same with our bodies. When there is no inflammation, no "dust" and crap anymore, one will feel so satisfyed and terrific, just like how it feels to have a nice and clean house kind of!

    A diet of seaweeds, raw and cooked seafoods, raw hearts, organs, wild foods.. any natural superfoods.. it will be totally anti-inflammatory! And when there is no inflammation no more it feels just like.. peace. :)

    And peace.. is in a certain way = happiness me hinks.
  15. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    That could be purely a belief. And exactly the opposite of what I was intending to communicate. I feel great after cleaning my house (or whatever action happens to make a person feel great) yet it does absolutely nothing for the objective health of my body.
  16. Inger

    Inger Silver


    What is your purpose, Souldancer? Sorry.. I think I do not understand..?

    Something in my gut feels like I want to have nothing to do with this... I wonder what it is. It feels not so good.
  17. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    Inger, look at it this way - if what you do makes YOU happy, makes YOU feel good, and it's not hurting yourself or anyone else, then keep right on doing it. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about it, in the long run. Your life is yours, no one else's.
  18. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    I'm saying that there technically could be an entirely different reason for you feeling great when you eat the way you say makes you feel great than the actual nutritional effect of the food.

    The thing that doesn't feel good is that no one wants to have their bubble burst. Yet there is many many people who are entirely happy on a different than Inger's diet ("sub-optimal" diet). Which disproves your theory of your food choices being the sole/major factor in your happiness.

    Equating food choices with happiness - that's the part that makes my gut act up. Look at the monks that Cavemam cited - they eat a veggie cooked diet and they live in bliss. B/c they don't equate their food choices with happiness. They equate it with time spent in mediation and prayer.

    Cognitive dissonance is one of the most stressful internal states of humans. Remove it and you will be happier. Remove it and you will be healthier. You have removed the stress of knowing you eat junk by eating foods you believe healthier - you feel less stressed, you feel happier. Now if those foods actually made a difference or if it was your belief in those foods - that I yet need to see answered.

    Not saying you should stop doing whatever you are doing - I believe every one person should do what makes them happy. Whether that is eating Inger's diet or cleaning house - who really cares?
  19. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Thanks Elachan. That is how I do it too. I like how you think!

    You know. I asked hubby once if he would want me to start eating like before again, like "normal".. and he said.. NO! Please do not! I want you to eat like you do now..

    And he ate SAD. Tells me he could see the difference very well! He even proudly told his friends about his "vampire wife" eating raw bloody liver..lol
  20. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I wonder what sense it makes to compare oneself to some monks life? To me at least it makes zero...?

    Monks lived a very healthy life all their life Soul. You forget a lot of things here. And of course they are not stressed like normal people working long days and having destroyed their health/brains with modern luxuries like Jack said. They are in a totally different place.


    You are absolutely right here. But to remove the dissonance, AND eat healthy foods.. that would be the most healing thing!

    I am not seeing why these needs to be separated? Weird thinking to me. Why must we always separate everytning? Like.. this OR that.. When we could have it ALL...? :)

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