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Let's talk canned fish

Discussion in 'The Epi-Paleo Diet' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Just FYI that's celsius. That might be gentle heat but it sure isn't less than boiling/steaming.
  2. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    Water boils at 100 degrees celsius.
  3. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    121C = 249F

    handy little widget
  4. kathylu

    kathylu Gold

    Sorry I wasn't clear. Broiling, not boiling. Steam under pressure can get much hotter than 100 degrees C. Commercial canning is done in large autoclaves with steam under pressure. The temperature for commercial canning processes was chosen in order to kill the spores of clostridium species.

    We old folk still use centigrade and celsius interchangeably.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks Inger. I know this is off topic for this thread. Sorry. I do find I only want seafood now. MHS and raw salmon and oysters etc. I do have canned salmon a fair bit because it is quick and helps my budget. I basically have one meal a day now at around 4:00pm and usually a bullet proof coffee in the morning. I think this is making me more intuitive and peaceful. I just need to learn to trust my own judgement for me. I think it is because I grew up in a very abusive household. I also think it is so important to be silent. I often just go and sit by the ocean and listen to the waves. Peace
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  7. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I think canned seafood is great as an introduction to eating seafood regularly. It was by eating canned sardines, salmon and tuna (with frozen shrimp and an occasional frozen fish fillet) that I learned to start liking seafood more than once a month or so. And I can send sardines in the mail.

    I still eat canned sardines about once a month, and the other day I actually had tuna (but it was expensive tuna in a bpa free can and soy free.)

    But now I'm starting to crave raw oysters once a week, though part of me still wonders why. I don't particularly love the taste. But they're ok.
  8. janagram

    janagram New Member

    I had one mussel yesterday. (from DH's bowl) ...not bad.
  9. Glen PDQ

    Glen PDQ New Member

    I buy certain seafoods at my Albertson here in Texas. They get exactly 6 small containers of oysters once a week which makes it a challenge to get any. Unfortunately the seafood counter workers never know when the oysters are going to arrive. This last time I grabbed the last 4 containers. I really like the frozen 1 pound bags of mixed squid, mussel, octopus, and shrimp at $3.99 each. For the last couple of months frozen 1/2 pound skin-on filets of wild sockeye salmon have been available at $9.99/lb. The cheapest I can find raw wild sockeye filets online from Alaska is 13.50/lb.
  10. FarmersDaughter

    FarmersDaughter New Member

    What about DHA in egg yolks? I craved raw egg yolk like mad when I was pregnant, had to hide it from the hubs because he wigged out.

    I have free range "wild" chickens, they get supplemental feed, but a pittance, less than 20 pounds in 6 months.

    I wonder how much DHA they have, if any. So many of nutritional data sites use commercial "junk food" eggs.

    Not trying to derail, just pondering that would be an alternate source for us landlocked types. Fresh seafood is hard to come by up here, and $$$ when you do.
  11. Jude

    Jude Gold

    My n=1 since Sept 1:

    Daily has been 75% canned sardines/salmon, 20% fresh lightly cooked fish and 5% grass fed lamb. So, almost 2 months on tinned, wild Atlantic Canadian fish. Decided to go with Dr K's recommendation that it won't hurt you, and just did it. During that time I did one week exclusively on tinned sardines, the second on tinned and fresh cooked. I'm alive and well, in fact I completely stopped my ubiquitous palpitations with that week of tinned sardines! So for me, tinned fish has helped me have a fantastic win health wise.

    Anna K: Only get fresh fish weekly here, no MH. all expensive..prawns and salmon 33-36$ kilo but I supplemented with these.
  12. Jonathin

    Jonathin Gold Member

    Regarding cottonseed oil:

    Cotton is not a food crop. This means that the chemicals used on cotton are not regulated as with a food crop. This means cottonseed meal (used for cow feed) and cottonseed oil can have residues not found in food crops. Also there is a natural component of cottonseed oil that is not healthful for humans. Sorry I don't have the info on the details.

    BPA is not good but it is everywhere. Touched a cash register receipt lately? Non-BPA substitutes for cans are not necessarily better just because they are not BPA. BPA has been around since the '30s and just now a problem is perceived! There are a thousand things to be concerned about regarding the food processing industry but I am not sure that any of it is stopping us from getting healthier but probably optimally healthy.
  13. JackStapleton

    JackStapleton New Member

    Regarding intuition: everybody has it, in some it is underdeveloped. Because of the way I was brought up, mine was completely atrophied, but I trained myself to get it back and now I am considered by friends to be some kind of psychic genius. It just a matter of trusting that everything you need to know is instantly available and accepting the guidance when it comes. Also, be assured that if anyone else can do it, you can too. We are all the same at our core. Sometimes you can get more intuitive just by imagining that you are "borrowing" the powers of someone who has them. The answer will always be provided. The only impediment is trusting it when it comes. In most cases, people who try will get an answer but then immediately shut it out. Sometimes that is because if you open yourself to this kind of guidance, you will get messages you don't want to hear and a defensive reaction is to shut out all such info (as a way to maintain the illusion of control of your life).

    Inger is correct in saying that someone with a history of a junk food diet could experience amazing benefits from canned fish if they cut out the bad stuff at the same time. So that would seem to indicate that canned fish might be great for them. But it is also clear that the fresh stuff is way better. It really doesn't matter what the researchers and scientists can prove. You just know, don't you?

    If you don't trust that you know, hold some fresh fish in one hand a canned fish in the other. Your body will speak to you about the relative benefits of each. But you don't really need to hold the actual fish, you can just imagine doing so. Same results, unless you haven't learned to trust your intuition.
  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Anna, I am not Jack but my intuition tells me quite clear what I would do if I had only these options..

    I would eat both. Of course. And the grassfed beef only raw and lots of different organs. Brain too. All raw. Additional canned fish. The best quality I could afford of course. And then I would go out and look for nettles etc. and wild berries for free and eat lots a lots of seaweeds too. Seaweeds raw if possible (avoid to heat it), to get some viruses in from the sea.. ;) And then to get some dirt in like dirty raw carrots. I think I would feel great!
  15. Jonathin

    Jonathin Gold Member

    I didn't say they were worse. The fact that they are not BPA does not mean that they are necessarily more benign. One would have to test and confirm the properties of any new manmade material that is in intimate contact with food or contained within (ie - ag chemicals, pollutants). Don't hold your breathe waiting for that to happen in a timely manner!
  16. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Anna, you can just crush them and eat them plain raw, or make a smoothie from nettles and water and drink it (that is what I like to do once in a while, I keep forgetting though..), or use as spinach! Fry in butter or whatever you'd like. One could make nettle soup with an cooked egg as condiment, we ate that as kids often. Just cook and puree nettles with water and onion, add spices you like and some cream or butter or other fat and enjoy!

    You can use the "flowers" too, very healthy fats in there!
  17. JackStapleton

    JackStapleton New Member


    Sounds like Dr. Inger has some good advice for you. My intuition says that you have a very active mind, always asking very many questions. Quiet and meditation would help you to still your mind and take you to a place where you could hear messages from the silence. From the depths of your true self, you might find that fresh beef is good one day in the summer and something else for a different day in the winter.

    I agree with you about eating the frozen thawed fish raw. I guess I am lucky to have fresh wild-caught fish available every day and sushi in every grocery store. If I didn't, I am sure my intuition would lead me to move to where I did!

    Anna, I am also sending you a message that you will feel. It is not with words, so you will not be able to understand it with your mind. You will have doubts that you got it - that is your mind - but you will get it. When you feel it, even if your mind isn't sure you did, the feeling will take you to the place of your intuition. Enjoy it. It is a fun place. The more you visit, the more it will feel like home. It feels a bit like love.


  18. for the record, I don't think there has been anybody yet to disagree that Fresh fish is best.

    What isn't clear is - is canned always the better choice. Let's take a forum favorite - canned sardines. The issues we have are:

    1. Heat- it's not superheated it seems, but it is cooked which in theory does degrade the epi goodness.

    2. Canning cooties, bpa and whatever else if it's in oil. If you can't find non bpa fish, might there be better choices?

    3. Profit. (hehehe internet joke for the cool kids ;)

    Jack put forth the idea that all seafood no matter what is always better than any other food. To me, that seems like a generalization to make a point rather than a hard/fast rule to live by.

    Can we suss out how much fishy goodness we are gettin from a sardine? Same as 2 shrimp? Same as 1 shrimp etc. . .
  19. kathylu

    kathylu Gold

    I definitely nosh on shrimp more often than sardines. Shrimp taste better imo and rank #2 (crustaceans) on Jack's list of epi-paleo wonderfulness.
  20. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Lol.. sometimes I wonder what is the purpose with this speculations.. to me they would add only unneccesary stress and NOT contribute to my healing.. If I have a better choise, I do that. I I have NOT I do the best I can and do not speculate about that further. I just not have the time. Time is very high value to me. Very much. I do not want to waste it.

    If I se oysters in the fish counter I buy them for sure! I leave other shopping like clothes etc. Money can always be spend on what we want, we can live without a lot of stuff we thought we could not.

    What I know for sure is, if eating grassfed beef it is much more beneficial if eaten raw, and also more all kind of different organs, then cooking it and doing just muscle meats. I just know it by my body. But I am thinking many does not even want to consider that.. or trying high meat.. or wild edibles.. or lots of seaweeds.. but same time complain about having no access to fresh seafood... we need to broaden our minds much.. or that is what I feel at least.

    And.. If one starts to look and ask for things.. it is amazing what one could find! This is my own Nr.1. It is just..wow!

    There are many roads to Rome.

    And then.. lol.. I wonder if I totally talk past you now Cavemam..or misunderstood what you intended to say. I apologise if it so.

    Oh.. and one more thing come into my mind. I kind of have the feeling they are adding someting into the precooked/prefrozen shrimps here. I kind of swell a little up from them I have the feeling at least. I guess they add some weird salt or phosphate or some stuff. I have not access to fresh. I eat the shrimps seldom. But if, always with head and all. If they were fresh I would eat them more often I guess.. I need to investigate this issue further.

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