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Leptin Rx Journal- Getting Serious

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by allison09, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. allison09

    allison09 New Member

    Hi everyone:)

    Today was my first day of the Leptin Rx. I tried to start yesterday, but snacked after dinner-so today is Day 1! A bit of background:

    I'm 27 years old, 5'6", 128 lbs. And I like long walks on the beach. Kidding...writing my "stats" makes me feel silly:)

    I've been primal/paleo for a little more than a year, but before that I did the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for about a year to deal with some intense SIBO. Before THAT I was a vegetarian for years, and vegan for 2 years. Typical story, eh? Be healthy! Go veg! Ruin your health! Everyone always leaves out that last part though....

    Moving on....like several others around here, I've struggled with an eating disorder for longer than I care to admit. The past 4 years of my life have been tough-I've been severely stressed out (moving, ending a relationship, grad school) and pretty depressed. My bulimia resurfaced-gradually at first- and it's recently been out of control, even though I've moved to a better place and things are generally better for me. I'm not sure about the relationship between emotions and eating and all of that-I'm not confusing correlation with causation, I'm just saying this all happened around the same time. I'd tried a bunch of things to end this cycle- The Diet Cure, strict primal/paleo, Leangains fasting, prozac and Topamax (not together), and therapy. Nothing has helped. Actually, the Topamax worked brilliantly for 2 weeks-then it was back to binging and purging. I don't like medication and it made me feel crappy, so I'm currently off all meds. So...I've found my way to the Leptin Rx. I am hopeful because I've been lurking around here for the past few days reading as much as I can, and it seems like many have found this to be helpful (Momagrok I'm lookin' at you!). I just want to be free of this, I want my brain back. I want my health back, and I want my life back.

    I'm currently following the auto-immune Rx because of the SIBO (hmmm...carb binges don't help with that? SHOCKING!) and a suspected candida issue. Ugh. I LOVE eggs and this kind of makes me want to cry. I'll also miss the dairy, but nuts are HUGE triggers for me, so it's better that they are not in my life at all.

    I have a million questions about this whole things too, so hopefully some of you seasoned pros would be so kind as to share your experiences and insights with me:)

    1. Is it ever a good idea to use whey protein in the BAB? I know Dr. K says certain people should/shouldn't-anyone know of any protein powders that make the cut? I'll even spring for the Bulletproof stuff if I know for sure it won't set me back.

    2. Today I had pork spare ribs, ground beef, and sound sauerkraut for my BAB- I finished by 7:45am and wasn't hungry again till like 6pm. Even then, it was a hint of hunger-did I over do it? Too much fat?

    3. I want to lose the few pounds I've recently gained due to all the bingeing/being lazy and not working out. Is it still recommended to eat a bunch of coconut oil? Even though I've been paleo for a while, the idea of eating oil in order to lose weight (as recommended by Dr. K) still doesn't make sense in my brain.

    4. Would it be a huge setback to workout before 5pm once or twice a week?

    I have several other questions, but this is turning into a novel, so I'll just wait on them. Plus I've had a killer headache ALL day and I need to get off the computer:)

    I'm excited to start this program-I hope it's as effective for me as it has been for so many others. Any advice is welcome and appreciated!
  2. Lanie

    Lanie Silver

    Welcome, Allison! There are a lot of very knowledgable and supportive people hanging around here. I'm still learning myself. The basics aren't hard. Sounds like you've mastered the BAB! Try not to expect perfection from yourself. If you have a snack, just learn from it. Be kind to yourself. One of the best things I've gotten out of the LRx is I've been able to get out of that awful diet mindset that always resulted in me beating myself up. Many people here are binge-free now...even in the face of stress.

    Good luck with your journey. :)
  3. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Welcome Allison! I'll say you're definitely in the right place. I have a long history of sugar addiction and binging. This is the best binge-free journey I've been on. I'm not binge-free yet but managed a 77 day stretch, which ended last Monday for a few hours. I consider the BAB and the leptin reset to be the only way to success for me. In the past a binge would have surely lasted at least a week, if not several! I see the mistakes I made leading up to my setback last week and I'm using that knowledge on my road to success!

    I know it's hard to sometimes wrap your head around the amount of protein and fat in our BAB but it's the only way to break the binge cycle. I've learned my BAB's need to be between 65-75 grams of protein (with lots of fat...Yum!) so that I don't have cravings. If I eat this amount I rarely have cravings & if I do they are a fleating thought! It's amazing really!

    Welcome, good luck & keep us posted!!!
  4. allison09

    allison09 New Member

    Thanks Lanie and Paulalynn! It's so nice to be in a place where people understand where I've been and where I want to be. Paulalynn- 77 days!!! That's so amazing!!! I'd love to be able to say that! One day...one day :)

    So Day 2 went well for me. I had a BAB of canned BPA-free salmon, a little tuna to bring up the protein, a few pieces of bacon, and some lacto-fermented sauerkraut to help with digestion. I didn't feel as full as I did yesterday, I think because there was less fat today. It was nice. So, I was full pretty much all day, but I ate around 2 anyway for some reason. I had made plans to go running with a friend, and I knew I was going to an intense HIIT class tonight, so I thought I should eat something before the 7pm deadline. I at a lot of coconut manna. I know Dr. K promotes that stuff, and I freakin love it, but it's been a total trigger for me in the past. I make homemade manna, and put 1 Tbsp in mini muffin cups, then refrigerate it. They are so amazing! Buuuut I eat lots of them. So, after polishing off way to many this afternoon, I got rid of the rest of the manna and I'm not going to get anymore. At least not for a while. I think I need to be further in the Rx before I can have stuff like that around all the time. Sigh. Oh well.

    So, I was thinking about the BAB today, and even after only 2 days I'm noticing a difference. I mean, it could be placebo effect because I'm all amped about this right now, but I don't know. I went food shopping today and didn't really feel any temptations. I didin't buy any foods I shouldn't have, and I didn't sample from any bulk bins! Hahah I'm being so serious about the no snacking rule! I think it's key though- the whole eating all day thing is NOT good for me, and it leads to crappy digestion and binges. Also, I like the BAB because I feel like I've been fighting my urge to eat right when I get up for so long! I'd always try to put off breakfast, fast for long periods of time, and it would just lead to food obsessions and binges. No more. Leangains isn't for everyone apparently.

    I've also been thinking about the exercise component of this. I've decided that I'm not going to stop exercising. I need to move, I need to be active-it helps with my mental/emotional well being. I've been fighting some depression lately, and I think exercise really helps me with that. I do not want to fall down the rabbit hole of depression again- I'm finally on the way out! If it slows down my Leptin reset progress, then so be it I guess. More time to eat a BAB:) Seriously though, I'm going to make every effort to workout after 5pm. And if I can't fit it in after 5, I'll at least make sure that I get my BAB first, and wait a bit before exercising after. I don't think it's the worst concession to make-esp since I'm committed to the no snacking and the AI protocol. But ohhh man did I want some eggs and coffee today. It's cool, I got through it :)

    I hope everyone had a good day:)

    PS- I just made a batch of homemade turkey sausage patties for breakfast tomorrow and I didn't eat any of it!!! I'm actually not even tempted! Man I hope this lasts!
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The key to the BAB......is it re yokes your gut hormones to the hypothalamus while increasing your GH levels........get some.
  6. allison09

    allison09 New Member

    Thanks for the comment Dr. K! Am I doing something wrong regarding the BAB, or are you just encouraging me to keep eating big in the morning? I hope it's the latter, because I'm excited for my sausage!
  7. Lanie

    Lanie Silver

    I think he was just explaining the rationale for the BAB...why it's so important. It sounds like you're doing great! There's no reason this can't last.
  8. allison09

    allison09 New Member

    Ok, that's what I thought! Thanks Lanie:)
  9. allison09

    allison09 New Member

    Holy Moly!!! My BAB clocked in at 64 grams of protein today! I may never eat again! My sausages were obviously delicious, I ate three patties :eek:
  10. Welcome Allison! :)

    I've dealed with bulimia with a little more than 4 years. Going paleo helped me to lower the frequency of binges, but they were still there. I came here to help improve my sleep, and I discovered that I was in such a mess!! As soon as I started the reset, cravings went away and let me alone for the first time in my life!! I felt of the badwagon twice since Febuary, but now I'm 81 days binge-free. I still have a hard time to believe it!! ;) Since cravings and binging are under control, now I can work on other stuff to bring myself on optimal level. Not there yet, but I see improvement in myself (and in my thinking) every day.

    I also had to cut dairies, egss :)() and nuts. You feel so much better pretty soon, trust me, its worth it.

    To answer your questions, 1) I personnaly don't thing anyone should drink their meal. But the only way to know if its ok for you is to tale blood sugar level after you have any, and to see how it affects you (we want to limit BS swings).

    2) You'll have to adjust over time. Dr K says that eventually we should have two meals a day. Try to back off a little on the protein and fat and see if you are hungry at night. And what you are doing one day doesn't mean you'll be doing the same a month later...Its constent adaptation.

    3)yes! have plenty of it! you probably have a leaky gut, so its good for you! Don't count calories, the reset is not a diet, its a way to heal your body

    4)That, I don't know. I've done anything else but walking is the last 3 months. I wouldn't do it, but once again, it depends of your goal (being optimal or not), and without testing, its hard to answer that for you.

    Most important right now: BAB, plenty of fat, no panic if you gain weight, and get tested!!

    And if you have any more questions, reach out!! :)

  11. allison09

    allison09 New Member

    Thanks for your advice AbetterME, I've spent a bit of time reading your journal over these past few days-I feel like we definitely have a lot in common!

    I'll be honest and say I'm really afraid of gaining weight while doing the reset...but I feel like even with the BAB I'm eating less. And if there are no binges due to feeling satisfied-then I feel like there will be less caloric intake overall? I don't know. I'm just afraid to gain weight, especially because I was in a place where I felt lean and strong not too long ago. I just want to get back to that, I don't really care what the scale says.

    I'll try to incorporate more CO into my diet, although now that I'm out of bacon fat it's all I use! I'll have to pick up some lard too.

    I'm kind of overwhelmed with all the info regarding being "optimal". I don't want this to stress me out even more, so right now I'm not even thinking about CT or serious supplementation...I'm just going to focus on the Leptin Rx, and getting good HIIT workouts a few times/week. Hopefully that will be enough for now.
  12. Actually, that might be too much for you...The HIIT part I mean...Read this blog: http://jackkruse.com/why-is-oprah-still-obese-leptin-part-3/, it might help you undertstand what I mean. If you have suffered from bulimia for several years, it's most likely that your body/hormones/gut is broken, and it might take a while to fix it all.... It depends what you want: losing a few pounds or becoming healthy? The good news it that you can have both, but health will have to come prior to losing weight. Or maybe not. Some are losing pretty quick here, but generally it takes longer for women (b/c of hormones). How is your sleep? Where do you carry fat? How's your mood, your energy?

    Don't get overwhelmed. Master one thing at the time (BAB, no snacking, circadian rythm) and see how you feel. If you do all that and don't lose weight, then you may think about adding CT and/or supplements. CT would be the best thing to do to your body along with a keto paleo diet, its speeds everything up. Get there when you're ready, no stress about it. And keep reading the blog. That's a lot of information, but the more you understand, the easier is it to follow the protocol. And don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any concern!! :)
  13. allison09

    allison09 New Member

    Thanks AbetterME:) I appreciate the input. I'm familiar with that post on Oprah, but I just re-read it. I definitely know that my gut is broken, and that my hormones are probably a bit wonky (I went 8 months without a period, but got it last month), but unfortunately I don't have testing to know for sure. I think the loss of my period was due to being constantly stressed/anxious. I had a horrible living situation, was going to grad school, and a bit depressed. I moved back to the town I used to live, and within 5 days I got my period! Hahah I don't know how it's all related, but I got a kick out of it :)

    To answer your questions, my sleep is crappy, and has been for a while. Especially these last few nights. I thought this protocol was supposed to improve sleep!! I carry fat in the love-handle and belly region, but I'm not overweight. I'm just not at the weight I want to be at. My mood and energy is not consistent, one day I'll be happy and energetic, and the next I'll be tired and mopey. There are a lot of variables, but right now I'm just sick of my digestive system having a mind of it's own. For example, (and I'm sorry in advance for the graphic nature of what is about to come next), but for the last two days I've had diarrhea, and I don't know why! I'm not eating anything I'm not supposed to-jeez, I'm pretty much eating perfectly. Meat, greens, and fat. That's it! I'm thinking maybe it's from all the junk that I ate last week when I was still binging? Is it because I've been really trying to drink more water? Is it from the enzymes I've been taking? The Kevita and sauerkraut? UGH! Troubleshooting my uncooperative body is so difficult.

    I'm going to start writing my daily food intake on here for a record, and also so more experienced people can offer their insight. Some things are not as obvious to me as they are to others.

    B-7:45a- 6oz homemade turkey sausage, 5.5 oz broiled tilapia, 2oz spinach sauteed in 1/2 TB CO, Kevita

    L- 2p- zucchini "noodles" from a while zucchini (8oz), 2 large mushrooms (4 oz), onion (1.5oz), 4oz pork spare ribs, 1oz kalamata olives, all sauteed together in 1 TB CO, Kevita

    Supplements after lunch- enzyme, multi, B's, 2000iu D

    40 min gentle yoga before dinner, I'm sore from my HIIT class yesterday

    D-7p- 6oz turkey sausage, 2 oz spinach, 4 olives, 1/4 cup sauerkraut, Kevita

    I drank one Kevita over the course of the day.

    Totals according to Fitday- Totals 1411cal 94g fat 26g carbs 129g protein

    The D happened after lunch-any ideas?

    I pretty much had to make myself eat dinner tonight. I was only at 1000 calories for the day, but I felt like I should eat something. Although, yesterday I ate at 2pm, went to the HIIT class, didn't eat again till this morning, and I was only the slightest bit hungry. I thought I'd be starving by breakfast, so I probably could have just skipped dinner tonight. I'm not sure what the best thing to do is in this case.

    I'd like to try taking magnesium because I'd like to be able to sleep better. I did some digging today for Dr.K's recommendation, and I came up with either Mag malate, which he recommends for sleep, and Mag glycinate, which he recommends for people with a leaky gut. What do you all take? I just don't want it to lead to more diarrhea!

    Alright, so I feel like I have a million more questions to ask about this whole thing, but right now I should probably go do some HW. Stupid summer class :mad:
  14. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Have you always used coconut oil. If not, you could be adjusting to that addition and it might be causing the diarrhea. I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere here.

    If you check the "Jack recommends" section you'll see the magnesium he recommends, I believe it is Mag Theonate (spelling?). Before he suggested that one I had already purchased "Naturally Calm" brand, it's Mag citrate and I have been sleeping like a rock ever since. Coincidence? Maybe.

    This forum and people are the best for offering advice so I'm sure you'll get lots of recommendations. Good luck with the HW. :)
  15. allison09

    allison09 New Member

    Hey thanks Paula! I'm actually not new to CO, I've been using it for a long time, and I eat a ton of it, so I don't know if that's the problem or not. I'm hoping it's just some kind of detox or something...although I'm always hesitant to attribute things to "detox".

    I thought about getting the Natural Calm stuff. I actually work in the Wellness Department at a natural foods co-op, so I'll have to scope out what we've got tomorrow at work. I'll probably just pick something up even if it's not the Threonate. I'd love to sleep like a rock!

    I took a bunch of supps today, but I think I just peed them all out. I read somewhere on the blog that that is a sign of leaky gut.

    I also read on here that if you sleep like a rock after a binge, you're serotonin deficient, because the binge spikes serotonin and serotonin turns to melatonin. That is TOTALLY me. Although I've always attributed the sleep to being completely exhausted after purging, but I think it's all related. I've also heard that the purging is what actually causes the serotonin rush for some people, not the actual binge. I feel like that may be true just because I can binge like crazy and never feel satisfied until after the purge. That's when my brain seems to calm down a bit. I know this is a tangent but I've been meaning to mention it. I always feel like my brain doesn't make the "happy" chemicals. I never feel like I get any kind of endorphin rush, even after heavy exercise. Maybe that's also why I have zero sex drive? Anyway, are there any supplements that can help with that? I've tried tryptophan and 5-htp as per the Diet Cure. I didn't notice anything with the tryptophan, and the 5-htp just made me constipated. I may try the tryptophan again, just for funsies. Any suggestions?
  16. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    B complex vitamins will make your urine yellow leaky gut or not. 5-htp should never be taken alone. Always combine with tyrosine in 1:10 ratio and use co-factors (b-complex, calcium, vitamin c, cysteine). It takes about 5 days to reach neurotransmitter levels at one dose. Do not take more than 300mg of 5-htp without testing neurotransmitter levels. You have a lot of signs of an NT problem.

    Listen to this re: happy chemicals and b/p:



  17. allison09

    allison09 New Member

    Thank you Souldanzer!! That is so interesting. i watched the first video this morning, and I'm excited about it. In the past I was taking tryptophan and 5-htp with other aminos, but not in the doses suggested. Perhaps that was the problem! So I took notes on all the supps this Dr. recommends....do you think it would be a bad idea to start taking these while doing the leptin Rx?
  18. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    not at all... I think it would be a really good idea to experiment with it... just play it safe or get a consult

    I really think most people these days have a certain level of depletion going on unless they've been on very clean diets for a while. Leptin rx and fixing your gut will help with absorption of the required nutrients to help your brain become sufficient. Some people will always need supplementation depending on their history.
  19. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    if I take 5-htp on it's own I become a zombie... but I'm just fine if I follow the protocol
  20. allison09

    allison09 New Member

    Wow, that's so great! Ok, so I'm going to try and start the 5-htp again soon, just have to get the supplements! Thanks again for showing me those links, I would have never known! I'm so grateful for all the tips I've already received, you guys are awesome!

    The 5-htp I have now is 50mg/pill. Should I start slow with 50mg/day, or with 100mg/day? I know I need to start low and increase as I go, I'm just not sure if 50mg would be a waste of time. Oh, also, my 5-htp has B6 and Vit C in there already, but not at the doses recommended. If I take the doses rec'd it would be put me over, but there's no harm in a little extra B6 and C right? I'll just pee out what I don't use?

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