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Leptin Rx- 50g of protein?

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by StephanieF, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. StephanieF

    StephanieF New Member

    I’m trying to get this 50g of protein down for breakfast so i can commit to the Leptin Rx without fully comprehending the science behind all of this. I am seriously feeling stupid here- what the hell is everyone eating to get 50g in at breakfast? I meal prepped 5 breakfast sausages, two eggs and some sweet potatoes with brussels sprouts... topped with a handful of toasted pecans. I think it’s about 30grams... can someone give me a couple examples to get me going? Does 50g seem like a lot to most people when they start this? I can’t do seafood right now for breakfast- i will have to work on my tastebuds for that one so please skip those recommendations. Is this all about having left over dinner for breakfast? and lunch? so confused. please be kind in response, I’ve been researching this for almost 3 weeks and I’m still stuck!!! Is it as simple as eating all meat with a tiny bit of veggies for carbs?
    We have been plant based for a year so this is a total shift for my husband and I... clearly eating sun through mostly plants did NOT work so I am here trying to figure this out. any suggestions are welcomed- hints, blogs, info I’m missing... I’m open and asking for help with a leptin rx breakfast.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2020
  2. caroline

    caroline New Member

    nuts probably aren't a good idea.

    Have some bone broth with some butter whipped in for your drink

    BPC ....bullet proof coffee to add in extra fat

    Pork belly - lots and lots of yummy fat

    There is a huge leptinRX thread here......

    Just get started and work your way up .......it can be hard at first. Sometimes I needed more than 50 gr. to get nice and full and I wasn't all that big.

    Jack tells us to monitor how you feel about your other meals.
    Do you still need lunch? eat more for your BAB
    are you still full at dinner time? eat less BAB

    Yes ....cook extras for dinner so you have left overs. Use your crockpot over nite.

    I often cook a big blade roast for dinner and then slice and fry in butter or bacon fat for breakfast. The is surprisingly good! our new favourite.

    I just slow baked a huge beef brisket ....great for a few days of meals. Brisket is great with eggs for breakfast.

    Try not to worry so much ....just get started.

    Have a look at some carnivore websites for ideas. If you are adding in sweet potatoes and veg etc. - you will eat less protein.
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  3. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Have a read .....LEPTIN RX - FAQs

    All your answers are there
  4. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    A 250g cut of lean meat will give you 50g of protein. You can divide this up into manageable chunks and eat every 15 to 30 minutes instead of stuffing it all down at once if that helps.
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  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Yes, just eat a big steak. If you like, add veggies or salad. It is very easy to get 50 grams of protein in for a meal.
    It might seem odd first to eat steak for breakfast but as you get used to it you will love it :)
    When you start eating seafood, just eat the same amount of fish, as you did steak.
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  6. StephanieF

    StephanieF New Member

    thanks everyone! I’m getting it more now- significantly less veggies (like almost none) and a lot more meat for breakfast
    caroline likes this.
  7. StephanieF

    StephanieF New Member

    I’m giving you a hug for all these concrete examples!! I think I get it now... i have printed the Leptin Rx faq and read it a billion times but i think i needed concrete examples- so off I go, I have a better understanding now. thank you again
    caroline likes this.
  8. caroline

    caroline New Member

    thanks Stephanie - I love hugs! :D
  9. StephanieF

    StephanieF New Member

    i appreciate the encouragement- I understand better now and will get to it

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