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Leptin Rx 101: It is the spectrum of light not the macro's of food that cause obesity/Anorexia

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Sep 12, 2018.

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  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    When humans began using the alien portion of the electromagnetic spectrum along with the blue light in every screen in tech gear everywhere is when the obesity curves turned. It was not the food as the slide below shows. 1980 is when TV use really became explosive for color TV and 1995 was when technology spending took off and it created computer screens and terminals.

    It was the light and that light ruined how mitochondria could or could not handle food electrons and protons in mitochondria. Leptin resistance causes obesity. Leptin resistance = LR. LR = low melatonin because of melanopsin dysfunction. This story should not shock the older members in here but yet again you guys surprise me. Where was leptin found? Subcutaneous fat in 1994.

    Where does leptin have to go to tell the body about energy balance according to the old leptin blogs? The hypothalamus.

    What connects the two?

    The light you choose, and not the food you eat. Food out of season from the control of photosynthesis is a problem but nothing compared to the light your eye and skin observe and measures.

    A lack of full-spectrum solar exposure during the day, or getting man's light at night is the most common reason for disease epidemics today, and in my opinion, the most overlooked issue in all of medicine these days. When blue light, RF, or microwaves affects melanopsin adenosine biology is altered. This is how adenosine rises and it is when melanopsin receptors are recycled. Proper ocular melatonin cycling requires that these two frequencies (UV/IR) be present in the AM to stimulate the regeneration processes in the eye during the daytime. This quantized process also requires ABSENCE of blue/green light between 400-560nm post-sunset!!!! When these things are off the result always = INFLAMMATION = too many protons (deuterium) and/or not enough electrons at the mitochondrial cellular level = lowered melatonin levels in the eye, brain, blood plasma. The same is now true in the skin and subcutaneous fat. That is how leptin resistance in a tissue occurs. Melanopsin dysfunction turns retinol into a bomb and that bomb ruins the aromatic rings in melanopsin, leptin, and melatonin to ruin their ability to communicate with the hypothalamus to give accurate information about energy balance because information quanta are LOST.

    Life is designed to be as predictable as a pair of dice and this is why eukaryotes used viral parts and then stole a bacteria and turned it into mitochondria. It allowed cells to make better predictions using excited electrons, protons, deuterium, and diurnal and seasonal solar light changes to gain that stability by organizing cells to remain far from equilibrium.

    Anytime you slow light you become capable of slowing time and creating and changing a living system. (Vermont video 2017)

    Biochemical FLUX is explained by LIGHT: How does the enzyme know where the substrate is? It follows the path that light left in its wake. That pathway is made by excited electrons that leave the lattice and move within the electron clouds because light only interacts with electrons. Enzymes all work by proton tunneling. Protons work differently with light. Red light moves things with mass, so the mass of the proton and red light’s ability in a cell are yoked to circadian signals inside a cell. So the pathway where a connection needs to be made between two chemicals or atoms in a cell will be lined with protons and neutrons in our protein lattice. It is almost like having a canyon carved into the cell for running water to follow. In this analogy, the running water is the light that the cell assimilated and harnessed and frequency adjusted in some way. Cell water does not equal tap water or even water in our blood plasma. This means the type of protons in water matters deeply to a cell. This is why cell water is capable of acting as a molecular mirror (Vermont 2018 talk) for the 42% of infrared-A light in terrestrial sunlight. Therefore, the enzyme gains knowledge of the path it should take because light leads it to its partner molecule. This happens are lightning fast speeds (atto or femtoseconds) because the interaction between light and electrons is instantaneous. This means an enzyme knows the path through ‘a quantum observation’ of the system dynamically, of course. The enzyme, a protein, has alpha helices that absorb light in specific spectral frequencies. Those helices are tuned to the frequency of the substrates. Infrared spectroscopy demonstrates that each organic molecule has its own unique signature. Amazingly, the alpha-helices are just the right size coils to be easily tuned to the entire infrared and visible spectrum. The enzymes often organize as dimers for depth perception, just as we have two eyes.

    Alchemist & Metaphysician = ancestral beliefs that biochemistry is definitive science. Biochemistry is a solid state story of light and hydrated semiconductive proteins that change their ability as the electromagnetic signals on the surfaces of them changes the geometry in their lattice

    People forget that light and time are relative.......but the implications of both are not obvious to those who have not that deeply about it. Once you do you'll understand nature better. For example, the great thing about telescopes is that they are time machines. Because light travels at a finite speed When we look up at stars what we see how light was in a previous time. The great thing about microscopes is that we can see how time elapses because the speed of light within a tissue varies and is reflective and instructive to our perceptions.

    Do you look "at science" or do you look thru science through a lens? I submit that that most of us are prisoners to modern science perspectives because we see it via "their lenses". I look at nature and turn it 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, and degrees in between. Every time I do this, my perspective of a problem changes and I learn a little bit more about what I missed from the basic perspective from which I was taught. I learned to do this from DaVinci and Michelangelo who were masters of altering the ground and foreground in their works. They changed the sizes and shapes of proportions in their art to make the visualization of the observer more lifelike. They were masters at altering the lens that we see the world through to make it more accurate based on where we were in space and time I view science in the same way. I need to alter the perception of what we currently believe so you can see the parts of science that are unobservable in action. Just because you can't or don't see it does not make it immaterial. On the contrary, it turns out that what you can't see and do not know are the most important parts of science. Do you look at that lens and observe how it might bend reality? You should because this is the mitochondriac way.

    IMPLICATIONS? The mass of a body and its direction varies with the surface electric charge it contains. Since RF radiation induces massive surface charges we should have expected the obesity crisis during the technological revolution but we did not because we do not understand how the physics of cells are disorganized by nnEMF. When you add in what microwaves do to bonds and their angles it should be no surprise what melanopsin and retinol damage would do to things like leptin in the skin and subcutaneous fat, but most people are small thinkers. They only believe the fuel input affects the obesity quotient in the system because they do not understand the amazing nuance in how light works inside of our cells. This implies that the addition or subtraction of light changes the charge of our cells and tissues, and thusly affects our BMI. In 1998, we found melanopsin in the eye. That is where I believed obesity began until December 2017. As of December 2017, new data showed melanopsin is in the skin, subcutaneous fat, and arterioles of the skin and retina I know it can come from damage from either tissue today. Is the final story cast for me? Nope. I have more expectations that melanopsin is going to be in other places too that explain diseases today medicine is clueless about. The collateral damage depends on how melanopsin was damaged and what other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum did the damage. This implies obesity is dynamic to light damage too. Everything is relative in life and humans are too myopic to see this perspective. FOR EXAMPLE: Can a simple blue LED light from a cell phone cause carbon-nitrogen (CN) coupling using copper in you? Yep. Researchers found that "blue light was able to start the photoreduction of a substrate to form an alkyl radical via electron transfer."

    ......Carbon nitrogen coupling is the most common bonding atoms in all of biochemistry. Do you still think you're immune to all those LED's TV's, iPhones, screens, and iPads? If so, Mother Nature is chuckling at your arrogance.
    And if you're not arrogant about your technology use you are likely quite ignorant of the power of blue light to uncouple your cellular architecture in mitochondria and cells to give you diseases you cannot fathom that are linked to this interaction. ALS, PD, myopia, AD, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Yep, every disease you can think of is affected by this. It is time to upgrade your knowledge about light. https://phys.org/news/2016-02-visible-blue-copper-catalyzed-c-n-cross-couplings.html This is my Black Swan mitochondriac perspective today. I taught myself to see and now I teach it to the masses who want to learn how we really work. We know BMI is not a universal constant in biology or physics, but we wrongly assume ‘big G’ is such a constant on Earth. It cannot be a constant because the mass of any body varies with the surface charge given to it via the environment. This means fatness, muscle mass, and body type are a function of the light we live under most. These light waves “sculpt” the colony of bacteria in our gut and the colony of mitochondria in our tissues. This is where variance in humans comes from. It is never a story about the food macronutrients contrary to what the simple minds tell you and what conventional belief is about dietary guidelines.

    Food gurus keep blaming food and never seem to realize how powerful parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are in regulating melanopsin dysfunction in the eye, skin, and gut. Consider this latest warning from a chronobiologic researcher. “It doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, young or old, or what your ethnicity is, your body’s internal clock regulates half your genome," says new light research data published in @ScienceTM http://bit.ly/2x7kNII #melanopsinwisdom. I wonder when Nina Teicholz and Gary Taubes will begin to study what really matters instead the blaming the dietary guideline for the obesity crisis.

  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    More Leptin Rx wisdom data with support. When you fix the light cycle Kreb's bicycle begins to do things the food gurus cannot explain. Black Swans can. We repair the engines and do not worry about the fuels. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5786199/
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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