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Leptin Reset journal.....or 'Why is the neighbor wearing sunglasses at night?'

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Endless, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. endless

    endless New Member

    I have a hard time CTing if I am already cold, so for me I think summer would be easier. Today I would have seriously considered getting in the river but it was really windy. The water is probably 38 but would feel colder because of the current I would think.

    Speaking of CT, I think I have noticed some strength gains from it. I have taken the 'no exercise' LR pretty seriously and other than walking have done almost nothing for the last year (April I think was when I started...) Today I had a fitness assessment with a friend who is a personal trainer, because like an idiot I have signed up for the Tough Mudder in Whistler in June and I need to start training. She was actually very amazed at how strong I was for how little I have done. I had to keep going up in weight so she could get me to failure on bicep curls. I managed to plank for 1.5 minutes. Now if only my body would begin to LOOK like it's strong and fit. I am really hoping this bloated middle of mine starts to deflate soon, it's so embarrassing to not be able to suck in my gut.
  2. diane

    diane Gold

    Way to go Krista! Those strength gains are amazing!
  3. endless

    endless New Member

    Thanks Diane! I'm pretty impressed, and I figure it must be the CT that's kept me from becoming a total weakling....good motivation to keep it up.

    I started digging a flower bed beside the porch today. I can tell I will be outside lifting heavy things very soon, whenever it's not raining!
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    That is awesome krista.....before you know it you will be back to your swelte self! That is what JK has been saying all along .....you will get much fitter and stronger without the exercise

    I see so many people jogging at the beach on a hot day and I just see a heart attack waiting to happen.. Lots of older and really out of shape people too. There was a young girl yesterday who was very obese and her trainer kept hollering at her to pick up the pace. I was hoping she had her cell on her to call an Ambo.
  5. endless

    endless New Member

    I'm glad I don't fall for that anymore. Sometimes I watch The Biggest Loser on tv and their workouts are alarming! I can't even imagine what their cortisol levels must be at. Yet, how do they lose so much weight? It's a mystery to me.

    Things seem to be ok on my HAB regime....I'm making sure to have a BP matcha every morning for the fat, and today it was 3 eggs and an avocado again. Lunch yesterday was a can of tuna with celery and green onion and curry powder and mayo, eaten outside in the sun with bare feet!! Love that spring is here:D

    Friday the oyster merchant is in town, I will buy my usual 2 dozen and have a feast. Maybe some mussels this time, too. I`m not buying them from the grocery store lately, I`m trying to cut down on my spending as the supps were pretty expensive this last order. I`ll eat the GF beef and elk in the freezer and the canned fish, and save my splurge for the oysters.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    sounds like a good plan .....I am spending so much money too.....I am gonna need to get a job!
  7. endless

    endless New Member

    Well, had a can of sardines for lunch while sitting in a parking lot in my car....not ideal but what the hell. I need to have something more, though, I was really hungry by 4pm. I forgot to put the mac nuts in the car, a few of those would have been enough I think.

    Strange weather...snow one minute, sun the next. Bought myself a wheelbarrow today for gardening purposes, but when I went to assemble it I discovered they'd given me the wrong handles:mad: Sooo, I could either drill new holes, or wait till tomorrow and exchange them. I'm thinking I won't be building the flower bed tonight so I might just wait.

    I started my 'couch to 5k style' running training today....1 minute running, 2 minutes walking, repeat 10 times. After this week it's increasing the running by 1 minute a day till you are running for 30 minutes. Running is not really my thing but I will have to train in it a bit for the event in June. It's a 20km course so if I don't run some of it we'll be out there for hours! The CT is good training too...here's a pic of one of the course obstacles from last year.... tmvan.jpg
  8. endless

    endless New Member

    My sleep seems to be getting better. I don't wake up thinking 'wow, what an awesome sleep', but I often don't get up to pee until about 5am, and that's usually after about 7 hours. Ideally I'd like to sleep 8, but I've never been a long sleeper so 7 might be my limit. I try to stay up but 10 is my usual bedtime.

    Pan fried sole fillets for breakfast, with my BP matcha. No ripe avocados this morning so I grabbed a couple slices of bacon to top off the fat. No carbs other than the coconut flour breading I used. I peed on a stick this morning out of curiosity and I am definitely in ketosis now, despite having a single glass of wine with dinner and a few squares of 80%. I think cutting the dairy out (except butter) and laying off the stevia soda and kombucha has made a huge difference in how I feel.

    I've made it to day 23 so far this cycle with the progesterone started on day 12. Was feeling a bit twingy last night, so I'm not sure if I will make it the whole 28 days this time or not, but at least I'm heading back in the right direction! Hopefully this bloating will start to decrease as well. I was thinking of stopping the D-Ribose for a week to see if that might be contributing, after reading that thread with Mamagrok's experience. Maybe next cycle. Right now I'm just visualizing getting my period at the right time, and peeing out all the extra fluid my body seems to be storing!
  9. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    I have never gotten the stick to turn pink let alone purple. I just don't get it. It's great you're there though because being a fat burner is definitely where it's at. Good for you!
  10. endless

    endless New Member

    Darleen, it doesn't turn easily for me, either. Never has. Honestly, I think the difference is that I've started exercising again.
  11. endless

    endless New Member

    Wow, I'm getting off lucky today....no work intruding on my life yet today :eek: Did another 30 minutes of intervals followed by 15 minutes of lower body CT. I was tempted to try the river but didn't really plan for it when I left the house....maybe tomorrow if it's appropriate.

    Sun shining again today too...now that my legs are freezing I think I'll head outside for some sun and see if I can warm them back up.
  12. endless

    endless New Member

    Well, the sun may not be high enough to give me vitamin D, but it is high enough to burn....I have a sunburn on my face and chest after being out for about 2 hours this morning. Makes me wonder how high my D has to be to protect me. Higher than it is now, obviously! I've put aloe on and vitamin C serum, but it's still very red and inflamed.

    Anyone have any good remedies?
  13. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    I use to put vinegar on a cloth and keep lightly pressing it on the skin for a bit. Then the heat will come out (you will feel it) and you will feel much better. It can be difficult to put vinegar by the nose though, LOL! Good luck.
  14. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    cold wet tea bags also should help ... the tannin in the tea is supposed to soothe sunburn. And this is why I started the tanning booth in February. I wanted to be adjusted (i.e.tanned) before I got out in the real thing. Some of the worst sunburns I had as a kid I got in early Spring in mid-morning. Only for me it would only take about 20 minutes, not two hours. So maybe you've made progress?

    And just fyi, when I was in college I went skiing 2 days in a row and blistered my face (this was in the dark ages before sunscreen). I peeled 3 layers of skin and looked like a raccoon for months. There was some nasty concoction called Foille ??? the infirmary gave me to put on the burn. THAT one didn't hurt because it was so bad. It was just ugly.
  15. endless

    endless New Member

    So I am confused about the vitamin D thing. How can the sun be strong enough to burn, but not strong enough to stimulate Vit. D? That doesn't make sense to me.

    thanks for the suggestions, I will do both I think. I'm a little bummed about the burn (although it felt SO GOOD sitting out there yesterday!) because today it is snowing and gray again and it would have been a perfect day for the tanning salon. I think I'll be laying off for several days to heal my skin instead. I used an ice pack on it last night, and will do some face dunks this morning (maybe cold tea instead? Hmmm...)

    Kind of ok with the snow other than that....I am SORE today, and not upset about missing my running/walking. I did that in the morning yesterday, followed by finally putting together my wheelbarrow and finishing my new flowerbed, which involved lifting some very heavy things (rocks). Then I raked the yard and various other tasks, followed by fire practice. I did stretch last night before bed but my muscles are sore today. I think the CT helped, I did it right after the run, and only the lower body.

    I took an extra dose of mag last night, and I am feeling it this morning in the nether regions. Funny, the other three types (malate, orotate, threonate) combined are a fairly substantial amount, but I've never gotten loose stools from them. The citrate, I get it often. This time could have been just pushing me over the edge of tolerance, but I've noticed it with smaller doses as well. I wonder if that means I SHOULD take citrate, or shouldn't?

    I went nuts in Crappy Tire yesterday and bought a whole bunch of bulbs! Freesias, lilies, tulips, hostas, crazy Peruvian daffodils, astilbe and begonias. I haven't even made the shade bed yet, so getting a bit ahead of myself here. I also bought deer netting, and I am going to need it. Tulips are like deer crack.
  16. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Nothing like planting all those great things and reaping the loveliness from it! Keep writing, you might motivate me to do more. I have an open bed that has been sitting for years and really needs some attention.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I have no affinity for plants at all - wish I did......sounds like you are quite an all rounder! Seems like you are a very handy gal!
  18. endless

    endless New Member

    I try, Caroline! I have been single for a good while too, so usually if I want something done I have to learn to do it myself!

    I used to have a huge vegetable garden, and I grew most of our food. I started getting burnt out because I was the only one doing most of the work (I was living with a hedonist who always found something more enjoyable to do than weed) so I quit. I moved around a lot for the last several years, and last year was my first garden again in awhile. I am back to loving it...even though I still have beautiful winter squash under my bed that I have not been eating! Guess I should give the rest away. I can easily grow all my onions and garlic for the year, and usually I grow lots of beets and carrots as well. I suppose I will shift my focus a bit to reflect my changing diet. No need for winter squash or root veggies in such abundance, and I will grow more sturdy greens. I will still grow lots of tomatos and make fresh salsa, because I love growing tomatos.

    Less than stellar dinner last night...I worked fairly steadily all day and then stopped in at a gym on my way home to try out the new program my trainer friend made for me. I did only half of it though, it was getting last and I was so hungry. I picked up a cooked rotisserie chicken and some greek salad and vinaigrette slaw at the grocery store because I couldn't wait. So....not even good quality chicken! Oh well. At least I didn't use it as an excuse to go get gluten free pizza.

    Breakfast was the same, leftovers from dinner plus my BP matcha. I'm very impressed with my body for handling the caffeine so well this past week! I still get a bit of 'bumpiness' in ym heartbeat, but the palpitations seem to be much less than they used to be. I have been avoiding this matcha powder because when I tried it before it made my heart crazy. I'm taking D-Ribose in the morning too, wonder if that helps?

    I am going to try to hit the gym again today. My body is really loving the activity after so long avoiding it. I am staying mindful of my cortisol and making sure I don't get too intense. Making an effort to spend my evening 'tv' time on the floor stretching instead of just sitting.
  19. janagram

    janagram New Member

    yeah, I am doing that latter thing too! I love it! I get into some deep stretches, downward dog (that makes it hard to watch the tv), some plank poses, just plain squatting...its fun.
  20. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    I just used to burn so fast that I couldn't stay out long enough to make any D. that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

    I have given up trying to have any kind of flowers. The damn deer even eat my marigolds. I tried putting them in window boxes and the little bastards come right up to the house and just nibble away. Actually, half the time they yank the plants right outta the dirt.

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