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Leaky Gut -My positivity is coming back

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Danny, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I think this kind of stuff is happening to all of us here ......kind of an optimal groundswell of people getting it , connecting and moving forward ......
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  2. Danny

    Danny New Member

    I felt a little validated meeting this guy, b/c the same things happened to him except to a much greater degree. We both lost weight, muscle, strength, cognitive functioning. He had teeth fall out from this! Wow!
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  3. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Blood test results collected on 9/26/16 vs. 3/31/15

    9/26/16 3/31/15

    Blood Glucose 89 -- 92

    Hemoglobin A1c 5.4 -- 5.7

    BUN : Creatinine 7.77 -- 12.9

    HS CRP < .2 -- Not done

    Potassium 4.2 -- 4.7

    Calcium 8.7 -- 8.9

    Iron, total 55 -- 96

    Iron Binding Capacity 230 LOW -- 232 LOW

    Ferritin 191 -- 228

    % Saturation 24 -- 41

    Hemoglobin 14.4 -- 14.6

    Hematocrit 42.8 -- 43.6

    Red Blood Cell Count 4.75 -- 4.75

    White Blood Cell 5.2 -- 4.9

    TSH 1.23 -- 1.36

    T3 Uptake 35 -- 33

    T4 (Thyroxine) 6.3 -- 8.1

    Free T4 Index 2.2 -- 2.7

    Vitamin D 25 OH 105 -- 55.6
  4. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Yesterday I used my tendlite, red light device, on my head and base of my neck (not the base of my skull).

    The specs of the device are as follows:
    Voltage 4.5v DC at 3.0-watt input
    LED: red 660nm
    Optical output 1600 mw
    Spot coverage: 1" radius at 1 inch from optic

    I used it at about 6 inches ... about 30 secs on the base of my neck and 30 secs on the top of my head. Today I had this burst of anger out of almost nowhere. It was a bit scary... it almost felt like a mini breakdown. In the past I dealt w/ emotional outbursts of anger. Just wondered if anyone else ever experienced this or has any insight as to why this might happen.
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I have no insight in this ^^^^^^^

    I am finding with all the sunshine and grounding I am way, way more mellow than I have ever been.

    Danny ...but I m wondering how you and your lovely little family are doing............
  6. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Hey Audrey! Hope and Jet are doing really well! Just finished building a porch so she can work outside all day. She's loving it. Also, she's had this stubborn rash near her ankle that would go away when in Mexico, but come back when at home. I measured her work area at home and realized the AC adapter for her laptop was getting a high reading and just happened to be near that left ankle. I moved it as far from her as I could and ... the rash is almost all gone just after about 2 weeks. She's been able to do her work on the porch for 3 days now as well. I'm excited to see what benefits come her way from these moves. We are heading back to Mexico at the end of June for a couple of weeks. We'll be looking at rentals while there. The plan is to find a place to stay from December to April. Sounds like you are well. Have you guys done much traveling to find a more optimal environment?
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Danny - what a great update! How are you doing?

    We have found a place that we will relocate to .... about 4 hours south of us - on the coast. Property is much cheaper so we should be able to afford a place very close to the ocean and there is lots of national parks and very low density.

    I was a little worried that we would miss Sydney .... but we were just there yesterday and it drives us crazy! Way too may people and everyone is on their iPhone and not watching where they are going!

    It isn't as if we couldn't go back when we want to anyway.

    We are just counting the days until we can get the camper trailer back on the road. Tony had shoulder/rotator cuff surgery 8 weeks ago ago and he is making a fantastic recovery. Lots and lots of sunshine and grounding and seafood has really paid off - the surgeon is impressed.

    Will Doris still be in Mexico when you go back? Is that the area you hope to rent a place?
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I forgot to say Danny ...... I am incredibly proud of you and all the progress you have made towards your optimal life!

    Maybe, when you have time .....give Rocky a G'day - I think he is looking at your area to relocate.
  9. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Hey Audrey, Doris will be in Progreso. We'll be looking for places to rent in Playa. We did visit her back in December and had a great time. I will reach out to Rocky. I always appreciate your words. We inspire each other. Read my next post.
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  10. Danny

    Danny New Member

    I coach a flag football team of 8 year olds. One of the boys has seizures and wets the bed in the middle of the night. The mother approached me as she overheard me talking about some other related issues. The boy was sleeping w/ a light on in the closet b/c he's afraid of the dark. Long story short I told her she'd better wean him from that light and while you're at it shut off the router at night. 3 weeks w/ no light and 50% of the time w/ the router off and no seizures of bed wetting accidents. He had incidents every night before this.
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  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    completely fantastic Danny!
  12. Danny

    Danny New Member

    It's interesting how much more you can accomplish when you are functioning at a higher level. This too is exponential. I've been feeling really good lately. I have such a high motivation to make every move a beneficial one. I did a 48 hour fast the other day w/o any problem. I made the decision to do it in the moment. I wasn't hungry so I didn't eat. When I became hungry I ate.

    The way forward has never been clearer, and just like Matty_M talked about in his journal, living in the present is a huge part of the way forward. W/ my change in redox there are things coming up in me that hadn't been there for over a decade. There are going to be some big changes coming!

    I will be in Playa from June 26th to July 11th. If any of you are going to be there at the same time let me know.
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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have a wonderful time with your family Danny .....as usual - please post some pics!
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  14. Danny

    Danny New Member

    A while back I found a guitar teacher that was willing to teach a group of homeschool kids once a week. We would meet at the park under the shade of a pavilion and oak trees. The one time I don't show all of the parents decide they want to move the lessons indoors b/c it's too hot and they don't like the bugs, which are not bad at all. Everyone of the parents and kids is in terrible shape except one kid. I'll figure something out.
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  15. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Hi Jack! I got smacked in the head by a wave about 2 weeks back. I still have water in my ear from it. Do you have a suggestion for getting water out of the ear? I went freediving last week. The water in my ear didn't seem to bother me while diving, but it's just still there. Thanks! I only caught the last 45 min of the Q and A last night, but it was great. I can't wait to listen to the rest of it.

    Also, I'm doing CT in a horse trough, outside, 2 to 3 times a week in the mornings. Temperature is usually around 67 degrees. Would morning be the best time for CT? Considering it's summertime I thought maybe getting cool before bed might be more beneficial than first thing in the morning.

    Lastly, I have noticed better sleep while on and incline w/ my head higher than my feet by about 2 inches. I tried the 6 inches a 5 or 6 months back and got a hemmhoroid 2 days later. I repeated the same experiment a month or so later and same thing... hemmhoroid. Also, I put my son's bed at a head up incline. He seemed as though he was sleeping better, but he was becoming very emotional during the day, crying about little things. He's usually not like that. So, I put his bed flat again and w/in a day or 2 he wasn't super emotional anymore. Not sure what to think except that this might be a sign that our redox is not up to snuff.
    Thanks Jack!

    On another note. My way forward has never been clearer. Things are playing out in my mind, throughout my day, to the extent that I can actually visualize my future. I think this is a promising sign. 2 years ago I didn't see my future and life decisions were so difficult. We are slowly selling everything and will be in Playa in 6 to 9 months. I just sold my boat and am stoked about that! The plan is to stay in Playa for 2 to 3 years and then to establish something somewhere in the Yucatan or another part of the Carribean. We will be there in one week to look for rentals.

    I have been meeting so many people and turning them on to LWM. I am really connecting w/ about 5 to 6 new people every week who have been following up w/ me w/ questions and reports on their results. I've done another nnEMF reading at someone's house and I have one more this week. I really enjoy the whole process of talking about the detriments of nnEMF and helping them to mitigate them. Knowing that I am changing the course of someone's life in such a way is exciting!
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  16. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Hi Audrey... Is there a way to tag Jack so I can notify him of something I want him to look at in my journal? Thanks!
  17. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    @Danny Just put an at in front of his name like I did with yours.
  18. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Thanks Sean!
  19. Danny

    Danny New Member

    @Jack Kruse Hi Jack! Would you mind giving me your opinion on the post just above that starts... Hi Jack! ? I didn't know how to tag you until now. Thanks!
  20. Danny

    Danny New Member

    I did another nnEMF reading of someone's home. Almost every time I ask someone about their wireless habits they say something like..."I only use my laptop or I-pad 2 or 3 times a day for 15 minutes or so each time when I'm home". Yet they leave the router plugged in all day long. Husband works outside of the home and she is a stay at home mom w/ 2 kids. They do a lot outside of the home, but she spends hours there during the day and obviously sleeps there at night.

    I did a reading for one woman (age 62) who already had her computer hard wired in. She had no wireless devices yet the router was functioning 24 hours a day. Some people don't even have a clue how this stuff works.

    It does feel good to shut down this crap storm inside someone's home especially when they have kids. I am the Wi-Fi killer!
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