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Leaky Gut -My positivity is coming back

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Danny, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Danny

    Danny New Member

    DSCN0323-001.JPG Tulum Beach
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    nice family shot!
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  3. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Under the Mayan Cell Tower...

    I feel a duty to report on my experience in Playa del Carmen and through sharing my thoughts I hope to wrap my mind further around the effect of the crater. I am grounding naked in the sun as I write this... get naked with me and enjoy the read :) .

    The 2 hr car ride to the Orlando airport, 2 hours in the airport, 2 hours on the plane, 2 hours to get to our Playa condo in the middle of a rainstorm wore me out. My wife and son were worn too. All we could think of was finding a place to eat. We were starving... I would have never given that a second thought in the past. At the restaurant, my first thoughts were... everything has nightshades and I don't know how to say gluten in Spanish. I home I maintain strict avoidance of these things because of my leaky gut. I was hungry and threw caution to the wind. I had shrimp ceviche with tomatoes, plantains with sour cream and cheese, and chips with a lot guacamole and more tomatoes. Oh well... if I have a stomachache, I have a stomachache. (but it never came... not even a blip)

    The sun had set when we arrived at our condo where we would be staying for the next 7 days. There was light everywhere, we were between 2 nightclubs with music blasting, I was getting 4 to 6 mG reading from my trimeter in most areas on the floor inside our room, and oh yeah... there was a cell tower on top of the building next to us less than 50 meters away. I thought... "Jack must be out of his mind about Playa". I was exhausted. I barely remember falling asleep around 9PM. I woke up around 2 AM and noticed the night clubs had quieted and that I had this relaxing feeling as though I had melted into the bed. I thought... 'That son of a bitch is right, he's not crazy, it's the magnetism'. I went right back to sleep and woke feeling great. My sleep back home is less broken up and seems deeper, but at home I sleep on a 10G magnetico and not under a cell tower.

    The health benefits continued to creep in steadily, insidiously, over the next 7 days. My ordinarily leaky gut was handling nightshades, ice cream (twice a day), chocolate everyday, and the most shocking of all... coconut water and meat from 5 whole, young coconuts during my visit. A glass of coconut water alone would probably send me running for the bathroom back home. I had this desire to walk everywhere... 5...6...7 miles a day. It reminds me of going into Manhattan when I was younger. I would walk from the Staten Island Ferry, across the Brooklyn Bridge and back, through midtown, through central park, and back to the ferry. I was actually getting quite a bit of deja vu while in Playa.

    At home I can barely plan my schedule for the next day. In Playa I was planning things in my head and on paper for weeks and months ahead and I wasn't forgetting a thing. I used to do this I had just forgotten about it. Things seemed to be getting filed and sorted in my brain. I felt mellow, calm, peaceful, happy, focused, industrious, and ambitious all at the same time.

    My wife had no headaches and the pain from her injured shoulder was undetectable. She forgot all about them. One amazing thing to watch was my son's love of drawing coming into the light. He was drawing every chance he had.

    My time with Jack...

    We met on the beach at sunrise in Playa... an apropos meeting. He had an iron grip and a gentle smile. We went to breakfast w/ my wife and son. Jack wanted to treat, but had to go run up to his room for his card. I told him there was no way he was treating us to breakfast. The way I figure it, he's bought me time enough to cover a few thousand breakfasts and many more if I push myself to be a better student. So, I owe him about 9,999 more breakfasts. Thank goodness he just has water most of the time :) ! Jack made me feel like an old friend. No pretension, just conversation. He was so comfortable my wife and son as well. In Playa, I didn't feel the urge to ask Jack anything... I was confident in my mind's ability to figure things out. Our time was brief, but I enjoyed the connection. I look forward to our next meeting.

    My trip home...

    Shortly after my trip I felt the nice neat stacks in my brain began to crumble. I had to get right back to my diet restrictions and seizing every opportunity to maximize my quantum yield. It's been a week since we've returned and it's hard to explain, but I feel as though some of the benefits of being in Playa remained.

    Other anecdotes from the Yucatan...

    Over the past year I came to learn that my uncle has been visiting Playa from January to April for the past 15 years. We've had a few conversations about the differences he notices when he is there. He says that when he is in Playa he falls asleep on his back w/ his hands folded across his chest and a smile on his face. He wakes up in the same position. He says after about 3 weeks there, he begins to walk slower, savor more, and that everything seems to slow down. He's happy, his memory is much better, no hangovers, food tastes better, his motivation is high, no pain, etc. etc.. He notices very little arguing among the people there and no road rage. His 77 year old friend who has been living there for the past 25 years carries his 5 gallon water container like a suit case up a steep street and bike rides everywhere. He has a group of American friends who arrive in Playa around the same time and they all leave around the same time. He says when it's time to leave everyone cries like somebody has died... I thought that was very interesting.

    My cousin, his wife, and his son spent the month of March/2015 in Merida. His non-verbal son, 4 years old at the time, starting saying Spanish words that he picked up from watching cartoons there. At home in New Jersey he doesn't speak a word... in the Yucatan he was speaking Spanish words! Unfortunately even though I've tried to hammer home why they saw what they saw in their son the connection wasn't quite made. To this day they are still driving hours back and forth to upstate NY in search of answers for their son.


    This trip has made me realize that I've reached a plateau on my journey. It's time to aim higher and more wisely and accurately. I have to stop 'flying blind' as Jack mentions. I'll admit 2 things that I'm sure are apparent to some already... from the time I first starting reading Jack's stuff I made a decision in my mind that I didn't want to do any heavy bio-hacking. I hated the term. I didn't want to do it. I didn't understand the significance. Also, even though the cognitive hurdles are very real for me, I've used my ADD symptoms as an excuse for not reaching my full potential. No more... I'm taking the reigns back.

    Enjoy the pictures of my brilliant wife and son swimming in the aura of timeless playa... https://picasaweb.google.com/106007...98081?authkey=Gv1sRgCJC3n9uLmMaEIw&feat=email
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    FYI: Booked my next visit to the crater the day I came home. NYE will be Mexican.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Paul said, "In the June 2014 webinar you said that low levels of Dopamine in the brain mean we have less quits, less energy, less light, less information from waves being filtered into our quantum computing platforms in our eyes and brains = we think less well and make poor decisions and the big question to ask would be Is my current perception reality? Over many years both memory and imagination has declined but perhaps there are sparks of a resurgence??

    Dopamine is our hunt and reward neurotransmitter. It is responsible for memory, focus, and energy levels. Dysfunction in the dopamine pathways has been implicated in neurodegeneration, ADD, ADHD, and various mood disorders such as schizophrenia. Leptin resistence can cascade into dopamine resistance.

    I am homozygous (+/+) for COMT V158M and COMT H62H which *may* mean I have trouble breaking down neurotransmitters such as Dopamine.
    Since COMT +/+ mutations slow the activity of the COMT enzyme, this variant slows dopamine metabolic activity, allowing dopamine levels to build. As a result, these higher levels then feed back and inhibit additional dopamine synthesis.

    That is cause Dopamine Resistance." Is ADHD really a light disease Dr. Kruse? Answer: Yep. Everyone has a DIFFERENT efficiency in pumping protons out of their mitochondria and converting them to ATP—this is called the coupling efficiency. This efficiency is linked to your maternal mitochondrial haplotype. People at the equator rarely uncouple because their surfaces are always hot because of equatorial sun. They rarely get ADHD too. This tells you high quantum yield sun light builds dopamine levels and sensitizes the brain to dopamine because melatonin, melanin, and serotonin are also higher. ADHD is a like like MS. The further you go toward the poles the more ADHD shows up. Why? At the poles there is very little UV light, certain animals could never live there, but some mammals could. Humans are that one primate who could even though we came from Africa. Why? MtDNA developed SNP's that allowed a higher loss of heat by uncoupling more. SNP's are quantum change agents for mitochondria. People with COMT SNP's especially generate internal heat by being able to uncouple their mitochondrial membranes. This is why your mitochondrial haplotype is a key piece of information today for ADHD. It is a benefit. Why do people with these SNP's get it more today? Because they live indoors 24/7 in a blue lit, microwaved world and the SNP's work against them. This lowers dopamine levels and ADHD is just one disease that manifests. The SNP's associated with human migrations out of Africa are the key to understand how you are best built to deal with sunlight. Very few people understand SNP's. My July 2016 will explode this link for my members Paul. https://www.chronobiology.com/adhd-linked-circadian-rhythm-disruption/
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Enlightenment is an intimacy with sunlight. SNP’s are modifications of that intimacy based upon human migration patterns. If you’re still searching for the perfect indoor cure and you have SNP’s you’ll continue to wander through science journals and facebook groups numb and dumb. People listen best with their back to the wall it seems. If you don't know how to slow things down, Mother Nature will do it for you and it won't be pretty. Exercise doesn’t “burn off” a bad diet……sunlight can though - says the June and July 2016 webinar’s at www.jackkruse.com. You’ll here some unique uncommon ways health is built and maintained.
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  8. Linz

    Linz Gold

    I loved reading about your experiences Danny, and great photos, really made me think. We are just back from a holiday by the Mediterranean and there is nothing quite like walking along a deserted beach and swimming in the early morning light. I had no trouble with the tomatoes either and all the food was local ,seasonal, fresh ... when the fish shop closed they set up tables and chairs in the car park outside and grilled whatever was left or cooked shellfish pasta and served it all with wine and spring water in disposable cups and plates.
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  9. JMO

    JMO Gold

    Thanks Danny for sharing. Amazing that your trimeter was putting out readings like that yet you still felt great. I hope we get to vacation there soon. That is such a great teaching tool for your kids to have them realize how good it feels in this environment.
  10. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    It's hard to tell but you look younger in that pic than in profile pic...
  11. Danny

    Danny New Member

    We literally slept under a cell tower! :)
  12. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Look and feel it. Thanks Sean
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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks so much Danny for sharing your thoughts and insights with all of us.

    I think,maybe, in some ways your optimal journey is really just beginning. You are really focused now and you see all the wonderful possibilities for you and your beautiful little family!

    I keep thinking about meeting up with JK ... ..and all the transformations that take place.

    Is it that we are compelled to go for reasons that we don't fully understand? We only know we have to do this for ourself - no matter what......

    We become very focused on our own personal optimal journey ......and can't be deterred or denied......???
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  14. Mystic Rose60

    Mystic Rose60 Let the sun shine on you :))

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  15. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Just came back from 3 days in Anna Maria, FL and 3 days in Key Largo. The magnetism that extends from the gulf waters is undeniable even in a hell hole. I felt it in Anna Maria, felt it in Key Largo. I've even felt it before in Clearwater and St. Pete beach which are definite hell holes. I have a lot of work to catch up on and some of Jack's stuff to read and listen to before this week's Q and A
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  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Danny - you are living the dream! You have a solid foundation now to build your future on.
    It's funny .... Although I said solid foundation - all of this is a moveable feast!

    We are in positive forward motion .....quantumly speaking of course!
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  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It must look to others that we are just kicking back and not doing much of anything......and yet we are doing everything.

    We are doing a full body plant in life!
  18. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Every day has a sense of purpose now. Even my vacations have purpose... checking out possible places to live. I am doing many QED things to keep my focus and drive going. This allows me to work part time, take care of my son, and plan for the future.
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  19. Danny

    Danny New Member

    If you haven't read Jack's info on the issue w/ fluoride in medicines and what to do properly rebuild damaged collagen networks you must read it... https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/have-you-been-floxxed-drugs-what-do-jack-kruse ... it doesn't get more comprehensive than this. I'm not sure that I could ever be thankful enough for Jack's info. I am trying my best to be a caring, thoughtful person, and contributing to the betterment of humanity and our environment every chance I get. The better I feel, the more purpose I feel, the more I want to give back. On my trip to the keys my family stopped to get something to eat. I skipped lunch and went into the Petland (puppy mill shit house) and requested to see several dogs just so I could pull them out of their glass cages and give them as much love as I possibly could. I find myself getting more and more involved when I feel it's called for.
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  20. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Today was a good day and it's not even over yet. I've been out of the mix for a bit. Computer issues (finally broke down and got a new laptop), work, and other issues have been occupying my time.
    Today, I got a bit of validation and a lot of inspiration. I met a guy who used to put up cell towers. He was an on-site project manager. He became really sick. His wife, a nurse at the time, said he had all of the signs of radiation sickness and then it dawned on them... the towers were making him sick. He realized that they were putting these towers on churches, schools!, hospitals!, nursing homes!, etc.. He got out of the business and has been battling for his life ever since. He and I are going to collaborate in some way to bring awareness... I can feel it. Our conversation was incredible!
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