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LBV's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by labellavita, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    Caroline, thank you so much for your words of encouragement and support!
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    my pleasure! We are all on a wonderful journey here - we are all very lucky!

    It is simple really ..... but often not easy.

    We all have two choices .... we can be planted below ground ...or we can be fully engaged above ground - no matter what - there is always something else we can do, something else we can read, someone here to talk to or ask a question or give a helping hand or a simple cyber touch of kindness.

    We are all tangled .....

    Dr. K. shows up everyday ....so that is the least we can do!
  3. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    With so few people that I can talk to about this I truly appreciate the support!

    I have a general question, not sure if I should ask it here, elsewhere on the forum or on FB... but I am due to see my dr (or his nurse, I seem to have been bumped) for new thyroid meds/labs. I know that I need to ask for full thyroid panels (which they don't always do but I WANT), having my D tested is a given, what else should I request with my history? Homocysteine? Folate? Thank you.
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have you read Dr. K's book? The Epi-Paleo RX

    There is a lot there about labs....

    Maybe ask your question in the lab section......?
  5. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    I will ask, thank you Caroline. I'm not a very good journalist, need to get in the habit of being more open with my life and checking in regularly. Hard to know what to say at times, but I remembered this a week ago and wanted to post it here...

    When I worked in the pre-press publishing department we would pour benzene on cheesecloth and wipe down the art before we sent it to the printer. Ads, logos, etc. That had to be terrible for my bone marrow. :-(

    Also remembered how often I worked in the 4-color department. There were no light bulbs in that room, we all had light tables, tables where the top was made of glass and there was a light bulb underneath. We would separate the colors of the display ads and logos and put each color on a separate plate, blue pieces on a blue plate, red pieces on a red plate, etc, all aligned to a grid, that is why we needed the light tables so that we could see the grid through the plates to align the artwork so that it would print nice and neat.

    Sigh... I would sometimes arrive to work so early it would still be dark, worked in the dark room all day, maybe went outside at lunch, maybe not, went back to work in the dark all day, went home in the light and depending on the time of year it would be evening pretty quickly and dark again. Did that for months/years. I was young and naive, did that off and on pretty much throughout my entire 20s.

    I worked with two girls in that department, both loved the sun... sunbathed, tanning booth, and the beach. One of the women was the one who got me into the tanning booth. I look back at the people that I worked with, I developed bone marrow cancer, one guy developed colon cancer (since has passed), another guy don't know what happened to him but one day he didn't show up to work, after a couple of days they called his daughter to check on him, he was found dead in his apartment (I would like to know what happened to him to see if it was work related but really it doesn't matter, the work environment wasn't healthy, the end), another guy was sick from something else, possibly HIV/AIDS... one of the women who loved the sun I see on FB and she is OK, would need to make contact with the other, but this seems like such an obvious connection.

    I have some serious circadian rhythm mismatch issues to overcome. When my son was born he was a horrible sleeper, I became desperate for sleep, couldn't handle being woken up 4 times a night, I became grouchy and a walking zombie, and in retrospect that is probably around the time when my thyroid became much worse.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2016
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Unfortunately - your work environment says it all......... very, very sad

    What else are you doing to turn your titanic around?
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  7. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    I am overwhelmed right now, Caroline, to be honest.

    I try to keep up with the group on FB and Dr Kruse's FB pages so I'm learning there. Need to finish reading his book. I need to increase our income to fund more lifestyle changes, eating as much fish as many do is simply not in our budget for 4 people, two being teens who can eat all day long and a hungry husband who between the three of them almost always eat seconds. Definitely need to ration the seafood and limit portions there. So I need to dig out my list of how much DHA each type of seafood has and what a decent portion even is.

    I think I need to break this down so that I can do what I can do (afford) and not get so overwhelmed (read: guilty). I can get out in the sun, check. I can limit blue light, check.... just baby step this. I haven't even checked into replacing our light bulbs yet as it just stresses me right now. So many pieces! Between chemo brain, hypothyroid brain, and low dopamine brain this chick is struggling. :eek: But I'm putting one foot in front of the other and am not quitting. :thumbsup: I do like Gunning's book, "My Natural Life," it is well organized and it helps me feel more organized and less stressed. I printed out the pages and put them in a binder. I may do my own Excel spreadsheets so that I can personalize them for me, I think that would be a big help in keeping me on task.
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I can understand that you are overwhelmed ...... Can I call you Bella?

    you are moving forward tho .....

    First and foremost ....You need to take care of you! Right now you need to be quite selfish and improve your health.

    Forget about changing lite bulbs for now ..... do you have blue blockers? They are very inexpensive.

    Turn lites out as much as possible ..... do you have a safe haven for you? A room where you can keep lites off? and wifi off?

    Dr. K. tells all of us over and over the most important steps to regain health ....

    good water

    Those things are very inexpensive and very doable

    Okay - lets talk seafood.....

    Seafood is huge for you to heal. Make a big meatloaf for your hungry family and you have seafood!

    I am assuming that your family is well?

    back to seafood ...... sardines should be top of your list!

    cans of mackerel are very inexpensive.

    Make friends with your local fish guy .... get bones etc, to make stock. I buy salmon offcuts to make salmon patties - there is a recipe in the recipe section.

    What about a MHS? mackerel head smoothie..... it would be great for your brain.

    I buy small frozen fish at a Chinese grocery store, let thaw slightly, add some cold water, fresh lemon juice and fresh herbs of your choice and blend the crap out of it! ...and chug!

    Where are you located? I can't remember ....

    what about liver? heart? blood sausage? etc.

    BTW - frozen seafood is cheaper and very acceptable ....sometimes better than seafood sitting in a counter for who knows how long!

    Bring us your questions .....
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The human conundrum is how to protect ourselves from and use technology. We should never presume to know a person based on the one dimensional window of the internet. A soul can’t be defined by critics, enemies or broken ties with family or friends. Neither can it be explained by threads in groups or blogs that lack facial expressions, tone, inflections, or insight into the person’s personality and intent. Technology gives us a unidimensional awareness of others. Until people “get that”, we will forever be a society that thinks 'Beautiful Mind' was a spy movie and every stranger might really be a true friend on Facebook. Most are not. They possess an ambient awareness of who they believe you to be. And you need to realize this and adjust your own perceptions and uses of technology. This 'quantum conundrum' is a direct reflection, not just of me, but my entire networked team of contacts. It's like a recipe a little bit of all of our personalities in it.
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    For every action, there is a reaction. We are never quite the same person after each interaction/event. When we engage with people we know what we are giving but we never are quite sure of what they get. When they get something other than we gave to them, this is a way to dissect the way they think and see the world through their lenses. It highlights what cognitive dissonance is capable of. It soothes an unripe mind. It really reflects the built in "happy faculty or bias of the human mind to slough that which our conscience refuses to assimilate.
  11. Josh Rosenthal

    Josh Rosenthal Charter member of Purple Angels Club

    ^^ so true!
  12. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    Hi Caroline, yes, Bella is fine. I'm feeling better, not so overwhelmed, thank you. I decided that I need to put my oxygen mask on first and talked to my family about it so everyone understands and is on board. While they will be eating some seafood with me, oftentimes it will be just me. I went and purchased more seafood: salmon, shrimp, mackerel and sardines. We do have some Asian markets around here and I plan on hitting them next.

    My family is well but I do worry about them. My husband was fortunate in that he grew up in a different country, tropical environment where he ate lots of fresh seafood and vegetables (with rice), low tech, lots of sunshine. But he moved here as a teen and has since then worked much of his time in IT and while he isn't in IT currently it isn't much better as he sits in front of a monitor all day long. I homeschool our kids so I do have a lot of flexibility on getting them outside but I admit when I started feeling ill more and more of their learning turned to online, which I now wish I hadn't done, but I didn't know then what I know now. I refuse to wallow in Mom Guilt, now that I know better I will do better and will make the changes that we need to make through diet, less electronics and getting outside more like hitting the pool every day. That will benefit all of us.

    I now have blueblockers and I really do like them. We all are wearing them. Making it a point to wear them during the day whenever I go online and 2 hrs before bed.

    I am using our salt lamps as lights in the evenings now, need to pick up a few more or like I said change out some bulbs. Could also find other ways to have some amber type light (candles or whatnot).

    I searched the forum here and found the video for the mackerel head smoothie. Will see about getting mackerel heads and trying it. Your frozen fish idea would work too. Also realized that I need to spend more time exploring this forum, I'm on the FB group more often and I think I'm missing a ton of practical information here.

    I live in Atlanta, GA, USA.

    Thank you again, Caroline.
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  13. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    Always like it when you chime in, Jack. Always food for thought. I geek out on your science posts, love your philosophical posts too, just struggle at times putting things into a Daily To Do List. My brain will find gaps in thinking and that is what lead me to you, I kept questioning, things weren't adding up, I just need to learn to let it get from my brain and out into my life. I am working on it, so please don't give up on people like me and thank you for all that you do. Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart.
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  14. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    Thank you. Cognitive dissonance can be a real bear, but this chick has sloughed off the old to make room for the new. It is a process, sometimes I need to hear things a couple of times to get it in my head deeper, some things I instantly get. I tend to be a big picture person, I love to understand all of it first, then work on it but I have to trust the process and just start, even without understanding all of it right now. Understanding comes partly from the doing too, it isn't always an intellectual exercise, sometimes it is a practical doing. Again, thank you.
  15. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    I had new labs drawn, should get my results on Tues or Wed.
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  16. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    I read Jack's post for new members, "YOUR FIRST POST TO READ HERE AT JACKKRUSE.COM" and I have a question.

    Jack states:

    "Don't survive, thrive. Do life soaring. Our cells read and react to our environment; it shapes us and we are shaped by it. The six best healers in the world that I know:

    1. Sunlight
    2. Un-fluoridated water
    3. Magnetism/grounding to Earth/CT protocol
    4. seafood
    5. Self Confidence
    6. Friends who connect with you in life and not just on line.


    the order of the recipe is critical to the success. Your perception will be thrown off if you do it other ways. I can think of many recent members who went of the rails this way. The last 4 series pointed this point this out but few understand the implications. Neil BB and I have been offline talking about getting this recipe out early to new people. It limits creation of frustration and energy vampires. Your BUN/creat ratio and ketosis must be started before DHA loading. The blogs have been clear that the exclusion zone inside of cells manifests due to proteins within becoming hydrophilic first. People understanding of the recipe construction have not been correct. How do you do you make things hydrophilic? You slowly add in electrons. The way to add them is step 4 above. The closer you are to the equator means you have more push from your current (DC) and then you may not need as much........unless there is something peculiar about your environment, job, eyes, skin."
    I would love to talk about this.

    1) BUN/creat ratio -- I've had this done, quite a while back though. I will get retested to have a base #.
    2) Ketosis: verify ketosis with strips before I proceed to DHA loading? How long does ketosis need to be maintained before I go to the next step?
    3) How do I include seafood (Step 4) without crossing into "DHA loading"? Would I just eat seafood a couple of times a week?
    I've been out in the sun pretty much daily but haven't been eating a heavy seafood diet yet.

    Thank you!
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Was ketosis on this list? Seafood is because of electrons. to capture sunlight to make a DC electric current that drives melatonin cycles that control your respiratory proteins..........Ketosis is a season approach that varies by your latitude altitude and population density.
  18. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    You got me, ketosis wasn't on the list. I think I was distracted by "Your BUN/creat ratio and ketosis must be started before DHA loading. "


    Thank you.
  19. labellavita

    labellavita New Member


    Attached Files:

  20. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    My labs have come in, I'll post them here and in the Labs section. I knew that my thyroid labs would be off, dr is trying to bring my meds (synthetic) back up to where they were before I started on the desiccated thyroid hormone (which did not work out for me).

    As for the Vit D, I have not used supplemental D this year, so I knew that I had work to do. Considering my health history, I'm wondering if I should be on supplemental D for a little while to beef up my numbers faster, or is that just fake beefing and just stay the "natural sunshine" course? Would going up a few points here make a substantial difference in health? Is hanging out at a lower level while working my way up worse for me than a supp?

    Folic acid and homocysteine are both OK. Does this mean that I'm methylating just fine? I do have MTHFR C677+/-.

    C-reactive protein is pretty scary. I knew that I would have inflammation but was still shocked at that number. It scares me worse that the TSH.

    TSH: 224.11 (0.550-4.780 uiU/mL)
    Free T3: 1.6 (2.3-4.2 pg/mL)
    Free T4: 0.44 (0.89-1.76 ng/dL)
    RT3: 7.7 (9.0-27.0 ng/dL)
    Ferritin: 156 (10.0-291.0 ng/mL)
    Vit D 25-OH: 26.8 (30-80 ng/mL)
    Vit B12: 794 (211-911 ng/mL)
    Folic Acid: 8.64 (>5.38 ng/mL)
    Homocysteine: 7.6 (5.0-15.0 umol/L)
    C-reactive protein: 16 (0.00-5.00 mg/L) --- very high!

    CBC: everything is normal

    I know D helps with inflammation. Just keep on getting the sunshine? Will go back on curcumin... I was taking it before but quit taking all of my supplements because I began gagging on them. Maximizing my thyroid would likely help too? ( http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/inflammation/ )

    I'm really not in a good place emotionally, I think part of it is thyroid issues, also dr says I'm in menopause now (according to previous labs). I really do not like the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde mood swings. Most of the time I am Jekyll and am OK, but other times I'm Hyde, I wake up some mornings with a tightness in my stomach, feels like the nervous/queasy stomach one may feel before they go on stage and have to give a speech and they hate public speaking... I wake up with this feeling and it can stay with me for days. Some days I almost feel that I could vomit. :-( Then it will go away, be gone for days/weeks and then come back again. My dr suggested that I go on a hormone pellet therapy (they inject the pellet under the skin in the hip region). Was like $400 for every 4 months or so. Not in my budget. I'm due back to the dr in 2 months for new labs, should I request something like a hormone patch? I really want to be as natural as possible but at this point I really feel that I need to do something.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2016

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