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LBV's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by labellavita, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    Hi everyone, wanted to start my own Optimal Journal. I am reading everything that I can get my hands on, posts here and on the blog, Facebook and the group, and am currently reading the book. My head is swimming but I am beginning to connect some dots and it is making more sense. It is truly like learning a new language.

    I hope this doesn't jump around too much, I really like Rubicon's first journal entry and am very tempted to use a similar format to keep this organized...

    As for my medical history... I was normal weight at birth at 7lbs 14oz, my mother was under a lot of stress during her pregnancy with me and I have wondered if that in some way contributed in some degree to what has happened to me health wise. They say "memories" can be encoded in DNA...

    Normal childhood health wise until I was 7 yrs old and developed psoriasis. I played outside every chance I got, loved to run and bike and play like any regular kid. Both my mother and my stepfather smoked. There was a lot of emotional stress (she married and divorced a couple of times), the men she married were military so we moved frequently which was stressful as a child (went to 11 schools by the time I graduated high school). My mother did not smoke while she was pregnant with me but took up the habit afterwards. Off and on throughout my childhood and teens my mother had me on various medicines for the psoriasis. The psoriasis was never bad, just some patches on my elbows, a little on my scalp, and then a renegade tiny spot here and there (smaller than a dime). When I became an adult and learned about the potential side effects (and how the psoriasis would always come back) I quit the meds.

    Loved to read as a kid and began wearing glasses for nearsightedness at the age of 8. We lived in Anchorage, AK at the time, so definite light issues there.

    At 16 yrs old I began to have pain in my left knee, my mother took me to the dr three different times in a month (once a week for 3 weeks) but I guess they just thought I was a teenager trying to get out of school, they never took me seriously. Was pushed into the swimming pool a couple of days after that last appt, friends had to lift me out, I couldn't bear to put any weight on that leg and couldn't use the ladder to get out of the pool, it hurt too bad. Found out that there was a benign cyst that was growing through my femur below the ball of the joint near my hip, my femur snapped completely in two when I hit the water. Two surgeries on that leg, one to put in pins and a plate and then the following year to remove them.

    I had a friend in my mid-20s who loved tanning beds, she finally convinced me to go and that summer I tanned a lot. Never saw myself so dark, it was weird, but what was great about it was 1) the psoriasis went away COMPLETELY, it was totally gone, and 2) my boyfriend at the time had a sailboat, we sailed from Mobile, AL to Pensacola, FL to Destin, FL and back again and I never burned, ON THE WATER for days, never burned. I had a great base tan from the tanning beds. I have a fair complexion and always burn at first, especially in FL, so for me it was a big deal. Eventually stopped tanning and the psoriasis came back. So clue is a D issue...

    Around the age of 29 became hypothyroid. Have been tested multiple times, I do not have Hashimoto's, I have hypothyroidism. Started out at a dose of like 50 or 75mg, dose was increased after the birth of my first child at the age of 32 because I had post partum thyroiditis, thought it was post partum depression but no, my TSH was 274. After the birth of my second child at 35 I began to have hypo symptoms again but knew this time to have my thyroid checked so my TSH never hit that level again, BUT over the years my dose has been increased and increased to 300mg. I have an absorption issue. Tried to take desiccated thyroid hormone because so many do better on it but I developed heart palpitations and lowering my dose again and again did not help. So now I am back on synthetic working my way back up to to 300mg. I would love to go back to desiccated but really I would love to know WHY my I am having this issue. Dr is clueless.

    Obviously I am concerned about my D levels, last time my levels were checked I was at 35. Am hoping it to be better now that I'm spending more time in the sun.

    Early in 2012 I became very tired, wanted to nap daily but a nap never left me feeling rested. I thought it was the hypothyroidism (I've been tired ever since diagnosis almost two decades ago). That summer my right leg began to hurt and I developed a case of pneumonia. The labs then showed that I was extremely anemic, the nurse told me that it was as if I had just came out of open heart surgery. So that lead to more testing. Had to stop driving because my right leg hurt so much that I couldn't use my foot to go from the gas to the brake. I was referred to a hematologist/oncologist. Arrived at my first appt on crutches due to leg pain, it couldn't bear any weight. It was then that I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma/MM, type of cancer of the bone marrow/white blood cells. Stage IIIa of a Stage IIIb disease. I was 44 years old. The reason my femur hurt was because at the distal end there was a "tumor" of MM cells growing, and as they were growing the bone was thinning which caused pain when I put any weight on it.

    Talked to a naturopath that I found on Facebook, he lived across the country and I could not afford to visit him but he told me to do a juice detox. Which I did. Made me quite sick but in retrospect the detox was very good advice. I also began to sit outside in the sun. Tried to find a local ND and even approached a famous alternative dr but I was rejected as a patient by both. I am a research hound (which now I know means too much blue light and EMFs) but was having a hard time finding substantial success stories of going alternative for MM. Tears streaming down my cheeks (literally) I did the (low dose) chemo. Hit stringent complete remission in two months, which the oncologist said was fabulous. Unfortunately in the following month I had a retinal detachment. The onc thought it was due to one of the meds, the ophthalmologist thought it was just bad luck. The surgery to fix the retina issue caused me to have a cataract which lead to cataract surgery. Four drs wanted to operate on my femur but I wanted to give it a chance to heal which it has, without surgery. Dr wanted me to have a auto stem cell transplant but I refused. Too many side effects without enough upsides.

    Where am I today... as of my last labs I am still in remission, but my thyroid meds still need to be optimized and my glucose and blood pressure have gone up. I started taking the Metformin but it gave me gastric issues so I quit. Also per Livewello I have a genetic marker that coincides with Metformin not really working well for me, so why take it if it won't work just to have gastric issues? I see what conventional medicine offers and I want to get off the merry-go-round. I know there are deeper issues that need to be addressed for my body to begin functioning better and I am seeking help in getting there. Currently I have begun the Leptin Rx, I wake-up and look at the rising sun, after years of taking my thyroid meds in the a.m. and not eating breakfast for at least an hour after I wake-up I am trying to change that habit, take the meds at night and eat first thing in the a.m. I was getting afternoon sun this past winter (sitting out in the cold) and am trying to make it a habit to get a.m. sun. I am working on getting more fish into my diet, I am not a big fish eater but do like tuna, salmon, and shrimp. I'm trying to find other fish that I like, had flounder the other day and it was OK. Sardines are not a fave but I force them down. I am making progress. Used to hate the dried seaweed sheets (my husband and kids like them) but I actually like them now so I'm sure that I'll get better with the fish taste too.

    Found out in 2015 that I have MTHFR. I'm wondering if the reason that the juice detoxing worked so well for me in 2012 was because I wasn't detoxing well and it finally unclogged those pathways and liver (MM is related to toxins, pesticides, benzene (which is what I was exposed to via work for years). Also wanted to note that after this juice detox the psoriasis went away again, it was gone for months. So sunlight and this juice detoxing both got rid of the psoriasis... When juicing I also quit dairy, grains, coffee and sugar. The psoriasis began to come back as I became more lax on my diet and stopped juicing as much. I want to start another juice detox again but go about it gentler this time and maybe build up, I was so sick the last time I couldn't do anything. Maybe I can avoid feeling so bad this time around.

    Am I on the right track? Anything that I should focus on with my particular history? I am working on a home biz so I am in front of the computer more than I want to be. Am actually beginning to doubt my business choice as I want to be away from electronics more and more. Really trying to find a way to balance this. Money is an option so I can't do everything that everyone is doing, I homeschool my kids too and we are a single-income family. Our wi-fi is now on a timer. I no longer sleep with my phone on my nightstand. I am beginning to wear blueblockers. It is my hope to grow my home biz so that we can sell this house and move, there is a cell tower approx 9-10 house lots away from us. We live in the suburbs of a big city surrounded by wi-fi and everything else that comes with that, with cows maybe a mile away, we are on the edge of city and country. But I want to move to an entirely different state to the COUNTRY. I am hating the heat and humidity down here and frankly am missing 4 full seasons and want to move back up north to the mountains. I know Dr Kruse recommends further south. I really want rural. Don't have the money yet to fully entertain any move, but am open to changing my mind. Would more sun work faster than CT? I still need to educate myself on all of this.

    Thank you Dr Kruse for such an informative site!
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2016
  2. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    One thing that I see some focus a lot on is pH, acid/alkaline balance. I see some alternative drs putting MM patients on an alkaline diet (alkaline seems to be the most popular diet) and I know of one in particular that said that blood cancer patients (leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma) do better on a heavy meat/fat (acidic) diet. He bases it on ancestry. He states people that become too acidic tend to develop tumor cancers (lung, breast) while those that are too alkaline (not eating enough meats/fats for their ancestry type) develop the blood cancers.

    Ancestrally, I am 25% Italian, 75% northern European (English, Irish, French with a pinch of Scandinavian).

    I tried to find where Dr Kruse mentions pH/acid/alkaline in regards to food and haven't found anything yet. I know he believes that diet is not the most important thing and I agree with him. I've seen people do well on both diets ^^^ initially but they are never curative. Which of course means that there is something else going on. Lack of UV, EMFs, something... I keep reading how the body balances acidity/alkalinity nonstop, otherwise we'd basically be dead.

    So, focus on UV and DHA? CT? I have not begun CT yet although I did sit outside in the winter to get some sun. I was not uncovered, but I was cold and was trying to let the sun hit my retina.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2016
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    First thing men in military and mom means mom's germ cells that you came from all were likely radically exposed to nnEMF = elevated heteroplasmy = Doug Wallace video 101 = which explains childhood AI of the skin. Welcome.
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  4. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    Thank you for the welcome. I'm watching this one now:

  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome to journal land!
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    That Wallace one from 50:00- on is huge.
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  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Welcome, Labellavita :)
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  8. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

    Listen to the whole damn talk. As many times as it takes to get what he is saying. Beginning of the talk is epistemological, and he is basically calling for a revolution at the foundation of clinical medicine. To be in the establishment and still feel that way is unbelievably impressive to me. Dude is badass.
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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  10. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    Thank you so much for the welcome! I am rewatching the video and besides keep up with the new posts on Facebook, am reading the book, am now on Chapter 7 discussing the Leptin Rx. I really want to understand this. And I began using dminder. Feeling like I'm getting somewhere, creating new habits. Moving forward!
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  11. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    Thanks, Dr Jack Kruse, you kinda rock. I'm glad that I found you and that I am on the right track. Of course they mention drugs. SMH...

    Dopamine and myeloma...

    "Dopamine And Multiple Myeloma

    We close today's report with mention of a study that we expect to appeal to several different segments of our readership. The study is by researchers at The Ohio State University, and it involves laboratory research investigating whether dopamine has any activity against multiple myeloma.

    Yes, you heard that right. Dopamine. That's the chemical Slate magazine has described as “the one neurotransmitter that everyone seems to know about.” Among its many roles, dopamine plays a part in the “high” some people get from intense exercise, and it's also behind the actual “high” associated with most addictive substances.

    So you can just imagine who among our readers will be celebrating the fact that the Ohio State laboratory tests suggest dopamine could have a negative effect on multiple myeloma cells.

    Dopamine, the authors write, “may be a new and an effective approach to retard the progression of multiple myeloma.” The authors also note that there are drugs which, for many years, have been approved to treat other diseases, and which affect dopamine in the body. These drugs, the researchers add, could possibly be used for the treatment of multiple myeloma.

    The title of the authors's study is “Dopamine inhibits growth of multiple myeloma,” and it is abstract 3278 at the meeting."

  12. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    Well Jack, I asked my father what did he do in the Army when I was conceived and he ran the x-ray department where dental x-rays were done. He also assisted the dentist in other ways. So that plays into your elevated heteroplasmy.
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Fundamentally, Leptin Resistance (LR) is loss of UV light from cells. Why does the Leptin Rx tell you to hold off on exercise in the beginning stages? LR is a defect in excessive light release from cells due to their “relative mitonuclear mismatch”. Exercise causes you to lose more light in this situation. This further lowers your redox potential and can hurt you. LR is results when any respiratory protein deficit causes improper signaling to the nuclear DNA. LR is the signal the hypothalamus gets when the proper redox shift is not made in reference to supply and demand between the mitochondria and nucleus. What results instead, is an incompatibility between the mitochondrial respiratory protein functional capacity and your nuclear DNA. This situation causes mitochondria to move away from your nucleus, distance wise, when researchers look at the relationship via electron microscopy. This effect is magnified in species (humans) who use oxygen as their terminal electron acceptor in their mitochondria. Oxygen has a very strong affinity for electrons, hence why it is able to provide a pull for electrons on our inner mitochondrial membrane. When the respiratory proteins are not properly aligned, not even the valence shell desire for those electrons can be met fast enough. This is why pseudohypoxia exists in these states. Humans, birds, and bats are a species who has a very high aerobic capacity because they have a large mitochondria capacity. They all use oxygen as their terminal electron acceptor. This is why David Sinclair’s paper, mentioned above, on pseudohypoxia, is incredibly important for you to understand completely, on your road to optimal. For a human to survive this situation they would need to retain the ability to alter how electrons flow in their mitochondria to optimize function to their current environment. Why is the Exercise Rx important for you to understand now? Because how the electrons are created in mitochondria is also a variable few consider. I got the insight long ago when I found the melanocortin pathways connects to and from the eye and brain. Laser surgery taught me about free radicals and LR.

    When the respiratory proteins do a poor job of this, low NAD+ and SIRT 1 ratio’s are the result in cells. How does ketosis fit into this scenario? If you read my book, The Epi-Paleo Rx, you will see that ketosis is a “small critical part of reversing most diseases. If you don’t understand my blogs, you will think I have just contradicted myself in my book. I have not. Ketosis can change the flow of electrons, But it has zero effect on the electron spin or state, moreover it has no effect on size of the ECT protein components. Ironically where ketosis works of us, is by narrowing the distance between the respiratory proteins in the mitochondrial electron transport that ultimately determines the speed of flow of electrons. Ketosis only augments the flow of electrons. If the electrons are in the singlet state is this a good thing? Nope. It means you build a body faster than falls apart sooner. Ketosis is an accelerator pedal of electrons only. Wellness is not based solely on electrons speed to oxygen. You cannot recapitulate the quantum coherence just by quickly TUNNELING electrons !!!!! It will sustain life until you get every detail correct. This is why I you always here me say, you can never reverse a disease if you do not alter the environment you got ill within. The environment determines the state the electrons are in and your diet choices control the flow from cytochrome 1 to oxygen. Wellness is not linear it is non linear and far from equilibrium. Ketosis is only a tool in reversals to buy you some time to fix your light environment.

    Fake light causes your mitochondria ECT to slow because the respiratory proteins enlarge to slow electron tunneling while also creating singlet state electrons….…..when ECT slows, you up regulate carbohydrate metabolism by way of AMPK pathways. All this occurs just from the change in frequency of light. The brain can not tell sunlight from blue light, only your mitochondria can because it is what gives electrons its spin. Moreover, alternative and ancestral clinicians are unaware of this. You no longer can afford to be.
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  14. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Why settle for just happiness when you can have complete euphoria.................?
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It is all up to us at the end of the day......
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  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Nature touches our soul long before we know what her touch really feels like. All we need in this life are a sunlit beach with a starlit sea, a breath of fresh air and love. Her intelligence enlightens our being.
  18. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    Love the thoughts, very encouraging, thank you.
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  19. labellavita

    labellavita New Member

    Have purchased and am reading Paul Gunning's book, "My Natural Life," it is very helpful in getting myself organized and in developing these new habits.

    Printed out a sunrise/sunset chart for my area to add to my binder for easy reference.

    Have not really started true CT yet but have begun ending my shower with pure cold water.

    Am trying to incorporate more heirloom varieties of vegetables as I learn more and have access. Also am familiarizing myself with when foods are in season. Would love to have a big garden but that won't happen this year. Good article below discussing nutrition in foods:

    Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food

    Am increasing my seafood intake so another win. I was fitting the seafood around the meat but then I read recently where Jack (?) said that seafood came first and other meats fit around it so that is what my focus has shifted to.

    Still have a ton to do, and need to get better with journaling, but I am still making progress.
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  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    you are making great progress! lots of folks put everything in the "too hard" basket and become lazy and stuck and apathetic!

    That isn't a category in Mother Nature's handbook!
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