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lavendercat's journal :)

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by lavendercat, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. lavendercat

    lavendercat New Member

    hello :)

    well, i came to this site yesterday and was blow away by the information here. i have been following the paleo diet for 3 days now, but i was really impressed by the "epi-paleo" diet plan and will be adapting to that as soon as i can.

    i initially started this diet after i saw the posts on wellness mama about healing your teeth. i was intrigued by the idea of traditional diets, especially by drinking bone broth. i was desperate to do something about a broken tooth, as i cant afford to go to the dentist. so this was enough to start me off.

    i have done the low fat vegan diets for large amounts of time, and also just the "SAD" standard diet, although i am from the uk.

    i have had mental health problems all my life. this led to getting stuck in the mental health system, lots of medication, and then came the physical problems such as diabetes, hypothyroid, and obesity. thanks to this site i can see that they are all linked, so now i can begin to address the problems.

    well, i have been careful to have a cup of coffee each day to try to minimise the coffee headaches. despite this, last night i started to get a headache. i went to bed at 9pm but i woke up in the night feeling very ill. i had a headache, and waves of nausea, and was very hot. i had to lay on the floor, and i was really quite worried because it seemed to me like it was almost hard to breathe. thankfully after a short while i was sick, and felt better afterwards.

    i got up at 6am feeling much better. i have managed to have breakfast within 30 minutes of rising, to try to start fixing my leptin. i have chosen eggs this morning and unfortunately i didnt quite finish the whole lot before i began to feel slightly nauseous again, with a slight headache.

    im not sure what is causing this. i think it might be a reaction to the new diet. anyway i am going to go and lie down. i have a feeling that i might be sick again.
  2. HoneyChild

    HoneyChild Gold

    Welcome, I hope you can find solutions to all your problems. Because you're in the UK, you might want to look at buying oysters through this website, I've found it the cheapest and easiest way of buying them. It sounds like you really need a fill up your tank of DHA and oysters is the best way to do this, although it takes a while to get used to them.

  3. lavendercat

    lavendercat New Member

    thanks :) and thanks for the link. i will look into that.

    i went back to bed and ive just got up. i was feeling better but now ive started to feel a bit ill again. i had a look online and it seems sometimes people get this because of the amount of fat in the diet which their bodies arent used to. just a theory but it makes sense. im not sure what to eat though.
  4. lavendercat

    lavendercat New Member

    hmm, well im afraid i am going to have to try and transition into this more slowly. its really a shame because i can clearly see how this diet would help and where i have been making myself ill with other diets. i really thought jumping straight in would do me only good, and i was looking forward to the benefits.

    but, if my body isnt used to this amount of fat to the extent where its making me puke, i need to scale back a bit and work into it slowly. i have gone back to my normal diet for now, which is basically "eat anything" while avoiding the most sugary things.

    i will never do a low fat vegan diet again. i can really see the problem with those now. i think i will continue on with my budget cookbook for a bit, and then maybe try something like the "eat clean" diet, to get alot of the refined junk out. after that i will try the traditional foods/ gut healing diet, which i am interested in. then normal paleo. and then finally this one, the epi-paleo. epi-paleo seems to me like the ultimate diet, which i want to be on.

    so anyway this process should gradually take the crap out of my diet while getting used to more meat and more fat slowly.

    i started this paleo diet because i was in a desperate situation with my teeth and also feeling sick all the time. since reading some of the info on this site, i can clearly see that if i dont do something soon, i am headed for a disaster. already i have the diabetes/ thyroid/ obesity thing which i can see now are all linked.

    so, i will be back in a while. i need to get the house in order. ive been feeling so ill lately that its a terrible state.

    bye for now :)
  5. lavendercat

    lavendercat New Member

    well, after going back to my "normal" diet the sickness feeling returned today. ive had to go and lie down several times, and im not getting anything done in the house.

    so, what to do ? im really not sure what the problem is or how to address it. maybe cutting out wheat would help ? or milk ? every time i look it up on google, you get people saying they feel sick all the time and their doctor has given them a proton pump inhibitor.

    so, i decided to try the epi-paleo diet but with less fat. i dont know why this didnt occur to me before. i had some salmon and lettuce, with no added fat. i am going shopping tomorrow so i can get some seafood in. ive looked into it and it seems to be cheaper than meat. also i feel better about eating seafood. i feel bad about eating animals, even if i need to do it for my health.

    im glad i have an excuse to do the epi-paleo diet right away.

    not really relevant to this but i will bung it in anyway, im pretty sure i have been misdiagnosed with schizo-affective disorder. i was never happy with it in the first place. there are alot of symptoms i have that just dont fit in that category, unless you also assume that i have about 3 other serious mental disorders along with it.

    but, ive been reading about aspergers. this actually matches ALL my symptoms, and would explain every mental health problem ive had since i was a small child. if it turns out that i do have this, then it means i have been given a bunch of anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drugs for no reason over a 5 year period. which led to more mental and physical problems than i had in the first place. :mad:

    it turns out that i could sue the NHS over that. but i probably wont. i could maybe make a complaint, but i dont think i would make a dent in the amount of cluelessness.

    so, ive just had a couple of eggs with some leeks. i know im not supposed to be eating late at night, but i was hungry, as i often am before i go to bed. im going to bed now and heres hoping im not violently ill in the night.
  6. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Nite nite. Even if it does not feel like it all the time right now you are on a good track. having recognised that you have been misdiagnosed is HUGE. Now you can heal yourself. Have a great sleep and a perfectly wonderful day tomorrow !
  7. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    PS: love your nick by the way.
  8. lavendercat

    lavendercat New Member

    thanks :)

    lavendercat is actually a small cotton cat that me and my boyfriend bought in wales 9 years ago, for 30 pence :p

    i had a picture of him as my avatar before i learned that Dr Kruse prefers a human picture.

    this is him here, before he became old and frayed:


  9. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    A human pic is nicer but lavendercat has its charms,too. :)
  10. lavendercat

    lavendercat New Member

    funny enough i had to do a google search to get this pic. its one i had on facebook before i deactivated it, and i dont have any others. i really dont like being photographed and i dont like looking at myself. its not a bad picture of me because i took it when i was in a good mood and in good light. one person said it looks like i am draped in wafer thin ham :p
  11. lavendercat

    lavendercat New Member

    i am having to eat some bread. i was just feeling very strange and quite ill, and almost as if i am about to have a hypo. i really dont want to get to the stage of barfing again.

    i was just looking at this thread here: http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/why-do-i-have-problems-with-ketosis.8570/

    i seem to be having similar sort of problems, where my body is just not used to this diet. i am not really in the mood to concentrate on the science behind it all, but i guess i need to keep eating some level of carbs and gradually reduce them.

  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You might want to also read the dopamine Rx.........that is why you felt the need to eat bread........and if you want to scale it deeper read EMF 4. Further yet? Read OSF #8 when it goes live at the end of July 2014. Your body should not be ready for high intake octane fuel when you have been fueling it with all the wrong fuels your entire life. Read the redox Rx..........it is all there waiting for you to discover.
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    • When we add energy into our life, time can change... Instead of staying in the growing entropy we can get more out of that timeline if we are willing to accept some different thoughts. If mass and energy is "top notch" in their proper relationship to one another, can we change how we see and feel time? I think so...

      Time links to mass, energy, and both tie to DHA. No one seems to see it as I do yet. I think it will change. I told folks on my blog long ago that time was a function of mass. Now I am telling you DHA is the most favorable way to alter the thermodynamics of mass in the human brain. What I'm describing here without most realizing it.......is consciousness. Time can and does change. Consciousness is what changes it. This is why time when you are young feels longer than time when you are old. Quantum time is a function of the quality and quantity of tunneling of electrons in the cytochromes. Quantum time determines decision time and error rate in our actions and behaviors. Both typically increase whenever the difference that must be discriminated is reduced. So a failure of tunneling of electrons leads to poor decision making, abhorring change, altering dopamine levels in your frontal lobes, and due to a lack of DHA in cell membranes, dehydration in cells, and a lack of proper ketosis or the chronic use of technology and or blue light devices.

      I just took across those 3 blogs I mentioned above in a few paragraphs.
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Wisdom is also a mathematically function of the replacement of DHA in your cell membranes.
    • The more wisdom you attain and the more conscious you become, the crazier you will appear to others. This idea has evolved into something I call Kruse’s theorem.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2014
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  15. lavendercat

    lavendercat New Member

    right, i will do that. thanks :)

    its pretty obvious to me that the "budget" cookbook is making me feel ill everyday. so i cant go back to that.

    but then my body is just not ready for this epi-paleo diet either.

    so im actually considering going back to my low fat vegan diet for a while. its obviously very flawed, but it doesnt make me feel violently ill, and my body tolerates it. maybe work from there by adding more fat and protein gradually.

    but i will see what it says in the blog posts you have mentioned.
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Lavender never forget your present. Enjoy the discomfort. Why?
    Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places. Embrace your now, you never know where it will bring you unless you live it out.

    When your life stop's pleasing you.....you've lost your randomness......change it with your new creations. Chaos is what we've lost touch with when we gain comfort.

    The Epi-paleo Rx is designed around our epigenetic mechanisms, and not our cultural or medical beliefs.
    The foremost reason that happiness is so hard to achieve is that the universe was not designed with the comfort of human beings in mind.

    I constantly seek to "unknow" things. Test everything that can be tested. As soon as you think you know something, that's when you stop questioning it. Understanding kills curiosity. Understanding kills your progress. Remain curious by asking better questions once you think you have wisdom in your pocket.

    Nothing is "proven in life".

    "Proven" is a dangerous word used outside of pure mathematics. We should not use this word when talking about science. Science is always tentative because it is limited by our current boundaries of understanding. This makes the truth a moving target with time. When you begin to invoke the “proven theory defense” you begin to sound like someone more interested in money and journalism than studying a natural phenomenon.

    If a window of opportunity appears to you, don’t 'draw' the blinds................or do you?

    With DHA in your mouth you will never draw the blinds.........you will let the sunlight in and the power of nature will heal you.
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  17. lavendercat

    lavendercat New Member

    well, thats very interesting and i wish i could follow what you say more exactly.

    unfortunately i am a comfort loving creature. i base all my daily actions on how i feel at that moment. if i feel bad mentally or physically i will do anything to feel better. thats my whole motivation for doing anything.

    yes, this has led to illness. but, the only way im going to change is slowly and gradually by applying one thing at a time.

    i read those articles you mentioned. they were very interesting but i didnt see an immediate solution to get my body used to the diet in some other way than doing it gradually. so, i am going to try the low fat vegan diet again, and then go from there by slowly adding more fat and protein.

    i understand that my timing is all out of whack and that this is important. even now i am sat up in the middle of the night typing this. well, id like to address this but the immediate need to eat something at each meal and have it not make me sick is more pressing i feel.
  18. lavendercat

    lavendercat New Member

    back to the low fat vegan diet. i follow Neal Barnard's guidelines which are to eat grains, beans, veggies and fruit. there isnt much processed stuff.

    oatmeal for breakfast with a handful of raisins. then i walked up to the shop to collect my thyroid meds before it gets too hot and there are more people about. it was strange being outside. im not doing myself any favours by staying indoors all the time. apart from the lack of vitamin D, it feels more and more strange when i go out now. the light is so bright, and im terrified of who i will run into.

    but, the main thing for now is that i dont feel sick. that means i can get on with things that need doing in the house.

    the next thing i will try is to focus on a "wholefoods" diet. basically the vegan diet but with added fat. then after that i want to look into something like the "i quit sugar" book. she seems to talk about getting rid of the "healthy sugars" like fruit juice and dried fruit. i have actually bookmarked on amazon a whole bunch of books that i can use to slowly transition to where i want to be.

    but for now- i dont feel sick, and i can hopefully do some chores today.
  19. lavendercat

    lavendercat New Member

    feeling slightly better but still not brilliant. i managed to tidy the kitchen up a bit, and then went to bed and slept all day.

    im about to buy "i quit sugar" on kindle and start applying some of that.
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Just saying "Hi"

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