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Lauren's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by LaurenR, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    What about a LOT of CT everyday? So good for itching etc. calms down the histamine.
  2. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    From the reading, CT with ice packs can help, or change in temp, but the ocean is not always healing, depends on flare state.
  3. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    I took a break from reading about Topical Steroid Withdrawal and Red Skin Syndrome.

    It is summer now here and it is advised NOT to withdraw during summer, as you are also advised to keep sunlight to a minimum because the skin is so damaged during flares.

    I have a few trips planned around Europe, so I'm thinking I will need to wait until they are done and withdraw in October. The thought of another few months on the creams makes me unhappy.

    I think that my partner and I will have to talk about when will I do this. We might have to consider moving back home and even moving in to my parents depending on how I go. I'm not sure we have the support we need here in UK with just a few friends and couples and no family.
    I have been reading the ITSAN forum and crying.
    Alll I know is that I went 9 months withdrawal previously and I pray that makes it easier this time.
  4. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Hi Lauren..so sorry you've been crying:(...had a quick look at that forum you mentioned but didn't know where to start!....BUT...you are so lucky you've found this site and JK.....I just love the fact that we've been educated enough here to know that your problem can be fixed:) Yes, it may take time..... but it's possible.....IT IS:D

    Fix your circadian biology first... here is a quote from Josh

    [/QUOTE]Great June 2014 Q&A, slow and steady, don't quit before it works...2-4 years depending on the issue to reload DHA in the brain with a seafood diet...1xday for moderate issues, 2-3x day for serious ones such as mental illness. Can not reload electrons until you can hold them. Blue and green light are toxic EMF if you cannot hold electrons, especially outside of normal circadian rhythm. Must fix the circadian rhythm first!
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thinking of you xo
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  6. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Being in the right place to heal is a good thing….best wishes
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  7. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    Great June 2014 Q&A, slow and steady, don't quit before it works...2-4 years depending on the issue to reload DHA in the brain with a seafood diet...1xday for moderate issues, 2-3x day for serious ones such as mental illness. Can not reload electrons until you can hold them. Blue and green light are toxic EMF if you cannot hold electrons, especially outside of normal circadian rhythm. Must fix the circadian rhythm first![/quote]

    Thanks Jude. I have worked for a while at fixing circadian rhythm and I eat fish or shellfish everyday sometimes twice a day.

    A side effect of withdrawal and I also experienced this in my 9-month withdrawal a couple of years ago is insomnia.
    You feel so hot and itchy and like you are being burned by acid that you just can not fall asleep. My usual time to fall asleep was 3am-5am in the bad flare.
    Obviously this impacts the next day greatly.
    I ended up taking a natural sleeping pill and st johns wort to help. But this is where it can be difficult to get circadian rhythm in line. And I would say that, that 9months with poor sleep is one reason I headed deep into adrenal fatigue and feeling pretty down.

    I definitely will plan this carefully.
    My diet is dialed in except for not enough raw protein or organ meat (would like to make pate). Seafood 1-2 everyday.
    Been on bottled water for 8 months now.
    I have cut all my nails off to reduce damage from scratching.
    Daily grounding

    Will purchase:
    Natural sleeping herbs
    St johns wort if required
    Adrenal support supplement
    Licorice tea
    Sago palm vit c (high dose) - I can't take quercetin due to a SNP
    Special long sleeve clothing to prevent itching

    We plan to get a magnetico, but if we are moving back to Oz not sure it's worth it getting a "northern hemisphere" one as we will need a "southern hemisphere" one there.

    I really do believe that with all I have discovered on this site, that I can combine it with the info there and heal easier and quicker.

    I read someone did a cosmetic acid peel on their face then used vaseline for 3 days and then did not have any more issues with their face.

    I am really intrigued to comprehensively understand about the nerve ending repair and the vasodilation that causes the pain.
    There has to be something in that to work with...
  8. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Hang in there.:)
  9. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    I think i have just developed a duck egg IgE allergy in 5 meals and a few weeks! (i posted this in monster thread).

    In order to try something new I have been eating duck eggs occasionally.
    I have had them 5 times now.
    1st- nothing
    2nd- nothing
    3rd- felt a bit off unwell
    4th- 4 hours later nausea, followed be diarrhea
    5th- today this happened...

    warning below TMI!

    Within a few minutes of eating the eggs (scrambeled with spinach) my throat starting to feel itchy.
    Then my tongue feel tingly. The bigger tastebuds at the back of my tongue started to swell.
    I stopped eating then took a shower as I felt a bit anxious about what was happening.

    Went to lie down, started to feel nausea, 10-20minutes later I developed cramps and a very strong need of vomit.

    I didn't vomit but I did have to go to the toilet, 2 x BM- normal.
    Went back to bed, and feel asleep for ??15mins maybe.

    Woke up more cramps, painful, nausea.
    Felt Hot and had tingly hands.
    2 x diarrhea

    Then extremely intense vomiting! ABout 10 waves/retches all in a row.
    Back to bed, more painful cramps, one more diarrhea.
    Then back to sleep.

    All of that within in 3 hours.

    So...is it possible to develop an IgE allergy out of nowhere and with eating duck eggs 5 times?

    I have no other IgE allergies (nettle tea gives me itchy throat immediately).

    I found it all quite scary as I knew what was going on as soon as felt itchy and my tongue tingly. I wonder where that leaves me with hen eggs...
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    you are having such a tough time Lauren ......wish I had something to offer ....xo
  11. StuartG

    StuartG New Member

    Hi Lauren, any updated findings/ Rx for a young child (Mast Cell 'shocker' with MCS as well)? They are doing all the low tox eliminations (environment) Poor little thing is in and out of Hospital all the time. Condition is worsening but all this seems 'bandaid' to me. No Rx suggested from the Forum is being used yet. Hope you are improving.
  12. Hi Lauren,

    I had eczema since 2 and Crohn's at 16 years old.

    Beat Crohn's but developed rash on wrists and hands. After moving to London it spread to arms and legs and nearly everywhere. I also developed fatigue and depression, an inability to go Ketogenic aswell ( insulin resistance / metabolic issue). Hereditary anemia too.

    I went to Yucatan Mexico for 2 months to heal but nothing changed. Histamine was identified as an issue.

    I took 3-5 TSP of Sea Salt a day and I stopped itching. Came to UK and still fine. The rash on body cleared total. Arms still feint outline of area but unnoticeable. Hands still red and raised but very rare do I scratch.... First time in a month was today! Which is why I'm searching for info....

    Plot thickens... My hand rash disappear when I take Fish Oil at extremely high dose (12g).... Jack said early on, skin issues usually tied to an Omega 6 to 3 ratio being out of whack.

    Taking 12g o3 is not good idea, I get twitches and feel a bit weird. It has to be done slowly.... Jack said 2-4 years, sane time for adrenal fatigue too, another illness requiring DHA. HEAT and CT and Sun and Saunas and London EMF will all remove water from your cells. You need even more Salt to mitigate post Heat/EMF itching... Its about "salinity", sodium holds water in cells like sea water holds water even in presence of extreme sun the ocean remains. You are losing water and not replacing. Get some sodium. Remove all 06. Including Duck eggs!! It's not IGE it's 06. Pure seafood diet plus la guarande salt. Wild mackerel is cheap. £2 for 2 at tesco now lol
  13. Jack says CT + Sun increase water but not if your Mitochondria suck. You bedn the DHA first.

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