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Lauren's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by LaurenR, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    I thought I might join in the fun and start a journal!

    Righto so here is a brief history, of diagnosis, medications, progress:
    Age 2- Asthma - put on steroid inhalers serotide and ventolin- took age 2 to 29
    Age 5- Eczema - begin steroid creams on & off
    Age 12- Digestive issues begin, cramping, diahorrea
    Age 13- Elimination diets for digestive
    Age 15- Severe allergy and hayfever symptoms
    Age 16- Chronic sinusitis begins
    Age 16- De-sensitization Injections for garden mold, following skin prick tests
    Age 17- Acne and increased hair growth- put on the Pill
    Age 18- Sinusitis continues
    Age 19- Surgery on sinuses FESS & Septoplasty
    Age 20- Blood tests and investigation into fatigue-nothing found
    Age 20- Colonoscopy & Endoscopy for chronic cramping & diahorrea- IBS diagnosis
    Age 20- Anxiety & Panic attacks developed following car crash
    Age 21- Acne put on antibiotics for 3 months at a time...
    IBS continues to plague daily life
    Eczema continues on and off in patches
    Age 24- Mild depression
    IBS continues
    Eczema continues on and off in patches
    Age 27- 10months backpacking Sth America alone.
    Both amazing and traumatic experiences.

    Aug 2010- Return from overseas and diagnosed with Depression, PTSD ( trauma in Sth America) & exhaustion. Most likely adrenal fatigue too.
    Eczema returns (from constant summer to winter :()
    Begin grain free, dairy free- and finally digestive relief and heal IBS and hayfever!:)

    Sept 2011- 5 day skin allergy test
    Oct 2011 - Say goodbye to GP's and visit Naturopath- poop test-high dysbiosis, low good bactieria;
    Stop contraceptive pill & asthma inhalers.
    Begin parasite cleanse, liver detox, mag, vit c, herbal meds, chlorella.
    Experience major detox, vomiting a few days & rash extreme flare up face, neck, arms, chest.

    Mar 2012- Stop anti-depressants (after 1 year) and do 4 colonics and a clay colon cleanse:oops:
    Extreme eczema flare up, oedema, detox, anti-depressan detox?
    Spend the next 3 months in burning, itching agony, don't sleep, painful to dress, move.
    Bleed everywhere, ruin many sheets, weeping and shed more skin than humanly possible!!!
    Try acupuncture.
    Cycle regulates

    Vit D= low, begin supp; B12= low
    ASI Test:
    7am- 22nmol/L (target 25)
    12pm- 10 nmol/L (target 15)
    6pm- 7 nmol/L (target 5-10)
    10pm- 6 nmol/L (target<5)

    DHEA-S= 7AM 9.8nmol/L (ref range 0.7-8.7)

    Liver Function Test= fast p1, slow p2
    Hair metals Test= multiple toxicities- i realise not useful.
    IgG t=Test- cow, sheep, goat milk, wheat, egg white, kidney beans, soy, almonds, brazil nuts, peanut

    June 2012- Start using a cream for rash, skin. Supps.
    Sept 2012- Infrared saunas, start kinestiology (combo of muscle testing, EFT, craniosacral)
    Dec 2012- Begin Leptin Rx, epi-paleo. Supps.
    Jan 2013: Adrenal fatigue RX, Leaky gut RX. Supps.
    March 2013: Begin CT (stop in May due to move). more supps...
    July 2013: Move O.S

    So where does that leave me...
    Well I have just moved from Australia to London...that puts me out of the donut hole frying pan and into the EMF fire of London :eek:

    Food Goals:
    My diet is tight and seasonal, but food is not as good here.
    I want to start eating seafood/oily fish twice a day not just once.
    I also want to eat more types of shellfish. I accidently poisoned myself on mussels, so haven't been eating them. Not a huge fan of scallops or oysters, but will get back into them.
    Also eating more raw protein is a goal too, when I feel comfortable on the source and process etc.

    Body Composition Goals:
    I don't weigh myself, haven't for a couple of years.
    So I weigh around 52kgs = 114lbs and I am 165cm = 5'3".
    I have not done a DEXA scan, so could be around 20% at a very rough guess.

    I want to lose 3-4kgs (um what is that 5-7lbs) of body fat and a couple of %'s.
    Mostly stored on my love handles, belly fat, my adductors (inner thigh) and back.
    I am not overweight, but I am not lean or optimal in the midsection!
    I also want to increase muscles mass and squat some booty into my butt ;)

    Optimal Goals:
    Get optimal...obviously! :) Not just health, but in mind, career, relationships, connection.
    This is about an optimal life not just health!
    Heal skin, leaky gut, adrenals, brain, clock

    RX Goals:
    Do my best with EMF in this place!
    Get magnetico sleep pad
    Tighten on bluelight and circadian cycle, I have blue blockers and recently got amber bulbs too and candles.
    CT again! (I think I packed too many shoes not enough cold packs). I found the ice packs much much easier than a bath of cold water.

    Retest usual and Test thyroid, sex hormones, ASI, 23andme

    Activity Goals:
    Increase muscle mass through lifting; increase PB's for deadlift, front and back squat, chin, pull ups; dance more; more fun! :)

    Continue daily meditation, EFT, kinesiology.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2014
  2. Sammy

    Sammy New Member

    Hi Lauren! Try grounding...with wet feet whenever you can :)
  3. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Lauren, welcome and wow, what a story you have to share!! I find it fascinating that you didn't notice any digestive issues till you were 12. I wonder if they were brewing all along, and if your mom's health didn't contribute. What was/is her health like?

    Also, I wonder if you have read at all about mold/biotoxin issues? Reading your list it popped right out at me. I don't know where you live but is it possible you were ever exposed to a water damaged building? Or anywhere for more than 10 minutes where it smelled musty? I just wonder.

    Here is the life-changing blog that I had to come across twice before I realized, mold/biotoxins are likely part of my story:


    There is also a great online test you can do (though it costs $15) to see if you might be affected:


    Congratulations on finding this place and doing so much to get optimal!!!!!
  4. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    Hi Hope, I'm sure they were brewing, I remember doing elimination diets around that age.
    My mother, or grandmother has given me bad mito (asthma at 2) and light tracker :( Not an ideal start, but I have been on this journey (internal & external) for over a decade now and am determined to reach optimal!

    I have travelled a lot and spent many a night in "interesting" rooms in 2nd and 3rd world countries ;)
    I have done the online test, the free one on biotoxin.info and I can see all the lines, no problems there.

    Sammy thanks for the step, will add it to the list. I was grounding most days in Oz, sitting on the grass at lunch, shoes off (missing the sun!). Not since I got to London, it has taken some time to find a place to live, get settled etc, so getting cracking now!
  5. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    Hope, one thing I have noticed since moving here is that MOST places smell like mold! Phwarrr! I can sense it straightaway! As soon as I walk in to cafes, peoples houses, everywhere.

    Not sure if having a strong "mold" detector means anything!
    I am keeping a close eye on our flat to keep visible mold free, doesn't mean the other people in the building are!
  6. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    Hope, that's the brief version, each illness has it's own story of doctors, specialists, more specialists, medications, therapies...not worth the energy replay it all, better focusing on the present and what I intend to do with the future!
  7. Hope

    Hope Gold

    I hear you...if by 'here' you mean the US. I have the same thing. I do have mold issues but perhaps you do not with a negative VCS. That is AWESOME!! :)

    I don't know how they do it in OZ, but I think a large problem here in the US is that most buildings are made from wood...not stone. I think that may contribute....

    You could always test - do the HLA test to see what your genes are like - if your ability to detect it means other than having a sensitive nose.

    Congrats and have a great year! :)
  8. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    "Here" is London! Everything is old here! lol! Coming from Australia it is anyway!
  9. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Read EMF 2 to understand what one is up against in London. A cold sea is never that far off...
  10. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    I'm thinking we might have to relocate again soon! Perhaps the coast of Spain or perhaps Majorca! Then I get sun, sea and can do CT with a bag of ice lying in the sun.
    Left CT off the list, time to get cold again...
  11. Josh

    Josh Gold

    The Med is plenty cool most of the year off of parts of Majorca. Pollenza is a personal favorite.
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Lauren! .... Dr. Jackson talks about always being able to smell mould ......
  13. Hope

    Hope Gold

    :) Minus the EMF, that is awesome. It is nice you are not far from the sea. Interestingly, I feel way better and generally don't smell mold when I am in Germany...most everything is built from stone there. Not sure if that is what is the difference, or if it's bc it's generally drier air there. No idea.

    Anyway....Spain sounds great!!!
  14. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    One week no prescription "cream". 2 baths with sea salt, no mag salts yet. Using olive oil after bathing.
    Seems to calm it during day but once in bed gets hot and extremely itchy.
    Arms and chest are very itchy, inflammed, red, with sores and blood, weeping.

    More candles and dim lights every night. Starting CT again too.
  15. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    I am about 10 days in with NO steroid cream for eczema, as I have run out.
    This happens every 4-6 months. I run out of steroid cream and I test to see what happens etc....inevitably the same thing!!!

    My arms-inside & out, neck, chest, breasts and parts of back and rib cage are COVERED in eczema. Red, hot, itchy, acid burn feeling and very very dry.
    It's flaking a lot this time.
    I haven't slept properly for days. And this is ultimately what happens each time I have done this.
    I end up using the cortisone cream again so I can start functioning properly, quality of life etc.

    This time it has really got to me. I have been using this cream since July 2012, (I went for 9 months prior without a prescription cream, bad idea!).
    I have a feeling if I left it longer it would continue to creep down my torso, thighs, calves, ankles...

    I am no better than I was before I started using it!!! I am a strong woman, but years of itchy, hot burning, sometimes takes it's toll on my mental & emotional wellbeing....

    I need to fix brain, photoperiod reader, vit a cycle. I want to understand this completely.
    The Rx: circadian cycle & sleep, along with the other kruse rx's.

    The catch: I face and have faced for years now- the eczema, the heat, the itchiness impacts my ability to fall asleep.
    EVEN when using a prescription cream, I still have trouble falling asleep. And here in lies a hurdle.
    I meditate but that does not help with this, other things but not this.
    Anyway that is where I'm at.
  16. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    I think my daughter would sympathise Lauren. She has had asthma since she was 2.5 and at 41 is still a sufferer. She thrives physically when she takes her medication but it is steroid based and she finds her mood sinks and her temper frays alarmingly. She has tried to live without the meds many times but while she may get some months symptom free (usually in the summer) she always seems to relapse. At present she has been trying to do without the meds but is then needing to use a nebuliser in order to be breathe. It's no fun and she hates it. She is an allergic asthmatic so there can be many things that spark it off and of course she doesn't know until she hits an allergen by which time it's too late.

    Have you ever bio-hacked yourself to see if there are any particular irritants that set your eczema off or is it something more internal that causes it? According to what I've read about paleo and via some of Dr. Kruse's posts, eczema and asthma are classed as neolithic diseases that one should be able to heal by living optimally. I'd love to believe this is true.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Lauren - I might have suggested this before ...... check out Nick's posts in the Aussie donut hole thread.....
  18. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Sooperb, not to hijack, but this sounds like you were talking about me, the way I used to be. I also had some relief from asthma during summer. And I was allergic to a host of things, including some foods. All of it went away, including the various allergies (even to poison ivy) when I dropped the wheat. I think the wheat got my system all riled up so that the smallest irritant, like cedar pollen or nuts or a cat or whatever, would set off my asthma. I dropped wheat and after a while I would get only a very mild reaction to things that used to set me off. Later, I stopped having the mild reactions with the addition of CT. It blows my mind how one thing messed up my system so badly. No more ear infections, sinus infections, asthma.
  19. LaurenR

    LaurenR New Member

    Hi Caroline, I did read the entire thread. Am i correct that he got his child a magnetico? I have read so much but that is what I remember from it.
    A magnetico is on the list but it is not happening right now.
    Dr Kruse also says to get circadian rhythm right first before a magnetico.

    I am back on my cream now, it is too hard to function without it and and I end up with no sleep, which is worse! Betamethasone valerate 0.1% cream.

    I can't hack this because that would require no cream and I cna't go more than few days without it. And when I use it, the symptoms are much much less.

    Sooperb, Nonchalant, I don't have asthma any more, that has been fixed.
  20. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    That's one thing fewer to worry about Lauren. Asthma and eczema seem to be close bedfellows with sufferers sometimes having both or both being within a sibling group. My daughter has asthma, her daughter has eczema but it's a lot better. My brother, nephew and niece all had asthma in varying degrees and I've had eczema on my hands so badly I had to wear gloves. It went away for many years but I now have a small patch on my palm which has been there for weeks. I know steroid cream shifts it, I used to use Betnovate C ointment. I am hoping it will heal on it's own.

    Thanks for that Nonchalant, I have passed it across to my daughter to think about.

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