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Labor Day, 9/11, Elections.... Elevated Signals?

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by 5G Canary, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Labor Day and 9/11 are coming.....Do you feel the “energy shift?”

    I was curious if anyone else experiences or observers what I do during holidays or heightened media events such as many times in election years?

    I used to love the holidays. I loved the “clean energy” the holidays brought by bringing families and people together to celebrate. I also used to love a powerful storm. A great storm had us all huddled inside observing Mother Nature’s spectacular beauty and power outside. While the sunshine and holidays gave us great energy, a powerful storm gave us wisdom and growth... Mother Nature’s power is humbling.

    But sadly, I have now become conditioned to hate the holidays and storms. Why? For me, it’s similar to training a dog with an electric collar. I no longer enjoy the inevitable zapping and lowered redox that these events seem to bring in today’s world. I now feel similar to my pets that I have to isolate and cuddle in storms - that go crazy during the storms and holidays from fear of the inevitable “Boom of Thunder” that follows.

    For me being so sensitive, it is obvious when the signals get adjusted. While it is subtle and most don’t notice... I do. There is an increase in signals which causes a shift in the energy and my natural balance becomes off. Maybe Mother Nature notices and experiences it too.... as we are all part of her?

    The shift affects everything and everyone in the environment. In particular the more sensitive, low redox individuals and animals all seem more affected. The weather (this July ended up being the hottest month ever on earth.... coincidence?) and even the grid (those unexplained fires and explosions) seem affected too.... Maybe?

    There is a holiday just about every couple of weeks and tie this also to the upcoming elections and it’s yet another year of destruction. It’s physical and mental warfare for both the environment and all living creatures in its path.

    I observed and felt the elevated signals on the last holiday in particular. On the 4th of July the signals were elevated the week prior and lasted until a few days after.

    My 4th of July observations- Everyone in my family was affected with something. I have family in California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin and North Carolina and all had something ... Coincidence? Many got a weird unexplainable flu. My Uncle went to the ER for chest pains in Wisconsin. My husbands boss tore tendons in his shoulder in Charlotte. My brother in California ended up in ER with kidney stones. My daughter who still hasn’t moved from Charlotte had to spend the week with us because of panic attacks. A home blew up in Charlotte near her work- in which a woman died. My Hair dressers daughter tried to kill herself. Three different family members all young in their 20’s went to ER with stomach issues and all were told it was constipation or gas. Another friend of the family in his 20’s diagnosed with testicular cancer. All of this followed by a hurricane in NOLA. Coincidence? Maybe?

    Pay attention this Labor Day and 9/11....especially to both humans and animals with low redox.

    In the cities and places without 5G the symptoms are toned down... anxiety... depression... fatigue... irritability... muscle aches... joint pain... inflammation... blurred vision... headaches. Etc.

    Cities with 5G seem to be losing their subtleness and it is becoming extremely obvious what is happening. Fires and home explosions. It is mind warfare and much more then a mental funk... your brain is telling you to surrender to it... commit suicide. Others get more aggressive and combative... fight or flight. While others feel physically sick... kidney stones....severe stomach issues. Some become physically paralyzed... nerve pain in limbs.... heart short circuits. Your bones will throb....joints collapsing... or tendons easily tearing.... heightened inflammation. Your oxygen and water are being depleted... you feel dizzy... vertigo... your lungs hurt... your skin dries... bloody noses... the list is endless.

    Labor Day and 9/11 is around the corner be very observant. Maybe the signals won’t be as elevated as the 4th but we are entering an election year and we will be hit hard.... we are the disposable human rats in this election. Just like we were in the last election.... but now they are armed with more powerful updates and upgrades. Hopefully you don’t live in a state where they need the vote changed... and I would guess we are getting hit by both sides. Ugh!

    Arm yourself with wisdom and knowledge and be very observant. Make necessary and wise changes around these events. If I were a surgeon or a patient and had terrible redox I personally would not schedule surgery around these holidays or important election days. Especially in a 5G city.

    I can feel the thunder coming..... Do you?

    This video is what an election year feels like for me.... it’s methodically orchestrated. Very subtle as it starts slow but it ends with the inevitable bang.


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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    2Cellos is a cello duo out of Croatia comprised of Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser.
    They forced their way onto the scene with their cello arrangement of Michael Jackson's, "Smooth Criminals."

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  3. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    @JanSz I enjoyed the Video you shared.... Outstanding! I love the energy from their music and videos. They actually toured in the states this year. They had a show at Radio City Music Hall in NY in April.... I would imagine it was amazing!
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