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LaBellaVita's (LBV) Labs, bad thyroid, high CRP, need help

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by labellavita, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    2016-07 July webinar Cliff notes

    Jack Kruse is K haplotype.
    Sulfated vitamin D is calcium channel blocker, lowers blood pressure,
    blocks renin in kidneys, this lowers blood pressure and increases
    NO release skin
    all this lowers blood pressure and raises amount of blood near surface

    Natures ideal blood pressure medicine can be taken only when we are drunk on the sun

    MS, Multiple Sclerosis is light story
    technology disturbs fat burning so people use carbohydrates for energy instead

    motion/exercises, outdoor, compensates some for technology disruption
    wild animals move a lot, migrate, motion helps

    high cholesterol indicate dysfunctional system, causes high blood pressure

    metabolic syndrome is a sign of low quantum yield environment, fake light is the cause

    insulin=solar hormone
    sunbathers live longer

    time 1:02;00
    green 495–570 nm
    blue 450–495 nm
    violet 380–450 nm
    Ultraviolet A UVA 315–400
    Ultraviolet B UVB 280–315
    Ultraviolet C UVC 100–280

    Excessive green light
    hemoglobin responses peak at 280nm, 420nm,540nm,580nm
    and there is a extremely sharp cutoff at 600nm
    this points out why excessive green light that spikes in artificial light may be responsible for blood disorders
    leukemia, lymphoma due to indoor existence

    Multiple myeloma (MM) is a cancer of the plasma cells. They are white blood cells that normally produce antibodies.

    (I recall my former (very good doc MD) RIP, gone via blood disorders
    arteriosclerosis predominate
    green/yellow lasers used to coagulate blood
    Dolichol Mevalonate pathway ---> Parkinson's=Low Light

    Dolichol is a product of the HMG-CoA reductase pathway (also known as the mevalonate pathway)

    arterial wall have same absorption spectrum as hydrated hemoglobin
    sulfur is a key

    rubbing eyes every morning improves HRV heart rate variability
    also AM sunlight improves HRV, dramatically

    evolution=energy flow tied to light, no compassion
    some adaptations become future ilness

    when indoors use blue blockers
    (what above if indoor lighting is improved??)(Exo Terra Solar glow, red, black lights)

    To get rid of bad mitochondria
    recommended is eating according to seasons,
    year round ketosis is bad idea

    change light first then genome is able to change via diet

    Carotenoids are good (carrots, night shades)
    (promotes singlet (bad) to triplets (good) oxygen conversion)

    but carotenoids are bad in bad light

    Bad mitochondria (containing singlet oxygen) can be get rid off by mitopagy or autopagy
    drink carrot juice within good noon sunlight
    under blue light it is bad, diabetes, eye disease

    hemoglobin peaks correspond to light frequencies that are present at equator all day
    farther from equator those frequencies appear when UV appear

    snp's evolved when we stop seeing 280nm (biggest spike)
    as humanity spread farther from equator
    hemoglobin evolved with new frequencies
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