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L4/5 nerve root compression and paresthesia

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Rocky, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. Rocky

    Rocky Silver

    Dr. Jack,

    Along with my hiking accident a month ago where sustained a Grade IV / V AC joint separation and had reconstructive surgery, an old injury from construction seems to have been exacerbated.

    20+ years ago I herniated the disk between L4 and 5 and have had minor issues ever since, i.e mile but constant paresthesia in my left foot and sometime in the right.

    Now the hiking accident where I fell about 10 feet has displayed increased symptoms as I have constant paresthesia in both feet with the right foot and leg up to the buttock but there is no pain.

    I am taking careful walks for 30 minutes or so and using ice and am looking for things I can do to centralize and remove nerve root pressure but I am limited with my ability to do any decompression given my surgery.

    Any chance I can get this to heal without surgery? Any suggestions?

    Thanks wyatt
  2. Wendy Harris

    Wendy Harris Silver

    I also sequesters a disc at the same levels ...a piece got stuck in the root nerve canal. Boy the pain.
    I have found acupuncture helpful... with a China man with an English physio was a waste of money.
    Plus slow squats to give the disc more space.. they need space.
    Sitting was bad.
    Good luck.
    Rocky likes this.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    There is lots to do with this. Red light, Mg, K2, tons of grounding and lots of water and sunlight are the keys to staying away from spine surgeons.
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  4. Rocky

    Rocky Silver

    I've been really distracted with trying to heal after my hiking accident, finally starting to get back to CT, red light, but have trouble getting enough grounding in. Systems are starting to come back on line, I am so not a good patient!

    Thanks for the input Doc!
    caroline likes this.
  5. Rocky

    Rocky Silver

    Thanks Wendy, sitting put my legs to sleep!!!
  6. Wendy Harris

    Wendy Harris Silver

    It was the constant cramps that killed me..,
    I take k2, MAgnesium sunlight ( rise in the eyes ) & an epi paler diet of cause .
    Plus I worked with a functional patterns trainer ( helped me a load - stopped me getting a back op ).

    Good luck..you just need a little light at the end of the tunnel to get the enthusiasm to get on the journey to healing.
    I am getting a joovv lamp ( as recommended by doc Kruse ), I will let you know how that goes.
    Rocky likes this.
  7. Wendy Harris

    Wendy Harris Silver

    Had the joovv for a week and I am in lv with it !
    My lower back feels better, cramps improved and sciatica has eased ,,,
    I will update you in a month to see if it will help you .....
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