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Kruse Rx for ADHD......simple.

Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by Jack Kruse, May 4, 2021.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    Giving your kids deuterium laced drugs because you did not give them an outdoor life is a key lesson here. When you found that giving them deuterium laced foods calmed them initially and provided them an environment that blocked them from removing deuterium which demolished their sleep cycles because of a destroyed circadian mechanism. ADHD is a deuterium disease at Krebs bicycle in the matrix that causes heteroplasmy to rise because of the collateral damage in the TCA and urea cycles and can bring kids close to psychotic. Most are clueless why it occurs and the medical paradigm is wrong about why it happens because they clearly do not know nnEMF, blue light, and WiFi in homes and school causes deuterium collection in the matrix of the brain and blocks CSF clearance at the same time. The best cure.......is sunlight effect via UV-A light.
    ADHD is a deuterium collection problem in the wrong places in cells in the neocortex and CSF. We need to keep it in the blood plasma. We capture too much in the matrix of the neocortex because of the event/environment we allow and we clear too little in CSF due to altered sleep cycles (which sequentially remove it) and the net effect is too much deuterium in neocortical grey and this causes the symptoms. I covered this in today's release of the 2018 May webinar. So what is the move to greatness with ADHD? When do we see sunrises with our shoes off daily guess what improves? Sleep improves because the clearance of deuterium in the 4 sleep cycles and REM improves. ADHD is a lot like TB, it is a disease of darkness that people use blue light to solve while burying the sun. Understanding how the transition of IR to UV is critical to understanding how cells control the movements of different forms of hydrogen in us. What does the sleep cycle get rid of for us? Deuterium. It gets rid of it via apoptosis when it is in the matrix where it should not be. If you want to help your ADHD get out in the sun a lot when blue and redhead into the UV-a transition........every AM. https://returntonow.net/2017/11/21/texas-school-beaths-adhd-tripling-recess-time/
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  2. Mr_Muzza

    Mr_Muzza Gold

    Would we also see the impact of this in the BUN/Creatinine ratio?

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