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Kruse Longevity Farm: Built In Faraday Cage For 5G (but bed canopies are a NO NO!)

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Matt Justice, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Matt Justice

    Matt Justice New Member

    Howdy Howdy,

    Saw a picture of lead backed drywall going in at this place... Forgive my ignorance, but aren't you creating a faraday cage within the entire building?

    Maybe there's something else at play, but I thought the general stance on faraday cages that will be exposed to the coming 5G (like all the threads I searched on bed canopies for instance) was a no go?

    It looks like there are a few windows from what I can tell, and other penetration points that would allow entry, no?

    Could be way off base, just curious. I'd love to comment on the 3d printed houses thread, and talk about adding different types of carbon to the mix... but most of these are closed threads? I flew to Taos, NM last year to check out earthships, and am very interested in utilizing earth sheltered structures to accomplish some cool things out of the box.

    Anyhow, I'll poke around a bit more, and see if I can add any value to the sauna threads. Sure wish I would have found this place sooner!!!
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  2. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Faraday cages as impenetrable fortresses of solitude against nnEMF sounds good in principle. But you have pointed out some concerns.

    I still think that, given the current state of RF-EMF shielding technology, using carbon materials that absorb, rather than reflect or scatter, microwaves would be the safest. Dense carbon fiber mats for this purpose have been on market for some time (I have some, they do work remarkably well, but I don't know how they will stack up against 5G frequencies and millimeter wave forms.

    In case you are curious where microwave radiation goes when it encounters carbon mats-- the radiation is dissipated into heat energy.
  3. Matt Justice

    Matt Justice New Member

    Sure, agreed. To be clear, my intention by asking is to learn, not poke holes in what someone else is doing by bringing up concerns.

    This came up because I have a new neighbor that installed some type of wifi extender, that I'm now detecting in my bedroom. (with meters, not seat of the pants) I was looking in to adding a bed canopy, but found a ton of info illustrating how a grounded net in close proximity to AC wiring, can leech electric fields even closer than they are now. (since it's so close to your body when sleeping)

    Of course, anyone bringing in any device emissions would be a huge concern, even without 5g as of yet... This made me wonder about the lead cage at the Farm, and the thought process about future mitigation.
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  4. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Bed shielding canopy nets are a mixed bag. I believe you are correct in stating that grounded canopies might interact with electric fields in your house.

    Personally, I use an ungrounded canopy net made of SwissShield Daylight fabric that does not require grounding to shield properly. It is composed of a fabric with 92% polyester net-knit, with 8% silver-plated copper fiber content. I have acceptably low RF meter readings inside it.

    Again, I am not an EMF mitigation expert so this is not the last word in creating your own sleep sanctuary. I encourage you to research the heck out of this subject and please do bring us your findings.
  5. AudreyW

    AudreyW New Member

    How do you use the carbon mats? Can you please post a link to one?
  6. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Hi Audrey, and welcome to the Forum.

    I use a carbon-based microwave absorbing sheet from lessemf.com: http://www.lessemf.com/fabric5.html#259

    Before I quit my previous job I lined my office cubicle with it (with shielding netting on top of cube-- it looked very strange but fortunately I had an understanding boss) and got some satisfactory attenuation of microwaves. I have used it under my mattress together with shielding netting for a sanctuary (remember that MW radiation comes at you from all angles, not just from above or sides).

    I'm sure there are other similar products out there but that product is what I am personally familiar with.

    There are also shielding paints like Y-Shield that contain some carbon in its formula that helps with MW RF absorbtion.
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  7. AudreyW

    AudreyW New Member

    Thanks so much! I really like Less EMF. Did you have EHS or just taking precautions?
  8. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    No, I don't suffer from EHS-- just using the Precautionary Principle. I want to stay well enough long enough to accomplish some life goals.

    I believe (and many EMF experts would support this idea) that most of us are already in pre-EHS states, and many actually are in throes of EHS but they don't realize where their symptoms come from.

    Unless there is a moratorium soon on wireless infrastructure build out (especially 5G) I predict that most of us will be in full blown EHS before too long.
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  9. AudreyW

    AudreyW New Member

    Good for you! That's very smart. I used to have EHS badly It's no fun. Luckily I was able to get rid of most of the symptoms and I no longer feel EMFs but I still try to avoid them as much as possible
  10. Matt Justice

    Matt Justice New Member

    Curious how you accomplished that?? :)
  11. AudreyW

    AudreyW New Member

    Detoxing metals with calcium bentonite clay and taking Lion's mane mushroom to repair myelin sheath damage
  12. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    How on earth did you figure out that Lions Mane fungus healed nerve tissue?

    I have heard that fungi, including mushrooms, literally thrive on microwaves and can be protective for humans when ingested-- although I have not studied this in depth. Yet another weapon in our arsenal in the vicious nnEMF war on us that we didn't ask for or want
  13. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    I've had a ton of benefits from lions mane. Of coarse market is flooded with junk stuff. At this point it's the only sup I take. Did lots of homework on this. Mushroom wisdom both super lions mane and amyloban 3399 are the ones I take. Had lots of metal issues in t eh past and magnetico has been a great tool but lions mane has been good for both brain but I believe there are EMF protective properties that are not fully understood yet as the mushroom community doesn't seem to be up on this.
    The bed canopy issues are tricky I tried one but at the time my environment was not one that accommodated it.
  14. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member


    Thanks for info. I need to study up on this.
  15. Rob Alexander

    Rob Alexander New Member

    I did a 3 part blog post called my search for lions mane. At one point was growing, buying gourmet and testing brands. Not nearly enough studies on emf effects. I just contacted a company I'm in touch with encouraging them to investigate this more.

    I'll be excited to check out the the carbon shielding. I'm experimenting with little hacks for sleep from a mitochondrial perspective. Fat consumption before bed. Always did well with activated charcoal as it seems to act on the direct removal of positively charged substances in the body and not on any supplement "nutrition" type mechanism.

    Stay in touch, anything I can learn I want to. I'm totally confused about when farady cage would be used and when it blocks natural frequencies that are needed and I know immediate tech environment matters. Suggestions on affordable meter to measure in home?
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  16. AudreyW

    AudreyW New Member

  17. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member


    I haven't heard about eating fat before sleep. I guess it is supposed to stabilize blood sugar to help ensure a good night's sleep? I remember Dave Asprey recommending a little honey before bedtime to help as well. (Personally, I have adopted an autophagy regimen where I eat all meals withing a narrow time window-- 5 hours -- and stop eating for day around 4 pm. This gives me a fasting period of around 16 hours. I feel so much better).

    Faraday cage environments are a dilemma, and I wish I knew all pros and cons. Sure they block most if not all of RF/MW but we were not designed by Nature to live like that.

    I use Acoustimeter brand RF meter and others here like the Cornet-- both are rather low end consumer products yet are adequate. Generally you get what you pay for. 5G aware meters are likely to be expensive when they hit consumer market.
  18. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

  19. Matt Justice

    Matt Justice New Member

    Just FYI, a faraday bed net will not block magnetic fields at all.

    From my testing, what people need to be aware of, is that a metallic bed net can leech electric fields from nearby electrical wiring in the room. If you're not shutting off circuit breakers at night, this can be an issue.

    Grounding this type of cage to an electrical circuit, can make matters worse depending on your circuitry. Most of the time, people are not clarifying when they mention grounding the cage... (i.e. - using a grounding rod in a low transient area, is much different than using the ground on an outlet... and both could be debatable is you live in a dense city, where you can reach out and touch the neighbors house next to you)

    To summarize above, ElectraUniverse is saying to use the Swissshield material, which is not externally copper coated, and don't ground it. From testing this out on a small scale, it makes sense and seems to be the way to go. (as long as you're turning off breakers at night)

    Additionally, adding the carbon absorption pad may make a difference too if you happen to live in an apartment for the time being.

    This is beyond my understand at this time, but from what I gather people are suggesting that jump conduction can be an issue with things like this in the future. It won't take much for things to hop from the wiring to the bed canopy if that ends up being the case. Distance is your friend too, so moving the bed away from the wall can also help based on what I see on the meters.

    I'm hesitant to comment with any absolutes however (like 1.5' away reduces X amount), because one house tests different from the next. For instance, one house I tested had a ginormous magnetic field inside the entire home, just from some new wiring the ISP put in next to the sidewalk. Could be as simple as a grounding error somewhere, but it's hard as hell to track the damn thing down unless you do this everyday for a living. Fuck it, moving is easier. This house also had dirty electricity to the tune of 1920 mv as well, so all of this comes into play when adding a bed canopy.

    It will come down to where you live, your individual dwelling, etc...

    Personal relevant notes:

    • My sleep seems to be improving with breakers off at night. Deeper, more refreshed, etc...
    • Been on Magnetico (no bed net) for a month and a half now, it's doing something, can't tell what. Beginning to notice I sleep better at home than elsewhere.
    • If I sleep in a bad environment elsewhere, I wake up feeling like I got hit by a dump truck.
    • I seem to do slightly better if I combine sauna therapy, with binders before bed, and sleeping on the Magnetico. I have a theory about this, but don't want to make any assumptions.
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  20. Matt Justice

    Matt Justice New Member

    Thank you for this. I've tried another type of clay in the past without good results, sort of discounted the clays because of it... will give it another whirl.

    I also got good results with a Silica based binder called Enterosgel for anyone else looking at binders.

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