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Kris's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Kris Kolo, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    These labs were from blood draws/ urine samples from about Jan 12th 2019. In mexico since Oct 2018 - with exception of 6 weeks back in boston suburbs from Thxgiving to New Years. (In spanish, sorry...but most are understandable!!)

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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    BUN/Creatinine ratio 17/0.5=34 very high (to be double checked)

    That indicates very high dehydration (lack of water).
    In this case dehydration means that you are not making enough matrix water.
    To remedy that:
    1--be in tropics -----> you are
    2a---over three to 6 days measure your 24hr urine output, take average
    2b--under-drink ---->(but only to a point that you are still peeing as much as you been peeing before reducing water intake.
    3--replace plain water with DDW (of ever increasing strength)
    4--monitor your breath/urine deuterium content using D-TerminatorTM
    take baseline before starting using DDW
    every 60 days repeat the test
    Your creatinine is low, some people use Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda to raise creatinine.

    Comp Metabolic 14 Panel cost $9.65
    Get above test, find BUN/Creatinine ratio in results of that test.

    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
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  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    Using NTH raise FT3 to upper range
    Using DHEA pills raise DHEAs to at least mid range or higher.
    You would benefit if you would do this test:
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  4. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    Jan, thank you for the ideas!! I did a baseline DDW test in late Dec. Will post in a moment. It doesn't look optimal but I haven't seen enough comparison points to be able to tell "how bad" it is. Would love your opinion on that!! I will dry the bicarbonate, for sure. After getting my breath/ urine tests back I didn't launch a deuterium drinking protocol because it wasn't available in Mexico here. I believe Andrew has now figured out the importing challenge though. I will only be here another 5 weeks though - next week and 3 weeks in March and 1 week in April. I'm headed to gulf coast to explore next. I don't know if I can order an amt of DDW that would make sense for 5 weeks...when I last ordered in Massachusetts had to order a 3-4 month supply. Perhaps the play is to start DDW when I get back to USA in april.....I will also redo my tests here in april right before i leave mexico...to get a read on how my system responded to the mix of sun, EMF, water, and food here in the Yukatan. Again - thanks so much for your thoughts!! Kirstin
  5. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    here are the deuterium breath and saliva tests I took for first time in late Dec '18. Has anyone out there used the Mask they sell and found it made a difference for them? I have one with me here. Haven't used it yet. I also don't do well on a zero carb diet...i don't need much but a little sweet potato or fruit seems necessary each day or I crash. Hope to start DDW water when back to USA in April...

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  6. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    So Jan...my free T3 is actually half way reasonable no? almost in top 1/4 of range???

    My DHEA is better than usual...usually non existent in last few years. But I know is still way below range.

    I always hear jack saying "don't take what you make" when it comes to hormones...I used to take DHEA but it didn't budge my DHEA much...but perhaps I try again...?


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  7. Novah

    Novah Gold

    Did you end up redoing your lab tests? Curious what your BUN/creatinine level did!
  8. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    After 3 solid months in Mexico - mix of PDC and Puerto Aventuras - my BUN/Creatine had gone up to 31. In the fall in Nov it was about 19 and in the summer last year it was 12. Not what I wanted to see. My Vit D was 60 - I had been in sun at least 7-9 hours a day. I felt like my meters were registering pretty high (especially on dirty electricity) everywhere I was on the Yukatan. I also felt worse there, unless I was in the sun.
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  9. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    My lab tests are attached - labs taken right after I got home from 3.5 months in PDC and Puerto Aventuras in Mexico. My BUN/ Creatinine is actually much worse than it was in 2nd half of 2018 in New England. Ugh.

    Attached Files:

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  10. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    After spending much of the time from late Oct 2018 til early April 2019 in PDC and Puerto Aventuras in Yukatan, my BUN/ Creatinine got worse....is up around 31 (recently and in late Jan). Late last summer and in Oct it had been in the 12-19 range. I didn't feel at all better in Mexico - I felt much worse, especially when I arrived for a couple weeks. My meters for RF and magnetic and electric read very well - but I got a dirty electricity meter in late Dec and realized that DE levels were very high - in multiple places I tested in PDC and also Puerto Aventuras. I'm sure there are more "rural" and natural places in Mexico but as a single woman, I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable living in a rural or jungley place there after getting feel of place over 6 months and also meeting several people who had problems with safety.

    So while I felt pain go down WHILE I was in direct sun in Mexico - I generally felt worse when NOT in direct sun (evenings and nights were extremely pain-filled and new parts of me started to hurt a lot that hadn't been issues before over the 10 years of gradual, worsening pain. I tried hard to find a place I could sleep grounded outside but there were so many "blue lights" ...and I just wasn't going to feel safe alone on the beach sleeping.

    So I came back to suburban Boston in mid April and stayed just long enough to pack up my house and start moving process to a rural Vermont town of 1000 peeps 2 hours north of Massachusetts . Now I am hanging out in Apalachicola on Gulf coast for solar benefits...eating tons of their wonderful, inexpensive oysters and drinking in the pain relief from hot sun here. Pain levels at night not impacted though...continue to be awful if not in direct sun. And I've been eaten alive by the yellow flies who don't seem to respond to any bug sprays and who are supposed to be extra numerous this year (they are only around here in May).

    In early June I return to rural Vermont where I'll get some time with family who can come up from Boston area to visit - it's been a long year away from them. I plan to stay in Vermont - sleeping in an outdoor shed with a concrete floor which I'll put copper filings in if I can find them...and I'll sleep on mattress low to ground and try to "ground" - at least I'll be out of the house and the house's power grid. We ve already done some mitigation work (got rid of dimmers and any LED/ fluorescents etc.) and we have tossed router than comcast delivered in favor of a weak one that we can do "wired only" connections with....when I am there in residence there will be NO WIFI. And in the unusual case where I have to sleep inside house all breakers will be off. I play to live outdoors about 23 hours a day...even cooking outside and doing my 2-4 hours of work a day outdoors with a landline and cabled shilded connection to internet.

    THen in late Sept I am planning on going to St. Croix to check that out as a potential place to spend winter. I know I will have to buy and drink imported bottled water (expensive) but it is at the 17th latitude, it is more rural and low pop density vs. places like St Thomas or much of FL, and they speak english - a big advantage for me over mexico where I struggled, unsuccessfully, to pick up some spanish.

    My sleep is maybe a tiny bit better in the past couple months - the pain in hip and shoulder wake me maybe every two hours and it is excruiciating to roll over and rearrange the 6 pillows that prop me up...but I always go right back to sleep and maybe even get one 3 hour segment of sleep in a night. I go to bed around 9 pm once dark (never use anything but a black light flashlight or candles in evening now)....and sleep til about 6, waking about 3-5 times. There have been times in past I've NOT been able to get back to sleep starting at 2 pm...thankfully that has gotten better, even as the pain keeps getting worse.

    CT for me is face dunking and 84 degree baths - because anything more than that creates extra pain so bad that my sleep goes to hell. I'm looking forward to being in a place with a warm ocean again so I can spend 1-2 hours a day in the ocean water - like I did in Mexico until the sargasso got so bad that it was hard to go in without skin reactions.
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  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    57.7 yo, menopausal
    BUN over top range
    Free progesterone nil
    Free testosterone nil
    DHEAs nil
    Estradiol nil
    Vit D low

    You should see someone and adjust your
    Steroid Hormones
    then see what that will buy for you

    A high BUN value can mean kidney injury or disease is present. Kidney damage can be caused by diabetes or high blood pressure that directly affects the kidneys. High BUN levels can also be caused by low blood flow to the kidneys caused by dehydration or heart failure.

    Phosphatidylcholine (from BodyBio )
    and or zinc may be helpfull.


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