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Kris's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Kris Kolo, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    So happy to be here!!!

    I am going to post today HERE what I meant to post about 1 month ago (late Aug) when I was about 2 months into sunning and only 1-2 weeks into trying to mitigate blue light, do Sphinx etc etc.

    Late August first post:

    Hello! I'm 56 years old, chronic pain started 9 years ago in 2009; gets worse with each passing month or quarter. Super low hormones (all of them incl Vitamin D if I didn't supplement); immune markers way off (haven't had my annual cold, flu, or fever since 2004). Low thyroid since 2004. Pain set in about the time of menopause - and the end of a 9-year divorce from hell. I'm betting both issues contributed to start of pain.

    Type of pain: Joint pain - but much worse is the pain from pressures of other surfaces (floor, chair, bed) against surface of body parts pressed against them. Chairs, beds, and the floor are all my enemies now - I can't hold any position for long because tissues under pressure start screaming too loudly after 30-60 minutes.

    I've suspected tissue hypoxia for years due to effect of pressure against body parts (compresses already poor microcirculation?). Walking or gentle movement helps most of me probably due to circulation effects, except it makes surfaces of feet much worse. Annual Venous oxygen tests in 2012-2013-2014 went from 26 (borderline) to 36 (bad) to 52 (very bad).

    For first 8 years, heat of hottub or shower was the only thing that helped pain, perhaps because heat expands circulation temporarily. Now feet hurt too much in a bath or hottub - toes ache like they're being strangled - low oxygen - similar to pain when you come in from the snow and were super cold and start thawing out with boots off - that ache that might be "reperfusion" injury?

    Did venous oxygen tests in 2013, 14, and 15 - showed tissues were picking up less and less oxygen from tissues. Why don't doctors know ANYTHING about that test, which feels very important to me? To be expected - they're so behind.

    Sleep down to 1-2 hours at a time due primarily to pain building up in shoulder or hip pressed against bed. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but not much trust in that label. Have generally eaten low grain/ carb and avoided processed or non organic food for years. Scandinavian/ northern european descent.

    I discovered Jack Kruse's amazing work AFTER I discovered in May that sitting in sun here in Boston actually took away 80% of my pain WHILE I was in sun (effect doesn't continue once I am inside, sadly). I knew my Vit D was low if not on supplements - so decided to commit to 30 min in midday sun each day.

    Miraculously, after 6 weeks of this sunning - I felt my HORMONES coming back!!! Membrane surfaces of body started to get moist again - eyes, mouth etc. So I looked online to see if anyone believes the sun causes increases in other hormones besides Vit D - and WOW - found Jack's writings.

    Excited to learn!! Have started in last two weeks to tighten diet (seafood, no snacking, eat 30 min after waking etc) and do the Sphinx and have ordered glasses etc. Most critically, I just booked 5 months in Florida this winter. I'm determined to get the right quantum energy and swim in the ocean daily, something I've never done but which might help.
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  2. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    UPDATE Sept 24 2018:

    Have pulled together any labs I could find on attached spreadsheet - most of them on Kruse's list of labs he likes to see. Unfortunately my doctor's office just said I have to pay out of pocket for ones highlighted in red. Of which there are MANY. Which would you prioritize? Also - since I'll be in Playa del Carmen in Oct - has anyone gotten tests like these done in Mexico for much better out of pocket price? I've signed up for consult with Dr K in cancun at his Silver member consults there in mid Nov so would love to get my ducks in a row on testing front.

    • I've switched my winter's plans for Florida to Playa Del Carmen (why mess around????) Home is Boston MA (would love to meet/ find Reuben!!!). First trip for a week in mid Oct.
    • I am suffering greatly now (pain, inflammation) that days are mostly cloudy or cool for past 2 weeks...no more pain relief from sun and i can feel my dry eyes/ dry mouth returning
    • I started earthing PROPERLY about 1 week ago and it has been AMAZING in its impact at night. Nothing has ever helped my sleep, which is awful mainly because of pain (pain in hip/shoulder against bed woke me every hour or two..often wake in great pain about 6x/ night. Since starting grounding sheet...that is down to 2-3 x / night!!!!!!) First real improvement in sleep since all this set in about 9 years ago.
    • MY 2018 LABS here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AbLXahylxmbAJMWY99Wnmnb3pGXbKJxnZvn_nqbU_gE/edit?usp=sharing
    • Note that labs highlighted in red are ones I need to still get - and my insurance won't cover them unless I wrote "insurance will cover" next to them
    • Anyone have sense of which labs I should prioritize for Dr K given labs here are so expensive? OR...can anyone recommend a doctor or lab in Playa del Carmen where I could get them done in Mid October in advance of Nov consult with Dr K?
    • THANKS!!!
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  3. Erik

    Erik New Member

    You came to the right place Kris! I dunno much about labs... Lets wait for Jack to answer that. So Glad you found the suns power all by yourself.. i suffered acné/rosácea for years and epilepsy and was hiding from the sun lol... Till i finally found Jack and my life was saved...
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  4. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

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  5. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    Thank you Phosphene!!!!!
  6. Annie Dru

    Annie Dru Silver

    Hey Erik, I don't mean to be forward, but I'm curious how Dr. Kruse's mitochondria protocol has impacted your epilepsy. I ask because I have a son with the same condition.
  7. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    Posting some additional background on me as well as Yukatan updates!!! Am feeling a little guilty about not posting much about myself yet in this online journal. I joined in early Sept-ish this year. Then again - my excuse is reasonable, LOL. I was prioritizing turning my life, family, and work upside down to start moving much of my life from the Boston area to the Yukatan, where I am now.


    I spent a week in Playa del Carmen in October as a first toe in Yukatan water. I didn't like it much - I am not a "city" girl and it felt much more urban than I expected. It also didn't feel as safe as I'd hoped as a single gal. Were about 8 locks and gates and barbed wire around courtyard of my Airbnb. My readings at this Airbnb on my Coronet and Trifeld were fairly high. As were my readings "about town" as I walked the streets. So I cancelled my plans for a winter in PDC and started looking for a new town to settle in down here.

    At just the right moment, in walked a new friend to my life here with a GREAT "where to live" idea (an american who's been here 30 years whom I met while at my new integrative MD in PDC - highly recommend this doc...he has other patients following Kruse and living down here and he has great respect for Dr Kruse/ those patients' results).

    This woman showed me HER town of Puerto Aventuras. 20 min drive from PDC toward Tulum. I came and did some meter readings...they seemed good...so I booked three weeks at an Airbnb here. I'm half way thru that stretch right now and LOVE it here!! It is only 5000 people (less population density than PDC)...more like a resort village with a really lively town center on the harbor. So many interesting and nice people from around the world who are easy to meet/ talk to.

    My readings on meter are pretty low - and I'm feeling much better here than in PDC. And much safer - it is a gated community with LOTS of security. But it is not as "boring" and homogenous a gated community as say Playacar in PDC...which from photos looks a bit like the moon to me. This town has great restaurants and shops on the harborfront for an easy social life outside. Beaches are amazing - very little seaweed compared to PDC beaches and also some good areas with "low waves" (my arms are in too much pain to flap about much in bigger waves)

    So now I am working to find a place to rent here for first 5 or 6 months of 2019.

    I will add something I noticed my first two weeks in Mexico here. I felt AWFUL!! I think I was detoxing...just from the magnetic fields!!! I felt a little nausea and headachy...those are two things NOT in my typical symptom list. Also my pain (my big issue) was much more intense than usual. WHen I went back to boston area for one week in the middle of my first 4 weeks in Mexico - it confirmed my suspicion. I immediately felt better (best I've felt in 2-3 years!)...for the first two days home at least. I think detox came to grinding halt. Usually my symptoms don't change much day to day. Then after first 3 glorious feeling days I started to go downhill again.

    Now I am on day 16 in Mexico...and I finally feel the detox is slowing. I was in sun for 6 hours today and it felt glorious...the direct / strong sun REALLY helps my pain (at least while I'm in it!)


    I know mothers' health (and maternal health history) matters to Dr Kruse so will mention here. My maternal grandmother was off the boat swedish - and she lived to 92, eating lots of butter and seafood. No bad neuro issues in end - just lots of arthritis. She stayed blonde til the end, naturally! She had had scarlet fever as a young woman in her late 20's and was in hospital for that ...but pulled thru. Otherwise unremarkable health history. She DID have a brother with parkinsons who I barefly remember ever meeting.

    My mother's health is hard to ID because she was in a bad car accident at age 26 and almost died...had some brain damage and much physical damage that plagued her for rest of her life...she's still alive though at 75 - but is an invalid in high care nursing due to physical and mental limitations. BUT she had me when she was a very healthy 18 year old. It must have been a stressful first trimester though because she got pregnant with my dad BEFORE having a quick marriage 3 mo into pregnancy..and both she and my dad were from very conservative families. (they are still together almost 60 years later, having met at age 12 and survived a horrible car crash at the end of my dad's 8 years getting a PhD in chemistry.

    Aside from my mother's injuries and long term damage from car accident - she's had no health issues...only maybe low thyroid. No cancer, no heart issues...she was in fabulous shape when young and had great internal strength to do the 3-4 years of physical therapy needed to relearn how to walk, talk, write, and drive...all while being a mom to me (age 8-12) and my much younger brother.

    Nowhere in my family have I seen cancer or diabetes. Or mental illness. All 4 grandparents lived into their 90s. I had 47 years that felt INCREDIBLY healthy...before numbness and pain started to set in in 2009 at end of a 9 year divorce from hell (first husband, bad choice). The pain has gotten much worse with each passing quarter and month since then. I can't walk without huge foot pain. I can't sleep more than an hour before excruciating shoulder and hip pain wake me (and can't lie awake on one side for more than 10 min before I must carefully roll over to relieve the increasing pain on whatever side I'm lying on). Sitting i have a huge burning in buttocks that gets worse and worse the longer i sit. It even hurts now to put my cheeks on the pillow at night. But never any fatigue or much brain fog (or no one has heart to tell me my brain is cooked LOL!!)

    BTW my 23andme shows my background is mix of scandinavian and celtic...solidly northern european. I am naturally the whitest person I know...aside from my dad and daughter. BUT i managed to avoid sunburns all summer sunning in boston and even here in Mexico over two weeks I've been here. Started Sphinx in early Sept this year...did it except for a week in early Oct when sitting in kiniki bikini in front of a propane heater...turned into just walking the dog at sunrise due to temps. Cold makes my pain MUCH worse. Attempts at cold baths so far have been disastrous...I end up in much worse pain for a day or two...so bad that I can't sleep at all. I do face dunking in ice water or chest ice ok. Hoping as I build redox down here in sunny mexico that will change so I can do CT more easily!!!


    As for pain relief...over the first 8 years of my 9 years of pain...heat of a bath or hottub or sauna helped my pain a lot - but never for more than an hour post exposure to hot water. i always felt my pain was due to poor microcirculation/ oxygenation...as it gets worse fast with any pressure. about 10 yr back my skin got very "impressionable"...as if blood flow and pressure had gotten bad. My venous oxygen tests in 2013-2015 got worse and worse...from 25 (borderline) to 39 (bad) to 54 (very bad) meaning tissues NOT picking up oxygen from blood...so much of my blood just circled back to heart with too much remaining oxygen.

    No pain killers do much so I try to avoid them...except for maybe 1-2 tramadol pills a month for special occasions (like a long flight or an occasion like a wedding where I want to feel slightly better). A tramadol only takes away 30 percent of my pain for 24 hours. A glass of wine takes away 40% of my pain for same 24 hours oddly, though I am NOT doing any now because it is just not good to drink when in health state I'm in. (By comparison - sitting in hot sun takes away 80 percent of my pain WHILE i'm in sun...which could only be a couple hours a day in Boston suburbs this past summer)

    I know most people get let to the SUN by Dr. Kruse. In MY case...the sun actually led me to Dr Kruse!!! After noticing the sun's effect on my pain this summer, I scratched head and googled "sun" and "pain" and "hormones" (i could feel my tissues getting less dry by the weeek when sunning!)...guess who popped up...Dr Kruse!

    More later!
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  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome Kris......I am loving reading your journey to wellness!

    You will love your consult with Dr. K.......
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  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    Are you fully on DDW-25ppm plus fat?

    Do you have armed guards on the other side of gates?

    When you are on the other side of gate do you have to travel with body guards?

    Sounds familiar to my Brazillian experience in 1979.

    Were about 8 locks and gates and barbed wire around courtyard of my Airbnb.

    And much safer - it is a gated community with LOTS of security.

    But it is not as "boring" and homogenous a gated community as say Playacar in PDC...

  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    It is no direct cure but it should improve on (some) major items.

    I am 78yo working on 79.
    Use or optimize to satisfy:
    Circadian Rhythm
    UVa (strong lamps)
    660nm, 850nm, IR
    FreeT3 on top of laboratory range using NTH
    Spectracell Micronutrient analysis
    homocysteine (within 6-7)
    fasting insulin less than 5

    I am guessing that you should get some pain relieve (or just better circulation) using 10mg/day Cialis (tadafil).
    DDW-25 as the only drinking water and water used for cooking (then give it at least 6 months before expecting any help).
    Drink least DDW you can stand and emphasize fat

    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
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  11. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    thank you for these ideas JanSz!!! I own some DDW at home in MA but none is shippable to Mexico right at moment. Andrew is making progress on license to import to mexico though...so maybe will have down here by January when I come back for 5 months! I'll be home in late Nov/ Dec in Massachusetts and plan on eating mostly DDW, bacon, and fish/ crustaceans!!!!!!!!
  12. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    Caroline - I am so looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your note!!
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  13. PalmBeach1

    PalmBeach1 Gold

    Kris kolo hi i loved reading your story . Im new member and trying to limit my time on iphone but thats hard when I want to learn all this stuff. Im from Boston snd Florida and was wondering how you like mexico because i was afraid it too unsafe. Do you think its better there than Florida? I go to beach or river daily here and its 26 latitude and small town do I ferl blessed inthat respect. So glad you are feeling better after doing sunning. Im trying to start CT AND heard that Luke Storey bought a horizontal freezer and fills it with water and i thought that was really a great idea. I love his interview with Dr Kruse. Im hoping to go yo Dr Kruse Longevity center when it opens looking forward to following your continued health success. Anne Charlotte (PalmBeach1) oh and i love the spelling of your name as my son is spelled Kristofer
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  14. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    Going to add a bit more "color" here about my symptoms over time.

    My first 47 years were -- in my mind -- super healthy feeling. 4 grandparents all lived into their 90's. I rarely if ever missed school or work due to "not feeling well." Felt very hale and hearty. Did a lot of power walking. Had chicken pox at age 3 and a light case of mono at 14 - but other than that was rarely sick.

    Until 2009 when my pain started to set in, gently at first but worsening with every passing month.

    Of course looking back there were clues before 2009. In 2002 I was rear ended super gently - no pain at first but went to a chiropractor a couple weeks later who with one "adjustment" put my neck INTO excruciating pain...which has never really gone away. I live with it...managing ergonomically. But a drive on a dirt road (man do they have some of those here in MX!!) can create days of extra neck distress. Now I sense my physical structure was already weakened at that point..so the neck never had strength to heal properly.

    Also in 2004 I had a period with low energy around 6-7 pm...odd for me. Also HORRIBLE constipation. Went to MD and he suggested thyroid. Went on armour...that solved evening energy issue but constipation lingered (and was really bad) for another 8 years until menopause and fibro type pans set in (about the same time), when for some strange reason the constipation went away...can't think of anything I did to cause that improvement. Maybe hormone shifting?

    Then in 2006 I got some strange red spots in 3 areas around my cheeks/ nose. I had always had clear, great skin - so this was odd. Not pimples. They would cycle and be painful/ scratchy for 2-3 months, go away for a month, then come back. This lasted a couple years - til 2008.

    In early 2009 I decided to get a Mercola sun lamp for Vit D in January. I knew my D was low. I was feeling wiped out from an ugly 9 year divorce process from husband #1 which had involved multiple depositions and being dragged thru court several times and spending way too much $. That just ended in 2009. I used the sunlamp for about a minute or two for 3-4 days...and found to my dismay that it seemed to bring back those strange skin spots - but in a more painful way. So I stopped the sunlamp after less than 10-20 min of use.

    I then noticed that whenever I went into the outdoor light that my face spots started aching and burning more. SOOOO....I started trying to stay OUT of the sun to keep them from going crazy. For about 2-3 years I lived like a vampire. Shifted my daytime power walks in the neighborhood til after dark. Darted from car to house and from office to car quickly as I could.

    In 2012 a couple doctors told me maybe my issue was environmental - mold - although I had never "reacted" to any building. But I dutyfully tossed all worldly possessions and moved homes...twice...just in case. Lived in an airstream trailer for 8 months looking at my family from outside kitchen window. Nothing moved needle on advancing pain. We even built a "healthy house" out of inert materials/ metal roof...my husbands allergies disappeared but I just kept getting worse.

    I was treated for a couple years for lyme that I don't believe I had in retrospect (MDs very mixed but we were grasping at straws to figure out my isssues!).

    Anyway...I've done a million other therapies (neural retraining, hyperthermia treatment in Germany, camping in middle of no where for a month, diet treatments of all shapes / sizes...endless list.

    BUt I meant for this post to talk about symptoms, so let me turn to that.

    Although I can pull myself together and LOOK fairly normal - I'm not. Here's a partial list of what I feel/ experience:

    - SLEEP: at night I fall asleep fairly easily (now at around 9 am given I'm living in candlelight/ avoiding electronics at night since Aug '18). I sleep maybe 4-5 hours with 1-3 wakings...the wakings feel like they're mainly about pain mitigation. Whatever shoulder and hip I'm lying on are SCREAMING in pain within about an hour if I'm sleeping..if I'm awake I can only lie on one side 10 min before the pain forces me to roll to other side. At first in 2009 I only got up 1-2 x/ night and could sleep longer...but those windows of sleep have gotten shorter and shorter. Now I find I sleep from 9 or 9:30 to 2:30 or 3:30...then I wake and can't get back to sleep. It is excruciating because from 2:30 til I rise out of bed at 630 am or so...I feel not only the pain that has me tossing around dozens and dozens of times...but I also feel ...."poisonous" during those early morning dark hours. Not sure how else to describe it. Vaguely nauseous but mainly feel like the wrong thing is coursing thru my arteries and veins. This improves when I rise - daytime is full of pain but with movement and being upright (with cortisol?) I feel like that poisonous feeling can be kept at bay. The only time that poisonous feeling ever goes TOTALLY away is when I am sitting in direct strong UV light.

    - Sore throat since 2010
    - Immune markers low (CD-57, others)
    - No cold, flu or fever since 2004 (before that got 1 cold or flu a year, usually mild)
    -- osteoporosis
    -- poor gum/ tooth health (started when pain started in 2009 - before that had no cavities and perfect teeith)
    -- Painful neck - can't lie on back for more than a few minutes before neck and headache set in
    -- Painful soles of feet - feels like I am walking always on hard bed of marbles - very uncomfortable
    -- Shoulder/ hip pain - profound when lying on side in bed at night. Awake can only lie on 1 side for 10 min before pain from shoulder/ hip pressed against bed gets so bad I must get off that side and roll to other (asleep I can sometimes do up to 1 or 1.5 hours before waking and having to roll over
    -- Frequent urination (sometimes urgent)
    -- Painful joints - feel like knees and shoulders and elbows and toes are on fire most of the time
    -- Extremely painful toes - ache as if they are cut off from blood flow (increasingly with each year passing)
    -- Slow to heal - smallest cuts or bumps take a great while to heal
    -- Hair loss (body) pretty extreme - underarms, legs
    -- Some hair loss (head hair)
    -- Hands and fingers ache - hard to hold a pot or pan or even type without finger pain from pressure
    -- carpal tunnel - both wrists
    -- dry eyes,dry mouth (better after summer of sunning 2018)
    -- dry/ painful vaginal tissues (better after sunning the summer of 2018)
    -- constipation (managed via magnesium ascorbate each day)
    -- Buttocks pain - fierce burning that gets worse and worse - can't sit very long before having to get up, can't sit at all on hard or even plastic seat surfaces - rely on multiple gel cushions
    -- low thyroid
    -- extremely low testosterone, estrdiol, progesterone
    -- Cortisol reasonably normal by day but a little high in evening - stage 2 adrenal fatigue according to one doctor
    -- sleep - choppy. get woken every 60-90 min by extreme pain. Can fall asleep easily by 9 or 930 but often wake at 230 or 330 after 6 fitful hours and then can't get back to sleep so just lie in pain for remainder of hours til sunrise

    There are other symptoms but these are some of the main ones.
  15. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    Hello Anne Charlotte!!! Thanks for your note. I was going to do FL at first but I'm a wimp about sun and temperature and i realized in Jan and Feb there might be too many cloudy or 65 degree days....not my idea for sunning now as I'm always chilly!! Here it is 85 and sunny almost all the time. Wonderfully boring. Even warm for sphinx at 7 am. I first came for a week in OCT to Playa del carmen but really didn't feel safe as single woman. So then I found a wonderful, securely gated community called Puerto Aventuras about 20 min south of PDC. LOVE it here. It is a resort community of about 5000 people (vs. 150,000 in PDC) Many interesting people from US, canada, europe, mexico. Great downtown harbor area for community, restaurants - everyone lives outdoors. GREAT swimming - is a tranquil, seaweed free beach with jettys that make swimming area very low on wave action...sandy clean bottom. I'm not strong enough to "do" waves for long LOL! Love it here. Wouldn't like any other place here....most places are either too big/ don't feel safe...or too small and remote. THis is just right for me.
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  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Kris Kolo wrote:

    and fibro
    -- Hair loss (body) pretty extreme - underarms, legs
    -- Some hair loss (head hair)

    I am thinking
    5aR/5bR reductases looking like this on DUTCH test


    also low

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  17. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    thanks JanSz! I am so curious for my consult with Jack this week in Cancun. Monday. Cheers! Kirstin
  18. Novah

    Novah Gold

    Hi :)

    Here's what I see when I look at your test results:

    1. Ferritin looks low, especially the last test result at 11 - is that a typo?

    My doc likes her ladies ferritin to be 80-90.

    Low ferritin (iron deficiency) has a ton of symptoms - muscle pain, joint pain, hair loss, low thyroid, sleep problems, headaches, dizziness, and the list goes on.

    Low ferritin/iron can lead to low thyroid function (and vice versa).

    2. Have you had your copper and zinc levels measured? Low copper can inhibit ferritin from rising.

    3. Your TIBC looks slightly on the high side.


    4. If your venous oxygen test is low, could that imply that your red blood cells aren't carrying enough oxygen, and hence point again to an iron/ferritin insufficiency issue?

    "Iron is an essential element for blood production. About 70 percent of your body's iron is found in the red blood cells of your blood called hemoglobin and in muscle cells called myoglobin. Hemoglobin is essential for transferring oxygen in your blood from the lungs to the tissues. Myoglobin, in muscle cells, accepts, stores, transports and releases oxygen."

    5. Creatinine looks low.

    6. Omega 6/3 ratio looks significantly below the normal range - I'm curious why; maybe look into a re-test for a more current result.

    7. I'd be curious to see what more Omega 3 specific testing shows - something that gives results like this test:



    8. Homocysteine looks high - High homocysteine can indicate low B12, folate, B6... What are your B12 and folate levels like?

    9. Re: sleep & pain -- What's your RBC (not serum) magnesium level?

    10. What's your blood pressure tend to be like?

    So overall:

    - low ferritin -- potential iron deficiency
    - high TIBC -- potential iron deficiency
    - Venous oxygen test low - potential iron deficiency
    - low creatinine
    - high homocysteine - potential B12,folate, b6 deficiency

    Curious about:

    - Another Omega 6/3 test
    - Further Omega 3 testing
    - Copper/zinc test
    - RBC (not serum) magnesium test
    - Blood pressure

    Just my 2 cents :)

    P. S. Oh and a Vitamin D re-test to see what that's up to, now that you're getting it from natural sun and not supplements.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
  19. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    Thanks for the ideas here!!!! So grateful. Will pursue more of this testing. THankfully it is not too expensive in Mexico. :)
  20. Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo Silver member

    Update on my time in Mexico on the Yukatan, living in Puerto Aventuras. It is month 5 and I expect to be here til late April - total of 7 months all together. Although I had to go home for 6 weeks from Thxgiving til New Years to the suburbs of Boston - so not a perfect experiment.

    I found I felt much worse when home over the christmas holidays...not at first but within a week. I had huge cravings for carbs - not anything I had ever really noticed before...I don't eat many carbs and haven't since 2004 - just small amounts of fruit when warranted, and sweet potato once in a while for most part.

    WHen i got back to mexico in early January I felt awful for a week - that seems to happen each time I return here...Jack suggested maybe my cells are "adjusting" to different magnetic fields down here?

    And JUST when that "adjustment" ended...I got whacked with my first ever case of food poisoning...e-coli to be specific (a doctor down here in PDC ran tests). I had eaten a batch of ceviche from PDC with a friend. I got sick about 24 hr later and she also got sick a little after me. In my case I had horrible runs for 3-4 weeks...i LIVED in the bathroom. Usually my stomach is very tough - rarely have reactions (bad ones) to anything I eat and I've never had food poisoning before in my 57 years, to the best of my memory.

    So now I am 3 weeks past that food poisoning. Doing LOTS of sun, happily. SOmetimes on beach, sometime in yard behind my small building, sometimes just by walking my dog around the area or to the marina. I also go on my roof deck as it is private and i can do "native" style sunbathing LOL.

    I will say that I'm not feeling any better overall. WHILE i'm in direct strong sun i still get good pain relief (maybe even 70% pain relief) but the minute there is no sun (sunset or I go inside)...I'm back to worse than ever in terms of throbbing joints, fragile painful ligaments/ tendons, inability to withstand any pressure agains my body/ skin. Even sunglasses hurt on my nose - and pressing the button to release/ tighten my dog's collar hurts as does anything else I do with my hands now. That wasn't the case 6-9 months ago...hands and other areas have gotten worse.

    But I'm determined to keep at this. I've ONLY been doing sunrises and sunsets and avoiding blue light since early August last year...I'm only 6 months into it and I'm patient...Jack said at my early Nov consult in cancun that because of my age (57) and the time I've had this pain (almost 10 years)...that it could take 2-3 years to turnaround.

    And I am VERY determined to make this work.

    Overall I'm loving the sun of the Yukatan...it is phenomenal and helps me a lot with pain mitigation in the daytime!! (I've also loved the ocean and being in the water here in Puerto aventuras...although not in the last week because the high winds of recent weeks have caused mountains of sargasso seaweed to come in....hard to even climb the mountain to get into the ocean LOL.

    But I do fear that this area and many others along this coast are too high tech. That EMF is too high. You can ALWAYS see cell towers and the big power lines are never far away. Readings for RF and mag/ electric are good inside the buildings here because their walls are so wonderfully solid...but I fear the dirty electricity along much of this coast is high in any kind of populated place I would feel safe. I just wouldn't feel "safe" in the jungle away from these populated areas like this town of 5000 (Puerto Aventuras). PDC didn't feel safe for me living here as a single woman either.

    I know the great mag fields from crater down here should help mitigate the 3G and 4G stuff that is all around any place I feel safe....but every "body" is different. Maybe the sun isn't doing me enough good because I'm still dehydrated.

    In fact I know I am. My BUN/ Creatinine ratio bounced between 12 and 19 last year and the previous year while I was living in my boston suburb...but was a shocking 35 in early January here in Puerto aventuras...admittedly I had been back in Boston suburb for 6 weeks over christmas - it is possible things there changed since I left living there full time in Oct? I know my food poisoning and related dehydration started AFTER the blood was drawn for the tests I'll attach to my journal here in a moment.

    I hope now to stay here just til early May, then assuming I'm still not feeling better - will go explore the lower Pop density areas around Apalachicola and Eastpoint and Carrabelle FL on panhandle in May...with eye to trying THAT area in Sept - Dec of 2019

    The good nows from my 6 weeks back in boston in Dec was that my husband and I decided to sell our boston area home and we are buying a place for us to spend summers in Vermont...in a town with population under 1000. Queechee. Hoping that can be a safer place for the few warm months of the year for me than boston...sure it will be in fact, if I set that house up right. Will get an EMF expert in and planning on sleeping in a small shed I'll put up next to house...and will live outdoors 80% of each day - like I'm now doing here in Mexico. Just inside to cook a bit, and on rainy or stormy days.

    Onwards and upwards!! I AM going to conquor this thing with the help of Jack and my own learning/ persistence.


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