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Krill Oil

Discussion in 'The Epi-Paleo Diet' started by RiverNeighbor, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. RiverNeighbor

    RiverNeighbor New Member

    Has anyone researched brands and associated processing methods, quality, bang for buck?
  2. Hurd

    Hurd New Member


    This company is reccomended by the Weston A Price foundation. I have been buying cod liver oil from them and been well pleased.
  3. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I've been buying NOW brand. I know if I get a headache, taking one of their krill oil capsules will fix the headache within an hour. So I think it is effective against inflammation, like Omega 3 should be. I don't care for their 1000g capsules, however. They smell sweet, like the MegaRed brand. Yuk. I've gone back to ordering the 500g size from NOW.
  4. sage_

    sage_ New Member

    mg maybe??
  5. healthnut

    healthnut New Member

  6. EatingPretty

    EatingPretty New Member

    I have read that all krill oil available here is produced by the same Canadian company, so the only difference should be what happens to it after the processing. This means I would choose a distributor that has a high turnover rate.
  7. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Good idea, EatingPretty. You also might want to puncture the capsule and smell the contents occasionally. I do that for cod liver oil as well as krill oil.
  8. Dineen

    Dineen New Member

    What kind of dosing are you all using on your krill? Are you finding that you use less compared to "just" fish oil? I am asking as someone who has regularly taken 10-12 grams of fish oil for the past 7 years.

    Getting more bang for my buck would be great. So would being able to add the benefit of the astaxanthins.
  9. Clabbergirl

    Clabbergirl New Member

    I'm interested in knowing this too. I'm not taking that high a dose of fish oil, but only because of cost/consumption issues.
  10. zoebarry@yahoo.com

    zoebarry@yahoo.com New Member

    I've been using Dr. Mercola's brand for a year now, since it was recommended by doctor. Incidentally, my Dr charged me $89.00 for a 3-month supply, but on Dr. Mercola's website, I purchased same exact bottle for under $60.00!!
  11. IceBarbie

    IceBarbie New Member

    I was also using Mercola's Krill Oil UNTIL Kruse said to use Omega 3's to get the 6/3 balance back. Krill contains Omega 6's. So then I switched to Omega 3 only such as Salmon Oil. Now Kruse says HE uses Krill. Go figure!
  12. ASHO

    ASHO New Member

    Source Naturals ArcticPure Krill Oil has no Omega 6's.

    It is the most potent Krill oil I have found (much more potent than Vitacost's Krill).
  13. IceBarbie

    IceBarbie New Member

    Kruse said in a recent comment that he thinks "Krill is fine" and he has his Krill Oil compounded. Not sure what he meant by that!

    #897 (Cold Therm blog) Jack Says:

    March 12th, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    @Chris…..I think Krill is fine. I have my own compounded. I should start selling my own personal recipes but they are not cheap and most people complain about the cost…..so i just tell them to buy retail But you get what you pay for.
  14. JC2K

    JC2K New Member

    I think he's referring to a compounding pharmacy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compounding

    I'm guessing they get a source of krill oil in jugs or something fresh from the manufacturer, and are putting into gelcaps for him. So he can have freshly made gelcaps vs something that's been sitting on the shelf for a while, or in questionable storage conditions.
  15. donkjellberg

    donkjellberg Silver

    I used omega 3s @ 2 gm/day when I lost all my weight. Now that the weight is stabilized (BMI 23), I just eat cold water wild caught fish both canned and fresh/frozen. I am happy with this and eat them a few times a week. I may try krill but am finding my body seems more healthy and resistant to things like pathogens and other stressors. Maybe its all in my mind, but it sure feels good and is reassuring.
  16. Sherry

    Sherry Silver

  17. zoebarry@yahoo.com

    zoebarry@yahoo.com New Member

    Wow, thanks for the link Sherry! Those prices are so reasonable!
  18. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I injured my shoulder recently. Ice was just fine yesterday, but today I was actually considering taking ibuprophen. Gasp! Just in time, however, I remembered to take a couple krill oil capsules. They really work for inflammation. Before the hour was up, complete relief. Ahhh. Thank you, little shrimpies!

    Dosage - I only had my 300 mg capsules with me, so I took 2 of them. They really seem to work exactly like ibuprophen, on muscle pain, headaches, joint pain, etc.
  19. Sarah115

    Sarah115 New Member

    Krill Oil - evolution-slimming.com Just wanted to write and say that I'm VERY satisfied with my purchase.
  20. Huck

    Huck Silver

    My doc (this week) said that according to a recent study, krill oil isn't effective and I should switch back to fish oil. I didn't ask for references because that was a low priority item for me and needed to spend my time talking about more important things. Did a quick search and didn't find any confirming studies.

    Please post a link if anyone finds a current study on effectiveness/ineffectiveness of krill oil.

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