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Kombucha Tea

Discussion in 'The Epi-Paleo Diet' started by Myree67, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That's it!! I am not gonna add it.

    Actually, I am feel messed up today and confused. I need to do what I am doing and not add anymore.

    P.S. I found on the thread about Krill oil, in this section, that I can save a whopping $150 for 4 months and it is the same Krill oil as VitalChoices. Go to that thread if you are interested.
  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I tried Kombucha tea for the first time today! It was good! I looked at the labels of all the varieties available, and found one with just 2g carbs per serving. I should have tried this a long time ago.
  3. BJK77

    BJK77 Gold

    What kind of tea do you all use to make your kombucha? I haven't yet tried to make it, but I can buy some at a local Amish farm. I know they use black tea, but I don't know if I can have that due to oxalate issues. Can it be made with other teas? Are the store-bought varieties as beneficial as homemade?
  4. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    I'd say homemade is best b/c of the alcohol regulations in store-bought. So the store bought is very sweet.

    Black tea is pretty much required to make quality kombucha, unfortunately. Many people will tell you that you can use other teas but the result is just not as ... good. I use a mix of black and green tea (1:1) for my sweet tea base and that works well for me. I'd suggest you make water kefir/kevita instead if the tea is a problem.
  5. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    I'd say Kevita is pretty harmless if you want the probiotic advantage and something fizzy, and easy to make. Even I can tolerate it and that means something ;)
  6. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    I have used black and green with equal success. I've heard organic is important, something about concentrating the fluoride if you use non-organic.

    Store-bought (if you can find original, non-"enlightened" versions) may be just as beneficial, but they're about 80 billion times as expensive. :)
  7. melrito

    melrito Gold

    i use only organic green tea for my kombucha (been brewing for 2 years) and organic turbinado sugar and let it brew at least a month. sometimes i add a touch of fresh pressed blueberry and/or ginger juice and lots of ice and it's very tasty :)
  8. Qodesh

    Qodesh New Member

    you can get quite a bit of info on the web. I've read that you can use white, black, green tea. Just nothing with oils, and real sugar (it feeds on this) The longer you brew, the less sugar is left because it's consumed. If you want to add fruit or oils or flavors, then you add it after you've removed the SCOBY, during the second fermentation , which provides the bubblies.

    Also, after you have a few baby scobys, you can experiment with different teas and possibly yerba mate. Just don't drink it if it molds.

    Extra scobys can be blended and used as hair tonic.

    I'm on my very first batch, so this is all "hear-say" on the web for me.
  9. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    The problem with using other teas than black (or a combination of green and black) is that the mushroom really need the caffeine for better fermentation. The mushroom will actually die if you use non-caffeinated teas for a longer time. I've noticed that the less caffeine (or the less black tea, there might be something else in there the mushroom needs) the smaller the baby scoby compared to another batch that has more black tea.

    Rooibos tea takes forever to ferment in my experience. But you can use mixtures and adjust fermentation time.
  10. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Yes, but you get a new scoby with every batch. I didn't have any problem maintaining my brew over a long period of time (years) with sometimes making black tea, sometimes green. Green tea has caffeine, anyway, right?

    I've also heard that you need white sugar (not honey) fo rthe same reason, that the scoby will not last as long with honey. But ... you get a new scoby with every batch, so ... I never saw the issue.
  11. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Don't use honey. Honey has all sorts of anti-microbial "benefits" and you really don't want that in your fermenting brew!! Unless you boil the honey to death before, which would be sad.

    Using a mix of black and green tea will maintain your scoby. You can only use green tea but your scoby will be smaller. You can only use caffeine free tea like rooibos but it will take forever and the scoby will continue to get smaller.

    Green tea only produces a wonderful, pretty, white scoby. But smaller. The smaller the scoby, the longer the fermentation time.
  12. Myree67

    Myree67 New Member

    KT is VERY easy to brew
  13. Myree67

    Myree67 New Member

    She had me hold product in my left arm at the center of my chest and hold my left arm out and would push down on it. I could resist her pushing if the product was ok for me and if not my arm went down. She explained it by saying we have electrical current running through our bodies and it gets disrupted if we hold something up to center chest that isn't good for us. To self test I hold the product up to my chest with my non-dominant arm and ask my subconscious if this product is ok for me to consume I set the interpretation that if my body falls forward it's yes and backward it's no. If it's yes I fall forward now sometimes I don't fall really strong so I rephrase the question and narrow it down to dosage ...so far it's incredible ...you should've seen the fall backwards for holding yogurt covered pretzels LOL
  14. Myree67

    Myree67 New Member

    That last reply went to the wrong person LOL

    Tips are don't freak out when it looks weird ...I found yahoo groups to ask all sorts of questions and post pics to make sure my ugly scoby was healthy LOL btw my homemade KT is sooooo much better!
  15. Myree67

    Myree67 New Member

    I've been a member of AA for over 20 years and just like anything we do we have to apply it to our entire life! It has worked great for me and taught me to be open minded enough to be able to hear Jack's message!

    I don't worry about the trace alcohol in KT because I am able to cook with it no problem AND I dilute it with lots of herbal tea AND the alcohol in it is so little that in most cases it's less than near beer
  16. ginastarke

    ginastarke New Member

    How do you figure in the carb count of KT for the LR? I can't wait to get started, picking up my first scobys next week!
  17. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I am also picking up some scobys tomorrow and trying to culture the lacto reuteri as the dominant lacto. I thought would start giving the lato reuteri lead time and add the scobys after they've multiplied so I have a safety net. Has any one tried to recolonize their scobys?
  18. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I started a controlled batch with just Solaray multidophilus about the 5th and it grew a few little 50 cent sized jelly fishes. The LA Scoby I haven't seen and my desert scoby is still on the bottom of the jar. The Solaray stuff tastes absolutely too good to be true. The smell is like vinegar and I was dreading it, but the taste is like a slightly aged cider. I don't see bubbles but taste them. I never sweeten my tea and can't believe I like the taste. I just really want to make sure the sugar is gone. Any ideas? Fruit flies are hovering... what does that mean? Besides my swamp cooler filters are too porous.

    Oh yes, it was about a cup and a half of sugar to a gallon and a half of tea.
  19. Idk. I already had a boch fail! Had a baby scoby forming at the top of one batch and it was moldy! I threw out the tea. I assume I should throw out the mother scoby too? Honestly I am not good at things that require consistent attention. My scoby in green tea looks ok. I also was trying water kefir grains with coconut water. I keep getting white stuff that looks more milky. Is that ok? I keep pitching it! I'm kind of clueless! You should see my poor plants
  20. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Are you sure it was moldy? Scobies can look pretty funky. There used to be a website showing all kinds of scoby pics that were *not* bad, but all looked bizarre. I don't know if it's still out there.

    If it was mold, did you use a cup of kombucha as a starter for the batch? That can be helpful in hot weather.

    Kombucha is the farthest thing from needing constant attention. You should be able to make the tea, cool, add the starter, float the scoby, put on the towel, and literally leave it alone for three weeks with no attention whatsoever, then drink.

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