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Know any right minded PCP in the Seattle area?

Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Christopher Lane, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. Christopher Lane

    Christopher Lane New Member


    Until I can relocate out of the Seattle to a sunnier and less populous area, I would love to find a PCP that is on the same or similar wavelength of the mitochondriacs. Does anyone have any suggestions for a PCP? It would be great to find someone who doesn't freak out about cholesterol and wants to provide a prescription for everything.

    Keep up the great work!


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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  3. I have a daughter in Seattle who is seeing a ND for her PCP

    May I suggest creating a light room. You can come close to the spectrum of sunlight as it changes throughout the day. For example: morning time light could include: Infrared and red lighting; noon time light could include the morning lights plus UVA & UVB; early evening time could include noon lights minus the UVB; evening time light could be just red.

    Grandpa John
  4. Christopher Lane

    Christopher Lane New Member

    Thanks! I have a Mito Red Mega light therapy device, a Sperti Fiji lamp, a Rubylux near infrared, a couple Rubylux all red LED 2nd Gens, a couple reptile UVB flourescent bulbs and some BlueX CFL UV Blacklight bulbs. So trying to supplement. And rock an stock tank for CT.
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  5. @Christopher Lane - Nice set up light supplementation!
    One of the issues I've found after purchasing lighting products is the amount of "dirty electricity" most all LED systems put off. So I'm looking at one (not that costly) https://gembared.com/products/gembared-rex-nir-red-led-light-panel. It has been designed to produce very low EMF & low flicker rates - both which are byproducts of "dirty electricity". The Spert Fiji Sun Lamp and others which are florescent types do not produce that much "dirty electricity" (unless the ballast design is poor). One of the ways you can test your lights' "dirty electricity" by-product is with a https://greenwavefilters.com/dirty-electricity-meter/. Tools like these have really help me find "the problem" product or configuration, which sometimes can be resolved with a https://greenwavefilters.com/product/greenwave-dirty-electricity-filter/. What I like about this product, is that it conditions the complete electrical circuit including the ground wire. For my UV lighting, I'm using Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor bulbs - 100 watts. Their EMF tests results have turned out to be very clean. My black-lighting is florescent over head. At work I have florescent marijuana grade grow bulbs and black-light UV bulbs over head.

    Have you measured your vitamin D status? From the look of you headshot, you do have a handicap - that is the genetics which may product melanin quickly. Yes - you do look better than my pale tone. But it just means you may need more UVA & UVB supplementation in order to get your D3 status to levels your seeking.
  6. My daughter goes to https://rebelmednw.com in Seattle.
  7. Christopher Lane

    Christopher Lane New Member

    Thanks! I have not had my vit d measured. I use the dminder app knowing that it's only a guide. Had a nice two week power up session on Maui the end of Oct/beginning of Nov but can already feel the energy drain. Already looking for the next hit (of sun)!
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  8. @Christopher Lane - recommendation, spend more time in front of your UVB bulbs. UVA feels good too.

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