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Kipras Optimal Journal V2

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Daulatwant, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    This is my second journal.

    My first journal briefly - I came from being carnivore for 11 months. I went back and forth between drinking water and not drinking water. Using salt and not using salt. The journal was mostly fueled by times when I was overreacting about the emf and other shit in my environment.

    Over the span of it I started drinking tons of spring water and eating lots of raw seafood, started changing household bulbs to incandescent, more time outside in the sun with more skin exposed, stopped fasting instead began eating as often as I want.

    Where do I find myself today? I finally don't care too much about diet. The last few weeks I've been able to eat pretty much anything I wanted without issues. Right now I mostly eat cheese curds with some honey, I buy cheese from old grannies on selling on the streets. I'm not eating farmed salmon anymore, instead I go for herring which is cheap and available here. And low to moderate ruminant flesh. I just use my intuition.

    For over a month now I've been just playing video games all day long everyday. I've started this after my last freak out. And it was a huge relief to just give in completely and let myself escape all the bs that was around me at the time. I just got blue light blockers, use them when the sun sets.

    Overall things are going really well for me. I feel great, I enjoy most of my time.
  2. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    Pulled out my secret g|_|ns today, haha.
    This is 3 months and 20 days old fermented beef. The taste didn't change at all since the last time I tried it maybe 2 months ago.

    I found no babushkas on the streets at 7 am, but the bazaar is open and everyone is working as usual. Got myself some raw milk, cheese curds, beef heart, 2 large herring.

    The public transport is being sifted for sick people. The same people who used to check if you have a valid bus ticket are now looking for sick people instead.
  3. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    Just a few days ago we had strong freezing cold wind. Today the temperature was finally over 10C, clear sky, almost no wind. Spent a long time today outside, walked a lot. I've been going outside to roast in the sun most days in the last two weeks.

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  4. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    So I'm coming down with something. Laying in bed, body temp is somewhere over 38C, used my steak termometer to measure.

    Went tanning from 10am to 1pm. Sun feels nice and strong.

    Have't eaten anything today so far. Just spring water.
  5. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    maybe it is time to start chewing nicorette?
    not eating is ok and good
    keep us posted:)
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  6. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    Second morning bodytemp is back to normal, feeling alright, irritation of the post nasal area persists, but doesn't feel like it's here to stay for long.
  7. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    Welp I am pretty much back to normal already judging by my own senses. Didn't have any persistent cough. No significant mucus or plegm.

    Before getting sick I introduced some electrolytes in the form of salts, had little bits of snake juice here and there. Having some cooked and salted meat since yesterday.

    Been drinking lots of raw milk.
  8. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    Alright so I just did a whacko experiment. In the last 3 days I consumed somewhere over 700g of refined sugar and quite a bit extra carbs from other sources. I was eating arround 100g of fats and under 100g of protein each day too.

    At first after eating first large ammount of sugar I felt almost as if I was drunk. But later my body was dealing with all the carbs without any apparent issues. It felt good for some time, but at some point eating all that sugar just became like an extremely boring chore.

    Basically I started feeling like a different person in a very short time. I became more emotionally reactive. Now on the third day I am starting to remember what most people probably feel like every day, and how I used to feel like in the past when eating a lots of carbs all the time. Also I have a ringing in my ears now.

    I can see how taking this any further would bring back my mental struggles, and how strongly it alters my perception of the world arround me. Eating lots of carbs all the time feels like being in a bad dream. The mind starts to take over your reality.

    I'll be going back to eating very low or zero carbs from here.
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  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    cool experiment, and I totally believe it affects your psyche!
    I never want to feel the way I used to feel either.... in fact I felt so much less.. and the clarity was not there...so much more fear. uh. horrible.
    Imagine if you are in that state 24/7, how much easier it is to mind control you, out of the state of fear.
  10. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    I've continued to eat some carbs. Probably half the days I have a couple tablespoons of sugar, I make a dessert from a couple eggs, a little bit of dark chocolate, a lump of butter and some white sugar. I no longer turn down slices of cake and stuff like that when eating with family or friends. I just go by my gut and it's no longer a problem for me at all. Oddly I feel that refined sugar is actually better than something like grains or potatoes.

    Eating primarily beef steaks and fat trimmings, I cook it and coat everything with salt. I eat about a quarter of a raw mackerel or herring each day, including the liver and eggs.

    Getting some really nice sun. I get sunrise and sunset into my room at this time of the year. I open the window and sit naked in the am sun almost every day. Whenever midday is not too cloudy I go lay in the sun naked for an hour or two.

    Today I tried drinking some tap water, and I hadn't drank it for so long I forgot how bad it is. I got a headache, skin around my lips started to feel dry, my stomach didn't feel right and that was from just about a cup of it.

    The streets are packed with people in my city. Bars and restaurants are back to work as usual. Few people are still wearing masks. Lots of people seem to be enjoying themselves. I'm enjoying the current state of things as well.
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  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Do the waitressers and chefs need to wear masks in your country?
    Here we need at it is no fun.
    I am so happy for you that things seem to open up so well in your country, without too much stupid restrictions.

    So great you get naked tanning in, I do too, a lot. It is my best doctor :)
  12. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    I met a friend in a bar two days ago and the bartender wasn't wearing a mask. I saw a waitress wearing a mask in another place, but really didn't pay enough attention to this. In other stores it's 50/50 some workers have masks some don't.
  13. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    Removed carbs from my diet, because I was beginning to grow a belly.

    Going back to mostly raw. Beef meat and beef suet, raw dairy(fermented), herring. Aiming for low-moderate protein, and overall less food, more fat, but will follow my hunger and satiety without restricting myself.

    Was not having much salt the last few days. Got very angsty today, was not feeling right at all, went for a long walk and was afraid of going near people, my mind was looping the same negative thoughts. Had some salt(half a tsp to a tsp) 20 mins ago, calmed down already, feeling really good.

    Started going for long slow walks, as a result spend a lot more time out in the sun.
    Have been doing weightlifting and bodyweight training the last month or two. Since I found and outdoor gym while doing my long walks. I train maybe once a week.

    Doing well overall. But I am anticipating a second lockdown/masks/lockdowns/vaccines shitstorm to start heading our way quite soon. Goal is to not to fall into the trap of being afraid or angry, or playing into the mind games.

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