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Kid's choice for bfast, after farmer market day.

Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. We have been trying to rid ourselves of the "breakfast food" for breakfast idea with our child. Frankly, eggs everyday DO get boring.

    His choice for bfast today - Salad with strawberries and Parmesan with balsamic dressing. Bowl of bone broth. Cup of raw milk.

  2. Sem

    Sem New Member

    That's awesome! Congrats. What recipe do you use for bone broth?
  3. I make both chicken and beef. I make a whole chicken once a week, and get enough brother to last a couple weeks and to have on hand. I 1 big chopped onion in the crockpot with a whole chicken and salt. Cook until meat is done. Remove meat, put all parts back in and cook on low for a minimum of 24 hrs. Strain and chill if you want the fat to come out. Then freeze!
  4. Sem

    Sem New Member

    Ooh I like that recipe! The beef bone broth I made did not turn out well. Kids wouldn't touch it and I don't really blame them!

    Did your son ever have any "bad" eating habits you had to break? If so, any tips? I'm working to get my kids off of gluten and sugar ... And eventually all grains. It is very hard though as it is a constant fight with everyone! The kids, the grandparents, the parties, the events. Would love any good tips!

  5. We had been on board with a paleo-ish style from babyhood, but we had not cut grains until last year. . .that's been the hardest.

    all grains - no. It's hard because that is ALL the rest of the world eats!
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    How about coconut milk with nuts berries and coconut flakes?
  7. Sem

    Sem New Member

    We've been doing lots of coconut but, sadly, my kids are allergic to most nuts so we don't go near the rest of them.
  8. Sem

    Sem New Member

    Actually, we did some testing at the allergy doctor and they reacted not only to nuts, but also to seeds (flax and sesame), dairy, wheat, corn, soy and my little one even reacted to RICE! Basically they are allergic to anything non-paleo. That's why I'm working so hard to get there. Except for forums like this, I don't have a lot of support. So thank you.
  9. BeingVenus

    BeingVenus New Member

    You can mix a few eggs with

    An extra yolk

    For nutrition with some coconut flour and/or a banana and fry them in butter. Paleo-ish pancakes. They're really quick too.

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