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KIDS ASMTHA AND SCREEN TIME ARE LINKED via innate immune activation

Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by Jack Kruse, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    How do you build profit margins in modern-day healthcare? Ignore the fix, the reversal, and the treatment long enough and make them come to you when they are at the end of the rope. SAD BUT IT IS HOW THEY GAME THE ZIP CODE.

    Asmtha has always had a zip code effect in epidemiology but few have linked it to nnEMF allergy.
    The effect of nnEMF on kids is cell damage that unleashes part of the cell into their bronchial tree that activates the immune response. If it is left untreated it will eventually hypermethylate their genome as they age and lead to many more mitochondrial maladies.

    When you eventually go for treatment then there is another surprise awaiting you. Not all asthma is the same.
    Currently, some of the most commonly prescribed medicines for asthma are inhalers containing a type of steroid called glucocorticoids. While glucocorticoids help most asthma patients, some patients who use steroids for a long time redevelop asthma symptoms, but we didn’t really know why. Glucocorticoids may work in part by suppressing Th2 activity, but Th17 cells in certain asthma patients are notoriously resistant to glucocorticoid actions. Th2 and Th17 are both decreases by sunlight exposure. Few people ever get told this.

    This is why people who are outdoors a lot have a lower incidence of asthma.

    Implications of treatment? Essentially, by treating Th2-high patients with glucocorticoids we may actually have been promoting another distinct form of asthma in medicine as a collateral effect. This means the treatment never solves the problem but creates new ones to drive profits.

    Most cases of asthma occur in cities and cities have more blue light and nnEMF. In nnEMF damage, there is no protection from these insults on our surface. Our lung is one such surface.

    The collision of nnEMF on the air we breath collide and this can unleash cell damage in the bronchial cells to release potentially hazardous CpG-containing cell-free mitochondrial DNA (cf-mtDNA) into the airways to cause a reaction or even into the cerebrovascular tree to cause a more serious problem. The dose and the timing determine the severity of the response. Some of the worse cases of asthma I have ever seen have many electromagnetic fingerprints. Video gaming, TV cartoon abuse, and the use of virtual reality top those lists.

    Why does this happen? With nnEMF exposure, cf-mtDNA is routinely released into the circulation and is associated with morbidity and mortality in critically ill patients with lung diseases. I believe it is the fingerprint of morbidity for nnEMF. The released cf-mtDNA parts are what hyper-METHYLATES our genome in melanopsin dysfunction. The more the genome methylates in this way the worse the disease gets over time and it usually expands to other disease states. I believe this is what happened to Scott Kelly in his 340 days in space.

    This process activates the innate immune reaction in our plasma. How the body avoids inappropriate innate immune activation by cf-mtDNA remains unknown but I have a strong belief that is cleared via our RBCs and are toll receptors in the blood because of how they work with the complement system in the innate immune response.
    This is why Hospitals find asthma hot spots more profitable to neglect than fix - seems like we can replace asthma with #obesity, #diabetes, #hypertension
  2. Relibeli444

    Relibeli444 New Member

    Dear Jack, I am currently dealing with this exact issue you laid out in this post. I had a recurrence of asthma and have needed to use the steroid inhalers prescribed just to function. I've been living in Naples FL for 6 months and before moving asthma was 'in remission' for 2 years. Suddenly it came back, and I just know that nnEMF, wifi, 5g towers here have a lot to do with it. Not to mention other obvious environmental factors like mold. That said, is there anything else I can back doing to reverse this trend of reliance on the inhaler? I am in the sun every day for 1-2 hours, eating a big ass breakfast, and making sure not to eat past sunset, turn Wifi off at night (although still surrounded by neighbors routers). I'll be leaving Naples soon to roadtrip around Florida/North Carolina in search for a better environment. As you say, environment is n-1. If you have any other advice on good locations, or anything else I could do to get this asthma/inhaler use under control- please let me know. I'd like to arrange a call to speak with you to see if I am missing something here... I'm sure I am. Best wishes- Ari

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