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Kicking Fibromyalgia's ass..!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Karen & Glen C., Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Hi all, Glen and I were just talking and he mentioned a JK post about being able to see in the dark , he can't find the post for me to read it but when I'm in bed at night and have my eyes open then close them it's like I can see through my eyelids.
    It sounds strange and it is a strange experience and I'm wondering if this happens to anyone else?
    Also I always go to the toilet at night in the dark with no problem, well that depends on how much wine I've had.
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Patreon blog
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  3. So it's been a busy day today as usual, homeschooling , today we did Japanese ink painting which is very relaxing, groceries, been stocking up on supplies just in case.

    Then there's the pets to take care of, so after feeding and cleaning my 17 rabbits I was warm so I did a workout in my kitchen not under lights and it was great.
    I barely miss curves anymore and have written down a lot of exercises that I can do myself, sometimes the kids join in.
    Been keeping up the cold ice baths and every time I'm amazed at how much better I feel and love the energy boost.
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  4. So things are getting crazier every day with the corona virus, Glen and I are getting lots of sun and doing our cts.
    It's still hard to get our 14 year old daughter out of bed and into the sun, I think she's part sloth.
    Our 9 year old boy has got a better routine, he's up not long after Glen and I and most mornings will be in the sun nude, over the last month I've noticed his carcadian rythem has improved, occasionally he'll have a quick ct.
    This week I got a cut on my finger and in two days it is almost fully healed and I don't bruise as easily as I have all my life. Feeling that my body is running a lot better.
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  5. Hi, still doing the things we should, our nine year old had a 2 minute CT yesterday in 9 degree water, he was very pleased with himself.
    Homeschooling is going great, the assessor gave us another two years and with all the schooling books we found at the tip he said we won't need the internet at all and we are doing a great job.

    I get a bit run down with my cycle and always get sinus and ear aches with it, this time I've been getting a vibrating hum in my right ear, happens a few times a day, it seems random and is a weird sensation.

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  6. Just been thinking about how much pain I've been in sleeping lately, my back always feels like it's bruised and laying on a soft bed, on my magnetico hurts so much to the point of me waking up.
    Even though this is so I've Improved immensely.
    CTS help the most for me, and wine lol.

    My daughter who doesn't like following how we live said to me today, I'm bored, think I'll get in the outside tub, she did 20 minutes in 11 degree water.
    We were exstatic about this, finally she took her own reins.
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  7. I've had a lovely ct in the tub outside this afternoon as I do most afternoons, been outside most of the day as per usual, looking after my pets, including my rabbitry keeps me outside a lot which is where I feel good and happy.
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  8. How are your silkies doing? Best wishes to you guys!
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  9. Hi, they are going really well, the hens are five months old now and yesterday they were clucking a lot and going in the dog kennel and scratching.
    The rooster was leading them into their pen and talking to them.
    They are very entertaining, I've been told they won't lay eggs yet because winters coming but I think maybe the will.
    Regards Karen
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  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    They are gorgeous Karen!
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  11. Thank you Caroline , they are nice to have around, funny things the get up to, very cheeky.
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  12. Orange is getting colder, my CT today and yesterday gave me the shivers, I'm trying to warm up in the afternoon sun now.
    I noticed also that when I get out of the tub I get dizzy.
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    please take care Karen.....
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  14. Yes I will, I only CT when Glen's home and I let him know when I'm going in.
    The cats, birds and chooks are with me but they're no help lol.
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  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    smart lady .....
  16. Hi, so today I've had an immense day of work around the house and yard, looking after my 19 mini lop rabbits, chooks ,dogs, cats ,birds etc and the family, driving kids around.
    Normally I'd be really worn out and may have a dizzy moment or heart pulpitations but no none of that.
    I had a 10 degree CT at 3.30pm and kept going.
    I love winter, the more cold CT s help my fibromyalgia body so so much.
    Also I've had minimal clothing on today, I feel like I'm on fire.
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  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Karen ....I love how you take charge of .....well - everything!

    go girl!!!
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  18. Thanks Caroline, I see so many people who don't take charge or they put it to the wrong area.
    I have to grab my life and do the best I can with my body and mind so I am and I won't stop.
    Glen looked up the date that we started living a life following JK and we've been doing it for two years and two months already, I'm sooooo glad we made this choice

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